Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I think it good to pursue happiness for myself since I am given a life. What do you say about it?

Does happiness for yourself mean happiness for the ego? If happiness continues for the ego, in fact, it will never continue, you may lose a chance to return to the no-self, to the true self. If it is true, I don’t think it good. To desperately seek for something beneficial for the ego is to boost the ego for its protection, for safety of the ego.

That is, you may not forgive everything dangerous for the ego. Even more, unless you forgive, love and embrace your surroundings in your childhood, which you deliberately have chosen as you cannot forgive it, you will not be able to return to the true self. You will lose your eternal being and suffer from pains unless you return to the true self.

I could say it is the worst treatment for yourself. We have deliberately chosen to be born to certain surrounding which we fear most, which we hate most. The most important thing for us is to love it with a generous heart, forgive it as part of God, of love, embrace it, and understand it deeply. Then, you will return to the true essence, which is the no-self, oneness. It is the shortest way to return to love. And you will regain your Buddha nature. You will regain love. Is there anything more wonderful than that? There is a great gap between something wonderful for the ego and something wonderful for the true self.

It will be a great gift for your eternal self, for your true self. You will not lose your eternal being. If you live in favor of the ego, however, you will lose your eternity and even your eternal life. I feel living a life in favor of the ego is the worst thing to do, and it will give us a great damage. Don’t you agree?

Now that you know secrets of the ego and the selflessness and the true essence in this world, you should understand it well. People engage themselves in boosting the ego and protecting it everyday without such knowledge. And that is the worst thing for the true essence. The true self, the higher-self, the existence of a person will bring him every possible trouble to awaken him desperately. I feel that is the worst thing we can think of on the earth.

What is the reason why people deliberately choose to be born to the most unforgivable and wonderful (unpleasant) surroundings? Isn’t it because they will be enlightened as a Buddha, if only they embrace and forgive the worst in their lives?

If it is so, nothing is more foolish than to reject such chance. I could even say we should look forward to such problem. We may be able to awaken ourselves when we see everything as connected as one through eyes of the no-self and of love. We may be able to transform ourselves when we see people who seem others but ourselves, as suffering fellows, whether they are our parents or friends. Is it beneficial for us to lose such chance?

We will be egoistical and boost the ego if we continue escaping, lying, attacking to protect the ego, fight, kill. I feel that will ruin ourselves.
You don’t have to listen to my opinion. Nor you have to live by following what I say. What it matters is how you feel, and whether you need to awaken. And if you want to awaken, all you need to do is just work at it. Otherwise, you will just do whatever you want to do.

Download Music On Sale Minor Line The Road to the East

Recorded live at Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum in Prague.When MARTH sings accompanied by 75 musicians of the City of Prague Philarharmoic Orchestra and 48 choir members,the beautiful and grand melodies will stir your soul…

There were people, who traveled a long distance
to the east however far it was,
to keep the law of the world, where all is connected as one,
not to lose their own true love and justice…
I have fallen in love with their leader.
For my love for him, I have written books and created music.
I’d never known him until I lost my father eight years ago.
Certainly, nor was I interested in my own roots.
Now, I cannot stop loving the beautiful people
who traveled the Silk Road, never to harm others.

Dedicated to Inagit…

Q.Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Why do you give a name,
“Minor Line – The Road to the East” to your album?
There are hundreds of thousands of people who never want to kill others in the world. They have something in common that they treasure people who seem others but themselves instead of killing them. They tend to live in a movable house, live in deep in the mountains, and move to the islands of the Far East when people with evil values come to plunder them. The point in common is that a wish that they never want to harm others even if they are hurt.

Why do they think so? Within the separated societies (the egoistic world), conflict, competition and comparison are common. The people who have such awareness that everything is connected as one cannot act as such. It is because to ruin people, who seem others will be to ruin themselves. They, who never accept it, may have lived in a movable house or hid themselves in deep in the mountains, or moved to far islands. They never wish to control others or controlled by them.

They just want to live happily in the world of oneness. They just wish to live in goodness, beauty and happiness in the unknown, mystical and great nature, where everything good is already given. They just don’t want to lose their own love, the true essence, values of oneness and the beautiful heart. They never want to lose something valuable by harming others and ruining them. It is not that they are good people. It must be that they never want to disgrace justice, which proves that they are truly part of the whole universe.

They never want to boost a value of separation, that is the ego… They never want to win over people who seem others but themselves. They never want to cause trouble to people who seem others nor harm them. They just want to treasure their own spirits, which are part and children of the whole universe and themselves. They know quite well that they will be given true prosperity and sustainable success at that time.