I’m Not Interested in the World without Oneness…

My interest is in witnessing how wonderful humanity with the quality of oneness can live, how much they can flourish, and how beautiful, and loving they can live. That’s it. I am born to the world to support it.

Q: I have a question, MARTH. As you mentioned, our country is within a turmoil of great conflict and fight with neighboring countries and people. What do you feel we should do about it?

MARTH: I’m not very interested in politics and various news and activities in the society of separation. The same things have happened since ancient times. I don’t think such value of separation will make humanity happy.

If all people realize failures of the world and of the planet earth, and the value of separation, all problem will be gone. Every problem is only a part of it. If the problem of separation is over, everything will be solved. For that, quantum mechanics should be more and more prevalent, which reveals the reality of oneness. It should encourage people to realize the quality of oneness profoundly. Then, the world shall change.

The reason why I sing about a thought for neighboring countries and people, I have such love and consideration for a man who founded our country in ancient times. My ancestors had lived in a place for a long time, which was very important for them and for the people who founded our land. Therefore, I feel more love for him, who endeavored to create a land of love for love, and to create a land of oneness, and harmony beyond separation.

He may have headed for the land of the east with four million people two thousand six hundred and eighty years ago. He wanted to create a land of love, as he was tired of conflicts and separation. And he knew the law of God. His tribe was called “People of God”. I feel it is certain that his homeland was this land in the ultra-ancient times beyond Jomon Era. When he crossed the ocean to come to our land, many people took a path of the land. I think he suffered that he came by boat and his people couldn’t get on board.

There must have been many elderly people and handicapped ones who loved him and had to walk for ten thousand kilometers. I cannot but feel that he was much concerned about them. He must have made a plea and requested the neighboring countries and other countries to build information centers along the path.

And the people of foreign countries, and neighboring countries, especially those of China, of Korea, of Asia, of Taiwan, and of the Silk Road accepted it and helped our ancestors to come to the land of the east. They, who were fed up with conflict, walked all the way, desperately searching for the land of wa (harmony), the land of love, and the land without separation. I feel that the true people of Yamatoh, the land of wa, felt nothing but gratitude for the neighboring countries and people.


I feel I create my poetry only because I respect and love my ancestors. It is only that a mere artist continues to sing for it as he heartily wishes the day will come when this planet earth realizes the quality of oneness, the unknown, the mystical, and the unreal someday, all people realize the world, created out of human thoughts, is like a dream of God, of the Creator, of love, all children can learn the truth of the universe, love each other and feel grateful for each other…

I cannot but feel profoundly true wealth, true peace, and true sustainable prosperity can only be found in oneness and in love.                                                        MARTH