The true Religiousness – What is Healing for Humanity?

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I feel something divine in myself while I listen to your talk and read your messages. Have you ever belonged to any religious organization?

I’ve never belonged to any religious organization, nor have I studied religion before. If I must say, I understand that my ancestors from both father’s and mother’s sides managed temples and shrines for generations. My father’s side ancestors managed Shingon-sect temples and shrines for more than one thousand years, and for my mother’s side, they managed Zen temples in Niigata. It is real that my ancestors have been religious, managing temples and shrines, but I have never studied it in my life.

On the other hand, people from various kinds of religions appreciated my music and used it. Leaders of many religious organizations have loved my music. However, I have never learned it even once.

I used to be a trainer for a self-help seminar called “Witnessing the self” and for Werner Erhard’s seminar. When I was young, I was involved in the New Age, or I’d better say the spiritual world teachings. I deepened esoteric awareness through the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, J. Krishnamurti, OSHO Rajneesh, Ramana Maharshi, and so on, but I never belonged to any religious group.

Then, ever since the first half of my thirties or the latter half of my twenties, I have been creating what you call healing music. Within such circumstances, I performed at concerts and talked in my radio program. I think it natural for me to start talking only about spirituality, divinity, oneness, beyond desires and fears of the ego then.

For me, the divinity or religiousness is to “be connected as one”. Talking about the bible, Japanese ancestors are people of the twelve tribes of Judea. With that in mind, I consider the bible as a book about “oneness”, as a law to live beyond fear of the ego, if I go further, it is a book to convey that this world is unknown and mystical, not this world, No Mind, and the world of oneness just like “Shikisokuzeku” of Heart Sutra.

I always feel that everything is connected as one, and love, everything is a manifestation of love beyond the ego, and one being. When desires of the ego are over, psychological time will stop, and we will find true happiness and bliss. I also feel this world is not this world, in reality, it is eternally unknown, mystical, and connected as one, and that everything is a dream of one being. I personally feel that this is what is written on the Lastra stone tablet. And the same thing was scribed on the Mu tablet. I can even think that “Shikisokuzeku” is connected with Mu tablet beyond the time of Sumerian Civilization. 

What is most important to me is the quality of oneness beyond the ego, that everything is a dream of the subject of Creation, and of One Being, which is unknown, mystical, and not this world. And I understand the ocean of elementary particles is eternal, it never corrodes and oxidizes, although it deteriorates and its orbit of electrons gets out of order. I feel I try to convey such things to you repeatedly. However, they are nothing but my personal opinion. Nobody has to believe in them.

I feel everything in the world is connected as one from the viewpoint of elementary particles. Therefore, I feel everybody is neither somebody nor something; we exist neither at some time nor at somewhere. There is no such thing as the self, and a name is only a label. If we give up desires and expectations of the ego (fear of separation), we will have bliss and peace of mind. I discovered that it was true healing when I was young. I think here and now is eternally unknown and mystical. I feel everyone is a manifestation of love, of heaven, and of God. Therefore, I wish to live a life which heaven wishes and love wishes for me. I also feel a child of the universe will suffer unless he lives as such.

My father belonged to the Ministry of Justice and was transferred to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office later. In other words, he was a public servant of Japan. Every time I talked with him, I continued to tell him, “I’m a public servant of heaven.” He said, “So am I.” “No way. You are a public servant of Japan, and I am that of the universe” said I when I was young.

My father told me, “You are having a hard time as you are a public servant of the universe” while I was in adversity. I said, “Right. Certainly, it’s natural for me to be a public servant for heaven. No, everybody is eternally a part of heaven, a manifestation of love, a public servant of heaven, and limbs of the universe. I’ve felt as such for a long time. Everyone is the same, in fact. He may have many messages and feel painful unless he lives as such. I think the same thing may happen to an individual, to an organization, to a family, and to the entire planet of the earth.

I think humanity needs to release the ego (fear arising from a sense of separation) to become truly happy and to live in everlasting prosperity, joy, and happiness. Then, we will have true healing.

A healing music artist is just trying to convey his silly messages to the world through his life.