Awareness to choose bliss at any time

Q: I am a national public servant as your father, MARTH. I extremely hate this corrupted world, such an ugly and rotten world. My days are mentally unbearable. Would you please give me some advice?

MARTH: Please don’t neglect your duties, Manager.

This corrupted world will be transformed into a wonderful world someday. There is something more important than that…

Men are born to this planet out of the universe. In this world, in fact, when it is, or what it is, is eternally unknown.

And something called the universe is also called All Creation, Shinga, the great self, God, or love. Being born from it, we are on this planet, which is an unknown place. Born to a place which you don’t know if it is this world or not, if you are raised as you are as a part of the universe, you will not feel painful and bitter very much.

Born to this planet as the universe, as a child of God, and as a child of All Creation, if you live as you are, as All Creation, as Shinga, as love, as a child of God, within the oneness, within selflessness, without separation, if you live as such, you will live in bliss and happiness whatever circumstance you are in. That’s the way it is.

In fact, our emotions, feelings, and such need not be influenced by circumstances. There are hardships, pains, something terrible, various environments, and situations. And we can feel pain and distress to painful situations for the ego, for a separate part of existence, and harsh circumstances.

However, you can live in happiness without any influence of such situations and circumstances. It is always possible when you are Shinga, love, and true essence. Only ego believes you cannot. It is wrong, however.

A man is originally Shinga (Atman). A man is originally a child of God, a manifestation of love, or whatever you can call it, and not ego. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer, and you are O.K. to choose bliss, happiness, brightness, and positivity at any time. Whatever negative situation you are in, whatever painful situation you are in, you suffer only because of the ego. Even if you are in an extremely painful situation for the ego, you dare neither to suffer nor to feel painful.

Your original self is Shinga, love, and a part of God. You are a part of creation. You can manage every functional matter out of such bliss, and they are possible to solve. Human beings, who are a manifestation of love, can always choose bliss, happiness, joy, and brightness from the viewpoint of the universe.

During a painful situation for the ego, you can shift your viewpoint to that of heaven. You never have to make a negative reaction with such perspective. It is incredibly valuable to know that you are possible to act as such.

Generally, we intensely believe we have to suffer or feel pain when something painful, harsh, and adverse environment happens to the ego, or we have to choose such feelings. However, it is not true. It is nothing but a reaction of the ego from the viewpoint of separation. On the contrary, you are choose happiness, bliss, smiles, positivity, and so on at such time.

Can you move when you are too sleepy to move? You can move your body when you are sleep. It is the same that you can go to a bathroom at midnight. In other words, you suffer when you think you have to wake up. That’s the same. Even if circumstances and situations are painful for the ego, a man can enter into bliss when he chooses a viewpoint of no-self. That is, he will lose the ego if he chooses bliss.

To realize it is possible means you can live in love and happiness in whatever circumstance you are.

Such a sincere and good man like you, as my father was, such a respectful person like you should not fail. Such a man like you shall take a responsibility to make the world beautiful and happy.