Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH… The world is in turmoil. Do you think we will perish? How can we create a peaceful and happy world where there is no war?

MARTH: Certainly, you may be right to say the world is in turmoil. I told you repeatedly that every separation, comparison, conflict, distrust is caused by sense of separation. It is a conflict of humanity who believes in every possible separation and division between the self and the other, enemies, and allies, each country, each ethnic group, rulers, and those who are ruled.

Unfortunately, however, no, luckily, everything is connected as one. Everything is one being. We could say that humanity hasn’t realized such value.

I have tried to convey that it is the cause of every problem for you. And the most important thing is that we should not see things like molecules.

All things look separate when we see things like molecules.

Birds, flowers, animals, people, ethnic groups, the superior, and the inferior, and everything look different from each other at a level of molecules. People next to you, those who live in a neighboring country, rulers, and those are ruled, and all people have no idea they are connected as one.

Furthermore, we have never realized we will receive a significant message from elementary particles when we act against a normal movement of oneness at a level of elementary particles. Everything is one being at a level of elementary particles. Everything is connected as one at level of atoms and electrons.

Unfortunately, no, luckily, neighbors who look the other are all connected as one, and the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. Everything is made of the same elements. Trees, flowers, the earth, the oceans, and every possible thing is made of one being.

We have never thought about it in our life. Our point of view and life, which sees people as the one and the other and things as separate, don’t fit a level of elementary particles.

Therefore, we will definitely receive a message, which is, in a sense, incredibly strong force to correct ourselves.

That is what has always been called something like a “punishment” by us. “Punishment” is not something simple that we receive from God, but it is such a great, no, devastatingly big scientific force to return us to the original quality of oneness within the world of oneness, and to ruin us unless we live as such.

Human beings must thoroughly and scientifically reveal it now. Even if we obtain status, fame, money, popularity, the power to control, and every possible thing, we will be destined to perish if we believe in separation. There will definitely be no happiness unless we live in love.

Sorry to say, but humanity believes in separation without realizing everything in this world is connected as one. The superior and the inferior, and the right and the left, all people believe in separation. However, they don’t know such belief in separation will ruin their lives.

We need to regain the quality of oneness with love if we wish to make ourselves happy and wonderful. Men are made to feel happy and blissful when they are connected with one with the bird, the mountains, flowers, men, the earth, animals, and everything.

We may suffer, ruin ourselves and perish within every kind of conflict, unless all of us live as such, try to learn it, thoroughly examine it, and realize it in the entire world.

It is inevitable for us to have such heart and the viewpoint that we love others, become one with them, consider them ourselves, ability to treasure others, and nurture them, such love, such understanding, such intelligence, and such wisdom more than anything now.

If children of the world can learn it and humanity can live a life of oneness, they will definitely flourish, and continue to have success, happiness, and incredible blissfulness.

If we live with a value of separation, on the other hand, humanity may be ruined. I wish to trust the wisdom of elementary particles  which are connected with one with humanity, the beauty of elementary particles of oneness, and that all beings have such beauty.

I trust that you are children of God, of elementary particles, of the universe, of the one being, and of love, and that is the true quality of everyone and every being.

I wish all leaders realize it and become happy. I heartily wish humanity will live as such and create a beautiful world.