The fundamental solution to finish boosting separation

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I knew you had been globally active as a trainer since you were young. You often said, “You don’t have to win. You don’t have to become somebody. You don’t need to boost the ego. You don’ have to become great. I gave up status, fame, and everything, and found nothing but happiness.” You have been sending out such messages, and create such poetry since then. I deeply feel you are always concerned that we should not boost a sense of separation within the world of oneness. Please talk more about it.


Certainly, I was totally involved in the world of New Age, or of self-help seminars when I was young. I always wished to pursue the essence within it.

In a sense, my father had the same tendency as mine, and I spent my days seriously cope with such a problem as to improve society and the world. I thoroughly feel now that I was completely filled with such wishes in my youth.

I became a trainer for “Witnessing the self” self-help seminar and took leadership in transformation workshops within the world where meditation and yoga were introduced. What I always felt the most at that time was a “difference”.

More than a hundred thousand people attended seminars then. I also had many friends who attended such self-help seminars with me. I wished that my friends, who couldn’t compromise and suffer within a value of confrontation in the separated society, would live happily. I realized that I had a big difference in value between them. That is, in fact, about the discipline we received from our parents.

In my home, I was told neither to win over others, nor to get better, nor to excel others. Never to attack others, nor to become great, nor to become somebody. My father had such unusual value compared with that of modern times. However, I seem to have felt great peacefulness because of such value. I felt the difference every time I heard my friends shared their stories in the seminars.

I thought the value of my father was due to his job at that time. He was engaged in criminal psychology and studying the human mind at the Research and Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice when I was a child. He helped criminals to return to society. It seems as he thoroughly thought such a sense of separation, self-boost, confrontation, and competing for self-uplift in modern society have a great danger, although it is desirable for everyone to live in love and peace within the world everything is the love of oneness. He firmly told me about it every day. 

My mother shared the same value as his. I thought such discipline in my family comes from my father’s job, but my grandfathers and grandmothers had the same value. Now I feel my family had such value for generations. It was such a value that can direct me to a better direction in the spiritual world.

I also think it is because both sides of my family had been managing temples and shrines. In either way, my parents always told me it was more important than any others.

I keenly felt my friends and fellows at school and after I grew up, and also people involved in the New Age and the spiritual world extremely suffering because of the ego within the world of separation and confrontation.

I was wondering how everybody can be happy and how I can help all people live a life of peace and happiness. I spent my days seeking for an answer as a trainer in my youth.

Simply speaking, I felt that the reason why they were reprimanded was the opposite of mine. They seemed to be extremely eager to boost the self, suffer, and obsessed with the idea of denying their true self. I felt as such at the bottom of my heart then.

In such seminars and workshops, we are allowed to have space to reveal our true thoughts and wishes, and pain, and sadness.

In such circumstances, they had to live with a belief in values of confrontation, being told to win, to become great or somebody, neither to lose, nor to be made a fool of, nor to put to shame and so on by their parents and the world.

I realized my friends suffered because of their discipline of separation, which is contrary to my family. My father got angry and left for home when I won the first prize at the school athletic event.

I feel I seek for the difference as a trainer in the world of mind training, or I could say in the world of New Age in my twenties. I had a strong impression that block stopped sense of separation, interrupt people to return to their original love.  

I was convinced that it was the reason why my fellows suffered in the spiritual world, and participants of seminars had difficulty in returning to love and to their true self of oneness. I sensed it more strongly after I became a trainer. I realized their impatience to boost a sense of separation such as to win, to become great, to become somebody will cause frustration and anxiety when they fail to boost the ego, and that the more the ego wishes, the more they lose bliss, suffer more, and have the opposite result to their wishes.

I felt it will give great damage to wonderful people who wish for a life of love. I felt it will give a bad influence on my dear friends who travel to return to the universe, to Shinga, in search of spiritual love and of the true essence of humanity.

I felt they will be able to find happiness, love, and bliss more easily when they are one being in the spiritual world. I thought a sense of separation extremely prevents them from leading a good life and from returning to the original life, which should be happy and loving.

And it will prevent them from heading for a wonderful life as they wish. Unfortunately, they can neither return to bliss, nor have love, nor have happiness, and end up in pain when they try to boost the ego. I felt it was the main reason to make the world dark.     

Therefore, the more we realize we neither have to win, nor to become somebody, and we are all right to feel at ease, all of us will be able to return easily to love, to one being which is our true quality, and to truly become better, succeed, become wealthy, and everything goes well.

I realized such an awareness that we don’t have to be somebody, and an amazing release from obstacles of confrontation and disparity easily bring even people brought up in an extremely separated world the quality of oneness and love. Such understanding took root in my mind. I feel it is also thoroughly reflected in the present being of MARTH

As you kindly mentioned, I feel what is most important for humanity is, I could say, education during childhood, to nurture children in the sense of safety and peacefulness, to tell them about the unknown and mystical world of oneness.

The parents, who have such basic awareness that we have the quality of oneness, the other is the self, and everything is connected as one, convey to their children that they neither have to win, nor to become somebody, nor to become great and love their friends, people of neighboring countries and of his world.

Otherwise, it will cause you only harm. Everything will be opposite to the ego’s desires. Love will send you a message and even punish you for making your return to Shinga, the true self. You should stop fighting now, feel at ease, and become happy. You don’t have to win within the world of oneness. You are O.K. to respect others and love them. You are O.K. to encourage and support your friends. You can love them.

If parents encourage their children to realize the true reality, they will become truly prosperous, embraced by bliss, and become happy. Then, the world surely becomes beautiful and peaceful. This is how I thoroughly feel now.

I think it is a true method to regain love in the New Age world, in the spiritual world, in the seminar industry and the confused societies. I cannot but feel such a trial to end value of separation is a principle to let everyone return to peace and bliss immediately.

May all people live, embraced by love and bliss…        MARTH