The world like darkness

They say this world is like darkness these days. It has become dark because of thousands of evil people. No, it is not so. The reason why the world has become darkness is that humanity believes in separation. We believe that we are separated. People who were hurt because of wars, conflict, and disparity made the darkness as they endeavored to protect themselves due to fear.

In a sense, the entire world is darkness now. We have lost bliss, love, and brightness because of darkness in the heart. We are filled with fears. This is how this world is.

You were made a fool of, discriminated, laughed at, attacked, bullied, you had a hard time, you saw something terrible as a child. You, who had such painful experiences, became adults, and fight to protect yourselves because of such suspicion. The world is filled with such people.

And everybody believes the reason why they suffer is that they were discriminated, made a fool of, and attacked. It is wrong, however.

Why they suffer is because they are separated and egoistical.

In other words, if they let go of ego, if they let go of a sense of separation, they will return to bliss. They will regain happiness.

You were made a fool of, laughed at, attacked, looked down on, discriminated, and threatened as a child are the reasons you became unhappy, and you want status and fame.

You believe you become happy if you become rich, become somebody if you are appreciated, accepted, respected, if you win, and become great, but it is not true.

Even if you become the world No.1, become great, you will continue to suffer. It is because you have a value of separation within you. You have disparity within you; that is, you have an ego. If you have the ego, you won’t be happy.

However well you win, however great you become, and however strong you become, you will feel empty. Some people try to become strong with physical exercises, some try to get weapons, some try to have status, and fame, and some others try to earn a lot of money and acquire everything. However, they feel empty.

They won’t become happy at all. This is proof.

If you have status or fame, if you are respected, if you become a star or become great, you will be happy. However, you will kill yourself as you won’t be happy. You will suffer and feel pain as you find no happiness. Even if you fulfill your dream, you will continue to suffer. Not so, if you become great or somebody, you will continue to feel empty.

The reason is because of the ego, separation, and the world of conflict. You suffered only because of the separated world, of the world of no love. And I won’t deny status, fame, and wealth. I say only they don’t bring you happiness.

That all human beings are wealthy, all of us are respected, loved, and appreciated is certainly better. I’d like to tell you that you won’t become happy if there is no love if there is separation, the disparity between the self and the other, division and confrontation.

I was a sperm cell while my father worked for the rehabilitation of criminals.

For a man to live in happiness, we need to live in love. To live in happiness without becoming a criminal, without doing anything evil, we need love. To live in joy and brightness, we need love. It is not the love of receiving something from others, but of returning to One Being. We need such bliss to return to the love of oneness.

If you live in such a way, you will feel truly wealthy, truly prosperous, and truly happy. Whatever you get, however great you become, even if you become a king, you will be filled with sadness, with pain.

I became the owner of a listed company and its executive, and I was appreciated by people all over Japan as a great young entrepreneur in my twenties. I felt more and more lonely, however. My heart was filled with emptiness and sadness as we felt there was nothing in such a life.

I found nothing there even though I acquired everything I had dreamed of, and I succeeded. After that, I had a chance to attend the “Witnessing the self” seminar and found love in it for the first time. I thought I needed nothing. I was embraced by my father for the first time. I was almost unable to stand and fell into pieces. I cried much and felt so happy that I could bless my life then.

I’m not saying wealth, love, and appreciation by others are bad. However, unless we regain the quality of oneness, unless we regain love, it will be meaningless.

Only when we love others, respect other countries, and neighbors, love the entire universe, make all people in the world happy, and live for the joy of all people, when you revere your community love the entire universe, and live humbly, you will be able to love and become happy.

My mother said to a girl who suffered from bullying, “You aren’t the one who discriminated against someone, are you?” She said, “I’m the discriminated one.” My mother said to her, “Good. You didn’t become one who discriminated. Your happiness will never be hurt.”

MARTH heartily wish you, all people in the world will regain true happiness.


Here’s a question I couldn’t answer before.


I want status, fame, and money, girlfriends, and so on. I think it is natural to think that I can be happy if I get such things. What is your opinion, MARTH?

MARTH: You’re right. No problem having such things, and certainly, you will be glad only for a moment. Unfortunately, however, happiness and bliss exist only in one being. It won’t last very long.

Happiness and bliss can be found only in the quality of oneness, selflessness, and love. Wise men have conveyed the problem of the ego to us since ancient times. Why did they desperately talk about selflessness, ending the ego, love, and the true essence? There is a profound secret there. They didn’t mean to keep it secret, but it is  little difficult.

Naturally, the ego produces ambitions to improve it and protect it.

The separated ego, which you could call “false self”, wants to fulfill dreams, ambitions, and desires. You say, “I wish to become this or that.” “I wanted something to be as such. Damn! It isn’t as I wished.” You blame others when things don’t go well. You throw the blame on other people and situations when you don’t have the desired result, and you suffer.

If you see yourself that I, the ego, have a desire, an ambition, that is a problem of the ego, it had an expectation. However, energy will become extremely small. Your anger, hate, and repellence toward others will disappear.

If you realize that you don’t exist, in reality, you are the universe, Atman, and the entire universe, such a sense of separation will be gone.

Peacefulness, bliss, and a sense of safety which you find at that time are a sense of safety of the selflessness, peace, and bliss arising from the end of the ego. Such happiness you feel when the ego is weakened, when the disparity is gone is true bliss.

Wise men have conveyed that to live as such and to live trying to fulfill ego’s desires are quite different since ancient times.

All human beings, psychologists, trainers, and therapists can understand what it means if they examine it thoroughly. Ambitions and desires of the ego are harmful. They take your happiness away.

And even if you acquire status and fame, if you win, become great or somebody incidentally, you will have no bliss due to a sense of separation.

Such bliss is the most precious treasure for humanity. It is a great gift from heaven, which allows you to be truly successful, truly wealthy, and truly prosperous. It proves that you are a child of God and a manifestation of love. Unless you have it, even if you get status, fame, controlling power, you will find nothing good.

Bliss and happiness are always within love, within selflessness, and when ego’s desires and ambitions are over. When you act out of it, when you live with it, you will be able to create a wonderful future within supreme bliss.

I am certain humanity will create a truly wonderful world if all of us realize it. We will become happy, wealthy and create a wonderful, healthy, and good world. And I believe we will stop living in happiness in any difficult situation.

I believe their extreme pain will stop due to their desires to get status, honor, respect, and everything and become a star, and that they will be able to live in true happiness in any difficult situation.

This is all for now.