Message to humanity

I will begin an open session now. Here is a question.

It’s already March today.

Spring is coming soon according to a human-made calendar.

Question: The world is facing great difficulty now.

I feel all kinds of conflict has begun. I have no idea what we should do. Would you give me any suggestions, MARTH?

MARTH:I have been trying to convey that sadness and problems of humanity are caused by the fact that our civilizations and societies were structured without knowing that we are connected as one. Not so, not only me, but many people feel the same.

I think everybody may have become vaguely aware that living a life without love and goodness brings him a terrible problem and receives a message.

And I told you that I learned a lot from a scientist, something related to quantum mechanics in my youth. I developed a π water resort on Yoron Island with the help of the doctor. It was named “Pricia”. He told me not to use the words “quantum mechanics”, but to use “bio” instead. He told me I should dare not to mention the truth at that time. In my early twenties, I thoroughly learned about the ocean of elementary particles, and they are influenced by human thoughts. However, it was only about already-known. Humanity believes in separation.

We don’t know we are connected as one. We have five senses. We see things separate at the level of molecules. We cannot do anything about it. No, it was inevitable. The world doesn’t look connected as one, though it is one.

We couldn’t feel it because of our five senses. We think things are separate because of languages and naming. They were inevitable.

We named, divided, separated, and fought between ethnic groups, between countries, between superiors and subordinates, between right and left, between animals and men, between every possible separate entity. Without realizing everything is connected as one, we developed civilizations and societies.

Such life brings us terrible problems and receives “Bachi-Punishment,” which ancient people called. However, it was considered unscientific, and we became more separate. The conflicts, competitions, comparisons, which cause inferior feelings and malice, hatred, killing, scrambles, and so on.

And the trusted “Ten Commandments” all over the world doesn’t refer to the truth; everything is connected as one, according to Isaiahnagid.

He may have wanted to convey it. This world is connected as one. Everything is one being. Everything is a manifestation of love, of God, and it is a beautiful dream of the subject of Creation, says ancient documents and stone tablets.

They also notice that we will neither forgive us nor love us unless we live as such.

Question: What do you think about it?

MARTH: Do you love you and respect you? You live without the quality of oneness. What if you separate, fight, kill, and harm others, thinking they are others, they are enemies, not ourselves? However, you found we are connected as one. The truth is everything is connected as one, made of elementary particles.

And we have lost our happiness, bliss, respect ourselves, love, confidence, peace, and joy. Next, our family breaks down, and then our friends and societies become unhealthy. Not only that, but we also begin to kill each other at the end.

Humanity has repeated it for a long time. I want you to awaken now. No, we are too late, but I want leaders to be aware So that you can love yourself. So that you can respect yourself. So that your family can love you and respect you.

You are the children of God. You can never become a devil.

All human beings are a part of the subject of Creation. We are a manifestation of love, made of one connected elementary particle. Unless you live as such, you won’t be happy if you defeat others, destroy those whom you think others but yourself, those who look enemies, and those who seek others. You will find no peace, no love, no bliss there. We human beings, a part of the universe, respect those who look others, in reality, one being, love people, love others, become one with everything, with animals, trees, the mountains, the rivers, feel connected with them as one. That is love, happiness, and joy. Then, our unconscious mind will be at peace, and we will truly feel satisfied. Then, we will not realize a negative situation arising from our conscious mind in this world. We will not receive a  message from elementary particles, which ancient people call “Bachi-Punishment”. You will really be happy; you will really be filled with joy. You will become an excellent leader, and the world will love you. Your children will love you and respect you.

The world of separation, conflict, superiority, arrogance, control, and all things will hurt you. This is common with every position of people, right or left, superior or inferior, and all people because all people are children of God. Because we are gifts of the universe, of elementary particles, and of love. Therefore, there is no other way for you to be happy and live a beautiful life than to be connected with everything as one. However small it is, to have a feeling of oneness, to feel connected as one, with your beloved dog, with animals, birds, flowers, butterflies, with everything, will bring you love and peace of mind. Your unconscious mind will be connected to love.

Then, to create a beautiful life from the perspective of Sidi and within a virtual reality movie, you will materialize such beautiful things out of your unconscious mind. Please watch other lecture movies if you are interested in it.

You will find bliss in oneness. You will find joy, real success, and true prosperity in peace and happiness. There is none in the separation. There is none in separation, conflict, self, and the other, competition, comparison, and division.

You will find them in connecting everything as one, even with a tiny one. You will find love, comfort, a happy life, lasting bliss, and prosperity with one being.

I want you to return to a beautiful person to live a beautiful life, to love and respect yourself truly. I hope it’s not too late. I want you to live such a wonderful life and to create such a beautiful world together with everyone.

I wish to cooperate with each other to create a beautiful world where everyone feels the quality of oneness, all children of the world can explore and learn they are connected as one with everything, and they are love.

I wish all people realize it now, cooperate to create a beautiful world now. I trust all of you in the ocean of elementary particles, of one being will surely awaken to it and create a world of love. I believe such a world will be realized soon. I genuinely hope all of you will start to create an incredibly beautiful world soon.

I’ll see you again.