All people who rule and become kings of the world in the future, and all those who try to control the world in the future. On behalf of Yamato (Yamatoh) people, I am here to convey their wishes to you.

We, people of Yamato, may have the same roots as your ancestors. Our country was founded by Isaiahnagid, Isaiah.

He initially moved to the land of the east and created a capital at a place called Jindai on Awajishima Island, an island in Japan.

I happen to have my father’s side ancestors being an old tribe from the area.

Please allow me to say that I heartily wish you love with a heart of oneness, respect others, love people, and countries, therefore, you respect and love yourselves, and become kings as children of the universe, of God. We don’t have any ambitions. We only wish to live in purity and happiness with simple, little, and pure love, with wishes to harmonize and to be one with everything. 

If you, our fellows, live in love, with a loving heart, and sincerity, love people, countries, humanity, and the entire universe, treasure them honestly, we, people of Yamato, will surely respect you, help you, and support you.

If you don’t value love and purity of the heart within separation, disparity, conflict, control, and subordination, however, we will not agree with you for the reason that your wishes are far from those of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, who is a founding father of our country.

Then, in spite of our wish to live with you, we will not do so. We, the people of Yamato, will live a pure life just simply, and purely, under the teaching of the oneness of Isaiah, keeping it with a wish of oneness, in the harmony with everything in the universe, without controlling people, and without being controlled.

We heartily wish you to live in love, live a pure and truly happy life, live together, love each other, respect each other, and create a beautiful new world together.

And according to folklore of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, he continued to care for his fellow people whom he left behind in the area of the Red Sea, in the Middle East until the last day of his life.

I wonder how our ancestors lived in the land of the east, leaving behind their fellows who suffered and felt painful. Isaiah must have regretted he could not help you, who suffered within an environment of discrimination, suppression, and hardship.

We apologize that we could not help you as the people of Yamato.

And what Isaiah conveyed us through folklores… In the Middle East, they were controlled, and controlled others, fought, suffered, killed, and raped. Within every possible pain, they headed for the east with Arc with God. To create a peaceful and loving world. The world where they love neighboring countries and people. They went over to the east to create a world where they love others.

We have been conveyed that we must neither control people nor controlled by them on this land and that we must neither win over others, nor harm them, and live in love even if we are hurt. I cannot but feel this is because Isaiah lived here.

I wish you, too, will become leaders of the world with a loving heart of the kingdom, within loving wishes, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the people of Yamato.

If you earnestly wish to live a beautiful life without any conflict and control, the people of Yamato will always love you and support you. Please allow me to say that we heartily and sincerely wish for you, our loving fellows, within the love and teachings of Isaiahnagid in our hearts, from the land of the east.