Yes, I’ll read today’s question.

Q: Is the end of ego, which you often talk about, end of separation, MARTH? In other words, what you mention the end of separation is about selflessness, the end of the ego. Is that right?

MARTH: Yes, you are right. Separation means a cell declares it’s not a part of the body, instead, “I am myself”. This is the ego. The little finger insists, “I am the little finger! I am not a part of the hand.” This is ego and separation. In reality, it is one being.

If we have eyes to see elementary particles, we see everything is connected as one. Without five senses, we cannot know to what extent the self is. It will extend forever. The end of separation means the end of the ego.

There are three things; I will become good, I will become bad, and I don’t exist.

One thing is, I am bad. I lost. I am defeated. I was attacked. I am so and so. This is all about the self.

Then, I made it! I won! I became somebody. I am great! How wonderful I am! This is all about the self

And there is one last thing, it is, Ah! I don’t exist. I am not existent. Ah! What! I am not existent. No self who becomes somebody. Since there is no self, no use to become somebody. It’s no use to become great. No use to win. It doesn’t matter whether you lose. No use to be bad, as I neither exist, nor to be born, nor to be alive.  

Then, why does humanity fight? Because we believe there is self. I exist. I have to win. I need safety. I need to benefit. I have to become good. I have to become great. I have to excel over others. I am great. I am strong. I, I, I!

Damn! I was defeated! Holy shit! I was attacked! I lost! I am made fun of! I will be killed! I will be discriminated against! I have to win!

All these things are about separation of the ego. “I” am the separation. The source of separation is the self. And I want to become good. This is separation. When the separation is over, when it ends, there will be a world of one being. We often talk about oneness, but oneness means selflessness. It’s not that everything is connected as one.

It is “I” don’t exist. I don’t exist. I am not existent. There will be a peace of the mind then. This is joy.

As I don’t exist, I don’t have to become somebody. I can be as I am. As there is no self, there is no one to become bad. There is no one to lose. Because we are not alive, we are not born, and we don’t exist. This is our standpoint.

This is the true New Age, and the true spiritual world, true love, and true bliss.

Then, when we realize there is no self, Ah! There is no self. Because I don’t exist, I don’t have to become somebody! What a liberation it is? How peaceful we are! When we act out of the peace of mind, we will achieve wonderful things, become incredibly happy, feel peaceful, and attract wonderful things.

As far as we have a strong ego, we will suffer because of the ego and feel uplifted because of it. And people who are happy about their victory will definitely suffer when they lose.

Then, what about the selfless one? He won’t be happy about the self. And he won’t suffer and become sad because of it. He won’t be afraid. I don’t exist. A state of selflessness is not so difficult to be.

All we need to do is to realize there is no self repeatedly. In other words, there is no little finger. I was the whole hand and the whole body. I am not born.

The little finger is not born. You give the little finger a name such as Taro or Yamada, but there is no such being. I am the whole body, the whole universe. Ah! I will be the entire universe forever. I will be the love itself forever. I am nothing but a child of the universe, a child of God, and a part of the subject of creation. Ah! I don’t have to become somebody. Such a mental state is all we need for our life.

Then, you will experience true peace, all joy and bliss, and all positive things for the self. When your ego is strong, you will experience every possible trouble and problem, and receive messages for awakening one after another.

To what should we awaken? Yes, to selflessness, to one being, to love, and to “I don’t exist”. I think the world sends us messages to awaken.

Please try it. How about it?

When you meditate “I don’t exist” in your life, you may have less trouble, and become luckier, and become wonderful, wealthy, prosperous, and truly successful even as the self.

However, you don’t have to believe in what I say. This is just MARTH’s silly talk. I’ll see you again. MARTH