“The love of oneness deteriorates according to the belief of separation”

Hi. I’ll start with an open talk session tonight, too. Here’s the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I often hear the world is ruled by evil people, such as aliens, devils, and as such. Is it true? What do you think about it?

I’ve never seen an alien, but one of our staff says he saw a UFO while riding on a bus. I don’t think he is lying, and maybe it is true.

Well, even bad people or bad aliens, everything is made of love, everything is made of the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. If some people believe in separation and become evil, they will punish themselves after all.

Why I have such an unusual value or thought is that my father worked for the Tokyo district prosecutor’s office and that he investigated criminals. During investigations, he found their pain and sadness come from separation, a lack of love, suffering, and pain, which they experienced in such a family.

And a value or thoughts in a mother’s womb affects a child. I think you should ask Dr. Ikegawa about this.

As a wise man, Krishnamurti said, karma is a thought. If values and thoughts are of separation, people will really suffer and have pain. If your parents and ancestors believe in separation, fighting, and victory or defeat, you will suffer as well.
And within the value of separation, the ego is boosted, fear increases, and you will feel painful.
The ocean of elementary particles, of electrons, and of quanta hates separation.

If aliens really exist, I think they understand electrons and quanta extremely reject disorders and such value of separation, with such a device as a microscope, or something similar to it.
I think, if there are aliens or people from the universe, they know the love of the universe, live in love, in one being, in Shinga, consider others, love the self who looks other, respect them, and they prosper and succeed accordingly.

Our staff who saw aliens or the UFO said he found something huge flying outside the window while riding on a sightseeing bus in his childhood. He saw the object was following the bus. But he is still alive and not injured or anything. He wasn’t attacked by anything then.

The UFO was just flying along quite close to the bus. He said it was as big as five meters in diameter, and it looked friendly. Well, I don’t know much about the universe, but I know the entire world is made of the ocean of elementary particles, and the ocean of love.

And I know strong will work to punish some value and thought opposite to the law of the universe. In other words, elementary particles are made of will. They are made of the will of the subject of creation. It is a state of oneness, and one being. And this is conveyed in ancient legends.

I think that Isaiah, who founded our country, treasured it more than anything and had lived in the Middle East with such a value. He hoped to create a land according to the value in the east when he came here. I feel he hoped to create a beautiful world where people live in happiness, where there is neither control, nor possession, nor top and bottom, nor fight, nor conflict, nor the inferior, nor the superior, nor excelling others, nor encouraging a self-boost.

And about bad people, criminals, and those who are called violent criminals. It is real that they are possible to be enlightened before a death penalty.
Everybody, who knows love and the value of oneness, is made of the ocean of elementary particles, of love, a manifestation of love, and elementary particles, in reality.

Everyone is made of eternal love, but they didn’t know it. They didn’t know the value of oneness. They couldn’t learn love. For this reason, they punish themselves and die. My father continued to convey that a prison is a place where they learn to love to me.

While I was taking care of my music colleague or a trainee, I told him to visit a prison and receive love from criminals.

My sense may be out of tune with that of most of the people. I was raised by such a father in such an environment. My father often visited prisons throughout Japan. Because his job was to reform criminals.

If people have love, if they are brought up in love, their beautiful flowers will unfold. Everybody will suffer if brought up in separation, fighting, competition, and as such. Everybody will be afraid. Therefore, they deceive others, they fight and boost the ego. It is unavoidable.

But in such an environment, the world will become insane. There is no help that the world will become sick. Punishment only is not enough.

I feel that we will neither realize peace of the world, nor create Millenarianism unless we spread love and oneness to the entire world, let all our children realize the value, love each other, and create a loving world.

I cannot but feel that we will never realize the world of love unless all of us realize love, the value of oneness scientifically, unless we know that elementary particles, quanta, and electrons hate separation scientifically and unless all human beings awaken.

I hope all people including aliens, people who are involved in crimes, and those who stepped into the evil world, will realize one being, love, and reform themselves, reflect on themselves, return to love, love the world, and return to one being from the bottom of my heart.

This is only a silly talk of MARTH.