Everybody will return to God Consciousness”

Hi. Open talk session time has come today. Let me introduce the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I listen to your message every day. I want to become happier. I want to live in love. I want to create a world of oneness, a magnificent world, a magnificent business, and a magnificent country. I adore such beautiful things now. How can we create such a beautiful world on the earth? Please tell us, concretely.

Thank you for your excellent question.

First of all, we need to realize that humanity is connected as one as elementary particles, we are made of elementary particles, in reality, we are eternal, all people are a manifestation of love, of God, children of God, not so, the subject of the universe and of creation, and everything is a manifestation of Shinga.

Humanity needs to awaken to such true reality, truth, and something real that everything has consciousness, we are in the unknown and mystical forever, and it is eternally unknown.

And, we may not stop attacking until all of us realize it, convey it, and we realize everyone is connected as one.

It cannot be helped that humanity believes in separation, fights, conflicts, deceives, betrays, hates, becomes afraid, doubts, and suffers because the society of separation has continued for such a long time.

There’s nobody to blame, but we have lived in the society of separation, of competition, and of fighting for hundreds of thousands of years.
I think people who suffer from all kinds of conflicts are not to blame.

However, even if you are awakened, you realize love, oneness, and become happy and peaceful, people who haven’t will attack.

Then, there will be no world of love, no world of happiness. There are doubt, hatred, and a sense of separation. Then, happy, and blissful hormones are not released, and people suffer in various ways.

And elementary particles don’t circulate electrons in good order. Atoms get out of order. Quanta and photons, as well. Everything will be painful. Elementary particles may punish you for awakening yourself. Something to awaken you may occur.

The businesses, politics, medicine, and all things will not work well.

Within a state of separation, people lose God’s consciousness. You will lose children of God, children of Shinga, and a manifestation of love. That will be extremely painful, and bliss and happiness are difficult to achieve. Moreover, your elementary particles will take various means to make you realize it.

Elementary particles are connected with everything as one, to begin with. To the farthest end of the universe, it is a dream of the subject of creation, made of something like a dream. Therefore, elementary particles of a beautiful dream of the subject or what to call, something we call as such, is immeasurable.

It likes oneness because it is one being. Everything is connected as one, just like fingers are connected. Each has its own character, beauty, and role.

Strong ones, weak ones, gentle ones, powerful ones, people who think carefully, those who act immediately, and various kinds of people have various sides of the universe and try to create a beautiful world of love together. That will be the true beauty of this world.

You say you want to regain it and to live as such. I think it is wonderful, and exactly it is what humanity has to learn from now on. Everybody will go towards it soon.

Everybody will not try to awaken him, make him realize, and punish him within the world of oneness. Everybody will cooperate, dream the same dream, love the world and people, respect others. Everybody will be happy, and everything in the universe will be filled with joy. Everybody will be able to live in gratitude and love.

Everything will be given by heaven. Every bliss will be back. You will find a beautiful world there.

And what is most important now is some kind of media. I heartily feel the internet has been given to us.

I was a vice president of Apple Japan when I was about twenty-six years old. I am only 1 year younger than Mr. Jobs. Thanks to the world of the internet, which he dreamed of, and people all over the world can learn the value of oneness.

People will start sending information on the science of oneness and that the universe is connected as one, for free and without being falsified. People all over the world will start to realize and to convey that elementary particles, electrons, photons, and everything are connected as one and that it is scientifically becoming the world of one being.

And wars, conflicts, distrust, hatred, every possible deceiving, anger, resentment, inferiority complex, loneliness, and everything will be gone. Relativity will be gone within the space of oneness. All people will become happy because they are one being eternal. The day will come soon when all people realize that they are in a changing eternity and live in beauty and splendor.

I heartily hope all people realize it, that all conflicts, attacks, and doubts will disappear, and all people become happy and shine as a true manifestation of love.

I’ll see you again. This is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.