“Thoughts of the subject of creation, elementary particles, and a virtual reality movie ”

Hi. I’d like to start with an open talk session tonight, too. I received many questions. I think I can somehow feel the world is in confusion to read them.

The first question is,

Q: Beautiful enlightened people who talk about the end of separation (of the ego) are sometimes killed. (MARTH: Well, the questionnaire writes both separation and the ego. He may be talking about such beautiful people as Socrates and other wise men.)
And there are leaders who believe in separation, even in the spiritual and religious world.

(MARTH: I think he is talking about them.) I feel they encourage conflict, and the ego and people escape to their organizations without ending their own ego, to continue to fight to live. What do you think about it, MARTH?

I have this question first. Yes, it is extremely deep. Next,

Q: I often hear only 3 % of our brain functions. Is it related to separation? They say a man cannot release solution for bliss, and they are driven to drugs because of pain.
And the next one,

Q: MARTH says the world is a virtual reality movie made of quanta, elementary particles, thoughts of the subject of creation, and a manifestation of God. Please tell me details about it.

And here’s another question.

Q: As you always mention, victory or defeat, not so, conflict and comparison will make us lose God-consciousness, MARTH. I think it is a very important message. I’d like to know about it.

I think I’ll answer these four questions. They may be a bit too long, but it’s already nighttime, I hope you don’t mind. I play “L’amore e” as the background music today.

Well, first, talking about the end of separation is talking about the end of the ego, and it is about selflessness and one being.

It may sound extremely difficult with the viewpoint of the ego, but the reason is that our society is that of separation. We have no one to blame.

The society of separation is that of the ego. The society of God is a world of one being. As I mentioned while ago, the world of God or of the creator is connected as one. It is a dream of one being.

This world is made of some materials of a dream of one being, of Creator. They are called elementary particles or quanta. Scientists of quantum mechanics will prove that they are made of thoughts when they examine them. Ah! These are really thoughts.

We basically need to consider that this is a world of virtual reality movies produced by thoughts. Otherwise, it won’t be a real spiritual world. True religiousness is to be one being or love because this world is made of it. It is made of it scientifically. I think scientists need to study it and reveal it as a mission.

And, because of this, victory or defeat, victory or defeat of the ego, separation, conflict, and comparison will certainly make us lose the God-consciousness of oneness and love, who are a manifestation of God, of Creator, of love, and of one being.

The questionnaire kindly says this is extremely important, and I think he is right. When we lose God-consciousness and the quality of oneness, it will be fatal for a manifestation of God.

And everybody is a manifestation of God, of love, and of one being. We are made of such thoughts. We are Its children. Therefore, we are entrusted with creation within a certain range.

I think you may consider, we are entrusted with creation within a certain range, because we are children, not so, the other self of the subject of creation.
We are to create a world of oneness, a beautiful world within the range which we are entrusted with.

Gods, or heaven, or love or the subject of creation entrusted a certain range with us. And why they say gods is only that there are many children of God, and all people are originally It.

No, you are not right. You may say there should be someone special, but there isn’t. Animals, aliens, and all beings made of elementary particles are love.

Because elementary particles are thoughts of the subject of creation. They are a virtual reality movie made of thoughts.

You need to examine it thoroughly from now on because it may be only a silly talk of MARTH.

It should be your mission, especially the scientist’s mission, to study it and prove it scientifically.

When enlightened people know it and realize it, or when they understand such ancient records, they talk about the ending of the ego, No-Mind, in other words, returning to Shinga.

However, such remarks are inconvenient. Everything is conflict in the society of separation, competition, and of conflict, including athletic games.

The view of oneness may be inconvenient in the world of competition or comparison. The value of love, true essence, and oneness may not be favorable in the current society.

It cannot be helped that the leaders who have the value of separation try to destroy what such enlightened people found. I am always destroyed because of such reason. It is unavoidable.

It is not that certain people are good or bad. We have developed societies of separation, and humanity has continued to separate, to compete, to compare, to fight, to conflict, and to kill, and to be killed for a long time and encouraged doing them.

That makes all the sadness, problems, and sufferings of humanity. Someone told me that we cannot release such happy and blissful hormone and solution and depend on the drugs accordingly. I think he is right.

We have no love. We have the quality of oneness. Then, we suffer. We may try to awaken ourselves or punish us for awareness as we are made of the ocean of elementary particles, of the ocean of love, and of thoughts of love. Please study it, as well.

Talking about a relationship between the limit of a function of our brain and separation, when the thumb or the index finger tries to protect only itself, it doesn’t need much effort.

However, we need to save the entire universe to make the entire universe better. Children of the subject of creation have various kinds of talents because we are entrusted with a mission to make all people, all animals, and everything wonderful. We have an important mission to do the best work, united with the universe and all beings.

I had such awareness in my youth. And such legends have been conveyed since ancient times.

Originally, all of us have a complete function of the brain because we are children of God, of the universe, a manifestation of the subject of creation, and a part of It. We can think of the whole. We can connect with all beings. We can connect with everything, every life, and every animal.

All so-called minerals, everything made of thoughts, everything made of thoughts of the subject of creation, and the entire virtual reality movie communicate with each other and think about the direction of the entire universe and how they can contribute. For this purpose, everything is given different abilities.

Unless they do as such, only three percent of the brain doesn’t function. People who contribute to the whole, all potential capabilities will flower. Then, they will make use of the whole brain.

And when we are separate, fight or conflict, we will not release the solution of bliss, or I should say hormone. Then, we will feel pain. Fight, conflict, and separation come from fear. The cause of fear is separation. Therefore, we will feel extremely painful and afraid. It is inevitable that we depend on drugs or alcohol. When all of you return to love, to one being, and feel blissful, you won’t depend on such things.
Please examine it yourself.

And here, quanta and elementary particles are a manifestation of God, made of thoughts of the subject of creation, and it is a virtual reality movie, well, I already talked about it.

He says I say as such and he is right. Though we call them a word such as a quantum, or an elementary particle, its true nature is God’s energy, in other words, substance or energy, which is made of thoughts of the subject of creation.

Therefore, as MARTH always mentions, in the society of victory or defeat, competition, comparison, separation, and conflict, which we continued for thousands of years, all people lose God-consciousness.

We lose a life of joy and bliss. Or we lose enlightenment, awareness, or if I express it with a trendy word, ascension, or something like that.
We will lose joy, bliss or ascension, and everything.

When we are separate, or while we try to win, we cannot love. We cannot become God while trying to win. We can receive God-consciousness, enlightenment, beauty, brightness, youth, and everything when we let others win. When we are separate, however, we will become extremely aged, extremely suffer. We will need something that changes such a state of mind. For this purpose, we may have to develop drugs and other things.

When you return to one being, to love, to the original self, you will love others, all of you will shine, become wonderful leaders, live a wonderful life, and achieve all kinds of success, prosperity, true prosperity, and success.

Please examine it yourself. They may be a silly talk of MARTH. Scientists, medical people, and all human beings, please study and examine them.

The solution is released only when we have love when we are one being, blissful, and enlightened. It will never be released when we try to win when we resent or hate. And we will truly prosper and succeed only when we have it.

According to a promise of Abraham, we will prosper at that time. Sperms will be energetic, and egg cells will be energetic. And when everybody becomes love, they will be beautiful. Everybody will be blissful, healthy, young, successful. Every possible good thing can be found in one being.

Unfortunately, however, the current society has believed in separation. It is only that we didn’t know we are scientifically connected as one.

If you realize it, a wonderful life will be waiting for you. And this is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH, to convey it to you. I’ll see you again soon.