“Dream of the Love of One Being & Oneness of All Beings”

Facing a crucial time for humanity now, we will release these messages for free with a hope that all human beings become happy, and many awakened people and enlightened and young leaders are born. You don’t have to belong to either any organization or any group to spread the messages.

Hi. I think I’ll start with an open talk session tonight. Let me read the question.

Q: I understand that the human body is made of elementary particles. You also say elementary particles are connected as one, and they are love or a manifestation of God. I don’t understand it very well. Would you please talk more about it, MARTH?

Well, I don’t know how far I can talk about it here. It is difficult to talk except in the inner session. But let me explain it simply. First, you’re asking what an elementary particle is, isn’t it?

This is just a name which we gave to something fine. And such fine things are thoughts of the creator according to legends since ancient times. And the creator is said to be one being.

As written “Return to one source” by Japanese warriors in their farewell poems, they considered the world as one being, one, and one source. The ancient Japanese, or I should say people of the ancient Judea, and real Isaiah and his fellows did.

I’m not willing to talk about this, but the population in the Jomon era was about three hundred thousand at that time.

It is said people who came back from the ancient Judea in the Middle East were several million, or three or four million people. I think our country was founded by them when they returned here. And they treasured love and “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)”.

Scientists of quantum mechanics express “Wa-Suru” as π, or 3.14, the value of π, circle, one being, or “Wa”. We can also consider it a circle of electrons that circulates around the nucleus. And the movement of electrons becomes completely out of order affected by the value of separation and thoughts. It is said that electrons became completely out of order when people visited a place called “Kekare-chi” in ancient times. We need to learn such things. We need to learn it, probe into it, and examine it. If you look into the science, into science like quantum mechanics, you will reach elementary particles made of thoughts.

The thought is a thought of one being, a dream of one being. When we dream of a dream, we watch a dream. Therefore, it is the subject of creation. You can call It God or love. Some people call It Shinga. The dream of It is one being, something connected with everything as one. Therefore, we human beings, who are children and a part of It, things and substances are all made of thoughts.

If we consider it a manifestation of a dream of the being, every substance is made of thoughts. It is made of elementary particles.

And the elementary particles hate separation. In other words, they lose π. Entropy increases. Why? Because it is one being and love.

So, I call one being love. It is not about the attachment of each part of the ego.

The ego doesn’t exist. Everything is connected as one in this world. There is no relativity. There is neither Yin nor Yang. There is neither light nor darkness. I say such things with the viewpoint that everything is a manifestation of God and a manifestation of the universe.

Elementary particles hate something not connected as one. They hate separation. Humanity will experiment and prove it from now on. And I heard stories from the people who did such experiments.

And in the ancient legends, not so long ago, but in the era of Isaiah, about two thousand eight hundred years ago, or to be exact, two thousand six hundred eighty years ago, they convey that the world is one being, unknown and mystical. 

In the era of Socrates, in the era of Lao-tzu, there are many legends to describe they came to Japan. They realized that this world is unknown and mystical, it is neither this world, nor a reality, it is a dream of God, a dream of the creator, this universe is a manifestation of a dream of creation, and we are its children and its manifestation.

They considered that they are entrusted with the creation of a virtual reality movie to some extent as a dreamer. And this is extremely relevant when we probe into quantum mechanics.

And we are made of It, made of one being when we don’t live as such, we will receive a message for awakening. We will attract big troubles, problems for awakening. We will even punish ourselves. And when the moment arrives, we will even destroy ourselves. And in the case of organizations, groups, and countries, similar things will happen.

Therefore, excellent leaders need to “Wa-Suru” (to harmonize”). They need to convey the value of oneness to people and fellows so that they can live in love and true essence.

I heard various stories from a man who belonged to a special attack corps of the old Japanese air force during the war. He was an instructor for my aviation license.

Without taking a certain drug, he was so scared that he wet his pants. He said fighting was extremely frightening, and it was frightening enough to dirty his Zero fighter plane.

It is because such action doesn’t fit a human, in a sense. If it fits, there will be no such fear that is unbearable without a certain drug. It will be O.K. if it fits the ego. Without the drug, however, you are not O.K., you are extremely afraid. That may be because it doesn’t fit you.

Fight and violence don’t fit us. Because we are love and one being. Elementary particles don’t like them. The enemy is the self who looks other.

That’s the reason why we want to love them. We want to support them. We want to protect them. We want to trust them. We want to understand each other. This is a natural movement of elementary particles, a movement of elementary particles of love.

If you believe in something that is against it, you may receive such messages for awakening. That is so-called punishment, according to the legends in the ancient times.

I was working as a trainer in the spiritual world for many years. I supported hundreds of thousands of people, in fact. And I am certain that the true quality of a man is love, as said since ancient times. And we need to release the value of separation to have love.

We already know that fight, competition, comparison, self-boost, in other words, uplift of the ego, and a boost of the ego hinder our happiness, love, success, and true prosperity.

So, I’m trying to convey through such silly talk now.

I hope all of you, scientists, and doctors will study the quality of oneness, experiment various things at a level of elementary particles, and reveal them. I hope you will realize the true nature and study thoroughly how to improve our body and mind.

We are not allowed to talk about such ancient values and awareness of quantum mechanics scientists in the current society. Because we are living in a society of separation. If we believe in separation, and think fighting and winning are good, such love and the value of oneness will be denied.

Humanity is already in a global confusion now, being in trouble and receiving terrible messages for awakening, however. I feel heaven has finally started to execute their plan.

Then, what is heaven? It is you because you are elementary particles. All people made of elementary particles and everything in the universe  is going toward it, returning to one being, and returning to love.

MARTH considers that heaven is trying to make humanity regain a life of true prosperity, true success, true happiness, and true bliss.

I’ll see you again. It was MARTH’s silly talk.

Here’s an additional message.

Someone gave me a message that not having the quality of oneness is meaningless. I wanted to tell him that he is right.

You have your family, various groups of people, organizations, and various people around you. If you are involved in fighting with others, in resenting and hating them, killing, deceiving, attaching, bullying them, and as such, you must feel pain as all of you are love and children of God.

I think your father and mother who said, as such, feel pain, and surrounding people and all the people of the world suffer.

When everyone returns to the universe, to love, to one being, and live in happiness and bliss, then you return to the universe; elementary particles will rejoice. Electrons will feel at ease. Then, you will be truly lucky, prosper, regain true success, and long-lasting happiness, and success will be realized.

If you believe other is other, attack others believing that they are other, destroy them, resent them, hate them, and bully them, we human beings, aliens and all people will suffer and ruin ourselves because we are children of God, a manifestation of love, and of one being.

I hope you will become happy, bloom beautiful flowers, live a life of splendor, joy, and healing. I wish and pray that you will become truly happy from the bottom of my heart.

This was an additional silly talk of MARTH.