Importance of scientific proof of oneness and its awareness of all human beings

Hi. I’d like to start a silly talk of MARTH as an open talk session tonight, too. Today, I received a question from a college instructor of physics. He sent me a letter or a message.

Q: This is something that has been conveyed since ancient times. Sadly, we have had various failures, destructions, accidents, injuries, mental problems, wars, conflicts, sickness, every bad luck, and various other problems, which are expressed such words as punishment, curse, and spell. I feel they are caused by the movement of electrons in bad order or by elementary particles after listening to your messages now.

This is what he asks me, and if I try to say with a scientific view, I developed a resort on Yoron Island with a scientist, in my youth.

I learned quantum mechanics or something like the science of Hado power from him when I was young. He called an ordered circulation of electronsπ. I thoroughly learned this world is made of something like thoughts and about an increase and decrease of entropy. I was with him for about five years, during which he gave me such lessons, and we create such a resort.

Being an entertainer, I studied at the entertainment course at Horikoshi Gakuen, and I didn’t study very much. But I feel I thoroughly learned quantum mechanics from him as my personal instructor.

Talking about the current problem of drugs, including those of alcohol and tobacco, we need to study that a man doesn’t secrete a certain liquid, that is, hormone or chemicals in the brain. In other words, such problems are related. This is what we already know that we have to.

Therefore, I think the doctors and such medical researchers should examine it without being affected by a corrupt group of people from now on.

The quantum mechanics scientists refrain from speaking freely about it. And I think scientists will find it extremely difficult to talk about such things if there is an adverse trend in the world.

I think it has reached a limit and that the world is dark and sick is because of separation.

On the other hand, I think if there is someone who hopes to create a world of love, or Millenarianism, and to make the world a paradise, they need to solve a problem of separation.

Problems of separation. Like the teacher just mentioned, they are curses and punishments. For example, you don’t love animals, or you don’t treasure them; you killed them. You kill them who look other but yourself. You attack them. You are cruel to them.

Such separation. If you do it, elementary particles will really hate it, and electrons become really disturbed.

In other words, “Iyashiro-chi” becomes “Kegare-chi”. Such remarks were conveyed since ancient times are scientifically true.

You don’t have to believe it, but I suggest you will study it. Otherwise, humanity will cause all kinds of problems just by not knowing it.

You cannot be successful though you think you can. You cannot prosper though you think you prosper. You cannot excrete a happy hormone if you think you can become happy. You suffer and feel pain. And you have no idea that the problem is caused by separation.

If such things occur, and science doesn’t prove it, humanity will have every bad luck, and end up harming themselves in conflicts, wars, and in separation. They will try various things to awakening themselves.
They will destroy themselves or go toward destruction.

You want to do well. You want to succeed. You want to become happy. You want to achieve such a blissful state. But your bodies cannot function well.

For example, bliss, happiness, headaches, and as such, at the time of low atmospheric pressure will become beautiful and wonderful if you have a natural quality of oneness and love. Your body functions as such.

It can be said about various sicknesses. Such liquids are excreted, or you will be embraced by bliss.

When you return to one being, to Shinga, and merge into everything, you will enter into love. You will have a peace of mind, incredible bliss, incredibly spiritual uplift, which is not the uplift of the ego, what should I say, you will have an enormous joy when you return to Shinga, to one being, and a sense of bliss to live in it, in the goodness, when you love others and treasure others who look other but yourself.

This is, in fact, a science. I hope you will study, examine, and investigate it so that humanity can regain the quality of oneness, and that we can create a society of oneness, a civilization of one being

And I heartily hope that you, scientists, will create a beautiful world, a happy world, the world without wars, a paradise where beautiful humanity lives overcoming conflicts. This is today’s silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again.