However hurt we are, still, we are one…

MARTH gave a night talk session after the dialogue between Ms. Kaoru Nakamaru today.

Hi. The time has come for the open talk session tonight.

Today, I had an online dialogue with Ms. Nakamaru, what should I say, it was about Isaiah, and I conveyed his thought to her.

Here is the question for today.

Q: You continued to convey that we will not harm others even if hurt by them for a long time, but I didn’t understand what you meant. I thought I couldn’t understand it.

Recently, however, I felt deep sorrow when I heard your message that it is a tragedy to lose love within a fear. Please tell me more about it.

I received such an honest message from him.
Certainly, it is a tragedy that we are hurt within the society of separation, in wars, conflicts, every possible comparison and competition, and in all conflicts. It’s better that we are not hurt. It is quite certain.

If we encourage people to hate, resent, and separate by being hurt, they will punish themselves, and their descendants will succeed the sadness. They will be hurt in a sense that extremely big and powerful troubles attack themselves by the incredibly powerful universe, by elementary particles, no, not so, by electrons, by a manifestation of God, of love, no, by the thought of the subject of creation, and they encourage people to release the value of separation, to return to one being and to love.

This is the law of the universe that frighteningly huge problem for the ego will cease, and you will neither receive a punishment, nor a message. It is a wake-up call when we are attacked and deceived.

In my family, I was taught such things every day and hit on the cheek when I failed. Self-boost, overconfidence, ambition, competition, comparison, and harm others were completely out of the question. I thoroughly understand that it is a thought of the ancient Yamato.

I also realized that it was what Isaiah really treasured more than anything. Unless you harmed others when you were hurt, you would not disgrace yourself at all. You will not dirty yourself at all. Electrons will circulate in good order, elementary particles will appreciate it, and love it.

I understand the great sadness during captivity and that the suffering people experienced was not good for the ten tribes and the tribe of Judah. I cannot but feel what Isaiah wanted to convey the most was that they will not suffer so much later, if they stop the process by being hurt themselves in fighting and conflicting.

And why the ancient people, people of the ancient Judea, no, not so, people of Mu do feel as such?

Various people have conveyed it to us, including Jesus Christ. To “Wa-Suru”. To be connected as one. People of Mu and ancient civilizations knew that we are scientifically connected as one.

They knew the current quantum mechanics and wave mechanics. They knew that what the world is made of. They knew that it was made of thoughts, thoughts of God, no, what shall I call, maybe made of love, or the subject of creation.

The world is a dream of the subject and the thought of it. If we stray from love, we will try to awaken us. The law of the universe will function and try to awaken us for generations.

And if the thought, the thought of separation and conflict, the thought of resentment and hatred are succeeded, they will give an enormous problem to people and make them suffer. I think people knew such science in ancient times.

Therefore, Isaiahnagid continued to think of his fellows, care for his people, and convey the value of “Wa-Suru” until he was deceased.

I think that is a pride of our country and something that people of this country should realize now. I think it is really important that we convey this to the world, to the suffering fellows and friends of the world, and that people of the world realize it, make them truly happy, wealthy, prosperous, and successful.

I cannot but feel that it is a mission for the people of Yamatoh to be of great help to regain love, which can overcome the fear of people of the world, to save the world, to save the love of the people of the world.

I hope that you will give such pride, joy, and power to create a beautiful life in which you will never harm others even if hurt by them, you will never destroy your own happiness and bliss and that you will not lose love, to the whole world, to your fellows in the world.
I heartily wish that Yamato, a land of “Wa-Suru”, not so, Japan will convey it to the world.

I hope that people of Japan, people with the spirit of Yamato, will convey the importance of “Wa-Suru” to your children and fellow people without straying from the “Wa-Suru” attitude and without harming yourself.

I think this is all for now today. This was a silly talk by MARTH.