Eternal life, what we ask for the promised place…

We interviewed Marth about the animation project, “A Promised Place – I want to see you there”

How we live our lives, how we lived, how they were, are more important than anything now…

They have nothing to do with the junk of separation, such as the victory of ego, status, fame, and as such. Whether we lived happily in beautiful justice and love (oneness) is most important in a man’s value.

If you join take side with conflict of ego, hypocrisy, un-justice, and trick with bad people, because of your weakness under an illusion of a sense of separation, it is obvious that beautiful true essence of self, in other words, a part of the subject of the creation of the universe which that we call elementary particles will punish ourselves.

So, a man’s true quality is made of love and purity. There is no one who can escape from such love. Therefore, what is most important for everybody to live a life is most important. Whether he lives in separation or in love (oneness) is an extremely big choice. It is a law to live in true happiness, which decides his life.

And people who always embrace love and justice, and live in oneness connected with everything, such as selflessness, nothingness will be given a wonderful gift of eternity.

Ego (sense of separation) is to live in the world only with molecules. It is to live bound in the world of decay and oxidization. On the other hand, life in oneness, which is the world of elementary particle-like love, will become a life to live with everything.

We will live in eternity only when we embrace love and justice, together with the universe as a part of a subject of creation.

We will live an electric life, a life of love (one with everything) eternally; even molecules decay.

On the other hand, when we live with a belief of separation within the world of oneness, everything will ruin, lose our important eternal spirit, lose energy to live in eternity within the most important mystery.

I am extremely happy that this story is born out of such a theme, written with such quality of oneness. I hope it will encourage us to return to true bliss and happiness with love, which is all people’s true essence, and create the future of love from the bottom of my heart.