Q: Why does Creator (God) hate separation?

Q: Why does Creator (God) hate separation?
A: This is only because
this world is essentially one, one source,
one person’s dream, one that
The beautiful ancient
leaders were very familiar with it.
He led his people to a
life of love, affection, and harmony…
He preferred the
altered consciousness of oneness
and meditation to the separate consciousness
he called manifestation.
When it comes to
comparisons, competitions,
and fights, the human body will not be silent when
it captures the connected unity in pieces.
The heart, lungs, and
liver are all one thing….
The truth is, people
all over the world are scientifically one …
Humanity must sincerely
realize the mistakes in its own values…
It is about time that
humanity awakens from its delusion of separation
in which everyone wins and loses…
We must free ourselves
from conceit, overconfidence, inferiority,
competition, and battles and
re-establish a loving and protective
relationship with each other.
If not, they will hurt
each other and perish…
I believe that a society based on separation values,
such as winning, losing,
and competition, is naturally corrupt…

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