“I think everybody had a kind of sense or feeling like lulled in a cradle, being one with the universe and the unknown
when he or she was just born out from the unknown and still so innocent in childhood…
We have no idea which dimension or world we are in, nor had any idea of who or what we were…
It is a kind of feeling that we are born into immeasurable space, which is not a reality at all.
That is a sense we had before we decide this is the earth, the galaxy, New York, London, or Tokyo, or who we are…
It is a true sense of reality we used to have when we have just come from the universe, like our true home…
and I cherish such feelings, and I like a kind of music which brings us back Home.” says MARTH.


Composer and Producer for healing artists including Daniel Kobialka

“I don’t belong to anything within.
Neither do I belong to any country, any religion, adhere to any specific politics, any psychology, nor any philosophy.
I am nothing, I am nobody.
If I have to say who I am, I am nothing but a part of the whole being.”