Everything is One…
We aim to spread this conversation to every corner of the world.

Information on Sponsorship and Patronage

We continuously create animations that heal and transform hearts into oneness of love.
In the meantime, we have been distributing it to the world with minimal involvement in the existing ego system.
The short trailer created for this purpose gained immense popularity and has been viewed by 1.7 billion people globally.
Moreover, the number of likes has reached 2.7 million.
Their immeasurable numbers are growing phenomenally every day.
The number of likes is impressive, considering that most people think it’s excellent but rarely click on it.
For this reason, many of my followers have been optimistic about this excellent short story, thinking that it might be able to save the world.
They want us to deliver more and more of them to the world.
While many people hope this project will create the future of love, we have just now had plans for the many eager people to participate in this project.
In response to overwhelming requests, we developed a project plan to turn the world’s conversations into the love of oneness.

To the fans of MARTH, who love his essence and strive for justice, and to the billions of good, honest, and beautiful people, we have a message for companies and their leaders who wish to reach out to such people as customers.

We are pleased to announce our sponsorship and endorsement of the MARTH project to exceptional future leaders who truly understand and support it.

Those who support MARTH are, without a doubt, the future leaders of love…