They say this world is like darkness these days. It has become dark because of thousands of evil people. No, it is not so. The reason why the world has become darkness is that humanity believes in separation. We believe that we are separated. People who were hurt because of wars, conflict, and disparity made the darkness as they endeavored to protect themselves due to fear.

In a sense, the entire world is darkness now. We have lost bliss, love, and brightness because of darkness in the heart. We are filled with fears. This is how this world is.

You were made a fool of, discriminated, laughed at, attacked, bullied, you had a hard time, you saw something terrible as a child. You, who had such painful experiences, became adults, and fight to protect yourselves because of such suspicion. The world is filled with such people.

And everybody believes the reason why they suffer is that they were discriminated, made a fool of, and attacked. It is wrong, however.

Why they suffer is because they are separated and egoistical.

In other words, if they let go of ego, if they let go of a sense of separation, they will return to bliss. They will regain happiness.

You were made a fool of, laughed at, attacked, looked down on, discriminated, and threatened as a child are the reasons you became unhappy, and you want status and fame.

You believe you become happy if you become rich, become somebody if you are appreciated, accepted, respected, if you win, and become great, but it is not true.

Even if you become the world No.1, become great, you will continue to suffer. It is because you have a value of separation within you. You have disparity within you; that is, you have an ego. If you have the ego, you won’t be happy.

However well you win, however great you become, and however strong you become, you will feel empty. Some people try to become strong with physical exercises, some try to get weapons, some try to have status, and fame, and some others try to earn a lot of money and acquire everything. However, they feel empty.

They won’t become happy at all. This is proof.

If you have status or fame, if you are respected, if you become a star or become great, you will be happy. However, you will kill yourself as you won’t be happy. You will suffer and feel pain as you find no happiness. Even if you fulfill your dream, you will continue to suffer. Not so, if you become great or somebody, you will continue to feel empty.

The reason is because of the ego, separation, and the world of conflict. You suffered only because of the separated world, of the world of no love. And I won’t deny status, fame, and wealth. I say only they don’t bring you happiness.

That all human beings are wealthy, all of us are respected, loved, and appreciated is certainly better. I’d like to tell you that you won’t become happy if there is no love if there is separation, the disparity between the self and the other, division and confrontation.

I was a sperm cell while my father worked for the rehabilitation of criminals.

For a man to live in happiness, we need to live in love. To live in happiness without becoming a criminal, without doing anything evil, we need love. To live in joy and brightness, we need love. It is not the love of receiving something from others, but of returning to One Being. We need such bliss to return to the love of oneness.

If you live in such a way, you will feel truly wealthy, truly prosperous, and truly happy. Whatever you get, however great you become, even if you become a king, you will be filled with sadness, with pain.

I became the owner of a listed company and its executive, and I was appreciated by people all over Japan as a great young entrepreneur in my twenties. I felt more and more lonely, however. My heart was filled with emptiness and sadness as we felt there was nothing in such a life.

I found nothing there even though I acquired everything I had dreamed of, and I succeeded. After that, I had a chance to attend the “Witnessing the self” seminar and found love in it for the first time. I thought I needed nothing. I was embraced by my father for the first time. I was almost unable to stand and fell into pieces. I cried much and felt so happy that I could bless my life then.

I’m not saying wealth, love, and appreciation by others are bad. However, unless we regain the quality of oneness, unless we regain love, it will be meaningless.

Only when we love others, respect other countries, and neighbors, love the entire universe, make all people in the world happy, and live for the joy of all people, when you revere your community love the entire universe, and live humbly, you will be able to love and become happy.

My mother said to a girl who suffered from bullying, “You aren’t the one who discriminated against someone, are you?” She said, “I’m the discriminated one.” My mother said to her, “Good. You didn’t become one who discriminated. Your happiness will never be hurt.”

MARTH heartily wish you, all people in the world will regain true happiness.


Here’s a question I couldn’t answer before.


I want status, fame, and money, girlfriends, and so on. I think it is natural to think that I can be happy if I get such things. What is your opinion, MARTH?

MARTH: You’re right. No problem having such things, and certainly, you will be glad only for a moment. Unfortunately, however, happiness and bliss exist only in one being. It won’t last very long.

Happiness and bliss can be found only in the quality of oneness, selflessness, and love. Wise men have conveyed the problem of the ego to us since ancient times. Why did they desperately talk about selflessness, ending the ego, love, and the true essence? There is a profound secret there. They didn’t mean to keep it secret, but it is  little difficult.

Naturally, the ego produces ambitions to improve it and protect it.

The separated ego, which you could call “false self”, wants to fulfill dreams, ambitions, and desires. You say, “I wish to become this or that.” “I wanted something to be as such. Damn! It isn’t as I wished.” You blame others when things don’t go well. You throw the blame on other people and situations when you don’t have the desired result, and you suffer.

If you see yourself that I, the ego, have a desire, an ambition, that is a problem of the ego, it had an expectation. However, energy will become extremely small. Your anger, hate, and repellence toward others will disappear.

If you realize that you don’t exist, in reality, you are the universe, Atman, and the entire universe, such a sense of separation will be gone.

Peacefulness, bliss, and a sense of safety which you find at that time are a sense of safety of the selflessness, peace, and bliss arising from the end of the ego. Such happiness you feel when the ego is weakened, when the disparity is gone is true bliss.

Wise men have conveyed that to live as such and to live trying to fulfill ego’s desires are quite different since ancient times.

All human beings, psychologists, trainers, and therapists can understand what it means if they examine it thoroughly. Ambitions and desires of the ego are harmful. They take your happiness away.

And even if you acquire status and fame, if you win, become great or somebody incidentally, you will have no bliss due to a sense of separation.

Such bliss is the most precious treasure for humanity. It is a great gift from heaven, which allows you to be truly successful, truly wealthy, and truly prosperous. It proves that you are a child of God and a manifestation of love. Unless you have it, even if you get status, fame, controlling power, you will find nothing good.

Bliss and happiness are always within love, within selflessness, and when ego’s desires and ambitions are over. When you act out of it, when you live with it, you will be able to create a wonderful future within supreme bliss.

I am certain humanity will create a truly wonderful world if all of us realize it. We will become happy, wealthy and create a wonderful, healthy, and good world. And I believe we will stop living in happiness in any difficult situation.

I believe their extreme pain will stop due to their desires to get status, honor, respect, and everything and become a star, and that they will be able to live in true happiness in any difficult situation.

This is all for now.

Q: I have a question, MARTH. I study elementary particles in university. I have been familiar with your lectures and other things from a long time ago. What I’m always concerned is that you say elementary particles hate separation, and photons love to melt into the state of oneness. I was extremely concerned about what you said. I have a feeling what you said is true because of an experiment I did before. Please let me know what viewpoint made you say so.

MARTH:Doctor, we have a secret of “Wa-suru” since ancient times in Japan. In the Jomon era, no single trace of war was found.

Ancient Jewish people came back to the land of the east as if they headed for the home of the heart. What I can see from hundreds of folklores is that ancient people treasured the quality of oneness (Wa) more than anything. In other words, they hated separation more than anything…

We could find an important message in what we called “super-ancient civilization” when we went far back in time. That is a message carved on a stone tablet, which was called “Las Torah” in the ancient middle east in ancient times. We could translate it as a book of inspiration.

It says that everything in the world is connected as one, it is eternally unknown, mystical, and these things are made of thoughts. We can assume that science in super-ancient time is something like quantum physics.

It is considered far older than the ones in ancient Judea.

And what is carved on the tablets is the secret of ancient Japan and super-ancient time itself that elementary particles hate separation, and that photons love to melt into oneness more than anything. I learned it in my youth and started to convey it persistently.

If it is true, wars and conflicts of humanity have an extremely negative impact on us who live in this world, and a big problem for each one, for humanity and for groups. 

I thought it is a great issue for quantum mechanics scientists of the world to thoroughly study.

If an elementary particle hates not to be one in spite of being one, and if it causes a punishment to us, I felt there should be many things we can understand and reveal. Not only our physical bodies, but our thoughts are electrons and elementary particles. We could reveal the quality of “punishment”, which we have known since ancient times, scientifically. This is the most important.

If “punishment” is scientifically real, it is an elementary particle and means sadness that we ourselves, and our thoughts, made of love in reality, and everyone unknowingly suffers from a sense of separation, that we can neither live in oneness, nor in love, we don’t live as one being, we fight with others, we believe they are others and attack them, separate from them, and conflicting.

Then, we may have such a great problem that we lose success, happiness, bliss, love, true essence, and everything beautiful.

However hard we work, however hard we make an effort, however recklessly we fight, even if we try all means, we will fail.

All ancient kings were ruined. All of them aimed at success, but they failed and didn’t succeed in the end. Wars after wars. Schemes after schemes. They intended to ruin others. They intended to attack others. Confronting after confronting. It is a history that all of them were ruined, still having great power of control.

If we can study all these things with such great awareness that it can turn over our current way of being, and if the research can really reject the value of separation, and confrontation, it is nothing but that humanity can find the true law of success, the true law of prosperity, true joy, and true happiness scientifically.

I am certain that is exactly what can truly save humanity. I feel if everything is connected as one and love each other at the level of elementary particles, just like a safety belt for the universe, and humanity continues to be love, and one being, secret of “punishment”, and those of true prosperity, and bliss, success, true joy, and love, and true happiness are generated from there.

Therefore, I hope you will confirm that it is scientifically true as such through experiments. It is the most important gift and loving secret which Japan can send the entire world, to our precious friends since ancient times.


All people who rule and become kings of the world in the future, and all those who try to control the world in the future. On behalf of Yamato (Yamatoh) people, I am here to convey their wishes to you.

We, people of Yamato, may have the same roots as your ancestors. Our country was founded by Isaiahnagid, Isaiah.

He initially moved to the land of the east and created a capital at a place called Jindai on Awajishima Island, an island in Japan.

I happen to have my father’s side ancestors being an old tribe from the area.

Please allow me to say that I heartily wish you love with a heart of oneness, respect others, love people, and countries, therefore, you respect and love yourselves, and become kings as children of the universe, of God. We don’t have any ambitions. We only wish to live in purity and happiness with simple, little, and pure love, with wishes to harmonize and to be one with everything. 

If you, our fellows, live in love, with a loving heart, and sincerity, love people, countries, humanity, and the entire universe, treasure them honestly, we, people of Yamato, will surely respect you, help you, and support you.

If you don’t value love and purity of the heart within separation, disparity, conflict, control, and subordination, however, we will not agree with you for the reason that your wishes are far from those of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, who is a founding father of our country.

Then, in spite of our wish to live with you, we will not do so. We, the people of Yamato, will live a pure life just simply, and purely, under the teaching of the oneness of Isaiah, keeping it with a wish of oneness, in the harmony with everything in the universe, without controlling people, and without being controlled.

We heartily wish you to live in love, live a pure and truly happy life, live together, love each other, respect each other, and create a beautiful new world together.

And according to folklore of Isaiahnagid, Isaiah, he continued to care for his fellow people whom he left behind in the area of the Red Sea, in the Middle East until the last day of his life.

I wonder how our ancestors lived in the land of the east, leaving behind their fellows who suffered and felt painful. Isaiah must have regretted he could not help you, who suffered within an environment of discrimination, suppression, and hardship.

We apologize that we could not help you as the people of Yamato.

And what Isaiah conveyed us through folklores… In the Middle East, they were controlled, and controlled others, fought, suffered, killed, and raped. Within every possible pain, they headed for the east with Arc with God. To create a peaceful and loving world. The world where they love neighboring countries and people. They went over to the east to create a world where they love others.

We have been conveyed that we must neither control people nor controlled by them on this land and that we must neither win over others, nor harm them, and live in love even if we are hurt. I cannot but feel this is because Isaiah lived here.

I wish you, too, will become leaders of the world with a loving heart of the kingdom, within loving wishes, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the people of Yamato.

If you earnestly wish to live a beautiful life without any conflict and control, the people of Yamato will always love you and support you. Please allow me to say that we heartily and sincerely wish for you, our loving fellows, within the love and teachings of Isaiahnagid in our hearts, from the land of the east.                   


Q: Here is a question. I am a public servant. A problem of submitting to the great power is now causing a sensation throughout Japan. What do you think about the pains and harshness of submitting, MARTH?

MARTH: It is about that everyone follows people in power. It is not unusual and a matter of fact everybody submits to the great whether it is at home, among relatives, in a village, or a local community, in a prefecture, and a country, and in the world. We cannot blame anybody about it.

The problem is that there is no quality of oneness (love) in leadership. Unless there is a quality of oneness (love), purity, loving feelings, considerations, generous heart, and such, we will see a world of sadness. There will be no support from the universe. On the other hand, there will be many problems there. It is not beneficial for anybody and I think that is the biggest problem.

The power, control, subordination in the world of separation (the ego) is very sad. It has been men’s, (separated) ego’s destiny to yield to the great power. And there is only one solution for it. I think the prominent leaders of the world should make the world, the planet earth, beautiful and love all people and make them happy.

That is what heaven and love always wish for. If there is someone who rules all countries of the world, if he wishes for a wonderful and happy life, he should be a man of love who loves all people of the world from the bottom of his heart. He needs to know the truth of oneness, regain a beautiful heart, return to love. He needs to become a leader to love the world, and wish to make everyone in the world and everything in the universe happy.

If there is a leader who rules a country, he should be a man of love, a man of awareness filled with sincere love and courage. He should take leadership to love not only humankind but everything in the universe with true justice and love, with the quality of oneness.

If there is such a powerful king to rule all countries of the world on the earth, he should be a man of love. Unless he returns to the original beautiful heart with an awareness of oneness, this world will be destroyed by submitting to the great, which is the wrong nature of men.

If there is such person, I wish he will immediately realize love, the quality of oneness and true essence of himself, and make all people happy. 

Unless the king of the world, the king of a country, and leaders live in love, their people, and leaders will ruin in conflict. Unless they live with an awareness of oneness, even this world will ruin because of destruction, conflict, competition, and comparison.

If they destroy people who look others but one being, they will not be supported by the entire universe, which is a true king, superior to the kings of the earth. They will be involved in great trouble, too.

Not only the subject to rule the universe doesn’t support them, but they also may be punished by their love.

Then, nobody becomes happy. I heartily wish, or I cannot but wish that true leaders of the world, such kings who rule the world will be supported by the entire universe, by gods, and by love, and with love, goodness, and the quality of oneness, make all people of the world, and everything in the universe wonderful and happy.

The wars and conflicts of separation will bring us only pains within the universe. On the contrary, if they live in love (the quality of oneness), they will live a wonderful life and become excellent leaders with support from the universe.  


Q: I am a national public servant as your father, MARTH. I extremely hate this corrupted world, such an ugly and rotten world. My days are mentally unbearable. Would you please give me some advice?

MARTH: Please don’t neglect your duties, Manager.

This corrupted world will be transformed into a wonderful world someday. There is something more important than that…

Men are born to this planet out of the universe. In this world, in fact, when it is, or what it is, is eternally unknown.

And something called the universe is also called All Creation, Shinga, the great self, God, or love. Being born from it, we are on this planet, which is an unknown place. Born to a place which you don’t know if it is this world or not, if you are raised as you are as a part of the universe, you will not feel painful and bitter very much.

Born to this planet as the universe, as a child of God, and as a child of All Creation, if you live as you are, as All Creation, as Shinga, as love, as a child of God, within the oneness, within selflessness, without separation, if you live as such, you will live in bliss and happiness whatever circumstance you are in. That’s the way it is.

In fact, our emotions, feelings, and such need not be influenced by circumstances. There are hardships, pains, something terrible, various environments, and situations. And we can feel pain and distress to painful situations for the ego, for a separate part of existence, and harsh circumstances.

However, you can live in happiness without any influence of such situations and circumstances. It is always possible when you are Shinga, love, and true essence. Only ego believes you cannot. It is wrong, however.

A man is originally Shinga (Atman). A man is originally a child of God, a manifestation of love, or whatever you can call it, and not ego. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer, and you are O.K. to choose bliss, happiness, brightness, and positivity at any time. Whatever negative situation you are in, whatever painful situation you are in, you suffer only because of the ego. Even if you are in an extremely painful situation for the ego, you dare neither to suffer nor to feel painful.

Your original self is Shinga, love, and a part of God. You are a part of creation. You can manage every functional matter out of such bliss, and they are possible to solve. Human beings, who are a manifestation of love, can always choose bliss, happiness, joy, and brightness from the viewpoint of the universe.

During a painful situation for the ego, you can shift your viewpoint to that of heaven. You never have to make a negative reaction with such perspective. It is incredibly valuable to know that you are possible to act as such.

Generally, we intensely believe we have to suffer or feel pain when something painful, harsh, and adverse environment happens to the ego, or we have to choose such feelings. However, it is not true. It is nothing but a reaction of the ego from the viewpoint of separation. On the contrary, you are choose happiness, bliss, smiles, positivity, and so on at such time.

Can you move when you are too sleepy to move? You can move your body when you are sleep. It is the same that you can go to a bathroom at midnight. In other words, you suffer when you think you have to wake up. That’s the same. Even if circumstances and situations are painful for the ego, a man can enter into bliss when he chooses a viewpoint of no-self. That is, he will lose the ego if he chooses bliss.

To realize it is possible means you can live in love and happiness in whatever circumstance you are.

Such a sincere and good man like you, as my father was, such a respectful person like you should not fail. Such a man like you shall take a responsibility to make the world beautiful and happy.


I worked as a trainer for a self-help seminar for many years when I was young. I supported the spiritual growth of many people at the forefront of mind training.

I feel it is important for your peace of mind to tell you that everybody has a key to his heart. In fact, the situation and emotion don’t have to be connected.

You are free to choose love, loving feelings, peace, bliss, and happiness at any time. Above all, you can choose the heart of a child of the universe, which is the true essence, or you can call it a child of God and a manifestation of love at any time. if circumstances and emotions are definitely connected, we cannot be happy unless we change circumstances and situations.

The truth is not so. We are free to choose love, bliss, and peace at any time, in any situation. We are O.K. to become loving and happy at any time. Then, we will have true freedom, regain love, which we had been searching for, and truly become happy.          


Q: I have a question. You say we will be ruined unless we live in love, men will perish unless we have the quality of oneness, and there will be no true success, and true prosperity there. Please tell me more about the reason why we will perish without the quality of oneness, MARTH?

MARTH: That is, this world is made of the ocean of elementary particles, and human thoughts influence its quality. If I say it more clearly, it is made of our thoughts. It has something to do with the fact that it is like a dream of the one being made of thoughts of the one being.

And, it is because not only the thought of one being, but each part, its children, the children whom the subject of creation created, which we call human beings, thoughts of a man, who is a part of the universe, and of children of the universe (God), will realize and will be able to create within a specific range.

This is what we call Sidi on the planet earth. The very thing called as such means that human thoughts become a reality. That is a strong quality of something mystical, which we call elementary particles.

However, there is a hidden scheme of nature in that thoughts influence them.

Within what we usually call consciousness, our thoughts will not materialize very well. On the other hand, our subconsciousness, thoughts deeper within will materialize and be realized. I think humanity will profoundly learn it and scientifically reveal it.

Quantum mechanics will reveal it steadily.

What we materialize is a “concern” at deep level of the mind. People often talk about “attraction”. In fact, what we attract is not something we have in ordinary consciousness, but subconscious or thoughts or feelings at deep level of consciousness will be attracted.

Unless we live in love, unless we live with the quality of oneness, and peace, unless we end a value of separation, it is possible that such negative consciousness deep inside as ego’s anxiety, fear, desires, ambitions, and a feeling of failure arising from them, “What if I cannot do this or that?” will control us.

If we live in No-Mind, in love and oneness, in Shinga, which is the true quality of men, and in our original state of peace and bliss, such feelings as “I want to be like this or that.” “I will be reprimanded and attacked unless I become this or that.” “I shouldn’t do this or that”, a sense of guilt and so on are scarce and not so strong. If you have a sense of security and oneness as if you live with God and the subject of Creation, your subconsciousness is at peace. It is filled with love. and it will be realized as a reality.

On the other hand, if you live as the ego, in separation, and in conflict, much anxiety and fear arising from such a sense of separation remain deep inside. And you will create them and attract them.

I could say human beings can love themselves as children of the universe, feel genuinely peaceful, and create a truly beautiful world of true prosperity and success for the first time when they live in love, the true essence, oneness, peace and bliss, a feeling of happiness and so on.

We need to truly realize it, scientifically reveal it, study it, and learn it now. All children need to know everything in the world is connected as one. All the world needs to live in love and peace and with the quality of oneness. Then, we will be able to create a world of love, where we can become truly wealthy, truly peaceful, truly rewarding, and truly beautiful.

We are made to feel happy whenever we are connected with something like one, and to feel anxious when we are separated. Happiness and bliss are there when we are one as children of the universe (God). Then, we can create a truly wonderful life and a world of love.

Otherwise, we will repeat fighting and perish for sure. Because all egos will be a source of anxiety and fear. And our abilities of creation in the ocean of elementary particles may produce a world filled with sadness.

We must thoroughly learn it now. I thoroughly learned Sidi teachings in my twenties. I experienced Sidi through. It is a scientific truth.

Our thoughts extremely influence this world.

Humanity must examine it and realize it now. Otherwise, it may be too late.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH… The world is in turmoil. Do you think we will perish? How can we create a peaceful and happy world where there is no war?

MARTH: Certainly, you may be right to say the world is in turmoil. I told you repeatedly that every separation, comparison, conflict, distrust is caused by sense of separation. It is a conflict of humanity who believes in every possible separation and division between the self and the other, enemies, and allies, each country, each ethnic group, rulers, and those who are ruled.

Unfortunately, however, no, luckily, everything is connected as one. Everything is one being. We could say that humanity hasn’t realized such value.

I have tried to convey that it is the cause of every problem for you. And the most important thing is that we should not see things like molecules.

All things look separate when we see things like molecules.

Birds, flowers, animals, people, ethnic groups, the superior, and the inferior, and everything look different from each other at a level of molecules. People next to you, those who live in a neighboring country, rulers, and those are ruled, and all people have no idea they are connected as one.

Furthermore, we have never realized we will receive a significant message from elementary particles when we act against a normal movement of oneness at a level of elementary particles. Everything is one being at a level of elementary particles. Everything is connected as one at level of atoms and electrons.

Unfortunately, no, luckily, neighbors who look the other are all connected as one, and the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. Everything is made of the same elements. Trees, flowers, the earth, the oceans, and every possible thing is made of one being.

We have never thought about it in our life. Our point of view and life, which sees people as the one and the other and things as separate, don’t fit a level of elementary particles.

Therefore, we will definitely receive a message, which is, in a sense, incredibly strong force to correct ourselves.

That is what has always been called something like a “punishment” by us. “Punishment” is not something simple that we receive from God, but it is such a great, no, devastatingly big scientific force to return us to the original quality of oneness within the world of oneness, and to ruin us unless we live as such.

Human beings must thoroughly and scientifically reveal it now. Even if we obtain status, fame, money, popularity, the power to control, and every possible thing, we will be destined to perish if we believe in separation. There will definitely be no happiness unless we live in love.

Sorry to say, but humanity believes in separation without realizing everything in this world is connected as one. The superior and the inferior, and the right and the left, all people believe in separation. However, they don’t know such belief in separation will ruin their lives.

We need to regain the quality of oneness with love if we wish to make ourselves happy and wonderful. Men are made to feel happy and blissful when they are connected with one with the bird, the mountains, flowers, men, the earth, animals, and everything.

We may suffer, ruin ourselves and perish within every kind of conflict, unless all of us live as such, try to learn it, thoroughly examine it, and realize it in the entire world.

It is inevitable for us to have such heart and the viewpoint that we love others, become one with them, consider them ourselves, ability to treasure others, and nurture them, such love, such understanding, such intelligence, and such wisdom more than anything now.

If children of the world can learn it and humanity can live a life of oneness, they will definitely flourish, and continue to have success, happiness, and incredible blissfulness.

If we live with a value of separation, on the other hand, humanity may be ruined. I wish to trust the wisdom of elementary particles  which are connected with one with humanity, the beauty of elementary particles of oneness, and that all beings have such beauty.

I trust that you are children of God, of elementary particles, of the universe, of the one being, and of love, and that is the true quality of everyone and every being.

I wish all leaders realize it and become happy. I heartily wish humanity will live as such and create a beautiful world.


Q: The world is in a mess. Will the population be decreased by rulers and killed by the pandemics and wars? I feel so uneasy. What shall we do, MARTH?

MARTH:In any case, this world is one of the gods. All people are a manifestation of God. Animals, trees, flowers, birds, the earth, and the entire universe is the ocean of elementary particles. If you believe in separation within it, in other words, if you live in a civilization of separation without realizing the true essence, love, divinity, and beauty of yourself, or by convincing yourself not to see them, you will have an extremely painful and sad life. If you ask your universe or God what to do, and if He is a true God, He will definitely tell you to trust Him.

This world is a beautiful one of a dream of gods, of love, and of the oneness. It’s just some people who don’t believe in it and suffer. Even with such circumstance, we will see God create a bright future.

And here is a problem of fear. Unless we realize that we can freely choose our emotions and thoughts, we will suffer extremely. Otherwise, bliss and happiness will depend on our environment or situation.

However bad a situation is for the ego, however painful it is, you don’t have to choose painful emotions, sufferings, and fears. Humanity hasn’t known it yet. You are always free to choose wonderful emotions.

You are free to choose wonderful bliss. However negative your circumstance is, you don’t have to choose to feel as such in reality.

You are free to choose wonderful bliss. However negative your circumstance is, you don’t have to choose to feel as such in reality. What will you do if you know it?

You neither have to feel negative, nor become fearful, nor suffer when you enter into a negative situation for the ego. You will understand it if you see yourself, your inner self.

Normally, we become afraid when something happens, and our emotion becomes negative accordingly. What if we know we don’t have to react as such? However negative situation the ego is in, even if the stars fall down, even if the entire planet earth perishes, whatever happens, you will pursue love, live in love, live as children of gods, and choose bliss just as children of gods and an embodiment of love. You shall choose love…

You can choose love, happiness, and bliss, within any adversity and any negative situation. Certainly, the world is in turmoil at the moment. Everybody is back to back with death. However, we can choose love. We can choose positive emotions.

I think it inevitable. We have no other way to build a wonderful world. All human beings choose love, choose bliss under any circumstances, not influenced by any circumstances and environments, in any negative circumstances for the ego, we shall choose love and bliss.

I practice this every day. To my surprise, I naturally go back to my childhood and remember such memories as there was some kind of tea nuts on hedges of my grandfather’s home, they were green, little, and knobby, and that I collected them when I was a child. I remembered there were fields of watermelon, sweet pepper, eggplants, and so on, and people even had some cows. My grandfather used to live in Akasaka, but he moved to Shakujii Park.

I used to visit my grandfather and grandmother’s house often, where I felt warm at heart like the pool of sunshine pouring on me. When I was much smaller, I was raised in a town called Motoazabu. Even if it is called as such, it is still unknown and mystical. I can return to my childhood days when I was at a peaceful park filled with the sunshine.

If you realize that you are O.K. to choose a life of love, of comfort, of bliss in any circumstance, you will be able to choose it. I can live in a warm pool of sunshine in happiness at any time.

Does this answer your question? You are O.K. to choose happiness in any circumstance. You are O.K. to choose bliss. You can decide on your own. You have a key to happiness. It neither depends on the environment nor on the situation. It is important for you to know it.

And we are the universe and love itself. We are in the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. You may live in beauty as such. You may live with true justice, love others and yourself, and live in bliss.

That is true happiness for humanity. I cannot but feel we will realize a wonderful world if all human beings live as such. 


Q: The world is in turmoil. An incredibly dishonorable world filled with wars, conflicts, control, and subordination, planned population reduction seems to be attacking us. Both sides of people don’t look happy. What do you think about it, MARTH?


In any way, true happiness, bliss, joy, and true success, prosperity only exists in the quality of oneness, which is the true essence of humanity and every being. That means that everybody has experienced the joy of oneness temporarily. In other words, I think everybody must have experienced the joy of oneness in his childhood as he is the true self in reality.

The universe, God, or heaven created this world as one being. Men may not think as such, but even still, you, they and everything in the universe is created as one being. Because of separation made by our five senses and naming with words, and that the world looks separate at a level of molecules, we may have lost such important thing that everything is connected as one (oneness).

It may be difficult for us to make true success and to produce a true leader within the belief that everything is not connected as one and values of separation. Moreover, it shall be impossible to rule people in pappiness without the ego. It may be difficult to produce those who can exhibit leadership without a sense of separation in peace for hundreds of thousands of years within the societies of isolation. Even if we had a leader of the beautiful heart of oneness such as Isaiahnagid, we couldn’t have been able to avoid conflicts unless people realized the quality of oneness. Therefore, many people may have punished themselves and perished in this country since ancient times.

To live with the belief of separation is to continue fighting each day, which makes us hate ourselves. It is painful, harsh, preventing us from going well and even make us perish at time of civil wars.

You will see everything never goes well if you believe in separation within the world of the oneness of love. It is because we are truly a part, children of oneness within the one connected world. The universe is created as such. In other words, if we call the one being God, everyone and every being is a child of God. Unless we live as one being, certainly, we will continue to fight, control, subordinate, and shall not be happy.

To be more specific it is quite certain that we see everything from the viewpoint of separation and of ego and try to become safe and secure for the ego within the value that everything is not connected as one. And it is also certain that we desperately seek something beneficial for the ego. On the other hand, it is understandable that we madly fight with everything that derives us of the security. Separation (breakaway) from the quality of oneness, which is the true essence for everybody, shall naturally bring us such pains.

Moreover, the ego lose love (oneness). Therefore, it brings us a strong fear. It means that everybody desperately continues to hope, “I don’t want to become this or that”. Everybody shall be as such if his love and heart are hurt. From that day on, however, everybody shall be occupied with expectations and hopes for the safety and security of the self (the ego). He may be living in sadness and pains as it is not the true quality of men. Within a sense of separation, we are likely to aim at self-boost and self-uplift and desperately seek for every possible thing to protect the ego. We tend to compare things because of a sense of separation. To become superior, to fight not to become inferior, and so on are characteristics of the ego. Unfortunately, we will lose the quality of oneness (love, the true essence) and love, peace of mind, bliss, true security, and safety of the one being (ability to see the self as connected to the universe).

Therefore, it is incredibly good to thoroughly realize that we have desires and expectations of the ego and free ourselves from a sense of separation with a profound awareness that the quality of the true self is oneness. Then, all human beings shall have to return to the true quality of themselves, to love.

It is inevitable for us to profoundly realize that we are tortured by desires and ambitions of the ego, to return to the true essence and to regain bliss which the true essence original has. If we thoroughly realize it without blaming people and various circumstances, our ability to return to the true essence will produce incredibly wonderful miracles.

In other words, when you don’t accuse people who bring you very stressful problems and troubles and those who interrupt to fulfill your dreams and desires, instead, when you realize you are angry that they don’t fulfill your expectations and desires of the ego and release the thought, you will amazingly regain the quality of oneness. Then, you will regain the power of love to create a truly beautiful world.

You ask me where happiness comes from. You may believe it is only when your desires are fulfilled. It is not as such, however. You may realize what you find when you truly return to the oneness, which is quite different from it, and the true essence of humanity is true bliss, truly peaceful world, and fulfillment of the future of love. Then, certainly, you may ask what you should do to regain the quality of oneness. You need to realize your own desires and ambitions of the self, which are mistakenly separate, to regain the quality of oneness.

Realize that your desires and expectations of the ego are not your true self and discover the true self, and you will not blame others and return to blissfulness. Do not blame others and realize the ego (of separation), which is neither the true self nor a child of the universe (God), desperately seek for security, safety, uplift, and improvement, aim at them, and fight for them. I think it will bring you an answer to the essential question of who the true self is, which hides the most beautiful possibility in the world.

What will happen when you release desires of the ego, which is neither the true self nor the true essence? That is the fastest way to return to Shinga (Atman) and law to return to oneness. If you release the false self, which is not the original one, you will return to the true self which humanity originally has and call the love of oneness. Then, you will find bliss, happiness, everlasting abilities to prosper and to succeed, which you have from the beginning. It is because your original self, which is the universe, has returned to the universe, which is the true self. That is the time when you find many beautiful people and countries as such.

Ancient people called those who returned to the true essence as the enlightened, awakened, and so on. Within the world where people believe in the ego, however, they are convinced that they will be happy when the ego wins, becomes somebody, and great. In fact, people who have such beautiful awareness that return to the true essence is happiness never boosts the ego as it causes them serious damage.  

The enlightened people are those who have thoroughly realized that they are not the ego but love (of oneness) in reality, returned to such a being, and never sought for uplifting and boosting the ego. I could say, people who returned to children of God, to one being, to Shinga, or whatever you call it, are truly happy ones.

Being originally It, it is an absolute mission for us to return there.

If only we can realize it and regain the treasure of the universe, and return to children of God, and to the true essence, everybody shall become a true leader and people of goodness, and exhibit wonderful abilities. Then, everybody will gain the most beautiful future of love.


Q: The world is in a mess. The pandemic, lack of food, economic sanction, and the evil people are attacking and controlling human beings. I’m so afraid. What shall we human beings do now, MARTH?

As I always tell you, this world is one of oneness. It is as such at the level of atoms and of elementary particles. Even if it looks separate at level of atoms, all the atoms are made of something unknown that we call elementary particles. They are a family connected as one. No, they are not, but a complete one being. Whether they are aliens or AI (Artificial Intelligence), such machine-like atoms are all connected as one. One being, in other words, made of love.

I don’t think those who live in separation will succeed. A manifestation of the universe, of God, and of love (a collective body of elementary particles) shall not forgive itself, which has a value of extreme separation. 

And about a problem of fear… There are many kinds of fears. We are afraid, telling ourselves, “I cannot win. I cannot become somebody. I shall be made a fool of. I shall be laughed at. I shall be attached, scolded, and so on”. How shall we deal with fears of the ego? The most important thing is that you are always free in reality. You have the true quality from the beginning, which is connected as one and love.

This is connected as one with the universe itself. From the viewpoint of the great self, Taiga, or Shinga (Atman), or you can call it God, you are free at any time and at any place in reality.

Then, why don’t you feel free? Why are you afraid? It is because the ego, the false self, in other words, the illusory self with a belief of separation, is afraid. The illusory self, the false self is afraid. It is the ego arising from a value of separation and not real. It is not true. Thus, you are free in reality. You don’t have to follow a reaction of the false self. And what you learned in the civilizations and societies of separation at level of atoms, five senses, naming, and so on.

When you are No-Mind (selfless), you neither have to worry nor suffer. You are a free being who is able not to choose captivity in reality.

You are the world of oneness, in other words, there is not the self (the ego). Therefore, you can deal with your fear and have a key for it. The true self is the entire universe. You are born to this planet and formed the ego within the society of separation. And this is nothing but a fake.

You are eternally elementary particles. It is unknown, mystical, connected as one, and the eternal universe (the world like a dream of the subject of Creation) itself. Therefore, you don’t have to accept such reactions. “I have to react like this.” “I just feel like this.” “I have to act according to my feelings.” You don’t have to. You may feel at ease at any time with the great heart (No-Mind) of the universe and the existence itself. Within the world of oneness, you neither have to consider things negative nor to feel as such. Even if your false self tells you to act as such, you are still the universe, No-Mind, the great self, and Shinga. Therefore, you are eternally free.

It is as if you confine yourself in jail, lock the door yourself, and hold the key. You may think you are captured. You may think you cannot do anything for yourself, but it’s an illusion. You may stop it at any time. Desires to survive the ego are sometimes important, but they are likely to stop love, peace of mind, and bliss, which are the true essence. You can always choose what to do. You can release such thoughts or beliefs as suffering, fear, and so on and return to the true self. I think it is most important for you to realize that you can live in brightness as freely as possible.

I’d like to convey such things more deeply to you. There are many things I cannot tell you except in closed space. I’ll see you soon. Thank you.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I feel something divine in myself while I listen to your talk and read your messages. Have you ever belonged to any religious organization?

I’ve never belonged to any religious organization, nor have I studied religion before. If I must say, I understand that my ancestors from both father’s and mother’s sides managed temples and shrines for generations. My father’s side ancestors managed Shingon-sect temples and shrines for more than one thousand years, and for my mother’s side, they managed Zen temples in Niigata. It is real that my ancestors have been religious, managing temples and shrines, but I have never studied it in my life.

On the other hand, people from various kinds of religions appreciated my music and used it. Leaders of many religious organizations have loved my music. However, I have never learned it even once.

I used to be a trainer for a self-help seminar called “Witnessing the self” and for Werner Erhard’s seminar. When I was young, I was involved in the New Age, or I’d better say the spiritual world teachings. I deepened esoteric awareness through the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, J. Krishnamurti, OSHO Rajneesh, Ramana Maharshi, and so on, but I never belonged to any religious group.

Then, ever since the first half of my thirties or the latter half of my twenties, I have been creating what you call healing music. Within such circumstances, I performed at concerts and talked in my radio program. I think it natural for me to start talking only about spirituality, divinity, oneness, beyond desires and fears of the ego then.

For me, the divinity or religiousness is to “be connected as one”. Talking about the bible, Japanese ancestors are people of the twelve tribes of Judea. With that in mind, I consider the bible as a book about “oneness”, as a law to live beyond fear of the ego, if I go further, it is a book to convey that this world is unknown and mystical, not this world, No Mind, and the world of oneness just like “Shikisokuzeku” of Heart Sutra.

I always feel that everything is connected as one, and love, everything is a manifestation of love beyond the ego, and one being. When desires of the ego are over, psychological time will stop, and we will find true happiness and bliss. I also feel this world is not this world, in reality, it is eternally unknown, mystical, and connected as one, and that everything is a dream of one being. I personally feel that this is what is written on the Lastra stone tablet. And the same thing was scribed on the Mu tablet. I can even think that “Shikisokuzeku” is connected with Mu tablet beyond the time of Sumerian Civilization. 

What is most important to me is the quality of oneness beyond the ego, that everything is a dream of the subject of Creation, and of One Being, which is unknown, mystical, and not this world. And I understand the ocean of elementary particles is eternal, it never corrodes and oxidizes, although it deteriorates and its orbit of electrons gets out of order. I feel I try to convey such things to you repeatedly. However, they are nothing but my personal opinion. Nobody has to believe in them.

I feel everything in the world is connected as one from the viewpoint of elementary particles. Therefore, I feel everybody is neither somebody nor something; we exist neither at some time nor at somewhere. There is no such thing as the self, and a name is only a label. If we give up desires and expectations of the ego (fear of separation), we will have bliss and peace of mind. I discovered that it was true healing when I was young. I think here and now is eternally unknown and mystical. I feel everyone is a manifestation of love, of heaven, and of God. Therefore, I wish to live a life which heaven wishes and love wishes for me. I also feel a child of the universe will suffer unless he lives as such.

My father belonged to the Ministry of Justice and was transferred to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office later. In other words, he was a public servant of Japan. Every time I talked with him, I continued to tell him, “I’m a public servant of heaven.” He said, “So am I.” “No way. You are a public servant of Japan, and I am that of the universe” said I when I was young.

My father told me, “You are having a hard time as you are a public servant of the universe” while I was in adversity. I said, “Right. Certainly, it’s natural for me to be a public servant for heaven. No, everybody is eternally a part of heaven, a manifestation of love, a public servant of heaven, and limbs of the universe. I’ve felt as such for a long time. Everyone is the same, in fact. He may have many messages and feel painful unless he lives as such. I think the same thing may happen to an individual, to an organization, to a family, and to the entire planet of the earth.

I think humanity needs to release the ego (fear arising from a sense of separation) to become truly happy and to live in everlasting prosperity, joy, and happiness. Then, we will have true healing.

A healing music artist is just trying to convey his silly messages to the world through his life.


Q: You said you are going to talk about true happiness, which we find beyond our expectations, desires, and ambitions generated from a sense of separation (of the ego) last time. Would you please continue? 

MARTH: Sure. I told about a big issue of separation, which “language” may cause us when we human beings lose such truth as love (the quality of oneness) in the world of oneness. It (language) should  originally be convenient and wonderful. However, within a mechanism of forming the self, it has a great risk of separation. 

Another issue is that such originally splendid functions as our five senses may encourage separation when we use them without awareness of oneness, in a sense. 

And I told you humanity has studied both its convenience, goodness, and beauty of our five senses, of languages and its danger. Even good things may generate separation unless they are aware of oneness. Separation may cause disorder of orbits at level of elementary particles and electrons, as everything is in the world of oneness and of love. Within the universe, which we may call God or the subject of Creation, this world made of thoughts of Shinga, of the quality of oneness, of love, and of divinity, shall send us a message to return to love. 

I tried to delve into an issue whether everything may deteriorate unless we live to treasure the quality of oneness and love. 

The same job and the same way of doing it don’t bring the same result for no reason. How you are, and if I dare to say scientifically, how electrons circulate are the base. Whether it is about medical treatment, about our mind, about a problem of our family, about our business, and whether we do the same thing or we make the same product, what it matters is not only about how you do it but what kind of thought you are influenced, how elementary particles are, how electrons work. Humanity hasn’t examined things at the electron level very much because the world we see with our eyes is one of the molecules that looks separate. 

However, we have realized the influences of the ocean of elementary particles since ancient times. Humanity will enter into such a realm with deeper knowledge. Toward the time when we treasure how we are, and where we are, are we to love or live in value of separation? Do we live in a corrupt place or in a healed place? Ancient people called the healing space as “Iyashiro”. And “Kegare” means a disorder of electrons. 

I developed what they call “π (pie) water resort named Pricia Resort on Yoron Island in my early twenties. I have been continuing to create a true paradise with a perfect command of the science of oneness, which is the true essence of love. I also manage an essential business of “HEALING.” to sell healing Ganban stone products. All of these are my continuous involvement in regaining order of electrons. 

I started to study it since I learned it from an instructor of quantum physics when I was eighteen. He used to be a professor in the Agriculture department of Tokyo University. He started to examine the world of atoms wondering why complete plant-eating animals make meat. He assumed it may be because of the cold nuclear fusion reaction of intestinal bacteria. He was thoroughly drawn into the world of quantum physics and obliged to leave Tokyo University Agriculture Department. 

I met him at the age of eighteen. I became his sponsor and developed a resort for which I adopted quantum physics. I became aware of the beautiful circulation of electron’s orbit, in other words, that electrons circulate around the nucleus and generate waves and so on. What I learned from it was amazingly similar to ancient wisdom or what they say in the spiritual world. That’s why I intensely approached them and managed my business with such thought in my heart. 

Therefore, I always felt how things are is important. How is it? Where is it located? What beautiful and healing environment is it in? Whether it is a factory, producer, related personal, staff, stockholder, music creator, all people should exist with full of love and of the quality of oneness. I have felt it is more important and necessary than anything since I was young. 

To convey such truth of the future has produced various resistances. I received malicious slanders from those who didn’t accept it. However, I have been going forward, simply a path of love with forgiveness. I believe that is what the universe and heaven will rejoice. 

And there is an issue of separation. Separation has been called “the ego” in this world. The source of separation has been deeply influenced by our five senses and languages. They are not bad but convenient and wonderful, but they have such ill effects as we see the world separate. 

All is lost if we believe the world is neither one being nor love.  To be separate, shall mean to be away from the truth. 

Therefore, to lose love is never good for the universe, and for humanity, made of elementary particles of oneness in this world of oneness. It may bring us fear, anxiety, doubt, comparison, competition, fight, killing, and so on… That’s why Moses, in ancient times, told us, “Thou shall not murder”. However, “Thou shall not be separate” is more accurate. Such awareness that everything is connected as one is important. 

According to a legend conveyed from super-ancient times, this world is unknown and mystical, everything is connected as one, and the true quality is love and oneness. They conveyed truth is that everything is connected as one beyond our five senses and languages. The ancient wisdom of Mu civilization and that of Old Judea convey almost the same thing. They are also similar to the value of “Shikisokuzeku (Heart Sutra)” of Japan. 

If that is true, the source of every religiousness, New Age, and every possible spirituality including Veda, is that everything is connected as one, unknown and mystical; it is not this world, everything is like a thought, and it is like a dream of God. I cannot but feel that they are the same as what has been conveyed in the world of “Shikisokuzeku”. 

Certainly, to have the ego is to protect it. It is something natural to do. It is also natural for us to have ambitions and expectations of the ego (separation) such as “I want to become good. I want to become safe. I want to win. I want to make profit. I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to be attacked,” and so on. We need to think about it then. We need to ponder deeply whether it is good to be happy only when ambitions and expectations of the ego are fulfilled, or it is good to be always happy without such ambitions and expectations. That is selflessness or No-Mind, which wise men have conveyed to us since ancient times. 

Which heals us in reality? Is it good for your desires and expectations of the ego (separation) to be fulfilled, for example, “I don’t want to be like this or like that? I hate this or that! I’ll be happy if my expectation is fulfilled. I will suffer as long as it is not fulfilled.”?  

Or, irrespective of whether everything is fulfilled or not, is it good that there are neither desires nor expectations of the ego? Is it good there is neither ambitions nor fear of the ego? Is it good that you can manage your life, become Iyashiro (healing), feel peaceful, and all your desires disappear? Now, which do you choose? I think it is “End of Separation”, “Awareness to Oneness”, and “No-Mind” which enlightened people of ancient times endeavored to convey to us…

“No-Mind” is never something difficult to achieve. It is never something painful and harsh. It is not to give up your desires. People will feel peaceful when they realize the nature of oneness and return to it when the ego naturally return to oneness, when it returns to one being. We are happy as there is no sense of separation, even if the expectations and desires of the ego are fulfilled. Which is more joyful when we release desires, expectations, and ambitions of the ego, or when we strive to fulfill the desires and ambitions of the ego? When people are asked to choose which, they choose to fulfill the ambitions and desires of the ego for some reason. They make a great effort for it, fight, compare and suffer, burdened with much “Kegare (sin)”. Our present planet earth and societies are in the middle of the conflict of separation. 

I think the true leaders of ancient times tried to convey to us that this joy of releasing desires of the ego, called “No-Mind”. I cannot but feel they wanted to convey that it is a beautiful and blissful world. 

I will talk about it again… MARTH

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Recently, I have many chances to read your messages. I deeply agree with you and often find myself convinced by them. Your messages make me thoroughly think about oneness as I think problems of my business, relationship with my family, and my health are definitely influenced by elementary particles and electrons. I want to study more deeply about it. Would you give me advice?

MARTH: As you just mentioned, within the world of molecules and of the universe, there is always a world of elementary particles, and of electrons extending behind every situation such as your business, your home, and your health. The world goes beyond our visible range and there must be another world going deeper and deeper beyond it… 

As far as we know, just to think of the level of atoms and of elementary particles, electrons, elementary particles and atoms neither corrode nor oxidize, although molecules do. As things become finer, we human beings will find an unimaginable world extending there. And our thoughts, ideas are made of the electrons and elementary particles. This is the reason why medicine and science started to realize that there is no death. 

Though electrons and elementary particles don’ t corrode or oxidize, their orbits become out of order. Now, scientists of quantum physics in the entire world have started to study the disorder of the orbits of electrons. I could say, it was already decided, understood, and revealed in ancient times, in fact. It seems ancient people thoroughly realized that molecules will deteriorate in various ways and receive messages when they have a wrong belief of separation within the world of oneness, for example, orbits of electrons, orbits of a circle (My scientist friend one called it π(pie)go out of order. 

It is called “Hado” or waves these days, but, in fact, it is an orbit of the electron which makes a circle. Ancient leaders of high spirituality understood that disorder of orbits always influenced lack of oneness, separation, the ego, and disparity. 

These scientific qualities of oneness certainly influence our business, our bodies, and, of course, everything because the ocean of elementary particles is a background of our lives. 

They are rings, or stadiums as in football and baseball, the background of our lives, and recently may be called platforms. The base of our lives is within the ocean of elementary particles, and this world exists there. And it is a definite fact that it is one being and that it is connected as one…

People have conveyed that electrons go out of order, and counterforce works strongly to have them return to correct order when humanity has an idea that they are not connected as one. Ancient people called a way of being to keep a beautiful orbit “Iyashiro”, and that they called it a place with strongly deteriorated orbits of electrons “Kekare”. It is also true that we can find various kinds of molecules which correct such orbits. 

Ancient people used them, sprinkled them, placed them, touched them, made them enclosed by them, and so on to create healing space. 

There are certain molecules (such as special minerals, etc.) that can restore originally circulating orbits to make an orbit in order even if humanity believes in value of separation. 

In either way, what is most important is to correct a disorder of the orbit, that is, to return to one being. Buddhas and Enlightened leaders called it selflessness. They must have tried to go beyond separation using such words as “End of the ego”, “No Mind,” and so on. 

Many people already know that it is impossible to return to Shinga unless they release five senses while pursuing yoga meditation. In other words, five senses (a certain sense of separation) are necessary for Shinga to become a human. However, the world of oneness never changes. We cannot walk straight on the road without five senses. The universe, heaven, God, or whatever you call it, the source of Creation gave us five senses and enabled us to walk straight and live in comfort and convenience. We can feel good taste, fragrance, wonder, and beauty, thanks to five senses. Still, everything in this world is connected as one. It is also a fact that our five senses emphasize the self and the other and are possible to produce a sense of disparity. 

I feel it is a great tragedy for humanity that originally something wonderful and onebeing or loving people enhance a sense of separation, and produce confrontation, and disparity such as the self and the other because of our five senses. 

The bible says, “In the beginning was the Word”. Words are for naming things such as “mountain”, “river”, “tree,” and so on. We decide what to call for a part of one being, give it a name, and collect them. This is the base of a language. It’s not an issue whether something is good or bad, but as soon as something is given a name, there is a quality and an element that it separates from others. With these two issues, humanity boosted the ego (a sense of separation). I could say they made a disparity.

I wonder if it is possible to live without a sense of separation, with an awareness of No-Mind that everything is connected as one? Is it possible to enjoy our five senses, without enhancing value of separation, without making everything separate, and in selflessness? 

And is it possible to enjoy the beauty, feeling the world of the love of oneness, and with the awareness that separation is not real? Can we enjoy a beautiful fragrance, taste, and touch in it? I think that we can thoroughly enjoy words, in other words, names within the awareness of oneness. 

Humanity will go toward such direction very quickly soon. We may be destroyed unless we do so, whether it is our business, our home, our society, and whatever. Certainly, we shall suffer from pain, conflict, comparison, and various other values of separation within sadness and disparity. We shall suffer unless we live a life without love, without encouraging others the joy of heaven, under the bases where electrons circulate in disorder. Everybody surely experiences something unacceptable, not be able to appreciate in his life. He will suffer and feel painful unless he lives his life as a part (child) of the universe.

There is a good heart deep inside, realizing that you cannot love yourself or something is wrong with yourself. On the other hand, all pains, problems, and problem presentations come from you, and they can be a safety belt for your good life. Everyone may receive such messages as “You are separated. Wake up! You are love, you are a child of God. The separation is not for your original self. It is different from the original self!”. Ancient people felt as such and conveyed it for centuries. 

My family is from Jindai, Awajishima Island. They have managed temples and shrines and engaged themselves in farming. They have conveyed such legends for generations after generations. 

I have a very close friend in Kutakajima Island. He is a grandson of a woman who is said to be the last Ookimi of the island. (She was deceased sixty years ago.) I heard him say they gave a similar education to children on Kutakajima Island. They taught their children neither to win nor to become great, nor compete, nor compare, in other words, to live in oneness, to try to end the ego, not to consider separation good, live earnestly in love and so on.  

If I am asked to tell about separation and life, I try to convey that the quality of oneness and love is important, this world is made of love, thoughts of God are made of love, and they are one being. I always try to convey that the beautiful world of existence has been endlessly pierced by the law of oneness.  The meaning deep inside is that everything returns to the love of the source with the world of oneness. And what is important within such awareness is that releasing our ambitions and desires from the ego of separation will bring us bliss. I will talk further about this next time. MARTH

Q: There are extremely terrible looking people in this world. I am very afraid of then. You say that everyone is a child of the universe, a child of God, of Love and connected as one. However, I don’t feel like it. What do you think about it, MARTH?

MARTH: There is no change that this world is connected as one, every possible thing including every life, every material (mineral), and so on is One being, love, and the true essence. 

However, humanity has lived in a world of separation, where they cannot believe in it for a long time. Certainly, fear is enhanced within the separation. It is natural that the ego which comes from a separated sense of the self and the other, is boosted. Gradually enhancing a sense of separation between the self and the other will naturally produce a relationship between enemy and ally. The stronger it becomes, the more love we will lose. That is quite natural. 

Naturally, some people lose much love, the quality of oneness, sense of safety, the true essence within the societies of separation, depending on their environment or status. 

It is natural that people lose them when they have extremely bad experiences, feel pain and suffer within separation, or that their families and friends extremely believe in a value of separation. 

It never means that they are neither love, nor God, nor true self, however. Because all of them are made of elementary particles. They are made of atoms and electrons. Everything is the ocean of oneness made of the photon. That is, they are all one being and love. 

The issue is that they have difficulties in revealing themselves as such because they had such painful, harsh, and fearful experiences in the past that they cannot express the love, the true quality of themselves. 

If you tell someone clearly, “I consider everything is connected as one, and love in this way. I see you as a person of love in the same way as well” he may reveal it to you. 

What if you are apart from people who look others within fear and the sense of separation and too careful, however? Unless you open the true self, it will be more difficult for him to open himself. 

Then, both of you will never meet the child who is of love as well, of the true essence and of God. 

If you meet someone who lives in such way, you may love him. On the other hand, if you live within such a sense of the true essence, he may love you. 

If both of you have feelings of mistrust with each other, it will never happen. If one of you has such an essential quality, it will never happen unless he or you expresses it. Because people in fear certainly see each other with mistrust.  

Unless you have courage to express yourself, he may not be able to catch it. If you express how you think, how you live, and how much you are determined to pursue love after he catches it, he may say it is too early for him to live as such and he hates to do so. That’s all right. 

He will recognize what you express and how you live because he is a child of love (God), in reality. If he feels that he is not ready yet, he doesn’t like it, or he doesn’t feel so now, he may convey it to you. That’s all right. You neither have to make you look strong, nor to make you look aggressive, great, somebody, and so on. All you need to do is to live in love. All you need is to always express how you live. I always convey it to everybody. 

If people say, “Ah! MARTH has such an idea. He is a wimp person. He doesn’t get along well. MARTH is in favor of love. He considers the world as such”, that’s fine. They don’t have to agree with me. They don’t have to live their lives as such. They don’t have to be friendly with me. If they think, “I don’t think so. I don’t catch it as such”, that’s fine. 

That’s fine if they feel it too early for them or not ready for it. You don’t have to express a value of separation, either. You don’t have to conform yourself to their value. You don’t have to pretend to be tough. If you realize it as such, you need to live as such. 

I have lived my life expressing myself as such. It’s OK that your friends, who believe in separation, say you are a horrible man. They should not misunderstand me. 

He is such fellow, but I don’t want to live like him. I will not live a life like his. I don’t trust him. That’s fine. And if you can trust the universe, oneness, love, and true essence of humanity, you should express them. That’s what I am conveying to you. Your world will change as you express it.

Q: You often talk about “a punishment”, no, I could say, feedback, or a message. I’m quite interested in your scientific point of view. Would you please tell me about it, MARTH?

Imagine a swimming pool, quiet, filled with the water of oneness like the ocean of elementary particles (quantum), where everything is scientifically connected as one in the world of oneness. Then, a small stone is thrown into it…

You will see a tiny ripple on the water. You will see the sensitive pool of oneness feels it. Because it is connected as one.  “Oh! Something here is wrong with me!” It finds some defect or separation within it. “Part of something in me is misunderstood. It misunderstands it as not connected as one with everything. Now, I will send a message then. I want it back to the love of oneness quickly. It is a part of love, my child. “Consider every atom, elementary particle, and quantum as the water. Then, it will become the water in the pool made of the one being. 

It is not strange that the universe will send it a message to awaken it. This will be a piece of science in the future. Everything is connected as one at the elementary particle level. Such value that it is not connected as one or such ideas of hostility and opposition will bring us a message from the universe. 

It is only that humanity has called it “a punishment” until today. It is only for us to realize that. I learned it when I was eighteen. 

I felt a greater joy to know that the universe is true justice and that the world is love more than anything. I felt magnificently happy. 

I realized that there is true justice in the world, love wins, and everything will be really wonderful when I learned true science. And the joy and happiness I felt then have been continuing still now. 


Q: You said that our fear will materialize before. Would you please tell me profoundly about it, MARTH?

MARTH: All right. It isn’t just our fear. In fact, I can say, thinking about good things will materialize. As I repeatedly told you before, when we have incredibly deep consciousness, or we’re in such deep consciousness as the altered state of consciousness, our thoughts will materialize. Our conscious mind, which we call the ordinary conscious mind, doesn’t have so much power like Sidhi’s. Our extremely deep anxiety and such thought that this will be O.K. at an extremely deep level are very likely to materialize. 

And you’re asking me why. This world is made of thoughts in a sense. It has a dream-like quality. If I dare to explain it, this world is created by a dream of the entity of Creation. I could say that everything is made of thoughts and ideas. 

People have conveyed it since ancient times. We human beings may be allowed to create things within a certain range as children of the subject of Creation and be influential. I experienced it deeply through a Sidhi technique meditation in my twenties. I thoroughly knew that there is a world where thoughts materialize. 

It rarely happens in our daily lives. I feel it is another scientific fact that our deep anxiety and thoughts for the possibility of a certain event deep inside will create strong fear and materialize. 

Sad to say, I agree with you that the harder we try to do something with such fear as “I might become this or that. I might fail. I might become bad. I have to become better to win. I have to become great.” Because of fear of the ego, the more such anxiety and fear will materialize. 

On the other hand, our thoughts such as “We may become good”. Things will be all right. Everything will be wonderful “which comes from a sense of security that will materialize due to Sidhi techniques. 

I feel now that I was told neither to think of the ego (the self) wins, it becomes great, it becomes somebody, nor to think of anxieties, and fear, nor to become good, nor to boost the ego at home since I was a child. 

Therefore, I have conveyed that we should not allow the ego to improve to my close friends and my children. It isn’t that I wanted to make them bad. I heartily wish them to become so wealthy, so happy, and so prosperous that they can live a safe life without any fear and anxiety deep within. 

I’m trying to convey my modest idea to you as I heartily wish that you will be truly free from anxieties and fears of the ego, become happy, create a beautiful and peaceful life and that we will create a wonderful life and the wonderful world together. 


Q: I’m very afraid of our societies and world filled with thousands of separate people. Fights, wars, betrayals, lies, hatred, jealousy, and every possible pain are spreading. I feel it is very difficult to live with love in such a situation. Is it possible for me to live with love among such evil people, MARTH? 

MARTH: As you said, the world is within the pain of separation now. And everyone may suffer as he cannot live with the essence, with love, and as a child of the universe or of God, whatever you call it, within the societies of separation. Many people say they are painful and sad as they cannot live with the essence or became the lower self if we express in the New Age terms. It looks inevitable within the world of conflict. Even within the world filled with separated education and sense of separation, however, we neither have to live as such nor have to fight in pains. 

Certainly, there is a fact of separation. It is also a fact that everyone is connected as one, in reality, everything is connected at a level of elementary particles, and however bad he is, he is love, in reality, because of the quality of oneness. Don’t you think that he was painful enough to become bad?

Now which way do you choose? Which way do you follow? Is it love or conflict of separation? Or competition with others, comparison, and fear?

It is a fact that you are a child of heaven, a child of the universe, of love, and you are connected as one with the universe in reality. It is also a fact that this world looks separated, everyone believes in separation, fighting, and confronting with misunderstanding. 

Now, which do you think you should follow? It is up to you. If you choose a way that you only have to protect or fight, while you say, “Nothing can be done about the frightening world. It’s hopeless. They are wrong. I just need to protect me. All we can do is to fight,” and so on, certainly, you will become the same as such people. This world is filled with people who have chosen conflicts and separation within such pains. Everybody is made of the ocean of elementary particles as a source of molecules in reality. 

Everybody has been born and nurtured by the universe as he is made of something of oneness, which you can call love, heaven, and God in reality. Unless children have a chance to learn the truth, however, they will say, “It can’t be helped. We have to fight as everybody does”, they will enter into conflicts, no, into separation. If they follow others, sadly, all of them will have to enter into trouble. 

If that is what you wish, that’s all right. I feel you are the one to choose a way of life. 

If I am asked what I will choose, however, I wish to live a life according to heaven’s wish, not choosing the unavoidably separated world of agony. If I call it God or the subject of creation, I thoroughly wish to choose love in my life as a part of It. I heartily wish to create my music, poetry, and businesses out of it in my life. MARTH