Lastra Mu

Lastra Mu…

It may be the last chance
or the last measures
to create the last paradise
for the planet earth…

There is something we cannot buy
however wealthy we are

That may be the last paradise, “Lastra Mu”

Are we able to find the
people who deserve it?
The heaven will surely connect us all…


Who are Members of Lastra Mu?

The 200 members of “Lastra Mu – The Last Paradise” are the people
who have lived an honest life, following the true self.

Fames and honors in the world mean nothing from a viewpoint of God.

This membership for the chosen 200 may be
the best possible honor or glory given to the people
who have lived a life of goodness,
without belonging to anything corrupted

The accepted 200 hundred as the members
of “Lastra Mu – The Last Paradise”
They are the ones who will be allowed
to bring their fellows to this dream sanctuary,
for the reason that they are the people
who have pursued goodness in their lives,
and they are respectable…

“Lastra Mu – The Last Paradise”
It is the one and only place in the world
where only the people of the true quality are allowed to enter.

And it may be the only proof of the goodness
from the viewpoint of God…