This Story Creates a World of Love

A Promised Place – I wish to see you there

From the land in the east to the whole world,
MARTH continues to sing love of oneness for a creation of the world of love.
We will release MARTH’S 1st Animation Movie Project by a sublime artist, MARTH in Spring, 2021.
with his original script, music, script, produce and total produce.

MARTH completely created from the introduction, intermediate and the ending part,
and Animation movie was born which brings us unprecedented beautiful story,
because of its beautiful melody of magnificent theme,
“A promised Place without any conflict”
and other music, as well.

The story is for the music,
and for the music there is the story.

Mr. Adam Klemenz conducts all songs in the MARTH’s Prague Project,
And their relationship with trust made World Highest quality music.

Performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO)
at the Dvorak Hall, in Prague, the Czech,
We will release the beautiful sound of the orchestra accompanies
by 76 musicians.

Because of ongoing pandemic situation in the world, MARTH, a vocalist/composer was not present at the recording for 2 times this year. We think this situation connected a bond between MARTH and the CNSO orchestra in the Czech much deeper.
Now the music will be released to the whole world with messages of love, healing, justice and oneness beyond national boundaries and languages.
CNSO (Czech National Symphony Orchestra) ‘s 76 musicians will create love and heal the whole world with the music performed at the historical Dvorak Hall in Prague.

We will release
“A Promised Place – I want to see you there”
on 4 December, 2020. The music is available on the same day!

MARTH Interview

Thought for 
“A Promised Place
– I want to see you there”

I feel that Isaianagid who strongly lived a life with the subject of creation in love and justice and created beautiful land of “Wa” without violence. Now is the time for us to transform our country to the true “Wa” country beyond control, subordination and sadness of silence now. I created this story with such thought to light up fire of love to the hearts of the whole world. 
That’s because it is a mission for the land of “Wa”.

MARTH 2020.11.18.

This story will create the world of Love…

“A Promised Place – I want to see you there” was born to realize the truth.
It’s a love story between Takeru, a son of quantum mechanics doctor living in the modern age,
And Tina living in the world of love of the half-spiritual and half-material ten thousand years ago.
What is the answer which ancient people who studies problem of modern minds who met the ultimate society of separation in 2022?
What is the profound heart which make the earth continue even now?
The story was born as a guideline for humanity to oneness beyond time.



“Please don’t fight when you had something painful to hurt you.
Always embrace the truth here. Embrace me. Embrace everything.
Forgive everything… Tina’

We will release this animation movie as the most precious gift to humanity.