Q: Why were you humming some Spanish or Latin words while singing?

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I felt you were humming some Spanish or Latin words on the stage. What made you sing like that during the middle and ending part of the songs?

Yes, that’s true. The introductory part, middle and the ending part of my songs are very long. Most of them are written by myself… They are not short as those of conventional Japanese pops. And I have been humming or singing a song without lyrics such as la la la for a long time.

It is an improvised performance. However, it is not Latin origin. It may express Old Judea in a sense… What I mean by the old Judea is that true El Shalom exsited in Asir, now recognized as a part of Saudi Arabia. After Isaiah left there, the city was moved to Israel. To begin with, the people of the old Judea are from the middle east. And talking about Spain and Italy, that you mentioned now, are a mixture of two cultures; Isram of the middle east and Christianity. Just like the Alhambra is built in the Isramic style… Its atmosphere and the sound of the introductory and intermediate part of my current music which I created may express the thoughts of the old Jewish. That is, in a sense, expresses “sadness”. It is the pains and sadness of humanity who is not able to live with love forever.

However, the truth of the world is never sadness. It is a place of eternity where everything is connected as one, and enternally beautiful and unknown… And where are the actual and pure-blooded old Jewish who have deep love in the world? I cannot but feel many of them are located in Japan, which has been hidden for many years. They have been protected because it is a separate island.

And I think all they need to do is nothing but to feel, live and convey that everything is connected as one forever. Everything is allowed to be different and is beautiful for this reason, therefore they need to convey love and the true self and each of them to take a different part, if there is any kind of mission for them. I also feel they need to convey everyone is connected, therefore they never harm others even though hurt by others, as they are the children of love, of God as everyone is as such, and it is a mission of the ancient people. I experimented this project as such trial… It may not have been successful, but we tried to put such spirit in it…