I have a question, MARTH.
There is a story about Jesus Christ that he said, “Please forgive them as they don’t know anything.” when he was about to be crucified. I wonder if the people became happy by being forgiven.
That’s an interesting question. I think only Jesus became happy. He knew the true self and lived a life of love until he died. And he prayed for happiness and safety of the people who were there. He may have known the reason why they behaved as such. He may have known they were suffering from insecurity and their pains.

I think Jesus accepted the people who ruin true self. Therefore, he may have accepted that they did wrong. He may have prayed for their happiness, success, victory and improvement.
However, selflessness, in other words, the true essence is necessary to achieve them. They themselves should have returned to love for it. We human beings haven’t realized it. I feel very sorry. Jesus must have understood it very well. I think he may have prayed for them so that they would not be punished by God or their own universe. Unfortunately, however, they needed to return to the true self to be happy and safe… However, they fought, lied, cheated, killed, and followed the strong or corrupted people because of pains and sufferings caused by emotional damages in childhood.

I’m certain Jesus tried to forgive and love the people who would kill him as he understood their pains very well. Otherwise, Jesus himself would have been ruined. He was the only person who became beautiful and happy. I imagine other people must have fell into even more painful life…

Unfortunately, the ego cannot be beneficial in the universe. The people who killed Jesus in those days may continue suffering for generations after generation for thousands of years. It is because they will transmit and succeed a sense of separation, which comes from the strong ego for generations. The reason why we continue having pains and bad luck is that we have been living a life of the ego, conflicts, fear and separation, which is against our true nature. Even in the modern days, princes and nobles are suffering for this reason…

If you commit murder, kill someone who is connected with the universe, cheat, attack, torment and revenge yourself on him, you will receive a terrible punishment. And you will surely transmit values of the ego, separation and suspicion for generation after generation. If you teach your children a value of separation, or of conflict, and tell them of the consequences, all of them will strengthen their doubts. And they will make a very painful life and world.

Then, what should we do? We need to realize profoundly that we are wrong as our value of separation and ideas of the ego don’t fit the universe and the true essence. We need to be free from our illusion of separation. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a meditation or a self-witnessing. It is no use in knowing many names unless you practice it. It is such wrong idea of separation and a completely wrong illusion if we see ourselves as God, love, the true self and the whole universe.

You need to realize that you should return to the true self, to the whole universe to create a life of peace, comfort, love and bliss. It is the only reality. The ego is nothing but a preconception of humanity and a wrong belief. When we realize it sincerely, every trouble, pain and suffering will be gone. And your original beauty will start shining…

You may be listening to “The Earth Song” while reading this article. It says that children of love, which is the true quality of humanity, cannot be rotten to the core. They cannot follow someone strong and corrupted, someone great and superior seriously. If they become corrupted, they may not be able to live because of pain. They cannot follow the evil at the bottom of their heart though it seems favorable for them. Children of God can only live honestly even if they sleep in freezing night, or if they abandon a status, fame and everything. The children of love, of the true self may not be able to live well. They can live only in purity…
Everyone knows profoundly it is the only way he can shine out. The world needs such awareness now. Many people are suffering in the ego system. They are wondering what is wrong. They are wondering why they suffer in spite of all their fine judgment of the ego.

You will see everything if you take such viewpoint. The universe is powerful. The whole universe, Atman has such strong force. Therefore, we can trust the world. It is an obvious and abiding scientific fact that you are its child, a child of God. If it is true, you will punish yourself when you don’t live as such. That will be true even if Jesus returns and says he will forgive you… No other person can forgive you. Only you can make you happy when you realize the true self and return to the universe…