Thought for My Father

My ancestors from my father’s side lived in Jindai on Awajishima Island for generations. My father raised me, giving me intent guidance according to legendary teachings of I.naghit. He was a man of sincerity and justice. He looked like a samurai who dared to risk his life for happiness of the people. My father was an officer at Ministry of Justice. In the later years, he was transferred to Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office.
After he resigned his position, he said he would be a fisherman in Izu. Instead he immediately retired from the world. He had been a man of justice and beauty all through his life. He told me every day not to win over others, not to become better or great, not to boost the ego, not to think ill of others even if hurt by them, hope for friends, love them, contribute to our country and live a life, pursuing justice.
Dedicated to my deceased father