Let me ask you a question. How can I become happy and successful? You often talk about true prosperity and real success. Would you please tell me more about it, MARTH?

As I repeatedly said, look everything from the viewpoint of oneness. That is the real scientific truth. Future science will prove everything is connected as one and that it is one being. And we are eternally connected as one, staying mystical and unknown. People bear each part of the whole universe. They are all different with various characteristics, abilities, and goodness… The same can be said about a country or a group. People of all over the world burden each part of the whole universe and areas. Animals, too, do incredible works bearing part of the whole universe. Therefore, “the difference” is wonderful. Try not to make it all the same.

And make full use of the differences, helping and respecting each other. There is a goodness in a big man. There is a goodness in a little man. Some people are resistant to the sun, and others are not. Some are resistant to the cold and others are not. Each one has its own characteristics. However, we are connected as one. We are connected as one to the clouds, trees, the waves, and to the climate. Everything is connected as one. We should not control it. All you need to do is to make a request to your fellows as everything is connected. If you ask the clouds, the ocean, the earth and so on, they will listen to you for sure. Because everything has consciousness. And everything is connected as one.

Therefore, when you do a divine ritual, you should do it on the basis that everything is connected as one.
And this world, which you could call God and I would call love, is a dream of love. It is a dream of love (God) of one being. It is a world of one source. Everything is within it. You can say everything is its children… Science will reveal it someday… This world is a dream of one source, and everything is within it.

Everything is connected as one. This is the reason why everyone can be different, and it is O.K. No need to conflict. You neither have to compare, nor feel handicapped nor feel inferior. We will live together accepting each other’s goodness. Confrontation and separation will ruin us. We will receive a message to awaken us from Atman, from the divine within us, which the new age people call the higher self, from the true self and love. We will receive various messages to awaken us.

We are born to realize it so that we will really grow and prosper. This is the reason why we need to watch everything from the viewpoint of oneness. When you always see everything from morning till night in this way, you will see love, which is the true quality of every being.

And it is what true education is about. It is not until children of the entire world see things from the viewpoint of oneness that they will find peace and love which last eternally for myriad ages.

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I am spoken ill of by my friends and abused by them on the internet. I feel terrible. I know that you are deceived, told lies about something false and bashed by others. What do you think I should do?

MARTH: You must not lie, talk ill of others, attack, and trap them. That’s all. You should live a happy life with a beautiful heart… It is inevitable for you not to be a negative person who harms others nor lie. That’s most important.
There is nothing wrong with you being lost, spoken ill of by others, and attacked by them. Your pure heart of the universe is never hurt at all.

On the other hand, however, to harm others, to lie, to attack them, to discriminate them, to have such ugly and mean heart is to ruin all your happiness and luck within the beautiful world of oneness.

And such acts will destroy all your good quality of beauty, purity, and love. That is the biggest problem which prevents you from your own happiness and love…

Therefore, you should never blame people, nor lie, attack and fight with them. You will never become bad if you are treated as such. You will flourish incredibly without any bad influences unless you do evil deeds. In other words, within the world where everything is connected as one, only the person who does evil will be automatically and heavily punished by his own higher self (the true self). Unless you do such things, you will stay beautiful and become happier than anybody else…

Therefore, you should not speak ill of others, nor harm them. Your beautiful heart is what matters the most. Stay away from excuses and disputes. Then, you will definitely be promised to have the quality of love and eternal prosperity. MARTH

Humanity still considers this world as a reality and the world beyond death as a fiction. The truth is the opposite, however. Only this world is like a beautiful dream of One Being. A mystical dream of love and eternity, which goes beyond death, is a reality.

Conventional science based on separation is wrong, and the ancient science based on elementary particle theories is true… This world is something like a beautiful dream of the one being, love, God or whatever you call it.
This is also a place to create a beautiful paradise where we realize our dream of love. It is a magnificent paradise where the one being which we call God dreams a dream of the beautiful world of love…

We posted MARTH’s message, “Truly Loving Business to Contribute to Humanity”.

We hope the world leaders, CEOs & executives and staff of all corporations and businesses of the entire world will have a chance to read this message from MARTH, who says he has always wanted to be a spiritual entrepreneur.

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH.

The world seems to be in turmoil at the moment.  It seems the existing rulers and the mass media made of lies have started to crumble. Is it because the people of justice are increasing now?

MARTH: Such separation as good and bad will create more attacks and conflicts, and end up bringing us distinction… It is certain why the control system of the world is about to be over now. It is not because of such conflicts. It is not about which has won or lost. It is only because there is no true business of love which contributes to humanity in the world now…

There is no other reason for it… What if the world leaders managed loving, truly beneficial, wonderful and enjoyable businesses to humanity? What if big corporations and businessmen did loving, wonderful, truly beneficial businesses to humanity? The world would have been surely wonderful, and the leaders would have flourished. If they try now, they will start flourishing immediately.

What if the world leaders live their life out of hatred for people, sufferings, and pains caused by their past painful experiences of the egoistic world of separation and run their businesses?  What if more and more leaders offer funds and services to the corporations which produce something harmful to people? I think it is natural that the businesses will ruin if they produce something harmful to our body and mind, which nobody wants nor buys, and the deteriorated media, which has a role in hiding reveals the truth. I think the fact that the internet reveals the truth of the world is one of the biggest reasons for it.

Steven Jobs and IT people may have saved the world, in fact… Unfortunately, it is natural that the people of power have valued the mass media so that they can pretend to be better without letting the public know it.

Also, religions and other things with such values are important. They only cannot improve the world, however… We need true businesses to make good people truly good. They are really inevitable for all of us. They are what humanity has been searching for… This is the reason why I have already wished to be a healing entrepreneur. I deeply feel that something authentic that heals humanity and makes us affluent is important for us after having lost my beloved due to cancer. I think the time has come we need to realize it.

Unless there is no such beautiful and inspiring business with a sense of wealth, people will definitely lose something essential and absolutely favorite…

If people realize that something bad is sold in the market because of a fall of the transmitters of lies, nobody will buy them. Then, it is inevitable that those who lend them money, promote and protect them will be destroyed. It is because the very corporations which bear true businesses destroy themselves. This is the reason why we should never do something evil for ourselves…

The world needs something truly beneficial for humanity, for people, something that people really want when they realize it more than anything. Which prevents us from receiving it most is our traumas. Our banking institutions will be able to finance such corporations that create beautiful and loving products and services only when we get rid of them. Unless they support good and loving corporations, they, which have ruled a society, will naturally lose profits and destroy themselves.

That means there has been no such corporation to manage a truly wonderful business which people looked for and that they cannot flourish any more… It is natural that we will ruin ourselves if we let corporations of the world sell something not beneficial and damaging to us…

It is caused by fear. What if people become more and more biased to such things as a status, fame, money and so on because of their fear, anger, and hatred for many years? Such success produced from this situation is not the same as natural success produced by doing something natural, good and wonderful.

Then, such true businesses are obliged to ruin themselves. Accordingly, financial institutions and service corporations which support them have to ruin themselves also… This is the reason why the control system of the world is changing drastically now. It is not because of a conflict between the good and the evil. This is a true pain of our egoistic world of humanity and a great test which we have to overcome to end such world.

The ruling people should realize their sadness deeply that they have focused more on fear and a fit of long-time anger for discrimination than on love. They should reform themselves from the bottom of their hearts, consider their lives with love, decide to nurture such businesses as to make people truly healthy, peace and loving and strive to support them. Then, they will be truly beautiful leaders who have true love and prosperity immediately… They should be as such. Because we share the same planet…          MARTH