Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I am spoken ill of by my friends and abused by them on the internet. I feel terrible. I know that you are deceived, told lies about something false and bashed by others. What do you think I should do?

MARTH: You must not lie, talk ill of others, attack, and trap them. That’s all. You should live a happy life with a beautiful heart… It is inevitable for you not to be a negative person who harms others nor lie. That’s most important.
There is nothing wrong with you being lost, spoken ill of by others, and attacked by them. Your pure heart of the universe is never hurt at all.

On the other hand, however, to harm others, to lie, to attack them, to discriminate them, to have such ugly and mean heart is to ruin all your happiness and luck within the beautiful world of oneness.

And such acts will destroy all your good quality of beauty, purity, and love. That is the biggest problem which prevents you from your own happiness and love…

Therefore, you should never blame people, nor lie, attack and fight with them. You will never become bad if you are treated as such. You will flourish incredibly without any bad influences unless you do evil deeds. In other words, within the world where everything is connected as one, only the person who does evil will be automatically and heavily punished by his own higher self (the true self). Unless you do such things, you will stay beautiful and become happier than anybody else…

Therefore, you should not speak ill of others, nor harm them. Your beautiful heart is what matters the most. Stay away from excuses and disputes. Then, you will definitely be promised to have the quality of love and eternal prosperity. MARTH

Humanity still considers this world as a reality and the world beyond death as a fiction. The truth is the opposite, however. Only this world is like a beautiful dream of One Being. A mystical dream of love and eternity, which goes beyond death, is a reality.

Conventional science based on separation is wrong, and the ancient science based on elementary particle theories is true… This world is something like a beautiful dream of the one being, love, God or whatever you call it.
This is also a place to create a beautiful paradise where we realize our dream of love. It is a magnificent paradise where the one being which we call God dreams a dream of the beautiful world of love…