The True Value of Men

Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. What do you think the true value of men? You always say that status, fame, and money are not important to us. Then, what is important to us?

MARTH: Social status, fame, money, and so on must have been wonderful for us, in fact. On condition that we live in a good society without separation, however. 

The true dignity of men, the true success of men, true value, true joy, and true happiness may be whether we can live the fullest life for the true essence of all people and ourselves as children of the universe. It may be whether children of the universe, who have brought precious wishes of the universe, could live the fullest life as the children of the universe. It may be how much the universe for the universe, no, children of God for God or for heaven, the children of God’s creation for God, for heaven, for the universe, could contribute to the entire universe. I feel it is the true value of men whether they dedicate themselves to something, not of human creation. 

The universe has born you as king of the universe and has nurtured you. It has moved your heart and maintained your life. Animals, flowers, insects, and everything in the world have been loved and borne by the universe. And the universe of oneness, the entire universe has born you. 

It must have born you as you are needed to save and help the entire universe within this incredibly unknown world…  

And you will finish your mission to your heart’s content. I think it is the true value of a man and a true success when he will feel truly satisfied. 

Wealth, status, fame, and so on may be blossoming beautifully in such society of oneness and healthiness. If it is corrupted because of illusions and separation, however, the society will be disgusting. If we adjust our lives to it, we will never be able to live a good life. 

It has become quite difficult to live a truly good life as a child of the universe and finish it to his or her heart’s content at present. Even in such situation, however, that children of the universe, children of love, and children of God endeavor to live a life of heaven’s wish and to create such a world should be more valuable than anything in this world. And their true feelings of satisfaction may be true and beautiful dignity and value of a man. I deeply feel as such. 


This is a small Christmas gift from MARTH to all people in the world and to comrades of the beautiful heart. 

from MARTH’s staff