Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. The world seems to be magnificently suffering because of separation. I feel uneasy about how it will be in the future. Everyone believes in a separated world, fight, compete, and conflict. How will humanity be in such situation? I am a high school teacher. Do children have a future?

MARTH: They do have a future. Our long-lasting pains in the separate society may have brought our hearts to the depth of exhaustion. People must have learned many things within the sadness of separation, however. And they are fully using their maximum power of brains, thinking urgently and searching for a new way of life.  

We human beings have developed organizations to protect our fellows within the societies of separation. We have made systems, groups, and thousands of methods of separation to protect ourselves. It must have been inevitable for us. Otherwise, we could not protect ourselves, families, and friends. Within such pains and beliefs, we must have fought with each other desperately. Needless to say, it couldn’t be helped that people who saw terrible massacres, controls, and subordinations, the top and bottom, terrible violence, and incredibly cruel things according to rules of the separated world, though they had to protect them desperately. 

Sadly, humanity may have been forced to live such life that they made groups, organizations, villages, and countries to protect themselves (the ego) within pains, sufferings, discrimination, oppression, every possible injustice, and insincerity in the separated societies. 

It must have been considered as justice within the painful societies of separation for a long time. Within such a situation, however, the law of oneness in the universe never changes. There must have been people who truly understood it and found it difficult to realize the desires and expectations of such egoistic conflicts. It must have been inevitable for the subject of creation to respect and love the quality of oneness within the world of all one being. Needless to say, if it is the world like a dream of the Creator and made of its thoughts… Quantum physics has begun to reveal it now, but the law was not scientifically unraveled until recently. Only some wise men and enlightened ones must have understood it deeply.

If scientific entities, in reality, try to destroy something of oneness, attack it to protect themselves, to deceive it, and so on, they will have a kind of return to awaken them to oneness. Such scientific law is natural within the society of oneness and in the world of molecules where we see things like the self and the other. It is a historical fact that such leaders as Alexander the Great and Nobunaga had destroyed themselves in spite of a large military force to ruin others. 

It may have been true that people could not thoroughly understand why it was as such. 

However, it must have been quite difficult for humanity with a belief of a sense of separation to realize that the world is created as such. It was difficult for them to realize that the truth of animals, flowers, trees, and every possible being is a manifestation of God itself and a manifestation of love, which is connected with themselves as one. 

If we ruin others as they look such as the level of molecules, we will surely receive feedback from them at the level of atoms of oneness. 

It may be that we human beings could not realize deeply that. 

I wonder if humanity has begun to awakening suddenly now at the incoming of a new era. I think the heart of humanity has a great possibility to change anew. I think every hostile group and organization will turn into the ones to protect everything of oneness, everything in the universe, other groups, and the entire universe. 

I think we will surely love and respect the entire universe, which is eternally connected with ourselves as one, everything in the universe, and every human being. That’s because it is an awakening of beautiful scientific wisdom due to new human awareness. Because of it, they will be loved by heaven and the entity of the universe and truly flourish. 

Everything is one entire universe of molecules. Otherwise, we will surely ruin ourselves, who won’t live as such. If we continue to live with a disagreeable value with love, with the true essence which is the law of the entire world, and if we deceive others, kill them, attack them, distress them, and so on, we will definitely continue to send a strong and damaging message to our own ego, even if it is for protecting us. I could say now is the time when we have to stop living a life of separation in all seriousness. 

“To repent” is a word, which is to realize that it is so true, and we have been really foolish, and return to oneness, to the value of oneness. And it may be the most important thing for humanity from now on. Then, we will respect everything, love the entire universe, and everything in the world, treasure everything that looks other, help hostile people with each other, respect each other, and neither deceive people, nor attack them, nor destroy them, even it is for protecting ourselves. 

I feel there is a beautiful future, surely waiting for us ahead. The world of the people who know oneness will be realized. I cannot but feel that groups of people who protected themselves in the past will transform them for them, to protect the entire universe, and to love all lives. Otherwise, there should be sadness and darkness, magnificent damages, and a great force to make ourselves, who are children of God, awaken. That is how I sincerely feel now.