Q: Here is a question. I am a public servant. A problem of submitting to the great power is now causing a sensation throughout Japan. What do you think about the pains and harshness of submitting, MARTH?

MARTH: It is about that everyone follows people in power. It is not unusual and a matter of fact everybody submits to the great whether it is at home, among relatives, in a village, or a local community, in a prefecture, and a country, and in the world. We cannot blame anybody about it.

The problem is that there is no quality of oneness (love) in leadership. Unless there is a quality of oneness (love), purity, loving feelings, considerations, generous heart, and such, we will see a world of sadness. There will be no support from the universe. On the other hand, there will be many problems there. It is not beneficial for anybody and I think that is the biggest problem.

The power, control, subordination in the world of separation (the ego) is very sad. It has been men’s, (separated) ego’s destiny to yield to the great power. And there is only one solution for it. I think the prominent leaders of the world should make the world, the planet earth, beautiful and love all people and make them happy.

That is what heaven and love always wish for. If there is someone who rules all countries of the world, if he wishes for a wonderful and happy life, he should be a man of love who loves all people of the world from the bottom of his heart. He needs to know the truth of oneness, regain a beautiful heart, return to love. He needs to become a leader to love the world, and wish to make everyone in the world and everything in the universe happy.

If there is a leader who rules a country, he should be a man of love, a man of awareness filled with sincere love and courage. He should take leadership to love not only humankind but everything in the universe with true justice and love, with the quality of oneness.

If there is such a powerful king to rule all countries of the world on the earth, he should be a man of love. Unless he returns to the original beautiful heart with an awareness of oneness, this world will be destroyed by submitting to the great, which is the wrong nature of men.

If there is such person, I wish he will immediately realize love, the quality of oneness and true essence of himself, and make all people happy. 

Unless the king of the world, the king of a country, and leaders live in love, their people, and leaders will ruin in conflict. Unless they live with an awareness of oneness, even this world will ruin because of destruction, conflict, competition, and comparison.

If they destroy people who look others but one being, they will not be supported by the entire universe, which is a true king, superior to the kings of the earth. They will be involved in great trouble, too.

Not only the subject to rule the universe doesn’t support them, but they also may be punished by their love.

Then, nobody becomes happy. I heartily wish, or I cannot but wish that true leaders of the world, such kings who rule the world will be supported by the entire universe, by gods, and by love, and with love, goodness, and the quality of oneness, make all people of the world, and everything in the universe wonderful and happy.

The wars and conflicts of separation will bring us only pains within the universe. On the contrary, if they live in love (the quality of oneness), they will live a wonderful life and become excellent leaders with support from the universe.  


Q: I am a national public servant as your father, MARTH. I extremely hate this corrupted world, such an ugly and rotten world. My days are mentally unbearable. Would you please give me some advice?

MARTH: Please don’t neglect your duties, Manager.

This corrupted world will be transformed into a wonderful world someday. There is something more important than that…

Men are born to this planet out of the universe. In this world, in fact, when it is, or what it is, is eternally unknown.

And something called the universe is also called All Creation, Shinga, the great self, God, or love. Being born from it, we are on this planet, which is an unknown place. Born to a place which you don’t know if it is this world or not, if you are raised as you are as a part of the universe, you will not feel painful and bitter very much.

Born to this planet as the universe, as a child of God, and as a child of All Creation, if you live as you are, as All Creation, as Shinga, as love, as a child of God, within the oneness, within selflessness, without separation, if you live as such, you will live in bliss and happiness whatever circumstance you are in. That’s the way it is.

In fact, our emotions, feelings, and such need not be influenced by circumstances. There are hardships, pains, something terrible, various environments, and situations. And we can feel pain and distress to painful situations for the ego, for a separate part of existence, and harsh circumstances.

However, you can live in happiness without any influence of such situations and circumstances. It is always possible when you are Shinga, love, and true essence. Only ego believes you cannot. It is wrong, however.

A man is originally Shinga (Atman). A man is originally a child of God, a manifestation of love, or whatever you can call it, and not ego. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer, and you are O.K. to choose bliss, happiness, brightness, and positivity at any time. Whatever negative situation you are in, whatever painful situation you are in, you suffer only because of the ego. Even if you are in an extremely painful situation for the ego, you dare neither to suffer nor to feel painful.

Your original self is Shinga, love, and a part of God. You are a part of creation. You can manage every functional matter out of such bliss, and they are possible to solve. Human beings, who are a manifestation of love, can always choose bliss, happiness, joy, and brightness from the viewpoint of the universe.

During a painful situation for the ego, you can shift your viewpoint to that of heaven. You never have to make a negative reaction with such perspective. It is incredibly valuable to know that you are possible to act as such.

Generally, we intensely believe we have to suffer or feel pain when something painful, harsh, and adverse environment happens to the ego, or we have to choose such feelings. However, it is not true. It is nothing but a reaction of the ego from the viewpoint of separation. On the contrary, you are O.K.to choose happiness, bliss, smiles, positivity, and so on at such time.

Can you move when you are too sleepy to move? You can move your body when you are O.K.to sleep. It is the same that you can go to a bathroom at midnight. In other words, you suffer when you think you have to wake up. That’s the same. Even if circumstances and situations are painful for the ego, a man can enter into bliss when he chooses a viewpoint of no-self. That is, he will lose the ego if he chooses bliss.

To realize it is possible means you can live in love and happiness in whatever circumstance you are.

Such a sincere and good man like you, as my father was, such a respectful person like you should not fail. Such a man like you shall take a responsibility to make the world beautiful and happy.


I worked as a trainer for a self-help seminar for many years when I was young. I supported the spiritual growth of many people at the forefront of mind training.

I feel it is important for your peace of mind to tell you that everybody has a key to his heart. In fact, the situation and emotion don’t have to be connected.

You are free to choose love, loving feelings, peace, bliss, and happiness at any time. Above all, you can choose the heart of a child of the universe, which is the true essence, or you can call it a child of God and a manifestation of love at any time. if circumstances and emotions are definitely connected, we cannot be happy unless we change circumstances and situations.

The truth is not so. We are free to choose love, bliss, and peace at any time, in any situation. We are O.K. to become loving and happy at any time. Then, we will have true freedom, regain love, which we had been searching for, and truly become happy.          


Q: I have a question. You say we will be ruined unless we live in love, men will perish unless we have the quality of oneness, and there will be no true success, and true prosperity there. Please tell me more about the reason why we will perish without the quality of oneness, MARTH?

MARTH: That is, this world is made of the ocean of elementary particles, and human thoughts influence its quality. If I say it more clearly, it is made of our thoughts. It has something to do with the fact that it is like a dream of the one being made of thoughts of the one being.

And, it is because not only the thought of one being, but each part, its children, the children whom the subject of creation created, which we call human beings, thoughts of a man, who is a part of the universe, and of children of the universe (God), will realize and will be able to create within a specific range.

This is what we call Sidi on the planet earth. The very thing called as such means that human thoughts become a reality. That is a strong quality of something mystical, which we call elementary particles.

However, there is a hidden scheme of nature in that thoughts influence them.

Within what we usually call consciousness, our thoughts will not materialize very well. On the other hand, our subconsciousness, thoughts deeper within will materialize and be realized. I think humanity will profoundly learn it and scientifically reveal it.

Quantum mechanics will reveal it steadily.

What we materialize is a “concern” at deep level of the mind. People often talk about “attraction”. In fact, what we attract is not something we have in ordinary consciousness, but subconscious or thoughts or feelings at deep level of consciousness will be attracted.

Unless we live in love, unless we live with the quality of oneness, and peace, unless we end a value of separation, it is possible that such negative consciousness deep inside as ego’s anxiety, fear, desires, ambitions, and a feeling of failure arising from them, “What if I cannot do this or that?” will control us.

If we live in No-Mind, in love and oneness, in Shinga, which is the true quality of men, and in our original state of peace and bliss, such feelings as “I want to be like this or that.” “I will be reprimanded and attacked unless I become this or that.” “I shouldn’t do this or that”, a sense of guilt and so on are scarce and not so strong. If you have a sense of security and oneness as if you live with God and the subject of Creation, your subconsciousness is at peace. It is filled with love. and it will be realized as a reality.

On the other hand, if you live as the ego, in separation, and in conflict, much anxiety and fear arising from such a sense of separation remain deep inside. And you will create them and attract them.

I could say human beings can love themselves as children of the universe, feel genuinely peaceful, and create a truly beautiful world of true prosperity and success for the first time when they live in love, the true essence, oneness, peace and bliss, a feeling of happiness and so on.

We need to truly realize it, scientifically reveal it, study it, and learn it now. All children need to know everything in the world is connected as one. All the world needs to live in love and peace and with the quality of oneness. Then, we will be able to create a world of love, where we can become truly wealthy, truly peaceful, truly rewarding, and truly beautiful.

We are made to feel happy whenever we are connected with something like one, and to feel anxious when we are separated. Happiness and bliss are there when we are one as children of the universe (God). Then, we can create a truly wonderful life and a world of love.

Otherwise, we will repeat fighting and perish for sure. Because all egos will be a source of anxiety and fear. And our abilities of creation in the ocean of elementary particles may produce a world filled with sadness.

We must thoroughly learn it now. I thoroughly learned Sidi teachings in my twenties. I experienced Sidi through. It is a scientific truth.

Our thoughts extremely influence this world.

Humanity must examine it and realize it now. Otherwise, it may be too late.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH… The world is in turmoil. Do you think we will perish? How can we create a peaceful and happy world where there is no war?

MARTH: Certainly, you may be right to say the world is in turmoil. I told you repeatedly that every separation, comparison, conflict, distrust is caused by sense of separation. It is a conflict of humanity who believes in every possible separation and division between the self and the other, enemies, and allies, each country, each ethnic group, rulers, and those who are ruled.

Unfortunately, however, no, luckily, everything is connected as one. Everything is one being. We could say that humanity hasn’t realized such value.

I have tried to convey that it is the cause of every problem for you. And the most important thing is that we should not see things like molecules.

All things look separate when we see things like molecules.

Birds, flowers, animals, people, ethnic groups, the superior, and the inferior, and everything look different from each other at a level of molecules. People next to you, those who live in a neighboring country, rulers, and those are ruled, and all people have no idea they are connected as one.

Furthermore, we have never realized we will receive a significant message from elementary particles when we act against a normal movement of oneness at a level of elementary particles. Everything is one being at a level of elementary particles. Everything is connected as one at level of atoms and electrons.

Unfortunately, no, luckily, neighbors who look the other are all connected as one, and the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. Everything is made of the same elements. Trees, flowers, the earth, the oceans, and every possible thing is made of one being.

We have never thought about it in our life. Our point of view and life, which sees people as the one and the other and things as separate, don’t fit a level of elementary particles.

Therefore, we will definitely receive a message, which is, in a sense, incredibly strong force to correct ourselves.

That is what has always been called something like a “punishment” by us. “Punishment” is not something simple that we receive from God, but it is such a great, no, devastatingly big scientific force to return us to the original quality of oneness within the world of oneness, and to ruin us unless we live as such.

Human beings must thoroughly and scientifically reveal it now. Even if we obtain status, fame, money, popularity, the power to control, and every possible thing, we will be destined to perish if we believe in separation. There will definitely be no happiness unless we live in love.

Sorry to say, but humanity believes in separation without realizing everything in this world is connected as one. The superior and the inferior, and the right and the left, all people believe in separation. However, they don’t know such belief in separation will ruin their lives.

We need to regain the quality of oneness with love if we wish to make ourselves happy and wonderful. Men are made to feel happy and blissful when they are connected with one with the bird, the mountains, flowers, men, the earth, animals, and everything.

We may suffer, ruin ourselves and perish within every kind of conflict, unless all of us live as such, try to learn it, thoroughly examine it, and realize it in the entire world.

It is inevitable for us to have such heart and the viewpoint that we love others, become one with them, consider them ourselves, ability to treasure others, and nurture them, such love, such understanding, such intelligence, and such wisdom more than anything now.

If children of the world can learn it and humanity can live a life of oneness, they will definitely flourish, and continue to have success, happiness, and incredible blissfulness.

If we live with a value of separation, on the other hand, humanity may be ruined. I wish to trust the wisdom of elementary particles  which are connected with one with humanity, the beauty of elementary particles of oneness, and that all beings have such beauty.

I trust that you are children of God, of elementary particles, of the universe, of the one being, and of love, and that is the true quality of everyone and every being.

I wish all leaders realize it and become happy. I heartily wish humanity will live as such and create a beautiful world.