Truly Beautiful Leaders with Oneness

Q: Here is a question. I am a public servant. A problem of submitting to the great power is now causing a sensation throughout Japan. What do you think about the pains and harshness of submitting, MARTH?

MARTH: It is about that everyone follows people in power. It is not unusual and a matter of fact everybody submits to the great whether it is at home, among relatives, in a village, or a local community, in a prefecture, and a country, and in the world. We cannot blame anybody about it.

The problem is that there is no quality of oneness (love) in leadership. Unless there is a quality of oneness (love), purity, loving feelings, considerations, generous heart, and such, we will see a world of sadness. There will be no support from the universe. On the other hand, there will be many problems there. It is not beneficial for anybody and I think that is the biggest problem.

The power, control, subordination in the world of separation (the ego) is very sad. It has been men’s, (separated) ego’s destiny to yield to the great power. And there is only one solution for it. I think the prominent leaders of the world should make the world, the planet earth, beautiful and love all people and make them happy.

That is what heaven and love always wish for. If there is someone who rules all countries of the world, if he wishes for a wonderful and happy life, he should be a man of love who loves all people of the world from the bottom of his heart. He needs to know the truth of oneness, regain a beautiful heart, return to love. He needs to become a leader to love the world, and wish to make everyone in the world and everything in the universe happy.

If there is a leader who rules a country, he should be a man of love, a man of awareness filled with sincere love and courage. He should take leadership to love not only humankind but everything in the universe with true justice and love, with the quality of oneness.

If there is such a powerful king to rule all countries of the world on the earth, he should be a man of love. Unless he returns to the original beautiful heart with an awareness of oneness, this world will be destroyed by submitting to the great, which is the wrong nature of men.

If there is such person, I wish he will immediately realize love, the quality of oneness and true essence of himself, and make all people happy. 

Unless the king of the world, the king of a country, and leaders live in love, their people, and leaders will ruin in conflict. Unless they live with an awareness of oneness, even this world will ruin because of destruction, conflict, competition, and comparison.

If they destroy people who look others but one being, they will not be supported by the entire universe, which is a true king, superior to the kings of the earth. They will be involved in great trouble, too.

Not only the subject to rule the universe doesn’t support them, but they also may be punished by their love.

Then, nobody becomes happy. I heartily wish, or I cannot but wish that true leaders of the world, such kings who rule the world will be supported by the entire universe, by gods, and by love, and with love, goodness, and the quality of oneness, make all people of the world, and everything in the universe wonderful and happy.

The wars and conflicts of separation will bring us only pains within the universe. On the contrary, if they live in love (the quality of oneness), they will live a wonderful life and become excellent leaders with support from the universe.