Awareness of the self-being always the entire universe and of no existence of the self as a part

Q: I have a question, MARTH. Do you think of the light and the darkness?

MARTH:I wish to live as neither of them but as the entire universe and as love. I wish to lead everything, including the darkness and light to goodness and love. I wish to be as such. I heartily wish everything, every place, every part, everyone, and every life function as the love of oneness and as bliss. We will suffer when we belong to a part of the whole.

What I’d like you to understand is the true essence has the quality to become truly happy, to live in bliss, to feel secure, and feel at ease, and everything is the real self, the true self, and the entire universe called Shinga. The true essence is love. It is the quality of oneness, being connected to the universe as one.

Let me show you an example. If we believe a cell in our body becomes independent and consider it as the self, we will think this part is the heart, and it is so and so, and in the same way, we are a cell of an arm and independent from other, and have nothing to do with others. We are connected as one, in reality, but we cannot consider that everything is connected as one. It may be because of naming by words and five senses for our conveniences. However, separation is not a reality.

When we return to love, and cells of our arm end the ego and return to one being, we will find happiness and bliss which the universe originally has. Then, the our entire body will become us.

We have bad characteristics, good characteristics, and so on. I wish all of us will become beautiful, healthy, and happy. We will do our best to realize it.

The reason why we have the darkness is that we lose the quality of the universe that everything, including the darkness, is ourselves, believe in the other, fight, resent, and hate it out of such misunderstanding. Our pain is to cleanse it out ourselves. It is born when we lose that we ourselves are a manifestation of love, which is the true essence of the universe.

The true quality of oneness is nothing, but the true self is the entire universe. It is nothing but an awareness that the entire universe is us and where our love is.

We will be able to release ourselves from every separation, conflict, comparison, a boost of the ego, fear of the self, and of the ego, and everything, and live in bliss as a whole being.

For this reason, we will realize that we ourselves are always the entire universe, the self as a part doesn’t exist, everything is connected as one, and the part is nothing but an idea.

I always wish to realize that the part (ego) is nothing but an illusion arising from our thoughts, five senses, and naming. It is because I wish to stay blissful at any time. MARTH wishes the darkness, the light, and all people can return to love.