Today, I received an unusual message. This question has a little different form from the usual ones.

Q: You often talk about separation. After thoroughly listening to your messages, I cannot but feel that heaven or God will not forgive a man until he becomes selfless.

I feel, after listening to many messages of yours, the conclusion is as such. I have worked as a high school teacher for many years. I’m not sure if this is an appropriate question, but I would be grateful if you could answer me.

I received such fax or mail from him.

You’re right. After all, the system of the universe, its scientific system is made of No-Mind (selflessness).

“What a terrible world it is! That’s because human nature is fundamentally evil!” People talked about this world in such various ways since ancient times. In fact, the universe is made to be fit into selflessness.

What you told me is right.

In other words, our bodies and everything is made of the ocean of elementary particles, of one being. I could say it is made of a thought of God or thought of the creator.

Such an unknown substance which we call an elementary particle, this is not a particle, isn’t it? Something immeasurable, unknowable, and amazing are all connected as one. It is one being.

It is scientifically as such. And it bears life and all molecules.

All forms and every visible thing to our eyes is made of the one being. However separate they look, everything is one being.

But a man has five senses for his conveniences. He has language and names things. That is, he has a stronger sense of separation than other animals and lives.

However, he is one being, as a component of this universe. There is no ego of separation in such environment. In other words, the ego is structured in a system.

If we want to become happy, feel bliss, do well, troubles disappear, and have a wonderful world, all of us need to live as No-Mind.

Men live in a world of ego now. We are involved in the boost of the ego, uplift of the ego, competition, conflict, wars in the present society. That doesn’t fit the law of the universe.

We always fight and suffer for this reason. We will have no bliss, either. If we live in a state of oneness, we can easily return to Shinga during a meditation.

Some people can return to Shinga easily while walking, or be in the forest and some space of high energy.

Return to Shinga is to return to the subject of creation, to return to one being. Then, we will feel bliss, not really punish ourselves, or I could say, have good luck, have true success, and incredible prosperity, perpetually.

On the other hand, this universe is made of selflessness, if we say in our language. And I say, the quality of oneness, in other words, a form of one being, and that everything is connected as one.

If the ego is born, if separation is born, we will lose happiness and bliss, we will not love ourselves, and we will become extremely bitter.

And we will fight with others, deceive them due to separation, attack them, think only of ourselves, and so on. We will lose bliss. Luck will punish itself, becomes evil, and punish himself.

Therefore, we will gradually lose. We will live a painful, harsh, sad, and lonely life even if we try to win and make profit.

It is because God, or heaven, the universe creates this world for one being, in other words, for selflessness, or for people with No-Mind.

People with No-Mind can feel incredible bliss and truly prosper and succeed in this world.

I feel humanity won’t be able to escape from pain and stop punishing themselves until we realize it.

Humanity and scientists need to study it and examine it. That will be incredibly problematic for humanity if it is true.

That all of us can neither win, nor become wonderful, nor become happy will be an incredible problem for us.

As this world is made for selflessness, and for one being, truly enlightened people may have appreciated the selflessness, ending ego, No-Mind, and that there is no self. This is what I thoroughly felt like a trainer for self-help seminars for many years.

I’m trying to convey it to you on this occasion. I think we need to examine it. I wonder if all of us can be happy, wealthy, and prosperous, like ourselves, and create a wonderful world together and we are originally made as such.

I’ll see you again.