Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the message and the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. I major in quantum mechanics at my university. I am very interested in your opinion about quanta. I’m extremely interested in the quality of oneness. Would you please talk more about it?

This is his question. Well, elementary particles, quanta, or photons, electrons, and as such are made of consciousness or thoughts. And such scientists as David Bohm, Niels Bohr, and many others already knew it one hundred years ago.
The problem is related to the quality of oneness. Scientists and all people have lost the quality of oneness and love within the society of separation. I think Dr. Bohm went to Krishnamurti to learn it.
This quality of oneness is quite natural in the land of “Wa (harmony)”, Japan. There is an expression, “to return to the one source” in Japan. Soldiers often said they would return to the one source during their final moments. If I put it into religious words, that is to return to the subject of creation, to return to Shinga, to love, and to one being.
And the elementary particles are thoughts. Whose? God’s, the thoughts are of the creator, of the subject of creation. It was written in ancient documents since the era of Mu. That means science in Mu era was quantum mechanics, and it is wonderful.
The civilization understood the value of oneness, and that this world is eternally unknown and mystical. So, it was a half-spiritualized and half-materialized world. Human thoughts and ideas are within the unknown and mystical. I think people had a strong value that this world is not reality.

Therefore, the density of the substances was very low. We can find it in ancient documents. And it seems they had some kind of vehicle as UFO in ancient times, in super-ancient times.
From the viewpoint of Sidi, however, there is no need for such vehicles. For example, teleportation, time travel, or going through the wall, or half-gravity, and as such are still possible in the world of Yoga. From the viewpoint of Sidi, the various beautiful phenomenon is possible in the society where a sense of reality is weak, and where people regained the quality of oneness.
Please study quantum mechanics from such a viewpoint. Then, you will see the subject of creation, the world, which is a dream of Shinga, thoughts of the subject of creation, everything made of consciousness, and everything that we call substance.
All molecules are made of elementary particles. They are made of dream of God, and of love, and it is one being.
When you find it is one being, and a dream of one, think of our body, which I often talk about.
If cells of the lungs and those of the kidney fight, or if cells of the liver fight with other cells, you yourself don’t like it. You want all of them to get along well and stay as one. You want them to support each other. If they are too separate and egoistical, T cells or white blood cells will attack them.
I always try to say I hope you will live in love with the quality of oneness to avoid such troubles.
You may punish yourself. Elementary particles, love, and one being will destroy yourself if you believe in separation.
I have a friend whose name is Edward Suzuki and a great architect. He graduated from Harvard University and worked part-time at Mr. Buckminster Fuller’s office when he was young. We got along very well, and he always told me that two of us are connected by love.

He thoroughly studied quantum mechanics and created structure skeletons of quanta, of atoms, and various other things.
He continued to convey that the world is one being and love for a long time until he deceased.
He was an architect and, at the same time, a man of love. He was a very wonderful friend of mine.
Humanity will awaken to the value of oneness. We will find that it is a dream of one being, elementary particles are the subject of creation, a dream of God, and thoughts of God. And people will realize that everything is made of love. I cannot but feel that the world with such awareness will be incredibly beautiful.

If now, you believe in separation, fighting, and that you will destroy others and ruin them, you will destroy yourself.
To avoid it, I hope people will return to love, to the true essence, to the true self, and that you will treasure people, love other countries, love neighbors, and everyone.
I hope people will create wonderful earth, where they respect all life, all manifestations of love called substances, and a manifestation of God, thoroughly realize that it is science, discover, awaken, and have wonderful experiences from the bottom of my heart.
This is all for now today. It was a silly talk by MARTH. I will continue on to the inner session a little bit. Good night!

Here’s an additional talk. I received a question from a student who studies quantum mechanics. What is most important is that Sidi, which is called “white magic” in the world of New Age and various other names, is something like quanta. It is the ocean of elementary particles, the ocean of love, of the subject of creation, and of one being.
What you need to be concerned is that it is connected as one and love. Desires, expectations, and hopes of the ego don’t please the universe. In a sense, elementary particles hate separation and fighting.

And hopes, ambitions, and expectations of the ego will become real. The materialization of the thoughts may punish ourselves, judge ourselves, or become a message for awakening.
They are quite dangerous. Unless humanity lives in love, with the quality of oneness, we will never do well. I’d like to say that is the biggest reason for our failure. And this is just silly talk.

Hi. This is the inner corner.
A man is born to a world of love. He is born to the world of God, of love, and of one being, as a manifestation of love, and of God.

What if he learns separation to fight with something there? What if he believes in it in such a society, at such a family, and himself?
Fighting with something will bring us an ego. That means we are separated from the universe, from one being, from love, from one source, and we are egoistical and separated. And what do you mean by fighting with others? It is fear.

When we believe in someone who is connected as one, as other, and fight with it, it will bring us tremendous fear. Children will be afraid to live a life. They always have to fight with others. They always have to be separate. Then, a kind of substance doesn’t excrete in the brain naturally.
Various hormones and liquids don’t come out, which can bring us love, peace, happiness, and bliss and ease pain in our body. We will not feel peacefulness and love.

And people will be dependent on drugs. They will need alcohol, tobacco, and various other things. They need something that releases stress.
Tremendous energy caused by suppression, oppression, and endurance is accumulated within them. And they will push them to other people.

And what will be born out from there? The separation causes certain damage to us. We will fight with others, harm them, and destroy the self, which looks the other. We will attack enemies. We may try to win, become somebody, and great. Then, what will happen? We will punish ourselves.

This is the mechanism of the universe.

I’d like to start with an open talk session tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. People talk about aliens, something of plasma which you talk about and every other thing of quanta now in the world.
You don’t talk much about them. What do you think of the spiritual world, esoteric matters, and aliens? Please talk about it.
This is his question. I’m not sure how far I can talk about them. I think I will tell you a bit more later in the inner session.

What I think about them is that my family, both sides of my families managed temples and shrines for generations, and maybe they have a strong spiritual quality.
I have had an extremely strong sense of inspiration since I was a child. I got sleep paralysis every night. The inspiration was so strong that I needed to be driven out spirits by a so-called medium.
If I am asked whether I believe in it or not, rather than saying I believe in it, I had such spiritual experiences for a long time.
But I think some people tell a lie about it, and others don’t believe in it. That’s why I don’t talk about something spiritual.

And there are many stories about aliens, about extraterrestrial beings.
I think science was very well developed in ancient times according to my various experiences, in the era of Mu and as such, about ten thousand years or two thousand years ago. Frankly speaking, I think they had a civilization that everything is not real, based on the fact that I was not a reality.

Therefore, they didn’t have a sense of reality. They had such value that this world is unknown, mystical, and not this world. And their science was something of plasma, or like quantum mechanics. They believed that everything is made of thoughts. Therefore, it was a Sidi-like world. If I put it into a word of the New Age, it was a half-spiritual and half-materialistic world.

The science came from such technology. Pyramids, anti-gravity, teleportation, timeslip, and so on.
I think ancient people considered that this world is a dream of the entire universe, and of the subject of creation.
Such things had been revealed in Veda for the past eight thousand years. I was familiar with Sidi and I associated with Maharishi very deeply and with various other people.
I think people could bring out spiritual phenomena because collective human consciousness was unknown and mystical until about three hundred years before. We are realists, or we have an extremely strong sense and value of reality. Then, we will lose the quality of eternity and believe in the world of molecules than that of elementary particle.
From now on, humanity will discover and invent various things in such a field of elementary particles and ultimately reach a level of science in ancient times.
People in ancient times produced only the products that fit nature because they avoided separation. And they knew it is the world of oneness.
I don’t mind whether ancient people are aliens or the people of Mu. I think our belief will create physical matters because we live in a world of Sidi, that of a dream of the subject of creation and of a virtual reality movie.
There was a world where people had a less sense of reality, half-spiritual and half-materialistic, and like quantum mechanics. I think they had more advanced technology to achieve various things.

I think we will reveal it when we are more familiar with quantum mechanics and realize that thoughts are made of elementary particles.
I shouldn’t have said such things, and I didn’t talk about spiritual matters very much. The current society has a strong sense of reality still, and it has the value of separation. I didn’t know how much I could talk about them.

As you may know, an older sister of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka married into my mother’s side of the family, a temple in the Takada area, Niigata.
His older sister married an older brother of my grandfather. So, Etsuzan-kai was founded by a cousin of my mother.
So, it was something like a spiritual army of a Zen temple. I will talk more about it in the inner session. It was a spiritually, very powerful family group, apart from the problem, whether it is good or bad.
And it had an extremely strong atmosphere of ancient Judea.
I had many real spiritual experiences since I was a child and I was surrounded by such spiritual people like a medium since then. My father’s side managed a temple in Jindai.
Both sides of my family are spiritual. If I am asked how you feel about it, rather than saying I believed in it, I continued to have such spiritual experiences.
My father worked for the Tokyo district prosecutor’s office and for the Ministry of Justice. I was the only child in a very strict family, but I had such spiritual experiences, in fact, and my father had seen them. But I think I had stronger spiritual circumstances compared to those of my cousins.

So, my grandfather of mother’s side was the head of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka’s supporters’ association. The nephew of Kakuei-san is a cousin of my mother and a child of my grandfather’s older brother.
So, the whole family, or Ohtaki family, my mother’s side family is something spiritual.
When he was the Minister of Finance, he bought hundreds of my records to support me, and I had various other experiences with him. I have felt that it was an extremely spiritual family since my childhood.

In the world of the unknown and the mystical, in the ocean of elementary particles, elementary particles are made of creation and thoughts. As far as men are made of elementary particles, there is eternity. There is such a world of electricity, of electric body, or photons, or plasma, or electric, or some kind of science that the planets and electrons make a circle. I understand such a world is reality.

I believe UFO and other extraterrestrial beings definitely exist. People could fly satellites and something like UFO ten thousand and twenty thousand years ago. Without such vehicles, people could do various teleportation, and some technology related to half-gravity because they knew Sidi. I think they had a higher level of knowledge than any aliens in ancient times.
What we call a man was more flexible then because they were in the world of non-reality. If MARTH is asked what to say about this topic, I will answer as such.

I think humanity needs to realize that we are connected as one, and in the unknown and mystical now. Fighting is extremely foolish. Unless we are connected as one, we will try to punish ourselves and severely awaken ourselves.
Unless we live with an awareness that the world is one, unknown and mystical, and made of love, our businesses, our organizations, and our groups will definitely be ruined. Humanity needs to realize such scientific matters to live in happiness, bliss, love, and joy. I think we will suffer within the society of separation.

I’ll talk the rest in the inner session. Otherwise, I cannot talk about it anymore. This is just a silly talk by MARTH. Please forget it.
I know very well that you want to know such things very much as I received many requests. But this is all for now. Good night. It was a silly talk by MARTH.

This is an additional message. I talked about various things too much today. Please forget them as they are only a silly talk. But what is important is that everything is connected as one, one being, and this world is made of everything of the quality of oneness.
Humanity will find it soon. We will find that the world is made of elementary particles, in other words, it is made of thoughts of God, of one being, and of love.
We will neither become happy nor become blissful unless we follow it. I just want to convey that we won’t be able to create true success, true prosperity, and Millenarianism without the quality of oneness.
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to make a success. Everybody wants to become great. Nobody wants to be attacked. Nobody wants to be killed. I’m sure you don’t want to experience such things anymore. For this, however, you have to create a world of oneness. It is the world that follows the scientific truth.

In other words, thoughts influence everything very quickly in this world. It is most important to realize that we are living in a world of one being.
And there are many fellows which family has lasted since ancient Judea in the entire world. I hope they and many fellows of Isaiah will make a true success, become happy, and flourish forever.
You need to stop separation and fighting, realizing the scientific truth of oneness. You have to stop destroying others, or attacking them. You need to return to one being if you want to become happy. Otherwise, you will ruin yourself. You will punish yourself. I heartily wish that you will realize it.

This was a silly talk by MARTH. I’ll see you again.

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Recently, it seems our staff calls it “MARTH’s silly talk corner”. So, let me start today’s silly talk and read the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I feel you said when A and B fight, the base where they fight itself in the field of God, the field of love, and of elementary particles.
And we normally see things something between A and B, and we don’t include the third consciousness in our consideration. I feel you say that it is a big problem. Please talk about it.

I received such a profound message, and he is right.

For example, think of the inside of your body, the kidney fight with the liver, or cells of the lungs and those of the heart fight and as such. The existing society of separation is that of conflict.

The whole world is in conflict. Everybody is fighting, comparing, and competing in the world of separation of the ego.

Then, where do you fight? “Well, excuse me! You are fighting in my body”. says God, heaven, the universe, the subject of creation. This is the viewpoint of God that It says you are fighting in my body, on my earth, and all of you are a part of myself.

I definitely feel we don’t take this into account.

So, heaven or the universe, talking about the body, everything is you, your cells, and you want all of them to be friendly.

Because of the severity of the problem, you might have to exclude the diseased part by surgery or to attack or kill cancer cells with an anticancer drug. You may not be able to avoid it.
However, it is preferable for you that the diseased cells are healed, or the part in trouble realizes the cause of a problem.
And you mentioned the third consciousness, in other words, your consciousness. It’s not one of cells but of yourself, of love, God, the true essence, and so on.
All of us are fighting in the world of competition, of comparison and of the ego. And I myself had such experience in my youth.
I attended a self-help seminar in the first half of my twenties for the first time. My trainer said he threw firebombs when he was involved in an activist movement,

maybe something like a students’ self-government organization, in his college days to fight with the society when he was young.
He said he threw the firebombs with his girlfriend, and she lost her eyesight because of an accident.

When he confessed that he was silly enough to fight, I saw myself in him. I’m not from the same generation as he, but I was a leader of “*Crystal zoku (tribe)”.

I thought I should not have been involved in such fighting and conflict. I was foolish. I would never join such fighting and conflict.
We haven’t realized that we are involved in the fight, conflict, competition, comparison, and so on in the society of separation.

Our thought that we really want to stop them, and that we feel they are really disgusting makes us return to the true essence. And feeling sad and crying hard about it will heal us.

I accepted and realized myself that I had been fighting in my life, I didn’t want to lose, and I always competed with others in my twenties.
And I think it is extremely good and healing that we cry for such reasons and broke a shell of the ego.

The world of gods, the world of love, made of elementary particles, the world of oneness, and the whole universe, or Shinga, the world of the subject of creation, the world of a dream of creation, a dream of one being, we can call it with various words,

the true essence, love, or the true self deep within you, I think it is the third consciousness which you just mentioned.
It is very important. The third consciousness makes us awaken, makes us realize, punishes us, and sends us a message. It will bring us a breakdown and various other things for awakening.
It will soothe us extremely that we realize our own desires, ambitions, expectations, pains caused by separation, how you suffer, and how much you have pain because of separation.

It is inevitable that we have become such as the society is separated, and it may not be our fault. But we realize, cry hard and return to the true self, and to the true essence. Indeed, it is wonderful.
I thoroughly think that it is an inevitable stage for us to heal the world and create a wonderful and healing world of love.

I have an idea right now in this sense. Many people send messages to MARTH now.

I’m thinking of a sharing corner on my website where you can share how you were hurt by fighting in the society of separation, how you suffered and how much pain you had while fighting, what you lost in the fighting, what you destroyed in it,

how sad and painful you were in the society of separation, and how you tried to survive in it. I somehow think you can read such sharing and grow together.

If there is such a corner and everybody posts his sharing story, you may sympathize, realize you had a similar experience, that you fought, you didn’t want to lose, you suffered,

you resented, and you may be able to accept yourself, to let you cry, to heal,

and to reflect on yourself, what shall I say, you may be able to cry hard, you think of living a new life, and regain the true self and true order. I hope there will be such a corner. I hope our staff will set up such a corner.

This is all for now today. This was your guest speaker, MARTH, from his silly talk corner. Good night!

Here’s some additional talk. I am currently creating an introduction, the intermediate part, and the ending of the music for recording, and I’m also reviewing the lyrics. This is a project to hold a recording concert of “L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” at Dvorak Hall in Prague.
We can do it remotely from the hall, and I don’t have to be there, but at the same time, we are planning to play with the orchestra. And there is a phrase of the lyrics, “I’m going to live with you” which is a high point of the song.
And I unknowingly thought that the thought to live with all people in the entire world regardless of an enemy or of an ally can heal us.

We have fought with each other in the world of separation, continued control, management, and fear, and suffered from them. Both the people who control and who are controlled suffered from them. Instead, we start living together with each other.

And I’m reviewing a high point of the lyrics, ““L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” and trying to correct it. It says, “I’m going to live with you, forever with you, I’ll live to do as much as I can for a beautiful planet.”
It is a kind of feeling that I’m going to live with you forever, I’m going to live with the people in the whole world beyond any boundary, beyond any separation.
If we can think as such, all of us will surely become happy, we will feel healing, we will release the quality of separation from us, and we will lose the enemy within us. I added this little additional message as I thought as such.

Therefore, you will live with the people who you couldn’t forgive most, who you felt most hostile against, who you separated most from, and who you fought most with.

And you are the love itself to say that you will live with them forever. It may be forgiveness. That will soothe you most. You forgive something or love which you reacted against most and live with them together. Thinking of the future when you live with them together, I feel it will feel everybody.

When you accept to live together with the things you had been against most and the people you had been hostile most, I think you will regain love.

This was MARTH’s silly talk. I’ll see you again.

Hi. The time for the open talk session has come. I’d like to read the question, the message first.

Q: Dear MARTH. You insist on a problem of separation. I realize that it is a problem of value that doesn’t fit elementary particles, God, or the quality of oneness.

Recently, I somehow feel it is wonderful to maintain the quality of oneness or to live with it. I’d like you to talk about goodness and the benefit of oneness. Thank you.
I received such a message. Simply speaking, the simplest way to convey it is to compare it to our body. The heart, the lungs, the kidneys, and the liver fight. Or cells in each organ make a group and fight with other cells, though they are connected as one.
This is what’s happening in the world. On the other hand, we don’t believe in the world of oneness.
Here’s another example. Cells of the liver and those of the kidneys fight with each other. For the body itself, it is unpleasant because there is a war going inside it.
Other than those, white blood cells, T cells, and various other substances to prevent fighting and inflammation are released in the body.
If the cells continue to fight, they will be punished. They will be attacked. They will get into trouble. I’m just telling you that the universe works as such.
Humanity has believed that it is a matter of fight between A and B until now. However, the fight between them is unpleasant for God of oneness, or the subject of creation. Because all is God, and everything is It. He hates a fight within him because both of them are He.
Rather than discussing which is good or bad, we need to realize that it is not good for parts of God to fight on the platform of God, not so, in the world of God, and for the parts of God to fight there.
And if you want to be awakened to it well, if you want to learn it, think of the third being. Think of God, or heaven, the universe, the subject of creation, elementary particles, and electrons.
If you are constantly aware of the enormous being with which we are connected, you will find the fight between A and B is extremely partial.
We tend to think with the left brain that we will be attacked unless we this, or we will be attacked by B unless we have this weapon. But why don’t we wonder if we are attacked by heaven? Why don’t we wonder if we are reprimanded by the universe or God? You may get into great trouble. You may receive an extremely bad message.
Besides, you, yourself, are made of elementary particles. Your molecules are made of elementary particles, and you are a manifestation of God, and of love. The fact that you are made of elementary particles and electrons means that you will be disliked by yourself and punished by yourself.
So, it’s not about whether someone is watching you or not. It’s not about God is watching you or not, but you yourself are a manifestation of God, of love, and of elementary particles. Without such awareness, you won’t receive any benefit.
Always try to aware if it is beneficial for the universe, for heaven, and for God.
Therefore, people of ancient Judea, including Isaiah, always treasured “Wa-Suru”. They treasured being loved from the viewpoint of heaven or God.
In other words, why can we make a success without any support from God? Why can we prosper without His help?
What if your body, your health, your life, your family and friends, your country, your business, and everything are not supported by heaven, by elementary particles, or by love? I feel it is extremely un-scientific not to consider the support of living in such a world.
It is not only a fight between A and B. A and B are connected with each other as one.
What is most important is to love others, to respect people who look others, and to love each other. If you have any organization, love other organizations. Respect other businesses first. Treasure other people first.
People with such a heart will make a true success, truly shine, truly love themselves. Because the universe, God, heaven, elementary particles, and electrons will love them and take sides with them. I feel such an understanding is great.
But then, you don’t have to believe in what MARTH said blindly. This is just his silly talk.
This was your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good night.

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Today Lili is here, and please excuse her if she is noisy. She seems to be sleeping now.
Then, I’ll start reading the letter, no, it is not a letter, but a message or a mail.

Recently, I profoundly think of “Wa-Suru” conveyed since ancient times to Japan. I thoroughly feel that you want to convey that various people who came back from overseas, Isaiah and everybody realized the value of oneness since the era of Mu and of Jomon. I’m extremely interested in it. Please talk about it!
I received such a question. You’re right. I started creating healing music since I was young. And to my concerts, many people of the spiritual world, or the people in the self-help seminar industry, and essential people in the world came to a small live concert, which I held weekly. I heard various stories from extremely famous people who came to the concert when I was young.

And I developed a resort with a teacher who I learned such things as quantum mechanics from. In this sense, I was familiar with various information since I was young.
This is my personal view, there was an ancient civilization, whether it is called Mu or not, the super-ancient civilization was magnificent, in harmony with nature, where people understood science not at a level of molecules, but above the level of elementary particles.
And it influenced Vedha and appears in various ancient documents in Japan. I can catch a glimpse that wise men, who became well-known later, enlightened people, and everyone in the world came to Japan to learn it.
It may neither have been named Japan nor Mu at that time, but now it is called as such, or Jomon, an unknown civilization, had an extremely high level of science.
This universe is connected as one, and it hates separation. I think their investigation of science at a level of elementary particles, of electrons, and of photons was incredibly profound. Naturally, every study, including astronomy, was extremely advanced.
You can find legends or documents left that such wise men of the spiritual world or highly conscious people in the world came here to learn it. And I had many chances to see actual documents when I was young.

And I also experienced much about Vedha, about Sidhi. I learned that our collective consciousness has become that of separation and fighting.
That means the value of the unknown and mystical, the value like the teaching of Socrates is weakened.

Everybody has a sense of reality, a sense of separation, and the sense of separation is the sense of reality. Then, it will bring us a problem of death as a reality. Certainly, we will see a problem of death, and of the end of molecules.
However, ancient people have a view at a level of elementary particles, of electrons. Their value and thoughts for life are far advanced than those of the current science.

I think they had values and thoughts of quantum mechanics in the current science. It seems they understood the world is like a subject of creation, this dream-like world is a virtual reality movie, a movie made of thoughts in ancient times.
On the other hand, we human beings are entrusted with creation to a certain extent as children and a part of the universe. And if everybody is involved in the separation, fighting, competition, and comparison, the universe will consider them disgusting as elementary particles, and one being of creation. It is as if the organs fight with each other, or cells compete with other cells with the ego, fight, deceive, and as such.

Therefore, the very person, the owner of the body, or the subject of creation immediately will hate it. It will send out messages. White blood cells will come. T cells will come, and various things will influence the destiny of the person. It will send him a message. It will give him something like a punishment. And ancient people seem to have understood it as a scientific fact.
The current quantum mechanics scientists should study how much electrons hate a negative value of separation, how much photons hate it, and why electrons get out of order. In other words, they circulate, and some scientists call it π, electrons get out of order. In other words, entropy increases. Within the world of one being, it will definitely make trouble if ego is born in a body or if a cell, which is a part of the body, becomes egoistical, fight with other cells, and consider them as other.

I personally think scientists will reveal the universe works in the same way.
And talking about the bible, I talked about it yesterday, and I understand that those ancient people of Judea are related to Mu, or I could say, to the Jomon civilization. Their standpoint is the quality of oneness, of selflessness.

And like the cells in a body, they are connected as one even if each cell has a different role. They function with such value.

And what shall I say, and they produced several things with such value. And I’m not so familiar with them, but, for example, it says, “Love your enemies” in the story of Jona. When God or the subject of creation, told him to go to the enemies to notify, he rejected it. Jona, as a prophet, could see through the future and knew that they will be destroyed by them. And he refused to bear the role, saying, “I don’t want to help them! They are enemies!”

Well, I don’t know the entire bible. I know only a part of it, but I think it is a book to bring up such issues of hostility, rivalry, a sense of separation, and fear.
And ancient people of Judea respected “Wa (harmony)”. They considered love and the quality of oneness as the law of success. They hated boost, uplift, and preservation of the ego. They were in harmony with the law of the universe.
I personally consider they had the same value as the one in extremely good and advanced civilization in ancient times, which we call Mu.

And I think the bible has a lot of stories about how we will become if we stray from oneness.
Various religious groups were born later, and what is most important and fundamental about the book (the bible) is to love others, to love other organizations, to love other groups and respect them, and neither fight nor conflict.
So, the universe hates that we deceive others, attack them, and destroy them. The universe loves that everybody will cooperate and live in love, treasure other’s belonging more than theirs, and they will not harm others even if hurt by them.
In other words, people can manage well as they neither compete nor fight. And they will prosper. They will succeed. They will have true prosperity and true wealth. They will prosper for generations.

So, I think it is made of stories that prevent us from boosting the ego, from doubt, resentment, hatred, and as such. I understand they are in tune with a level of elementary particles and give us immeasurably important teachings with the viewpoint of this world, which is a dream of the subject of creation.

And we Japanese people and the people of Yamato come from such background, and our basic value is to “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)”. I think we have such a national character that hates separation since ancient times.
We are connected as one. We are one being, and each of us has a different talent. Everybody is different. Each group has different ability and different talent. All of us cooperate to create a wonderful world which the universe wishes for, God wishes for, and the subject of creation wishes for.

I think such a basic belief that we should love each group, respect, and treasure other people more than our own family, and we will be happy, is the treasure of our country.
It will be sad if it is lost, and I think “Wa-Suru” is what the people in the world want to know.
Then, what is the treasure of Japan? Probably our culture is, which understands this world is unknown, mystical, one being, and a dream of one being.
People of ancient Judea came to Japan, including Isaiah, and they hoped to create such a wonderful land, but the ten tribes came here after the painful experience in the captivity in Babylon.

I feel there will be messages, pains, problems, and troubles when the quality of the unknown and mystical and of oneness decreases within the value of pains, fighting, and conflict.
I think we need to overcome death by realizing the quality of the unknown and mystical, and of oneness for true prosperity of the world, and for our true success and prosperity. We need to enter into eternity. The world of elementary particles is eternal. I consider we have come to an era when we need to be awakened to the real world beyond the world where molecules decay.
I don’t mind if you think this is a silly talk by MARTH. This is all for today. Good night!

Here’s an additional message. I forgot to tell you something. People often say “guilt” or “punishment” in their conversation. Guilt may come from the bible, and if there is one, I think it is a separation.
Or it is to lose the quality of eternity, of oneness, and beauty from the viewpoint of molecules, though we are in the unknown and mystical.
It is the world where we are not made to fight with others and as such.
In other words, the world not made of molecules but made of elementary particles are connected as one, unknown and mystical. It lasts forever. It is an immeasurable world of one being, and the world made of thoughts. If we consider the world as such, it will be guilt not to consider it as such. In other words, it is not a scientific truth.

And to discourage such acts as separating, fighting, resenting, hating, killing, deceiving, and as such is the teaching of the ancient Judea, in other words, that of Mu or of Jomon. And I wonder wise people in the world came to Japan to learn it.
I think conveying it to the world is a mission of the people of Yamato and the people of ancient Judea and a mission of the people who have succeeded scientific understanding of Jomon and Mu. This is MARTH’s silly understanding about it. I’ll see you again.

Hi. I’ll start an open talk session tonight. In other words, this is one of the silly talk series by MARTH. Let me read the question first.

This is from a seventy-two-year-old teacher.

Q: Dear MARTH. I was extremely moved by your words. I have been a priest for a long time. I’m writing my letter with tremendous surprise and some kind of joy.
After watching the online dialogue with Ms. Nakamaru, I’d like to ask you what kind of view you have toward the Bible. Please answer to my question.
I received such an honest message.
First of all, I’d like you to understand that my ancestors have managed a temple founded by Kukai on Awajishima Island. It is said the temple was founded by Kukai and lasted more than one thousand years. There used to be a shrine nearby a long time ago. It seems my ancestors have maintained the temple for generations while cultivating onions in the field.
That means the temple is related to Nestorianism, and you may find words of Jesus Christ in my conversation, the same as yours.
I have never interested in religion, and I have never belonged to any organization since I was a child.
However, my family’s religion is the Shingon sect (of Buddhism), and my mother’s side religion is Zen Buddhism. My mother’s family has managed a temple, as well.
In this sense, I may have been involved in Nestorianism.
And the family crest of my father’s side is “Sagari-Fuji” and that of my mother’s side, “Nobori-Fuji”.
Regardless of such stories since ancient times, what I understand now is that my father and mother had such a value that we should not harm others even if hurt by them, we should love others and respect them, we should neither become conceited, nor become overconfident, nor win, nor become good, nor become great.
And I feel this is extremely related to the bible you just mentioned now. Therefore, I cannot realize which religion the bible belongs to. Maybe, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all related to the bible. They love the Old Testament.

And the questionnaire asks me what I understand about the bible, and let me take the chance and convey it to you.
I personally think that the bible is a guidebook for us the people of the ancient Jew, or a guidebook for us to make a success, to live in peace, happiness, and prosperity.
This is what I felt when I read a part of the bible, and I have neither read it in detail nor known it thoroughly.
And the conductor who conducts my music has the name of Adam, so I read a part about him.

I felt, in the beginning, there is a language; there is a naming, which brings us separation. And we have five senses. We have a separation between the self and the other because of it.

Our eyes can see only the molecules. We cannot see elementary particles. We cannot see that they are connected as one, and when electrons become happy and get out of order. I think scientists will realize the importance of oneness earlier than us.
Then, words come first, and I understand that eating fruits of knowledge means to have become separated. This is my personal opinion. And we have separated.
I developed a resort with a scientist in quantum mechanics when I was young. I learned much from him, though he resigned from Tokyo University. Maybe he was fired because he was too involved in quantum mechanics. I’m not really sure.
We say some molecules are good in vibration. When does it make a good circulation at a level of electrons or photons? He expressed it with a sign of π, that is, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, in other words, how the electron circulates. He said, if the circulation becomes bad in order, entropy will increase just like the circulation of a star becomes bad in order.

He also said that there is an atomic transformation or a cold nuclear fusion in the world of bacteria or of enterobacteria. I learned that elementary particles like the value of oneness.
And I learned many things about the New Age and the spiritual world since I was young, about Sidhi, simply speaking about virtual reality.

I learned that this world is made of thoughts of the creator, and each of us as a part can create our life with our thoughts and that we are allowed to create a life to some extent.
With this in mind, when I read the Old Testament, I wondered why Adam realized that he was naked. God asked, well, I think He is neither a personal god nor a god of a group, but He is the subject of creation.
Heaven asked Adam why you realized you are ashamed, and wondered whether he ate fruits of knowledge and took it in, and that he was separated.
Adam answered, “It is not my fault, it is because the woman who you gave me recommended it. It’s not my fault. Please don’t blame me!” “Ah! You have become an ego”. I understand this way.
And then, heaven asked Eve the reason, she said, “The snake told me to do so, and it was not my fault”. Ah! You have become egoistical, as well.
God made a paradise of selflessness. There was no fear of the ego, such as shamefulness and as such in it. Everything, fruits, the water, and the air, was given there, and it was a paradise where they could live as they were. But they left there. I think it is a figurative story.
This part of the bible and all other parts convey that we should live with the value of oneness, we should live in love, that we are connected as one to us.
Unless we live as such, or if the ego tries to win, to become somebody, or to become great, you will ruin yourself. In other words, we should not stand out, or how should I say, we should not become nails that stick out.
I think we, as people of Yamatoh, should understand the bible as a book to express, we will have true success, prosperity, joy, and peace when we don’t boost the ego.
I happened to be born to a family of such teaching. I wondered why I was hit by my parents when I thought of winning or when I had a belief in becoming great or somebody.
My parents told me not to become overconfident. You should not harm others even if you were destroyed, made a fool of, attacked, or bullied. It is important not to become a doer. That is love that loves others and let them win. I think this is how it goes.

When I was a child, I ran fast and always got the first place in a relay race or a footrace at athletic events. And my father became angry and went back home when I got the first place, as I expected.
Then, he told me, “Don’t you have a room or generosity to let others win?” He also said it was a pity that I got excited at it.
Now I think this is how people of ancient Judea think, and they intend to receive true peace and prosperity with such viewpoint.

When I was small, I couldn’t understand it well. I wondered why I was scolded. Everybody is not scolded but appreciated when he can do something better than others, but in my case, it was the opposite.

I couldn’t understand the intension behind it then, but now I can see it with the teaching of ancient Judea, that is, in the bible.
And the bible continued to convey that we should neither be arrogant, nor conceited nor overconfident to become truly successful and wealthy, as a guidebook of life. In other words, as the universe is connected as one, we live with the whole, with everyone, whether we are a cell of the heart or of the lungs, or wherever we are born.

Then, we will find love, peace of mind, love each other. We will become wonderful people and receive true wealth, true peace, and true happiness.

When we live as such, we will become really good at the level of a physical body and of molecules. I understand the bible is something like a guidebook to convey to us that we will become really good, including our bodies then.

Well, I talked bit too long, and I’m not sure if I answered your question. In spite of my little knowledge about the bible, it seemed it was filled with such teachings to me. Please feel free to ask me if you are interested in it.

This is a silly talk by MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good night!

Hi. The time for the talk session has come tonight. This is a silly talk time of MARTH. I’ll start reading the question.

Q: I feel you try to convey that we should never dismiss the love to us. Please tell me your profound intension in it.
I received a very wise question.

You’re right. We should never harm others even if hurt by them.
People who don’t have the quality of oneness will be punished in the world of oneness, in the world of scientifically one. Those who don’t have the quality of oneness will fail. They cannot prosper. They cannot succeed. It is based on the law of the universe.
My parents told me it is quite O.K. to be made a fool of, hurt by others, and attacked by them. Instead, they told me I should never become a person who acts opposite to it, and they even hit me for this reason.
Because of such an educational background, I think I feel more strongly that we should neither win, nor become great, nor become somebody, nor become overconfident.
My ancestors have managed a temple in the Jindai, Awajishima Island, and in ancient times, or a long ago, a shrine-like Hachiman Shrine was combined to the temple.
The temple founded by Kukai has been open for a long time, and it is basically that of Nestorianism. So, it’s Christianity or Ancient Christianity, which was founded in the era when Jesus Christ was alive, and I think it was introduced to Japan.
They say, do not boost the ego. Do not enhance the ego. In other words, to be selfless. “I” am not. “I” don’t exist. “I” am neither alive nor born.
Then, what is there? The universe is. A manifestation of God, a servant of God, not so, a public servant of God is. All people are nothing but public servants of the universe, or children of the universe. The teaching had such value. And I think they tell us not to lose it because it is a scientific truth.

Simply speaking, when the right hand and the left are fighting, only the right hand hates the left one, or when the lungs and the kidney are fighting, the kidney resents. If the one who resents is a body, it is a cancer cell because it is one being.
So, from my point of view, I want them to stop fighting. Then comes white blood cells and T cells and attack cancer cells to admonish them against resenting, hating, attacking, and as such. They tell them that they are one being, and this is what is called a punishment.

Therefore, if you destroy someone that you believe others, or if you tell people to do so, you will be punished. Or rather than being punished, you will punish yourself. If you consider something of oneness as not of oneness, if you attack, resent, deceive, and so on because they are not one being, you will ruin yourself because you are connected with them as one.

And elementary particles, electrons scientifically act in such a way. I learned it from an instructor of quantum mechanics, who taught at the Tokyo universiy, in my teens. I learned it from the instructor and created a resort on Yoron Island with him.
That is called π, which means 3.14, and the circulation of electrons. He said entropy increases when electrons become out of order.

Electrons circulate in order, in other words, healing, or “Iyashiro”. Such things exist even at a level of molecules. He studied such subjects.
After I left ordinary businesses, I worked for Misawa Home, founded Misawa Resort, and also became a vice president of Apple Computer, Japan. But then, I quit all of them, resigned from them, and started a small business of healing. I think that I learned something about quanta in my youth meant significant for me.

This world is connected as one, quanta, and electrons hate separation. All substances are made of molecules and molecules are made of elementary particles. And they also wear electrons.
And they hate separation. They hate themselves, as well. I think that is the reason why we don’t like ourselves, we don’t love ourselves, and we punish ourselves.
Therefore, being hurt never makes molecules out of order. If you are made a fool of, you are laughed at, and you are attacked, elementary particles and electrons never become out of order.
On the other hand, you will be in big trouble if you attack people, resent them, hate them, and deceive them.

I guess ancient people knew it, people of Mu, people of the Jomon era, knew it. They treasured “Wa-Suru” more than anything. And Isaiah, who returned home, treasured “Wa-Suru”. I think people of the ancient Judea and the bible were, in fact, about it. To be connected one with everything. To respect other organizations and other things. I think they treasured other countries and other people.

Rather than letting an opponent win, it is the only way for you to become good. You will never give up love. You will never abandon beautifully ordered electrons. You will never give up God. You will never give up love.
And I or my family, used to believe in Nestorianism, and I think they also learned about Isaiah.
In either way, we will never give up “Wa-Suru”, never give up being one because we are connected as one.
It doesn’t mean to become bad. You want to stay as a child of God. You want to stay as a manifestation of love. You want to stay as a public servant of the universe.
I think that is love, and that makes me love myself. And the same is true for everybody.
If everybody is made of elementary particles, molecules are made of elementary particles, and it is made of thoughts like a dream of the subject of creation. In such a perspective, everything is connected as one. Because we are in a dream of one being.
I heartily hope humanity will realize such a scientific fact from now on, and create such a civilization, a new civilization, and a beautiful civilization of oneness.
Well, I’ll say goodbye tonight. It was a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good-night!

Here is an additional message. I forgot to say, but I think losing love is the biggest pain for us. There are many painful things for the ego, such as being attacked, killed, made a fool of, discriminated, and so on.
I don’t say they are O.K., but we should create a world without them. Therefore, we should not lose love for it.
All of us should realize that our own love will be sad, our justice and beauty will be sad when we are infected by resentment, hatred, deceiving, and all other evil things. Otherwise, we will destroy ourselves and ruin ourselves.
Treasure yourself, and you will treasure the world. Love others, and you will love yourself and protect yourself, your love, and your justice.
What if you cannot protect your love or justice? Not to be able to protect it is the most painful thing for us.
That is the most shameful, regretful, and painful thing for us, children of God, children of the universe and of love, a manifestation of love, and a public servant of the universe.
Otherwise, we won’t be able to love ourselves. We need to send us a message for an awakening. We need to punish ourselves. To prevent it, in this eternal world of elementary particles, not so, of electrons, no such names, we must not dirty our life of immeasurable being. I thoroughly think it is more important than anything, never to give up eternal beauty.
I’ll see you again. This was an additional message by your guest speaker, MARTH.

MARTH gave a night talk session after the dialogue between Ms. Kaoru Nakamaru today.

Hi. The time has come for the open talk session tonight.

Today, I had an online dialogue with Ms. Nakamaru, what should I say, it was about Isaiah, and I conveyed his thought to her.

Here is the question for today.

Q: You continued to convey that we will not harm others even if hurt by them for a long time, but I didn’t understand what you meant. I thought I couldn’t understand it.

Recently, however, I felt deep sorrow when I heard your message that it is a tragedy to lose love within a fear. Please tell me more about it.

I received such an honest message from him.
Certainly, it is a tragedy that we are hurt within the society of separation, in wars, conflicts, every possible comparison and competition, and in all conflicts. It’s better that we are not hurt. It is quite certain.

If we encourage people to hate, resent, and separate by being hurt, they will punish themselves, and their descendants will succeed the sadness. They will be hurt in a sense that extremely big and powerful troubles attack themselves by the incredibly powerful universe, by elementary particles, no, not so, by electrons, by a manifestation of God, of love, no, by the thought of the subject of creation, and they encourage people to release the value of separation, to return to one being and to love.

This is the law of the universe that frighteningly huge problem for the ego will cease, and you will neither receive a punishment, nor a message. It is a wake-up call when we are attacked and deceived.

In my family, I was taught such things every day and hit on the cheek when I failed. Self-boost, overconfidence, ambition, competition, comparison, and harm others were completely out of the question. I thoroughly understand that it is a thought of the ancient Yamato.

I also realized that it was what Isaiah really treasured more than anything. Unless you harmed others when you were hurt, you would not disgrace yourself at all. You will not dirty yourself at all. Electrons will circulate in good order, elementary particles will appreciate it, and love it.

I understand the great sadness during captivity and that the suffering people experienced was not good for the ten tribes and the tribe of Judah. I cannot but feel what Isaiah wanted to convey the most was that they will not suffer so much later, if they stop the process by being hurt themselves in fighting and conflicting.

And why the ancient people, people of the ancient Judea, no, not so, people of Mu do feel as such?

Various people have conveyed it to us, including Jesus Christ. To “Wa-Suru”. To be connected as one. People of Mu and ancient civilizations knew that we are scientifically connected as one.

They knew the current quantum mechanics and wave mechanics. They knew that what the world is made of. They knew that it was made of thoughts, thoughts of God, no, what shall I call, maybe made of love, or the subject of creation.

The world is a dream of the subject and the thought of it. If we stray from love, we will try to awaken us. The law of the universe will function and try to awaken us for generations.

And if the thought, the thought of separation and conflict, the thought of resentment and hatred are succeeded, they will give an enormous problem to people and make them suffer. I think people knew such science in ancient times.

Therefore, Isaiahnagid continued to think of his fellows, care for his people, and convey the value of “Wa-Suru” until he was deceased.

I think that is a pride of our country and something that people of this country should realize now. I think it is really important that we convey this to the world, to the suffering fellows and friends of the world, and that people of the world realize it, make them truly happy, wealthy, prosperous, and successful.

I cannot but feel that it is a mission for the people of Yamatoh to be of great help to regain love, which can overcome the fear of people of the world, to save the world, to save the love of the people of the world.

I hope that you will give such pride, joy, and power to create a beautiful life in which you will never harm others even if hurt by them, you will never destroy your own happiness and bliss and that you will not lose love, to the whole world, to your fellows in the world.
I heartily wish that Yamato, a land of “Wa-Suru”, not so, Japan will convey it to the world.

I hope that people of Japan, people with the spirit of Yamato, will convey the importance of “Wa-Suru” to your children and fellow people without straying from the “Wa-Suru” attitude and without harming yourself.

I think this is all for now today. This was a silly talk by MARTH.

Hi. I’d like to start a silly talk of MARTH as an open talk session tonight, too. Today, I received a question from a college instructor of physics. He sent me a letter or a message.

Q: This is something that has been conveyed since ancient times. Sadly, we have had various failures, destructions, accidents, injuries, mental problems, wars, conflicts, sickness, every bad luck, and various other problems, which are expressed such words as punishment, curse, and spell. I feel they are caused by the movement of electrons in bad order or by elementary particles after listening to your messages now.

This is what he asks me, and if I try to say with a scientific view, I developed a resort on Yoron Island with a scientist, in my youth.

I learned quantum mechanics or something like the science of Hado power from him when I was young. He called an ordered circulation of electronsπ. I thoroughly learned this world is made of something like thoughts and about an increase and decrease of entropy. I was with him for about five years, during which he gave me such lessons, and we create such a resort.

Being an entertainer, I studied at the entertainment course at Horikoshi Gakuen, and I didn’t study very much. But I feel I thoroughly learned quantum mechanics from him as my personal instructor.

Talking about the current problem of drugs, including those of alcohol and tobacco, we need to study that a man doesn’t secrete a certain liquid, that is, hormone or chemicals in the brain. In other words, such problems are related. This is what we already know that we have to.

Therefore, I think the doctors and such medical researchers should examine it without being affected by a corrupt group of people from now on.

The quantum mechanics scientists refrain from speaking freely about it. And I think scientists will find it extremely difficult to talk about such things if there is an adverse trend in the world.

I think it has reached a limit and that the world is dark and sick is because of separation.

On the other hand, I think if there is someone who hopes to create a world of love, or Millenarianism, and to make the world a paradise, they need to solve a problem of separation.

Problems of separation. Like the teacher just mentioned, they are curses and punishments. For example, you don’t love animals, or you don’t treasure them; you killed them. You kill them who look other but yourself. You attack them. You are cruel to them.

Such separation. If you do it, elementary particles will really hate it, and electrons become really disturbed.

In other words, “Iyashiro-chi” becomes “Kegare-chi”. Such remarks were conveyed since ancient times are scientifically true.

You don’t have to believe it, but I suggest you will study it. Otherwise, humanity will cause all kinds of problems just by not knowing it.

You cannot be successful though you think you can. You cannot prosper though you think you prosper. You cannot excrete a happy hormone if you think you can become happy. You suffer and feel pain. And you have no idea that the problem is caused by separation.

If such things occur, and science doesn’t prove it, humanity will have every bad luck, and end up harming themselves in conflicts, wars, and in separation. They will try various things to awakening themselves.
They will destroy themselves or go toward destruction.

You want to do well. You want to succeed. You want to become happy. You want to achieve such a blissful state. But your bodies cannot function well.

For example, bliss, happiness, headaches, and as such, at the time of low atmospheric pressure will become beautiful and wonderful if you have a natural quality of oneness and love. Your body functions as such.

It can be said about various sicknesses. Such liquids are excreted, or you will be embraced by bliss.

When you return to one being, to Shinga, and merge into everything, you will enter into love. You will have a peace of mind, incredible bliss, incredibly spiritual uplift, which is not the uplift of the ego, what should I say, you will have an enormous joy when you return to Shinga, to one being, and a sense of bliss to live in it, in the goodness, when you love others and treasure others who look other but yourself.

This is, in fact, a science. I hope you will study, examine, and investigate it so that humanity can regain the quality of oneness, and that we can create a society of oneness, a civilization of one being

And I heartily hope that you, scientists, will create a beautiful world, a happy world, the world without wars, a paradise where beautiful humanity lives overcoming conflicts. This is today’s silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again.

MARTH オンラインインタビューシリーズ 第5弾
政治評論家 中丸薫氏とMARTH

“MARTH Online Dialogue” No. 5
Online Dialogue with Profound Love : Ms. Kaoru Nakamaru (a political
commentator) & MARTH

<7月19日(日曜日)午後4時 オンエアー>
It will be on air at 4:00 pm on 07.19. (Sun).

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MARTH 新曲「それでもつながっている」

“The world may be over if we continue as such.
That is the reason why I need to talk with MARTH about it now, for Love…”
Kaoru Nakamaru

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Facing a crucial time for humanity now, we will release these messages for free with a hope that all human beings become happy, and many awakened people and enlightened and young leaders are born. You don’t have to belong to either any organization or any group to spread the messages.

Hi. I think I’ll start with an open talk session tonight. Let me read the question.

Q: I understand that the human body is made of elementary particles. You also say elementary particles are connected as one, and they are love or a manifestation of God. I don’t understand it very well. Would you please talk more about it, MARTH?

Well, I don’t know how far I can talk about it here. It is difficult to talk except in the inner session. But let me explain it simply. First, you’re asking what an elementary particle is, isn’t it?

This is just a name which we gave to something fine. And such fine things are thoughts of the creator according to legends since ancient times. And the creator is said to be one being.

As written “Return to one source” by Japanese warriors in their farewell poems, they considered the world as one being, one, and one source. The ancient Japanese, or I should say people of the ancient Judea, and real Isaiah and his fellows did.

I’m not willing to talk about this, but the population in the Jomon era was about three hundred thousand at that time.

It is said people who came back from the ancient Judea in the Middle East were several million, or three or four million people. I think our country was founded by them when they returned here. And they treasured love and “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)”.

Scientists of quantum mechanics express “Wa-Suru” as π, or 3.14, the value of π, circle, one being, or “Wa”. We can also consider it a circle of electrons that circulates around the nucleus. And the movement of electrons becomes completely out of order affected by the value of separation and thoughts. It is said that electrons became completely out of order when people visited a place called “Kekare-chi” in ancient times. We need to learn such things. We need to learn it, probe into it, and examine it. If you look into the science, into science like quantum mechanics, you will reach elementary particles made of thoughts.

The thought is a thought of one being, a dream of one being. When we dream of a dream, we watch a dream. Therefore, it is the subject of creation. You can call It God or love. Some people call It Shinga. The dream of It is one being, something connected with everything as one. Therefore, we human beings, who are children and a part of It, things and substances are all made of thoughts.

If we consider it a manifestation of a dream of the being, every substance is made of thoughts. It is made of elementary particles.

And the elementary particles hate separation. In other words, they lose π. Entropy increases. Why? Because it is one being and love.

So, I call one being love. It is not about the attachment of each part of the ego.

The ego doesn’t exist. Everything is connected as one in this world. There is no relativity. There is neither Yin nor Yang. There is neither light nor darkness. I say such things with the viewpoint that everything is a manifestation of God and a manifestation of the universe.

Elementary particles hate something not connected as one. They hate separation. Humanity will experiment and prove it from now on. And I heard stories from the people who did such experiments.

And in the ancient legends, not so long ago, but in the era of Isaiah, about two thousand eight hundred years ago, or to be exact, two thousand six hundred eighty years ago, they convey that the world is one being, unknown and mystical. 

In the era of Socrates, in the era of Lao-tzu, there are many legends to describe they came to Japan. They realized that this world is unknown and mystical, it is neither this world, nor a reality, it is a dream of God, a dream of the creator, this universe is a manifestation of a dream of creation, and we are its children and its manifestation.

They considered that they are entrusted with the creation of a virtual reality movie to some extent as a dreamer. And this is extremely relevant when we probe into quantum mechanics.

And we are made of It, made of one being when we don’t live as such, we will receive a message for awakening. We will attract big troubles, problems for awakening. We will even punish ourselves. And when the moment arrives, we will even destroy ourselves. And in the case of organizations, groups, and countries, similar things will happen.

Therefore, excellent leaders need to “Wa-Suru” (to harmonize”). They need to convey the value of oneness to people and fellows so that they can live in love and true essence.

I heard various stories from a man who belonged to a special attack corps of the old Japanese air force during the war. He was an instructor for my aviation license.

Without taking a certain drug, he was so scared that he wet his pants. He said fighting was extremely frightening, and it was frightening enough to dirty his Zero fighter plane.

It is because such action doesn’t fit a human, in a sense. If it fits, there will be no such fear that is unbearable without a certain drug. It will be O.K. if it fits the ego. Without the drug, however, you are not O.K., you are extremely afraid. That may be because it doesn’t fit you.

Fight and violence don’t fit us. Because we are love and one being. Elementary particles don’t like them. The enemy is the self who looks other.

That’s the reason why we want to love them. We want to support them. We want to protect them. We want to trust them. We want to understand each other. This is a natural movement of elementary particles, a movement of elementary particles of love.

If you believe in something that is against it, you may receive such messages for awakening. That is so-called punishment, according to the legends in the ancient times.

I was working as a trainer in the spiritual world for many years. I supported hundreds of thousands of people, in fact. And I am certain that the true quality of a man is love, as said since ancient times. And we need to release the value of separation to have love.

We already know that fight, competition, comparison, self-boost, in other words, uplift of the ego, and a boost of the ego hinder our happiness, love, success, and true prosperity.

So, I’m trying to convey through such silly talk now.

I hope all of you, scientists, and doctors will study the quality of oneness, experiment various things at a level of elementary particles, and reveal them. I hope you will realize the true nature and study thoroughly how to improve our body and mind.

We are not allowed to talk about such ancient values and awareness of quantum mechanics scientists in the current society. Because we are living in a society of separation. If we believe in separation, and think fighting and winning are good, such love and the value of oneness will be denied.

Humanity is already in a global confusion now, being in trouble and receiving terrible messages for awakening, however. I feel heaven has finally started to execute their plan.

Then, what is heaven? It is you because you are elementary particles. All people made of elementary particles and everything in the universe  is going toward it, returning to one being, and returning to love.

MARTH considers that heaven is trying to make humanity regain a life of true prosperity, true success, true happiness, and true bliss.

I’ll see you again. It was MARTH’s silly talk.

Here’s an additional message.

Someone gave me a message that not having the quality of oneness is meaningless. I wanted to tell him that he is right.

You have your family, various groups of people, organizations, and various people around you. If you are involved in fighting with others, in resenting and hating them, killing, deceiving, attaching, bullying them, and as such, you must feel pain as all of you are love and children of God.

I think your father and mother who said, as such, feel pain, and surrounding people and all the people of the world suffer.

When everyone returns to the universe, to love, to one being, and live in happiness and bliss, then you return to the universe; elementary particles will rejoice. Electrons will feel at ease. Then, you will be truly lucky, prosper, regain true success, and long-lasting happiness, and success will be realized.

If you believe other is other, attack others believing that they are other, destroy them, resent them, hate them, and bully them, we human beings, aliens and all people will suffer and ruin ourselves because we are children of God, a manifestation of love, and of one being.

I hope you will become happy, bloom beautiful flowers, live a life of splendor, joy, and healing. I wish and pray that you will become truly happy from the bottom of my heart.

This was an additional silly talk of MARTH.

Hi. I’d like to start with an open talk session tonight, too. I received many questions. I think I can somehow feel the world is in confusion to read them.

The first question is,

Q: Beautiful enlightened people who talk about the end of separation (of the ego) are sometimes killed. (MARTH: Well, the questionnaire writes both separation and the ego. He may be talking about such beautiful people as Socrates and other wise men.)
And there are leaders who believe in separation, even in the spiritual and religious world.

(MARTH: I think he is talking about them.) I feel they encourage conflict, and the ego and people escape to their organizations without ending their own ego, to continue to fight to live. What do you think about it, MARTH?

I have this question first. Yes, it is extremely deep. Next,

Q: I often hear only 3 % of our brain functions. Is it related to separation? They say a man cannot release solution for bliss, and they are driven to drugs because of pain.
And the next one,

Q: MARTH says the world is a virtual reality movie made of quanta, elementary particles, thoughts of the subject of creation, and a manifestation of God. Please tell me details about it.

And here’s another question.

Q: As you always mention, victory or defeat, not so, conflict and comparison will make us lose God-consciousness, MARTH. I think it is a very important message. I’d like to know about it.

I think I’ll answer these four questions. They may be a bit too long, but it’s already nighttime, I hope you don’t mind. I play “L’amore e” as the background music today.

Well, first, talking about the end of separation is talking about the end of the ego, and it is about selflessness and one being.

It may sound extremely difficult with the viewpoint of the ego, but the reason is that our society is that of separation. We have no one to blame.

The society of separation is that of the ego. The society of God is a world of one being. As I mentioned while ago, the world of God or of the creator is connected as one. It is a dream of one being.

This world is made of some materials of a dream of one being, of Creator. They are called elementary particles or quanta. Scientists of quantum mechanics will prove that they are made of thoughts when they examine them. Ah! These are really thoughts.

We basically need to consider that this is a world of virtual reality movies produced by thoughts. Otherwise, it won’t be a real spiritual world. True religiousness is to be one being or love because this world is made of it. It is made of it scientifically. I think scientists need to study it and reveal it as a mission.

And, because of this, victory or defeat, victory or defeat of the ego, separation, conflict, and comparison will certainly make us lose the God-consciousness of oneness and love, who are a manifestation of God, of Creator, of love, and of one being.

The questionnaire kindly says this is extremely important, and I think he is right. When we lose God-consciousness and the quality of oneness, it will be fatal for a manifestation of God.

And everybody is a manifestation of God, of love, and of one being. We are made of such thoughts. We are Its children. Therefore, we are entrusted with creation within a certain range.

I think you may consider, we are entrusted with creation within a certain range, because we are children, not so, the other self of the subject of creation.
We are to create a world of oneness, a beautiful world within the range which we are entrusted with.

Gods, or heaven, or love or the subject of creation entrusted a certain range with us. And why they say gods is only that there are many children of God, and all people are originally It.

No, you are not right. You may say there should be someone special, but there isn’t. Animals, aliens, and all beings made of elementary particles are love.

Because elementary particles are thoughts of the subject of creation. They are a virtual reality movie made of thoughts.

You need to examine it thoroughly from now on because it may be only a silly talk of MARTH.

It should be your mission, especially the scientist’s mission, to study it and prove it scientifically.

When enlightened people know it and realize it, or when they understand such ancient records, they talk about the ending of the ego, No-Mind, in other words, returning to Shinga.

However, such remarks are inconvenient. Everything is conflict in the society of separation, competition, and of conflict, including athletic games.

The view of oneness may be inconvenient in the world of competition or comparison. The value of love, true essence, and oneness may not be favorable in the current society.

It cannot be helped that the leaders who have the value of separation try to destroy what such enlightened people found. I am always destroyed because of such reason. It is unavoidable.

It is not that certain people are good or bad. We have developed societies of separation, and humanity has continued to separate, to compete, to compare, to fight, to conflict, and to kill, and to be killed for a long time and encouraged doing them.

That makes all the sadness, problems, and sufferings of humanity. Someone told me that we cannot release such happy and blissful hormone and solution and depend on the drugs accordingly. I think he is right.

We have no love. We have the quality of oneness. Then, we suffer. We may try to awaken ourselves or punish us for awareness as we are made of the ocean of elementary particles, of the ocean of love, and of thoughts of love. Please study it, as well.

Talking about a relationship between the limit of a function of our brain and separation, when the thumb or the index finger tries to protect only itself, it doesn’t need much effort.

However, we need to save the entire universe to make the entire universe better. Children of the subject of creation have various kinds of talents because we are entrusted with a mission to make all people, all animals, and everything wonderful. We have an important mission to do the best work, united with the universe and all beings.

I had such awareness in my youth. And such legends have been conveyed since ancient times.

Originally, all of us have a complete function of the brain because we are children of God, of the universe, a manifestation of the subject of creation, and a part of It. We can think of the whole. We can connect with all beings. We can connect with everything, every life, and every animal.

All so-called minerals, everything made of thoughts, everything made of thoughts of the subject of creation, and the entire virtual reality movie communicate with each other and think about the direction of the entire universe and how they can contribute. For this purpose, everything is given different abilities.

Unless they do as such, only three percent of the brain doesn’t function. People who contribute to the whole, all potential capabilities will flower. Then, they will make use of the whole brain.

And when we are separate, fight or conflict, we will not release the solution of bliss, or I should say hormone. Then, we will feel pain. Fight, conflict, and separation come from fear. The cause of fear is separation. Therefore, we will feel extremely painful and afraid. It is inevitable that we depend on drugs or alcohol. When all of you return to love, to one being, and feel blissful, you won’t depend on such things.
Please examine it yourself.

And here, quanta and elementary particles are a manifestation of God, made of thoughts of the subject of creation, and it is a virtual reality movie, well, I already talked about it.

He says I say as such and he is right. Though we call them a word such as a quantum, or an elementary particle, its true nature is God’s energy, in other words, substance or energy, which is made of thoughts of the subject of creation.

Therefore, as MARTH always mentions, in the society of victory or defeat, competition, comparison, separation, and conflict, which we continued for thousands of years, all people lose God-consciousness.

We lose a life of joy and bliss. Or we lose enlightenment, awareness, or if I express it with a trendy word, ascension, or something like that.
We will lose joy, bliss or ascension, and everything.

When we are separate, or while we try to win, we cannot love. We cannot become God while trying to win. We can receive God-consciousness, enlightenment, beauty, brightness, youth, and everything when we let others win. When we are separate, however, we will become extremely aged, extremely suffer. We will need something that changes such a state of mind. For this purpose, we may have to develop drugs and other things.

When you return to one being, to love, to the original self, you will love others, all of you will shine, become wonderful leaders, live a wonderful life, and achieve all kinds of success, prosperity, true prosperity, and success.

Please examine it yourself. They may be a silly talk of MARTH. Scientists, medical people, and all human beings, please study and examine them.

The solution is released only when we have love when we are one being, blissful, and enlightened. It will never be released when we try to win when we resent or hate. And we will truly prosper and succeed only when we have it.

According to a promise of Abraham, we will prosper at that time. Sperms will be energetic, and egg cells will be energetic. And when everybody becomes love, they will be beautiful. Everybody will be blissful, healthy, young, successful. Every possible good thing can be found in one being.

Unfortunately, however, the current society has believed in separation. It is only that we didn’t know we are scientifically connected as one.

If you realize it, a wonderful life will be waiting for you. And this is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH, to convey it to you. I’ll see you again soon.

Hi. Open talk session time has come today. Let me introduce the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I listen to your message every day. I want to become happier. I want to live in love. I want to create a world of oneness, a magnificent world, a magnificent business, and a magnificent country. I adore such beautiful things now. How can we create such a beautiful world on the earth? Please tell us, concretely.

Thank you for your excellent question.

First of all, we need to realize that humanity is connected as one as elementary particles, we are made of elementary particles, in reality, we are eternal, all people are a manifestation of love, of God, children of God, not so, the subject of the universe and of creation, and everything is a manifestation of Shinga.

Humanity needs to awaken to such true reality, truth, and something real that everything has consciousness, we are in the unknown and mystical forever, and it is eternally unknown.

And, we may not stop attacking until all of us realize it, convey it, and we realize everyone is connected as one.

It cannot be helped that humanity believes in separation, fights, conflicts, deceives, betrays, hates, becomes afraid, doubts, and suffers because the society of separation has continued for such a long time.

There’s nobody to blame, but we have lived in the society of separation, of competition, and of fighting for hundreds of thousands of years.
I think people who suffer from all kinds of conflicts are not to blame.

However, even if you are awakened, you realize love, oneness, and become happy and peaceful, people who haven’t will attack.

Then, there will be no world of love, no world of happiness. There are doubt, hatred, and a sense of separation. Then, happy, and blissful hormones are not released, and people suffer in various ways.

And elementary particles don’t circulate electrons in good order. Atoms get out of order. Quanta and photons, as well. Everything will be painful. Elementary particles may punish you for awakening yourself. Something to awaken you may occur.

The businesses, politics, medicine, and all things will not work well.

Within a state of separation, people lose God’s consciousness. You will lose children of God, children of Shinga, and a manifestation of love. That will be extremely painful, and bliss and happiness are difficult to achieve. Moreover, your elementary particles will take various means to make you realize it.

Elementary particles are connected with everything as one, to begin with. To the farthest end of the universe, it is a dream of the subject of creation, made of something like a dream. Therefore, elementary particles of a beautiful dream of the subject or what to call, something we call as such, is immeasurable.

It likes oneness because it is one being. Everything is connected as one, just like fingers are connected. Each has its own character, beauty, and role.

Strong ones, weak ones, gentle ones, powerful ones, people who think carefully, those who act immediately, and various kinds of people have various sides of the universe and try to create a beautiful world of love together. That will be the true beauty of this world.

You say you want to regain it and to live as such. I think it is wonderful, and exactly it is what humanity has to learn from now on. Everybody will go towards it soon.

Everybody will not try to awaken him, make him realize, and punish him within the world of oneness. Everybody will cooperate, dream the same dream, love the world and people, respect others. Everybody will be happy, and everything in the universe will be filled with joy. Everybody will be able to live in gratitude and love.

Everything will be given by heaven. Every bliss will be back. You will find a beautiful world there.

And what is most important now is some kind of media. I heartily feel the internet has been given to us.

I was a vice president of Apple Japan when I was about twenty-six years old. I am only 1 year younger than Mr. Jobs. Thanks to the world of the internet, which he dreamed of, and people all over the world can learn the value of oneness.

People will start sending information on the science of oneness and that the universe is connected as one, for free and without being falsified. People all over the world will start to realize and to convey that elementary particles, electrons, photons, and everything are connected as one and that it is scientifically becoming the world of one being.

And wars, conflicts, distrust, hatred, every possible deceiving, anger, resentment, inferiority complex, loneliness, and everything will be gone. Relativity will be gone within the space of oneness. All people will become happy because they are one being eternal. The day will come soon when all people realize that they are in a changing eternity and live in beauty and splendor.

I heartily hope all people realize it, that all conflicts, attacks, and doubts will disappear, and all people become happy and shine as a true manifestation of love.

I’ll see you again. This is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.

Hi. I’ll start with an open talk session tonight, too. Here’s the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I often hear the world is ruled by evil people, such as aliens, devils, and as such. Is it true? What do you think about it?

I’ve never seen an alien, but one of our staff says he saw a UFO while riding on a bus. I don’t think he is lying, and maybe it is true.

Well, even bad people or bad aliens, everything is made of love, everything is made of the ocean of elementary particles of oneness. If some people believe in separation and become evil, they will punish themselves after all.

Why I have such an unusual value or thought is that my father worked for the Tokyo district prosecutor’s office and that he investigated criminals. During investigations, he found their pain and sadness come from separation, a lack of love, suffering, and pain, which they experienced in such a family.

And a value or thoughts in a mother’s womb affects a child. I think you should ask Dr. Ikegawa about this.

As a wise man, Krishnamurti said, karma is a thought. If values and thoughts are of separation, people will really suffer and have pain. If your parents and ancestors believe in separation, fighting, and victory or defeat, you will suffer as well.
And within the value of separation, the ego is boosted, fear increases, and you will feel painful.
The ocean of elementary particles, of electrons, and of quanta hates separation.

If aliens really exist, I think they understand electrons and quanta extremely reject disorders and such value of separation, with such a device as a microscope, or something similar to it.
I think, if there are aliens or people from the universe, they know the love of the universe, live in love, in one being, in Shinga, consider others, love the self who looks other, respect them, and they prosper and succeed accordingly.

Our staff who saw aliens or the UFO said he found something huge flying outside the window while riding on a sightseeing bus in his childhood. He saw the object was following the bus. But he is still alive and not injured or anything. He wasn’t attacked by anything then.

The UFO was just flying along quite close to the bus. He said it was as big as five meters in diameter, and it looked friendly. Well, I don’t know much about the universe, but I know the entire world is made of the ocean of elementary particles, and the ocean of love.

And I know strong will work to punish some value and thought opposite to the law of the universe. In other words, elementary particles are made of will. They are made of the will of the subject of creation. It is a state of oneness, and one being. And this is conveyed in ancient legends.

I think that Isaiah, who founded our country, treasured it more than anything and had lived in the Middle East with such a value. He hoped to create a land according to the value in the east when he came here. I feel he hoped to create a beautiful world where people live in happiness, where there is neither control, nor possession, nor top and bottom, nor fight, nor conflict, nor the inferior, nor the superior, nor excelling others, nor encouraging a self-boost.

And about bad people, criminals, and those who are called violent criminals. It is real that they are possible to be enlightened before a death penalty.
Everybody, who knows love and the value of oneness, is made of the ocean of elementary particles, of love, a manifestation of love, and elementary particles, in reality.

Everyone is made of eternal love, but they didn’t know it. They didn’t know the value of oneness. They couldn’t learn love. For this reason, they punish themselves and die. My father continued to convey that a prison is a place where they learn to love to me.

While I was taking care of my music colleague or a trainee, I told him to visit a prison and receive love from criminals.

My sense may be out of tune with that of most of the people. I was raised by such a father in such an environment. My father often visited prisons throughout Japan. Because his job was to reform criminals.

If people have love, if they are brought up in love, their beautiful flowers will unfold. Everybody will suffer if brought up in separation, fighting, competition, and as such. Everybody will be afraid. Therefore, they deceive others, they fight and boost the ego. It is unavoidable.

But in such an environment, the world will become insane. There is no help that the world will become sick. Punishment only is not enough.

I feel that we will neither realize peace of the world, nor create Millenarianism unless we spread love and oneness to the entire world, let all our children realize the value, love each other, and create a loving world.

I cannot but feel that we will never realize the world of love unless all of us realize love, the value of oneness scientifically, unless we know that elementary particles, quanta, and electrons hate separation scientifically and unless all human beings awaken.

I hope all people including aliens, people who are involved in crimes, and those who stepped into the evil world, will realize one being, love, and reform themselves, reflect on themselves, return to love, love the world, and return to one being from the bottom of my heart.

This is only a silly talk of MARTH.

Hi. Open talk session time has come tonight. I’ll read the question. 

Q: I’m extremely concerned about “The Road to the East” and Isaiahnagid, which you convey to us. Your ancestors are from Awajishima Island. Would you please tell me the truth about it?

Well, I have several reasons why I don’t speak thoroughly about it. 

I have heard of many stories about ancient times, and I’ve read various ancient documents as my family managed temples and shrines. 

However, they are about ancient times. Rulers could have modified the documents for their own sake. I have no idea what they wanted. 

Therefore, historical facts are likely to be twisted. 

What I trust, however, is various thoughts he left behind. They were compatible with my thoughts and a state of the mind which a person of a beautiful heart definitely possessed. And I created poetry about it.   

What Isaiahnagid wanted to say is about his people whom he left behind, about the Ten Tribes who came with him, about Asir where he had to leave his cousins, fellows, and beloved people. He expressed such thoughts in the documents that he left. 

He conveyed that we need to live in oneness, to live in one being and in love, something that is important more than anything, this world is a manifestation of love and of one being. If we have a value which is stray from the quality of oneness, or if we think as such, we will send us a message, punish ourselves, and we won’t love ourselves. Such thoughts are expressed by him. 

His wish for people is to live humbly, without ruling other people, without expecting to possess, to love people, to love neighboring countries and thank for them, to respect neighbors, to love friends and families, and go towards justice, love and oneness with everyone, and to become happy can be found in the legends. I thought he, as a founding father of our country, had a wonderful value. 

However, I don’t want to talk about it deeply. This is a story as old as two thousand six hundred eighty years ago. I have no idea what was happening then. But I feel something; he, who lives as an electric body still now, was considerate of the people of this country, and of the king, who was his cousin whom he left behind. He loved people of the Kingdom of Judea and worried about them. I can feel such thoughts of him. And about this world, not so, Jesus Christ whom he foretold about. 

I think the beauty of this world is the ocean of elementary particles of oneness, the ocean of thoughts. If the ocean of thoughts of oneness is the true quality of ourselves, if love is our true essence, we are eternal. We are one being as elementary particles, not so, as the ocean of thoughts forever. 

He was desperately trying to convey that we need to live in love and one being, embraced by incredibly unknown and mystical space, beyond things called a substance. I just made it into poetry. 

This is a silly talk of your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night. 

Here’s an additional message. It’s about Isaiahnagid. 

He was a kind of priest and a spiritual person of religiousness and the love of oneness. I think, maybe because of it, he wanted to convey such things. And he founded our country. He was fed up with control, violence, wars, and so on. He hated them from the bottom of his heart. He treasured “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)” more than anything, conveyed it to his fellows, loved all, loved people because he considered control, subordination, control, possession, and every possible egoistical matter bad. 

I hope many leaders like him will be born. And I hope the current leaders will live as such. 

Then, the universe will be glad. The beautiful world of oneness, which we could say it is made of God’s thoughts, will bless you, protect you, love you, make you truly successful, truly wealthy, and truly prosperous. 

It is most important for us to return to one being, to love, to end the ego, to live in love and one being regardless of the ego, and of illusions. I will send his wish to people of the modern age. 

This is your silly guest speaker, MARTH.