Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the message and the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. I major in quantum mechanics at my university. I am very interested in your opinion about quanta. I’m extremely interested in the quality of oneness. Would you please talk more about it?

This is his question. Well, elementary particles, quanta, or photons, electrons, and as such are made of consciousness or thoughts. And such scientists as David Bohm, Niels Bohr, and many others already knew it one hundred years ago.
The problem is related to the quality of oneness. Scientists and all people have lost the quality of oneness and love within the society of separation. I think Dr. Bohm went to Krishnamurti to learn it.
This quality of oneness is quite natural in the land of “Wa (harmony)”, Japan. There is an expression, “to return to the one source” in Japan. Soldiers often said they would return to the one source during their final moments. If I put it into religious words, that is to return to the subject of creation, to return to Shinga, to love, and to one being.
And the elementary particles are thoughts. Whose? God’s, the thoughts are of the creator, of the subject of creation. It was written in ancient documents since the era of Mu. That means science in Mu era was quantum mechanics, and it is wonderful.
The civilization understood the value of oneness, and that this world is eternally unknown and mystical. So, it was a half-spiritualized and half-materialized world. Human thoughts and ideas are within the unknown and mystical. I think people had a strong value that this world is not reality.

Therefore, the density of the substances was very low. We can find it in ancient documents. And it seems they had some kind of vehicle as UFO in ancient times, in super-ancient times.
From the viewpoint of Sidi, however, there is no need for such vehicles. For example, teleportation, time travel, or going through the wall, or half-gravity, and as such are still possible in the world of Yoga. From the viewpoint of Sidi, the various beautiful phenomenon is possible in the society where a sense of reality is weak, and where people regained the quality of oneness.
Please study quantum mechanics from such a viewpoint. Then, you will see the subject of creation, the world, which is a dream of Shinga, thoughts of the subject of creation, everything made of consciousness, and everything that we call substance.
All molecules are made of elementary particles. They are made of dream of God, and of love, and it is one being.
When you find it is one being, and a dream of one, think of our body, which I often talk about.
If cells of the lungs and those of the kidney fight, or if cells of the liver fight with other cells, you yourself don’t like it. You want all of them to get along well and stay as one. You want them to support each other. If they are too separate and egoistical, T cells or white blood cells will attack them.
I always try to say I hope you will live in love with the quality of oneness to avoid such troubles.
You may punish yourself. Elementary particles, love, and one being will destroy yourself if you believe in separation.
I have a friend whose name is Edward Suzuki and a great architect. He graduated from Harvard University and worked part-time at Mr. Buckminster Fuller’s office when he was young. We got along very well, and he always told me that two of us are connected by love.

He thoroughly studied quantum mechanics and created structure skeletons of quanta, of atoms, and various other things.
He continued to convey that the world is one being and love for a long time until he deceased.
He was an architect and, at the same time, a man of love. He was a very wonderful friend of mine.
Humanity will awaken to the value of oneness. We will find that it is a dream of one being, elementary particles are the subject of creation, a dream of God, and thoughts of God. And people will realize that everything is made of love. I cannot but feel that the world with such awareness will be incredibly beautiful.

If now, you believe in separation, fighting, and that you will destroy others and ruin them, you will destroy yourself.
To avoid it, I hope people will return to love, to the true essence, to the true self, and that you will treasure people, love other countries, love neighbors, and everyone.
I hope people will create wonderful earth, where they respect all life, all manifestations of love called substances, and a manifestation of God, thoroughly realize that it is science, discover, awaken, and have wonderful experiences from the bottom of my heart.
This is all for now today. It was a silly talk by MARTH. I will continue on to the inner session a little bit. Good night!

Here’s an additional talk. I received a question from a student who studies quantum mechanics. What is most important is that Sidi, which is called “white magic” in the world of New Age and various other names, is something like quanta. It is the ocean of elementary particles, the ocean of love, of the subject of creation, and of one being.
What you need to be concerned is that it is connected as one and love. Desires, expectations, and hopes of the ego don’t please the universe. In a sense, elementary particles hate separation and fighting.

And hopes, ambitions, and expectations of the ego will become real. The materialization of the thoughts may punish ourselves, judge ourselves, or become a message for awakening.
They are quite dangerous. Unless humanity lives in love, with the quality of oneness, we will never do well. I’d like to say that is the biggest reason for our failure. And this is just silly talk.

Hi. This is the inner corner.
A man is born to a world of love. He is born to the world of God, of love, and of one being, as a manifestation of love, and of God.

What if he learns separation to fight with something there? What if he believes in it in such a society, at such a family, and himself?
Fighting with something will bring us an ego. That means we are separated from the universe, from one being, from love, from one source, and we are egoistical and separated. And what do you mean by fighting with others? It is fear.

When we believe in someone who is connected as one, as other, and fight with it, it will bring us tremendous fear. Children will be afraid to live a life. They always have to fight with others. They always have to be separate. Then, a kind of substance doesn’t excrete in the brain naturally.
Various hormones and liquids don’t come out, which can bring us love, peace, happiness, and bliss and ease pain in our body. We will not feel peacefulness and love.

And people will be dependent on drugs. They will need alcohol, tobacco, and various other things. They need something that releases stress.
Tremendous energy caused by suppression, oppression, and endurance is accumulated within them. And they will push them to other people.

And what will be born out from there? The separation causes certain damage to us. We will fight with others, harm them, and destroy the self, which looks the other. We will attack enemies. We may try to win, become somebody, and great. Then, what will happen? We will punish ourselves.

This is the mechanism of the universe.