What is the value of oneness since ancient times?

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Today Lili is here, and please excuse her if she is noisy. She seems to be sleeping now.
Then, I’ll start reading the letter, no, it is not a letter, but a message or a mail.

Recently, I profoundly think of “Wa-Suru” conveyed since ancient times to Japan. I thoroughly feel that you want to convey that various people who came back from overseas, Isaiah and everybody realized the value of oneness since the era of Mu and of Jomon. I’m extremely interested in it. Please talk about it!
I received such a question. You’re right. I started creating healing music since I was young. And to my concerts, many people of the spiritual world, or the people in the self-help seminar industry, and essential people in the world came to a small live concert, which I held weekly. I heard various stories from extremely famous people who came to the concert when I was young.

And I developed a resort with a teacher who I learned such things as quantum mechanics from. In this sense, I was familiar with various information since I was young.
This is my personal view, there was an ancient civilization, whether it is called Mu or not, the super-ancient civilization was magnificent, in harmony with nature, where people understood science not at a level of molecules, but above the level of elementary particles.
And it influenced Vedha and appears in various ancient documents in Japan. I can catch a glimpse that wise men, who became well-known later, enlightened people, and everyone in the world came to Japan to learn it.
It may neither have been named Japan nor Mu at that time, but now it is called as such, or Jomon, an unknown civilization, had an extremely high level of science.
This universe is connected as one, and it hates separation. I think their investigation of science at a level of elementary particles, of electrons, and of photons was incredibly profound. Naturally, every study, including astronomy, was extremely advanced.
You can find legends or documents left that such wise men of the spiritual world or highly conscious people in the world came here to learn it. And I had many chances to see actual documents when I was young.

And I also experienced much about Vedha, about Sidhi. I learned that our collective consciousness has become that of separation and fighting.
That means the value of the unknown and mystical, the value like the teaching of Socrates is weakened.

Everybody has a sense of reality, a sense of separation, and the sense of separation is the sense of reality. Then, it will bring us a problem of death as a reality. Certainly, we will see a problem of death, and of the end of molecules.
However, ancient people have a view at a level of elementary particles, of electrons. Their value and thoughts for life are far advanced than those of the current science.

I think they had values and thoughts of quantum mechanics in the current science. It seems they understood the world is like a subject of creation, this dream-like world is a virtual reality movie, a movie made of thoughts in ancient times.
On the other hand, we human beings are entrusted with creation to a certain extent as children and a part of the universe. And if everybody is involved in the separation, fighting, competition, and comparison, the universe will consider them disgusting as elementary particles, and one being of creation. It is as if the organs fight with each other, or cells compete with other cells with the ego, fight, deceive, and as such.

Therefore, the very person, the owner of the body, or the subject of creation immediately will hate it. It will send out messages. White blood cells will come. T cells will come, and various things will influence the destiny of the person. It will send him a message. It will give him something like a punishment. And ancient people seem to have understood it as a scientific fact.
The current quantum mechanics scientists should study how much electrons hate a negative value of separation, how much photons hate it, and why electrons get out of order. In other words, they circulate, and some scientists call it π, electrons get out of order. In other words, entropy increases. Within the world of one being, it will definitely make trouble if ego is born in a body or if a cell, which is a part of the body, becomes egoistical, fight with other cells, and consider them as other.

I personally think scientists will reveal the universe works in the same way.
And talking about the bible, I talked about it yesterday, and I understand that those ancient people of Judea are related to Mu, or I could say, to the Jomon civilization. Their standpoint is the quality of oneness, of selflessness.

And like the cells in a body, they are connected as one even if each cell has a different role. They function with such value.

And what shall I say, and they produced several things with such value. And I’m not so familiar with them, but, for example, it says, “Love your enemies” in the story of Jona. When God or the subject of creation, told him to go to the enemies to notify, he rejected it. Jona, as a prophet, could see through the future and knew that they will be destroyed by them. And he refused to bear the role, saying, “I don’t want to help them! They are enemies!”

Well, I don’t know the entire bible. I know only a part of it, but I think it is a book to bring up such issues of hostility, rivalry, a sense of separation, and fear.
And ancient people of Judea respected “Wa (harmony)”. They considered love and the quality of oneness as the law of success. They hated boost, uplift, and preservation of the ego. They were in harmony with the law of the universe.
I personally consider they had the same value as the one in extremely good and advanced civilization in ancient times, which we call Mu.

And I think the bible has a lot of stories about how we will become if we stray from oneness.
Various religious groups were born later, and what is most important and fundamental about the book (the bible) is to love others, to love other organizations, to love other groups and respect them, and neither fight nor conflict.
So, the universe hates that we deceive others, attack them, and destroy them. The universe loves that everybody will cooperate and live in love, treasure other’s belonging more than theirs, and they will not harm others even if hurt by them.
In other words, people can manage well as they neither compete nor fight. And they will prosper. They will succeed. They will have true prosperity and true wealth. They will prosper for generations.

So, I think it is made of stories that prevent us from boosting the ego, from doubt, resentment, hatred, and as such. I understand they are in tune with a level of elementary particles and give us immeasurably important teachings with the viewpoint of this world, which is a dream of the subject of creation.

And we Japanese people and the people of Yamato come from such background, and our basic value is to “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)”. I think we have such a national character that hates separation since ancient times.
We are connected as one. We are one being, and each of us has a different talent. Everybody is different. Each group has different ability and different talent. All of us cooperate to create a wonderful world which the universe wishes for, God wishes for, and the subject of creation wishes for.

I think such a basic belief that we should love each group, respect, and treasure other people more than our own family, and we will be happy, is the treasure of our country.
It will be sad if it is lost, and I think “Wa-Suru” is what the people in the world want to know.
Then, what is the treasure of Japan? Probably our culture is, which understands this world is unknown, mystical, one being, and a dream of one being.
People of ancient Judea came to Japan, including Isaiah, and they hoped to create such a wonderful land, but the ten tribes came here after the painful experience in the captivity in Babylon.

I feel there will be messages, pains, problems, and troubles when the quality of the unknown and mystical and of oneness decreases within the value of pains, fighting, and conflict.
I think we need to overcome death by realizing the quality of the unknown and mystical, and of oneness for true prosperity of the world, and for our true success and prosperity. We need to enter into eternity. The world of elementary particles is eternal. I consider we have come to an era when we need to be awakened to the real world beyond the world where molecules decay.
I don’t mind if you think this is a silly talk by MARTH. This is all for today. Good night!

Here’s an additional message. I forgot to tell you something. People often say “guilt” or “punishment” in their conversation. Guilt may come from the bible, and if there is one, I think it is a separation.
Or it is to lose the quality of eternity, of oneness, and beauty from the viewpoint of molecules, though we are in the unknown and mystical.
It is the world where we are not made to fight with others and as such.
In other words, the world not made of molecules but made of elementary particles are connected as one, unknown and mystical. It lasts forever. It is an immeasurable world of one being, and the world made of thoughts. If we consider the world as such, it will be guilt not to consider it as such. In other words, it is not a scientific truth.

And to discourage such acts as separating, fighting, resenting, hating, killing, deceiving, and as such is the teaching of the ancient Judea, in other words, that of Mu or of Jomon. And I wonder wise people in the world came to Japan to learn it.
I think conveying it to the world is a mission of the people of Yamato and the people of ancient Judea and a mission of the people who have succeeded scientific understanding of Jomon and Mu. This is MARTH’s silly understanding about it. I’ll see you again.