Will humanity become happy with a belief of separation, without the support of the universe of one being?

Hi. The time for the open talk session has come. I’d like to read the question, the message first.

Q: Dear MARTH. You insist on a problem of separation. I realize that it is a problem of value that doesn’t fit elementary particles, God, or the quality of oneness.

Recently, I somehow feel it is wonderful to maintain the quality of oneness or to live with it. I’d like you to talk about goodness and the benefit of oneness. Thank you.
I received such a message. Simply speaking, the simplest way to convey it is to compare it to our body. The heart, the lungs, the kidneys, and the liver fight. Or cells in each organ make a group and fight with other cells, though they are connected as one.
This is what’s happening in the world. On the other hand, we don’t believe in the world of oneness.
Here’s another example. Cells of the liver and those of the kidneys fight with each other. For the body itself, it is unpleasant because there is a war going inside it.
Other than those, white blood cells, T cells, and various other substances to prevent fighting and inflammation are released in the body.
If the cells continue to fight, they will be punished. They will be attacked. They will get into trouble. I’m just telling you that the universe works as such.
Humanity has believed that it is a matter of fight between A and B until now. However, the fight between them is unpleasant for God of oneness, or the subject of creation. Because all is God, and everything is It. He hates a fight within him because both of them are He.
Rather than discussing which is good or bad, we need to realize that it is not good for parts of God to fight on the platform of God, not so, in the world of God, and for the parts of God to fight there.
And if you want to be awakened to it well, if you want to learn it, think of the third being. Think of God, or heaven, the universe, the subject of creation, elementary particles, and electrons.
If you are constantly aware of the enormous being with which we are connected, you will find the fight between A and B is extremely partial.
We tend to think with the left brain that we will be attacked unless we this, or we will be attacked by B unless we have this weapon. But why don’t we wonder if we are attacked by heaven? Why don’t we wonder if we are reprimanded by the universe or God? You may get into great trouble. You may receive an extremely bad message.
Besides, you, yourself, are made of elementary particles. Your molecules are made of elementary particles, and you are a manifestation of God, and of love. The fact that you are made of elementary particles and electrons means that you will be disliked by yourself and punished by yourself.
So, it’s not about whether someone is watching you or not. It’s not about God is watching you or not, but you yourself are a manifestation of God, of love, and of elementary particles. Without such awareness, you won’t receive any benefit.
Always try to aware if it is beneficial for the universe, for heaven, and for God.
Therefore, people of ancient Judea, including Isaiah, always treasured “Wa-Suru”. They treasured being loved from the viewpoint of heaven or God.
In other words, why can we make a success without any support from God? Why can we prosper without His help?
What if your body, your health, your life, your family and friends, your country, your business, and everything are not supported by heaven, by elementary particles, or by love? I feel it is extremely un-scientific not to consider the support of living in such a world.
It is not only a fight between A and B. A and B are connected with each other as one.
What is most important is to love others, to respect people who look others, and to love each other. If you have any organization, love other organizations. Respect other businesses first. Treasure other people first.
People with such a heart will make a true success, truly shine, truly love themselves. Because the universe, God, heaven, elementary particles, and electrons will love them and take sides with them. I feel such an understanding is great.
But then, you don’t have to believe in what MARTH said blindly. This is just his silly talk.
This was your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good night.