Realizing the sadness of separation, we will live together beyond any boundary

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Recently, it seems our staff calls it “MARTH’s silly talk corner”. So, let me start today’s silly talk and read the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I feel you said when A and B fight, the base where they fight itself in the field of God, the field of love, and of elementary particles.
And we normally see things something between A and B, and we don’t include the third consciousness in our consideration. I feel you say that it is a big problem. Please talk about it.

I received such a profound message, and he is right.

For example, think of the inside of your body, the kidney fight with the liver, or cells of the lungs and those of the heart fight and as such. The existing society of separation is that of conflict.

The whole world is in conflict. Everybody is fighting, comparing, and competing in the world of separation of the ego.

Then, where do you fight? “Well, excuse me! You are fighting in my body”. says God, heaven, the universe, the subject of creation. This is the viewpoint of God that It says you are fighting in my body, on my earth, and all of you are a part of myself.

I definitely feel we don’t take this into account.

So, heaven or the universe, talking about the body, everything is you, your cells, and you want all of them to be friendly.

Because of the severity of the problem, you might have to exclude the diseased part by surgery or to attack or kill cancer cells with an anticancer drug. You may not be able to avoid it.
However, it is preferable for you that the diseased cells are healed, or the part in trouble realizes the cause of a problem.
And you mentioned the third consciousness, in other words, your consciousness. It’s not one of cells but of yourself, of love, God, the true essence, and so on.
All of us are fighting in the world of competition, of comparison and of the ego. And I myself had such experience in my youth.
I attended a self-help seminar in the first half of my twenties for the first time. My trainer said he threw firebombs when he was involved in an activist movement,

maybe something like a students’ self-government organization, in his college days to fight with the society when he was young.
He said he threw the firebombs with his girlfriend, and she lost her eyesight because of an accident.

When he confessed that he was silly enough to fight, I saw myself in him. I’m not from the same generation as he, but I was a leader of “*Crystal zoku (tribe)”.

I thought I should not have been involved in such fighting and conflict. I was foolish. I would never join such fighting and conflict.
We haven’t realized that we are involved in the fight, conflict, competition, comparison, and so on in the society of separation.

Our thought that we really want to stop them, and that we feel they are really disgusting makes us return to the true essence. And feeling sad and crying hard about it will heal us.

I accepted and realized myself that I had been fighting in my life, I didn’t want to lose, and I always competed with others in my twenties.
And I think it is extremely good and healing that we cry for such reasons and broke a shell of the ego.

The world of gods, the world of love, made of elementary particles, the world of oneness, and the whole universe, or Shinga, the world of the subject of creation, the world of a dream of creation, a dream of one being, we can call it with various words,

the true essence, love, or the true self deep within you, I think it is the third consciousness which you just mentioned.
It is very important. The third consciousness makes us awaken, makes us realize, punishes us, and sends us a message. It will bring us a breakdown and various other things for awakening.
It will soothe us extremely that we realize our own desires, ambitions, expectations, pains caused by separation, how you suffer, and how much you have pain because of separation.

It is inevitable that we have become such as the society is separated, and it may not be our fault. But we realize, cry hard and return to the true self, and to the true essence. Indeed, it is wonderful.
I thoroughly think that it is an inevitable stage for us to heal the world and create a wonderful and healing world of love.

I have an idea right now in this sense. Many people send messages to MARTH now.

I’m thinking of a sharing corner on my website where you can share how you were hurt by fighting in the society of separation, how you suffered and how much pain you had while fighting, what you lost in the fighting, what you destroyed in it,

how sad and painful you were in the society of separation, and how you tried to survive in it. I somehow think you can read such sharing and grow together.

If there is such a corner and everybody posts his sharing story, you may sympathize, realize you had a similar experience, that you fought, you didn’t want to lose, you suffered,

you resented, and you may be able to accept yourself, to let you cry, to heal,

and to reflect on yourself, what shall I say, you may be able to cry hard, you think of living a new life, and regain the true self and true order. I hope there will be such a corner. I hope our staff will set up such a corner.

This is all for now today. This was your guest speaker, MARTH, from his silly talk corner. Good night!

Here’s some additional talk. I am currently creating an introduction, the intermediate part, and the ending of the music for recording, and I’m also reviewing the lyrics. This is a project to hold a recording concert of “L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” at Dvorak Hall in Prague.
We can do it remotely from the hall, and I don’t have to be there, but at the same time, we are planning to play with the orchestra. And there is a phrase of the lyrics, “I’m going to live with you” which is a high point of the song.
And I unknowingly thought that the thought to live with all people in the entire world regardless of an enemy or of an ally can heal us.

We have fought with each other in the world of separation, continued control, management, and fear, and suffered from them. Both the people who control and who are controlled suffered from them. Instead, we start living together with each other.

And I’m reviewing a high point of the lyrics, ““L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” and trying to correct it. It says, “I’m going to live with you, forever with you, I’ll live to do as much as I can for a beautiful planet.”
It is a kind of feeling that I’m going to live with you forever, I’m going to live with the people in the whole world beyond any boundary, beyond any separation.
If we can think as such, all of us will surely become happy, we will feel healing, we will release the quality of separation from us, and we will lose the enemy within us. I added this little additional message as I thought as such.

Therefore, you will live with the people who you couldn’t forgive most, who you felt most hostile against, who you separated most from, and who you fought most with.

And you are the love itself to say that you will live with them forever. It may be forgiveness. That will soothe you most. You forgive something or love which you reacted against most and live with them together. Thinking of the future when you live with them together, I feel it will feel everybody.

When you accept to live together with the things you had been against most and the people you had been hostile most, I think you will regain love.

This was MARTH’s silly talk. I’ll see you again.