To transform the world into that of healing, what does humanity need now?

Hi. The time for the talk session has come tonight. This is a silly talk by MARTH. Let me read the question first.

Q: Hello, MARTH. I manage a hotel, or I should say an inn. I succeeded it from my father. We play your music (CD) in our inn. I feel you have led our industry to the world of healing.

And now, we are extremely suffering because of the pandemic. Please answer to my selfish question regarding the business management.

I received such a polite message from him.

We have been greatly indebted to people of ryokans (Japanese-style inn), hotels, and pharmacies for a long time.

We have a vision that we will make our country that of healing, and to make the world that of healing.

I am currently retired from management, but I developed Ganban Stone Spa, Shigaraki Ceramic Bath, and many others. And you ask me how I think of the current situation of the world as a businessperson.

I am with Lili now.

Frankly speaking, our home should be safe and sanitary from the point of view that I was involved in the travel industry.

Now, societies are unsafe and dangerous. It’s not about the problem of locking down the cities by the government. We’re not sure what people will do with secondhand things, poisons, and various other bad things in this world. This is a world where we doubt as such; in other words, it is the world of separation, fighting, resentment, hatred, inferiority complex, and every possible negative thing. It is the world where people say things like, “Just you wait! Don’t discriminate against me! You bastard! Damn!” and so on.

Businesspeople should consider such a situation as the utmost separation first. Within the society of utmost separation, people cannot trust others at all. It is a world filled with suspicious minds where we doubt if there is something poisonous close to us, or if there are some problems, and so on. I think you need to realize that our current situation may cause various problems first.

Well, this is only my silly opinion.

If you place it as a premise for your business, you will see what you need to do for it. I feel people think their homes are the safest places, and that they don’t want to associate with others in these days. They can rarely think of going for a travel or staying at a hotel or a ryokan.

However, you have your staff, buildings, and facilities. I think I will consider them as they belong to my company and start a new business.

When I managed a resort on Yoron Island, I employed about three hundred people. I had such numbers of staff and such large land as fifty thousand tsubos then. I would think of developing some products or services to sell as a company.

And what do people seek now in society? I think they seek for natural products, something made of natural farming, safe food, safe medicine, healthy and healing products.

People want to have them at home. They want their home as a space of “Iyashiro”. Talking about HEALING.’s products, they want such healing products as Ganban stone spa, healing stone couch, private Ganban for feet, healing bed and beddings, healing stone sofa, and as such. They want to have all their houses and buildings with healing items, if possible. Certainly, they tend to doubt if there is something pre-used by others when they go out.

I think it would be difficult to survive in the hospitality industry without solving such problems.

Whether it is an aircraft, a ship, or a car, you need to think about the quality of privacy and security.

The clean air, perfect security to avoid viruses, and bacteria are inevitable. Safe food, as well. Besides being safe, the food should be organic, or more than that, natural food, food is grown by natural farming and wild-grown food. We are in an era when we treasure such foods.

People from the primary industry, farmers, fishermen, and everyone need to cooperate with each other and produce everything natural. We need to return to nature in the whole world, to return to “Iyashiro”.

The whole world becomes that of healing where electrons circulate in order, and all of us can live in happiness and beauty. I always lived my life with such a premise to be an entrepreneur.

We need to create a world where people can live with true health, true healing, and true splendor. I hope there will be doctors, practitioners, farmers, fishermen, and people who have such wisdom of healing.

There are extremely wonderful things which follow the order of nature, good for our health, and many wonderful things filled with such energy of nature, of herbs, of biotechnology. I think it is inevitable for us to spread such things to the whole world.

Now is the time when all businesspeople head for such direction. I think it will be most important for us to do our best to create a world where people can live safely, happily, and blissfully both in their body and mind.

I think it is very important to sell such good products. In fact, we try to create such things and to sell them.

If you want to sell your fish and vegetables, please contact HEALING. They can buy your products.

We have asked people who can create such products for the production, and sold them to those who needed them. We have done as such to make the world a place of healing and Japan, a country of healing. We’re not sure how much we have achieved so far, but we have worked with people of the hospitality industry and of pharmacies.

Cars, aircrafts, houses, and of course, hotels and resorts need to be made as “Iyashiro”, healing, love, one being, and “Wa-Suru (harmonize)” from now on. Atoms, elementary particles, love, Shinga, the subject of creation, the world of its thoughts, the world of a dream, of one being, of one source, is our beautiful world, and its manifestation. I think we are in the era when we love each other, help each other, respect others and other countries to create a happy world.

Natural and sustainable food, fresh and healthy herbs, beautiful furniture, fantastic trains, wonderful cars, and magnificent aircrafts. They need to be filled with the love of oneness, electronically circulate in order, and fantastic at a level of elementary particles. I think we should operate a kind of business to make people healthy and happy with neither lies nor with fakes.

I think it inevitable for us to develop, create, produce, and sell such things as truly wonderful, genuine, pure, really natural, really made by natural farming, something truly in tune with nature, futons, and furniture made with natural materials, and as such.

I think such people should cooperate and create beautiful earth from now on, and I believe business people should do it now.

You don’t have to stick to the existing business. You can start anew at any moment. I have lived my life with such a thought.

Many businesspeople never think of monopolizing their products and services. We, the business people, will do our best to create a world where the whole world becomes happy, wealthy, and all people become wonderful, peaceful, healthy, and happy.

I wonder if we are in such an era. I wonder if heaven expects us to create such a world. I feel gods, Shinga, and the subject of creation expects us to create such products.

I don’t know if I answered your question, but MARTH and Lili sent you a silly talk together. Good night!

Here’s an additional message. If you have any management problems, or if you want to sell good products or to create such things, please contact HEALING.

I’m over sixty now and retired. Please contact not me, but our staff, Ms. Taniguchi, of HEALING. if you’re interested in becoming our dealer.

HEALING. has a lot of dealers in the hospitality industry. Please consult them if you are willing to start a new healing business. I’m not much of a businessperson. I’m retired and sing songs instead. I cannot help you directly, but I wanted to tell you to contact our company as an additional message. Good night.