How inevitable to end the separation as everybody is a part of the subject of creation?

Hi. The talk-time session has come tonight. I’ll start it with Lili accompanying, today.

She is enjoying the wind from a fan because it is a bit hot. She says, “Hah, hah, hah, hah”. Someone asks me who Lili is. She is a blond beauty. Yes, our beloved dog, a Golden Retriever. I’ll send today’s session with her. Here’s the question.

Q: I have thoroughly understood the problems of separation. Please tell me a concrete way to stop separation. Thank you very much.

I have such a message.

I may have to talk about this subject in today’s inner session, as well. I need to talk about the details. In other words, I think he means he wants to know a concrete way of ending the ego, ending separation.

First of all, what is important is you have to live in justice and in love. it is a law, and the universe made as such.

In the society of separation, there are people from the upper class or the lower class, and so on. Everybody is love on his own responsibility. Everybody has to act as a savior, or a manifestation of God, of love.   

Otherwise, he will receive a message. He will punish himself. He may destroy himself. I feel it is the law of the universe.

Therefore, in the world of conflict, it is natural that we feel resentment, feel like saying, “Shit! You bastard!” However, we need to realize it and end the ego. In other words, “I” didn’t exist. “I” was not existent. Because “I” didn’t exist, there is no “I” who was angry. You will realize that there is no self who becomes somebody, great or good.

That is a simple way to end the ego. Ah! When you realize “I” didn’t exist, there is no self who is angry, who is sad, who feels regretful, and who are disgusted. And who is it? It is always “I”. Without the self, we cannot feel disgusted. Unless we are alive, unless we exist in the world, we can neither become angry, nor laugh, nor resent.  

All our desires and ambitions will be gone. This is what the ending of the ego means. And this is a state of selflessness. I have always conveyed that the universe exists for the people who are selfless.

Gods, the universe, the subject of creation, a dream of one being, one source, in Japan, we say, return to the source. As soldiers said in a different way, we return to one being, return to one source.

This is what has been conveyed since the era of Mu, far before the Jomon era. Therefore, the world is a dream of one being. It is a dream of the subject of creation. It is a dream of God, a manifestation of love.

Therefore, ego is an illusion. The world being a dream of one being means there is only one. And who is the only one? There is no other than God. No other than the subject of creation. It is connected as one.

People felt as such in the ancient times in Japan and said that they will return to one source, return to one being, and return to Shinga.

As it is a dream of Shinga, it is natural to be love and one being. It is natural to be one. It is natural that “I” don’t exist. In other words, there is nothing but love. There is nothing but God.

On the other hand, each part of one being, if there are many selves like those in the story of “Monkey King”, I could say, other self, we are a manifestation of God, children of God, and other-self.

Other selves are all Messiah and saviors. All people have such responsibilities, in fact. Because they are a manifestation of God. They are the subject of creation, a manifestation of the creator. There is only one being, and the rest are other-selves. And each of them bears only a part of it.

I could say that we are responsible for creating our range of five hundred meters or three hundred meters. That is, if I become egotistical and say, “Shit! Damn it! You bastard”, I will affect the range of five-hundred-meter diameter. Because I am the subject of creation.

If I go deeper with Sidi and realize my thought, I will materialize with more tremendous force.

This is just a silly talk by MARTH.

You need to understand such a Sidi phenomenon. In this virtual reality world, in other words, in the world like a dream of the subject of creation, in the world made of thoughts of the creator and its other-selves, they are entrusted with each range.

Some people believe it will be realized by meditating collectively, but it is very difficult from the view of Sidi. In other words, white magic, black magic, well, I’m not sure I can say this.

I will talk more about it in the inner session. But it won’t be realized. If there is an ego, it is very difficult. Because we are a manifestation of the subject of creation, and its other self, we are entrusted materialization.

Therefore, if we use it for the ego, for ourselves, and for something egoistic, we will get feedback. We should use it for love, for people, for something beautiful, for ending a war, and for ending conflict. I think this is what the Sidi technique is for.

And I will say it again, all people are other-selves of the subject of creation, children of God, a manifestation of God, saviors, Messiah, or you can call it in any way, they are entrusted each part of the creation.

If you become egotistical, and if you act on behalf of the ego, separation, conflict, competition, comparison, and as such, or if you say some big guy said so or my boss said so and blame them, you will receive feedback. You will not forgive yourself. You will punish yourself.

We are other-selves of the subject of creation, we are other-selves of love, other-selves of God, all of us. And if it is not good from the religious point of view that we call it Messiah or the children of God, what about expressing that we are other-selves of God, of love, and the subject of creation?

Because we are other-selves, we will pursue justice and love, and we live for them. We will do our best for the entire universe, for all people,

for all lives, and for all things. Then, we will find happiness, bliss, true success, and Millenarianism.

On the other hand, people will definitely destroy themselves within fighting, conflict, separation, and the ego. MARTH thinks it is certain that we punish ourselves, we make us realize or awaken when we are wrong, as the subject of creation, as its manifestation, and as entrusted other-selves. 

Well, this is just silly talk. But it’s OK that each of us has his own belief.

I cannot but feel the confusion and troubles of the world come from separation. I feel it is more important to live a life that complies with the universe, gods, heaven, one being of creation, one source, and Shinga than anything if we want to make a great success and to become happy.

I will continue talking about this in the inner session. I’ll see you again. Silly talk time by MARTH. Good night.

Here’s some additional message. Well, I don’t have much knowledge about it, but the bible says, “In the beginning, there was the word” or “they eat fruits of the knowledge”. And Sidi has something quite common. They dispel knowledge by using mantras, and words, they are naming, so they release words and naming by sutras, and they release five senses and go deeper within.

In either way, “I” don’t exist means to return to selflessness. “I” am not existent. And the universe will be glad. The universe is one being, to begin with. It is one being. It is one source. Return to the source, return to one source, return to Shinga. This is what has been conveyed since the time of ancient Japan, not so, from a long,long time ago, since the time of a civilization called Mu.

Return to one source, one being, and we are a manifestation of one being, of love, of God, and other selves of God, of love, all of us. Therefore, it is natural that we live with justice. It is natural to live in love. Otherwise, we will receive a message. Humanity should examine it from now on. We should examine whether it is scientifically true.

The world of oneness has been referred since ancient times. It is a dream of one being. It is unknown and mystical, like a dream of the creator. Therefore, elementary particles are dream-like substances and made of thoughts. They are affected by thoughts. Science should reveal it now.

We are made of love. We are a manifestation of love, of God. We are other-selves of love. Therefore, we should live in justice. We cannot blame others. We ourselves live in love. We live in justice. We live in sincerity.

All doctors should be like “*Akahige”. All businesspeople should be those like “Akahige”. All public servants should live with love, with courage, and with purity.

All politicians should be loving. All religious people should love other religions. All people should love other people, other ethnic groups. Because we are connected as one, we should live as such. We have such responsibility.

Unless we bear the responsibility, we will try to awaken ourselves, punish ourselves, destroy ourselves, and make us turn to love, to the essence, to the true essence of reality. This is how I feel. All of them are silly talks by MARTH. Good night.

*Akahige (Read Beard)

A name of the doctor in a movie titled the same name, “Akahige”. Being filled with love and justice, he was loved by everybody.