[ADVANCE NOTICE – 08.22 ON AIR!] For the Opening of the World of Love

[ADVANCE NOTICE – 08.22 ON AIR!] For the Opening of the World of Love

and Voice Message #50 – The day when all people start a beautiful life as a manifestation of God (love)

We are going to make a recording soon in Prague, Czech in the coming week.
We’re pleased to announce that we will post a new movie of MARTH’s performance with the orchestra and choir as soon as it is ready. On Air at YouTube Worldwide on AUGUST 22, 2020!


“I hope to convey it from the bottom of my heart”

 “for the land (world) of promise where we can live in love”

All people in the whole world and the children of God, a manifestation of God, will live with true justice and create a paradise of love that lasts hundreds of thousands of years as the other-selves of God (love).

Everybody is one being and a manifestation of Shinga (love), they will flower beautifully.

I heartily hope this event will be the beginning of the creation of a beautiful world.

With such a deep wish in my heart, I created the music. We will do a recording in August 2020.

74 musicians and 48 singers of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra will play music under the baton of Adam Klemens.
We will do a live hall recording of the 2 songs, “Still, we are one” and “L’amore e – I will love you even after I’m gone – Requiem for the beloved” and at Dvorak Hall in Prague, the Czech.

Unfortunately, MARTH will not join them at the Czech, but he will sing along with CNSO musicians in Japan, together with the arranger and pianist, Celena. The daughters of Celena and MARTH are scheduled to appear, as well.

I hope all people in the world will realize who they really are and live in love and in true essence.    MARTH

#50 – The day when all people start a beautiful life as a manifestation of God (love)

Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. I heard you will have a recording for DVD at Dvorak Hall in the middle of August. I’d like to know more about it.

And the current confusing society, everybody is suffering from difficult problems, losing his friends, jobs, and so on. Please give me good advice.

I received such a message.

First, we will do a recording of 2 songs; the rearranged version of “L’ammore e – I will love you even after I lose my body” and the new song, “Still, we are one” at Dvorak hall in the Czech.

It’s a recording and filming for DVD, and over one hundred musicians will perform on the stage of Rudolfinum, and recording and filming crews will attend, but MARTH will not be there. He will stay in Japan and sing along with the orchestra.

I composed the introductory, intermediate, and ending parts of these two songs, so I created all by myself from the beginning to the end of the music. I did all at this time because they always blame me that I do careless work.

And Celena is currently arranging “Still, we are one” and Derek is re-arranging “L’amore e” in Los Angeles. I changed a little part of the lyrics of “L’amore e”. I changed it to reflect the present era.

And the song, “Still, we are one” has a theme that we are connected as one even if we hate people, if we fight, whether we like or not, the universe is connected as one, one being, still, it is one in the present era. 

And “L’amore e” has the lyrics that express, I will pursue love, live in love if the world is about to end, and if I lose my body.

Why do we live in love? Why are we connected as one still?

Because everybody is a manifestation of God, a manifestation of the universe, of Shinga in the world of one being, one source.

We are such a manifestation, other-self, and I want to convey it to the world. You are a manifestation of God, of love, of one being. You are made of elementary particles in the world of oneness. You should live as such, in fact. I’d like to convey it to everybody.

And as he asked me the question, we see various breakdowns in the entire world.

Well, as a manifestation of God and the other-self of It, if we don’t realize such things, if we don’t know it and cannot live as such, we will try to awaken us, make us realize it. I feel that’s what is happening now.

In other words, because you are beautiful and love, because you are a manifestation of the universe, in fact, a manifestation of Shinga, of the subject of creation, and Its child, I feel you will make you realize it, punish yourself, or make you awaken if you don’t live as such if you fight and live in separation.

Please make sure this is only a silly talk by MARTH.

On the other hand, if everybody lives in love, lives as one being, lives in the justice as Its child, love people who look other, respect them, dedicate yourself to love and peace in the world, dispel fighting, competition, and every possible negative thing, and makes an effort for all people to live together and live in love, you will really shine, truly succeed, truly become happy, and truly become wonderful.

You are originally born to become magnificent. You are born for the good of beautiful love. You are originally being as such. You receive a message to realize it.

You are born to create a world filled with beautiful love which continues hundreds of thousands of years. That is who you really are. That is your true essence. Everything will be wonderful if you live as such. Everything will become successful. You will be able to live a beautiful life. MARTH feels this is what such message is telling you.

I’ll see you again. It was a silly talk by MARTH. Good night.