The Cause of Pain of humanity comes from separation, the ego

Hi. The talk-time session has come tonight. This is silly talk time. I’d like to read the message, the question now.

Q: Let me ask you a question. Thanks to you, I am extremely concerned about the quality of separation within me recently. Resentment, anger, competition, and my desire of hating to lose. I feel I have a very strong desire for boosting the self and of self-assertion, as you mentioned. I want to let go of such desires.

You said we are influenced by the society of separation. You said you felt as such according to your long-time experience as a trainer. I wish to end the separation. Please give me a suggestion.

I received such a question. As he says, this society is that of separation, and we are based on it. On the other hand, if a foundation of the society of separation is destroyed, men’s desire of ego will be destroyed.

It is a very wonderful thing. If it happens, humanity will achieve true peace, bliss and love. Not only human, all lives in the universe, all minerals, but all things in the world of elementary particles will also regain the quality of oneness and love.

The value of separation that everything is divided covers the world. Why don’ you look at it from the opposite point of view? That is, not to watch things from the point of molecules or separation, but to observe them from the point of elementary particles, atoms, and plasmas.

Then, everything looks connected and blurred. And you won’t know the range of yourself. You will have neither five senses, nor words, nor knowledge. Why don’t you observe everything from this melted state of view?

In other words, you cannot confirm yourself. You cannot know the range of yourself. You don’t exist.

“I” win. “I” become better. “I” am great. “I” am somebody. Everything will be destroyed. These are what you can think of when you have such an ego. Without the ego, you cannot think of it. What else can you think of?

With the ego, you think that you will win, you become great, you become somebody, you feel resentful, and you feel pain. And who feels as such? “I” do.

In other words, because of the ego, we resent, we get angry, we feel pain, we boost the ego, we assert it, we uplift it. All these are possible because of the ego. If there is no ego, you are not born. You are not alive. You don’t exist.

Then, what is this thing that we have called “I”? It is nothing but a part of the universe. It is a part of the unknown and mystical universe. It is nothing but its manifestation.

What I mean that “I” don’t exist is as such. It is selflessness, No-Mind, Shinga, one source, one being, and so on.

“I” don’t exist. That is, just like our beloved cells, they live in earnest and contribute to the body. But who are the cells? They are the person himself. And all lives are a part of the universe, just like our cells.

When we live as such, the universe takes all care of us. We could call it God, of the existence itself, or the great nature, we are its public servant, its manifestation, its part, and its other-self.

I thoroughly feel we will feel joy, love, and peace, and receive true wealth, true happiness, and the true joy of living when we live as such because we are the other-selves of the subject of creation.

Now we’re playing the transformed version of “L’amore e” as the background music that will be recorded this month. We made it possible to present this as the official recording by the orchestra that consists of one hundred and forty musicians, soon.

I’ll see you again. This is a silly talk by MARTH.