Hi. This is the talk session time tonight. We play MARTH music as the background music, and today’s music, “L’amore e” will be recorded anew in the Czech this month. It is MIDI demonstration music, in other words, created artificially by a machine.

This is just temporary, and we play the music that Derek sent to MARTH what the arrangement is like.

I composed the introduction, the intermediate, and the ending part all by myself, and I did a complete work. I hope this will be a beautiful piece of orchestral music.

Q: Today’s question seems to be a question to what I recently talked about. MARTH says something like Sidi, like quanta or plasma, is the same thing. I’m extremely interested in it. Would you please tell me more about it?

This something like Sidi is a thought. This world is made of thoughts and a dream of the subject of creation. And we are a part of it, or a manifestation, or the other-self. I told you that we are entrusted with a certain range. We will realize it through meditation. We will realize our thoughts.

And about quanta, the world of molecules looks like a firm reality.

From the viewpoint of elementary particles, everything is connected as one, and it looks all is dark or all is pale in color. It is a state of not being materialized. It is the world of elementary particles.

If you look at elementary particles closely, they are made of thoughts. They are made of the thoughts of the subject of creation, in a religious term, they are made of thoughts of the creator. They are a dream of one being. They are thoughts. This is the truth of quantum mechanics of quanta.

And Sidi is about the unrealistic world, and we can materialize thoughts in Sidi. So, it is the same thing. I could say the truth of plasma is that it is a scientific and technical method to realize Sidi. Therefore, these three are the same.

This is a land of the subject of creation. It is a world of a dream of the subject of creation, of a dream of one being.

And unless we, the children and the other-selves live as such, we may receive something to awaken ourselves, make us realize, and punish us when we are bad.

I hope scientists, religious people, people of the New Age, and ordinary people will pursue the scientific fact and reveal it.

What is this world made of? Because the world is connected as one, our elementary particles will make us suffer and realize when we believe in separation.

Elementary particles that compose us will make ourselves realize. In other words, we need to live with the subject of creation, which follows the true essence. We need to live with divinity, in love, and one being.

And if we act more concretely, “I” don’t exist. It is the world of selflessness. We live a life, ending the ego. The end of separation means “I” don’t exist.

And if “I” exist, I win, I compete, I fight, I fight, I feel resentful, and I feel pain. Everything happens when “I” exist. On the other hand, if you realize “I” don’t realize what I said just now cannot exist.

You want to boost the ego, but you cannot because you have no self. Without the self, you won’t become great. Without the ego, you won’t become good. You won’t become somebody. You won’t be able to win. There is no self. It is a state of selflessness.

Therefore, you can neither resent, nor feel pain, nor suffer. You can’t do anything. The awareness that “I” don’t exist is the one to return to Shinga, and the awareness to return to one being and to love.

Talking about the world of ego or the society of separation, the world is revolving within the value that the ego exists. Then, all problems which I just mentioned will be born from there. I can say that fight, conflict, and every suffering will be born from there.

It is certain that the society of separation is what it is now in a sense. If humanity wishes for the world of love, happiness, and peace, we need to learn the scientific truth, the truth of the world, and awaken to it.

And we need to return to such a beautiful world. It is our true mission to create a beautiful and wonderful world as children of the universe, as the children of the subject of creation, and as its manifestation, as the other-self of love.

I’ll see you again. This is MARTH’s silly talk. Good night.