Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the question now. I’m with Lili today. She may be making some noise. Lili is my beloved dog, blond hair Golden Lili. Now I’ll read it.

Q: Dear MARTH. I look forward to your concert in the Czech this month. Please let me ask you a question. I have been involved in the New Age for many years. I realized many things by listening to your messages.

I’m specifically interested in the subjects of quantum mechanics and Sidi. I feel this spiritual thing and material thing are related and become one. Please talk about it so that I can understand it more deeply.

I received such a question. Well, I’m not sure how far I can talk in the open session. I may talk about something for the inner session.

First, in ancient times, there was definitely quantum mechanics. In other words, the world is like quantum mechanics or Sidi. That is, the world made of half-spiritual and half-material. They often use this word, half-spiritual and half-material in the world of New Age. What it means, in fact, is that it is not real in the world.

It means that people understood this world is not real. In fact, the world of elementary particles is that of photons, or that of plasma.

Therefore, it is not real. The world of elementary particles is not real. In the world of Sidi, we can go wherever we like, to the past, to the future. And because of half-gravity, we can move immediately to the farthest end of the universe. Or we are connected with everything as one, and we can feel everything with each other.

Humanity believes that this world is real, now. I could say it is the left-brain-like understanding. According to wisdom in ancient times, this world is not real. It is a dream of the subject of creation. Unless we have this understanding as a base, it will be extremely intelligent and the left-brain-like understanding. It is a world of separation.

In the beginning, there was the word, and then they ate fruits of knowledge. We have five senses. These are definite factors for us to separate.

Animals don’t have words. They haven’t eaten the fruits of knowledge. Therefore, they stay as children of God. Dogs stay as children of God. They only have five senses.

On the other hand, men have values of separation in the world of ego. We have ideas of the world of conflict and attack. We have languages, we believe in knowledge, we eat the fruits of knowledge. Thus, we lose the quality of innocence, of oneness and love.

In this sense, people had neither words nor knowledge in ancient times, and they simply existed in the unknown and mystical. They had no ego. They were connected with everything as one.

When we have an ago, we resent, we suffer, we feel pain, we say, “Damn!”, we hate. Without the ego, we don’t feel as such. Because there is no self. The angry self, the resentful self, the painful self, all selves don’t exist.

When you are angry, or you feel resentment, if you meditate on “I” don’t exist, separation will be over.

The separation will be over, that is, if there is no self, the society of separation will be over. The end of the ego is the end of separation. The end of separation is the end of the ego.

And it corresponds to the scientific fact of the universe that the world is a dream of one being. It is a dream of one being, one being of the subject of creation. According to various documents, it seems people had such an understanding in ancient times.

This world is that of love. On the other hand, to live in love, to live as one being, to live in selflessness, is an absolute requirement for us. To become happy, to become blissful, to make a true success, to continue to prosper, to live in happiness, and every possible thing is the end of the self.

It is the end of separation. To live in one being, in the unknown, to live in the world, which is not this world, to live in the world which is not real. That is the scientific truth. This world is neither real, nor this world, nor separate.

In other words, it is like a manifestation of God, of love, and it is an immeasurable world.

Then, we have various sufferings at a level of molecules. There are problems with poisons and various components. We have various diseases such as cancer and so on.

This is about the world of molecules. They return to atoms, to the original state; in other words, molecules return to atoms, and atoms return to elementary particles. They return to thoughts. They return to love. They are made of love. They become electrons, and electrons circulate in order. Then, entropy decreases, materialized, and they become molecules.

People often say “healing”, and this is called “Iya-Shiro”. The opposite is “Kegare” in ancient times. “Kegare” and “Iya-Shiro”. “Iya-Shiro” is a stage that atoms circulate in order. Electrons circulate in order. Some people call it π; in other words, this is something that happens when there are love and oneness.

Just like in Sidi, if you have requests, desires, wishes of the ego, and ambitions, desires of the separation of the ego, you will receive a feedback. If you return to the love of oneness, however, you will create a virtual reality movie.

Well, please listen to what I say as a silly talk. Let me talk about it in the inner session. We may have various troubles.

And this world of plasma, the world of quanta. There are waters and lights filled with those substances. It is about the world of elementary particles, and they can solve every problem in the world of molecules.

Humanity will go for that direction. In plasma, we go beyond time and space, or I’d better talk about it in the inner session. Every possible Sidi phenomenon, including teleportation, happens in the plasma. It is possible to make it happen in thoughts, and in meditation.

Because this world is not real, in fact. And it is the world of love. It is the world of one being. Unless we live in goodness, we will be in trouble, in fact. Unless we live in love, in one being, we will experience separation, fight, conflict, deceiving, and hatred. Ten commandments are what it is all about.

Unless you live in love, you will never forgive yourself. You will never love yourself. You will receive a message. This is the same in your body. I think humanity will realize many things and definitely create the millenarianism of love.

You will make a true success and a true prosperity. I feel you will create a wonderful world and I believe in it.

I will add a bit more later in the inner session. Then, I’ll see you again. This was the silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.