Hi. I’ll send you a talk session with Lili today. I was asked who Lili was by some people who are not familiar with her yet. Lili is a blond beauty and running around here now. Ah! Lili is running nearby. Such a passionate run! Can you hear her? Lili is our dog, a Golden Retriever.

She gasps and says, “Hah, hah, hah, hah”. She is a golden retriever blond beauty. Yes. She’s holding something in her mouth and running around and around. Well, she is running around with a roll of kitchen paper in her mouth and playing with her tail wagging.

Now let me read today’s question.

Q: Dear MARTH. The world is in an extremely bad situation. We will be purged and killed (MARTH: Well, I wonder if the current social conditions are as such.) and the world has become a terrible place. I am engaged in some medical work, and I feel afraid these days.

I am extremely concerned that the world has rapidly become compulsory, as well. I’d like to ask you for advice. How will the world become from now on?

So, I received a question from a man who is concerned about the current situation of the world. I’m not sure about such things, but one thing that I understand is that elementary particles are connected as one. The world of molecules looks separate, but a level of elementary particles, in other words, a level of the thoughts of the creator is one and love. I’m sure about it.

And there is a law that one punishes oneself when one is stray from it. I’m sure about it, I know it, or rather, I feel it. It has been conveyed to us since ancient times. Both in the world of politics and of business, only the people who treasure others, customers, people in general, people from other countries, and all people will succeed, prosper, and become happy. This is a cosmic law.

On the other hand, I could say that we will punish ourselves when we ruin others, harm them, or work under them, follow them, and join such a bad event.

We will definitely destroy ourselves. Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Nobunaga and all ruined themselves whether they had power or not, or they had much money or not.

They punished themselves as they were children of God and a manifestation of love, in fact. The law of the universe conveys that we will destroy ourselves if we believe in fighting, conflict, comparison, and as such.

I can tell you this much for certain, but I’m not so familiar with other matters and cannot talk about it.

In either way, when you realize it, when we reveal that a small level of substances such as scientifically elementary particles, the universe, quanta, in other words, not molecules, are one being, unknown, mystical and made of thoughts,

When everybody knows that we have to live in love, we won’t become happy unless we live in love and punish ourselves, it is certain we will have a wonderful and loving world, and everybody will become happy. I’m quite certain about it.

I don’t know if I answered your question, but I hope the day will come when everybody realizes it, becomes happy, and live such a happy life. It will be really wonderful if we have such a day. This is only MARTH’s silly talk. Good night.

Here is some additional message.

I thought of another thing, that is, when we live in justice and in love, treasure others, humanity, people, animals, and the world, and we contribute to the world, positively do good things, and live in love, all of us will become happy and make a success. 

I cannot but feel that we will make true prosperity and create a wonderful world where we have such business, such politics, such lifestyle, such family, such community, and such a country.

I’ll see you again!