Nobody can escape from love

MARTH:Hi. MARTH’s silly talk session has come tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q:Dear MARTH. The world is facing troubles. I am extremely concerned as to who will win the U.S. Presidency Election. I want Mr. Trump to win.What do you think about it, MARTH?

Win or Lose is the story of the world of separation. What is important is to live in oneness. Live in love. It is a joy of life if we can live with the true essence.

In this sense, what I felt about the U.S. election is about Amish people.Amish people don’t leave their area. Their lives are different from general societies. They live a natural life. But I was moved to see them go for a vote in line.

How can I tell? He is loved. He is respected. I think that is how wonderful Mr. Trump is. He is loved by people because of justice and love, and that is enough.

He is loved. He is one being. He has a beauty of justice. I think this is enough.

Status, fame, money, power, just being ugly. It is nothing but ugly if we gain anything from them. I think, as a silly talk, humanity hasn’t understood what is important is love.

I think what is most important in this world is the quality of oneness, love, to live with the universe, heaven, and gods.

I think it is valuable and our joy to live in justice, love, and true essence. Whether we could live as such is important.

American people became joyful, supported him in earnest. I think it is satisfying and wonderful.There is nothing good even if you get power, status, fame.In other words, to live in separation itself is pain. Whether it is a small life or a big one, to live in separation is painful.

Humanity is a child of God, love, a manifestation of love, and its other-half. It is hell and pain that they cannot live as such.

Not to be able to live in love is great despair and sadness. Unless we don’t live as such, we will definitely punish ourselves, destroy us, make us realize it.

There may be “apoptosis” or “Reizan”. If Alexander the Great and Nobunaga rules the world, they will end up becoming as such.

Because everybody is a manifestation of God or His other-half.

Because we are a manifestation of love and its other-half, we will punish ourselves unless we live as such. What is most important is to live in love.
About the election, whoever wins, people of love, people of justice are happy and can live in beauty. And the same kind of people will resonate with them. People who treasure status, fame, self-preservation, self-boost in the world of separation suffer most and feel most painful.

Because there is no one who is not a manifestation of love. There are no aliens, either. All people are a manifestation of love. Just like gravity, all of us cannot escape from it. We cannot escape from love.

We have no meaning of living without it. There is not worth it to live a life. No joy to live. Everybody will feel pain when there is no justice. And to join it is painful and suffering, as well.

So, not to achieve something, but to life itself, is painful and suffering. They will punish themselves.

It is a joy to live without it. Alexander the Great believed he cannot become great or somebody unless he controls the worldHowever, Rodriguez ate fruits in the sun, drank beautiful water, and enjoyed the beautiful wind and beautiful air.

Alexander the Great came by and said, “Hey, begger! What you’re doing here?But Rodriguez said to Alexander the Great, “My heart is a king”. And he went to his house, it was a wonderful farm of natural farming. He had a wonderful olive field and lived in a beautiful house.

Wealth is born out of love. True wealth, true joy, true success, true prosperity come from love, from the quality of oneness. True trust. True love.They are more important than anything. The Amish people said they found a word, “Trump” in the bible two times.

So, they went out to support Trump because they thought he was a messiah. That’s enough. That is happy, loving, and good.

I think he lives a good life and is loved by people of justice.I don’t belong to any religion. I don’t want to belong to any organization, any country, or anything.
I live my life with the thought that I’m always a part of the universe and of heaven.From such a neutral standpoint, what is most important is to live a life in love and the true essence. Without winning over others, becoming good, great, or somebody, it is a joy to live in love. It is wonderful to live in comfort and healing. This is how I feel.

So, not becoming somebody or great, whatever you are now, practice to lose, practice to get embarrassed, practice to be scolded, practice to be laughed at. And you accept all of them OK and live in comfort.Live in happiness. Never to try to become somebody. It’s a joy not trying to win with nature.
I think it is a joy to live with true love. It’s just silly talk.
From now on, I’ll see you in the inner session.
MARTH was your guest speaker.