Since the first release of music CDs as a pioneer to create the healing music genre, MARTH’s heartwarming music has moved hundreds of thousands of people to tears in the world. The music has been played as theme songs and background music at TV, FM and radio stations in Japan as well. For the recordings of music albums which amount to more than 200 titles now, musicians from Tokyo, Hollywood, New York, Prague, Honolulu and so on participated on recordings, often shedding tears…

What motivated him to create such healing music was that he felt a need for beautiful and moving music during the time when participants meet the original self in a self-help seminar, in which he was a trainer in his youth. He had been a professional singer and song-writer of a major label since childhood.

His music seems to remind us that all of us are love even if we believe in fights, conflicts and competitions in the societies of separation. It may be quite natural that healing music has been appreciated by healing professionals such as natural doctors, therapists, healers and so on of the world and used for various healing purposes.

MARTH’s father was an officer at the Ministry of Justice. He later moved to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, engaging in reclaiming criminals, who respected him as a mentor. MARTH’s families of both his father’s and mother’s lineage, have managed temples and shrines for generations. He says he was always told off strongly by his father, “The true human nature is love. However, we tend to commit a crime, deeply hurt within the common social concept of separation. Never beat others, nor excel them, nor fight with them in your life!” MARTH writes (within his books such as “L’amore e è I will love you even after I’m gone” “Eternal I AM THAT I AM”) and talks about his ancestors’ roots and that his basic values may be rooted in the teachings of love of the ancient Judea, which was passed on to his home, Awajishima Island.

MARTH founded a tour company for college students at the age of 19 and produced a blockbuster hit one after another in the tour industry. He also founded Japan’s first resort hotel, “Pricia Resort” on Yoron Island in the southernmost part of Japan. (Pricia Resort had been ranked as a Japan’s top resort for 20 consecutive years since its launch.) Not only having been successful in the tour industry as a father of Japan’s resort industry, MARTH also became the vice president of Apple Japan at the age of 26.
During these years, he also joined self-help seminars such as EST lead by Werner Erhard and so on, and decided to adopt it as a means to educate his staffs later on. He associated himself with such enlightened people of the world as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation, J.Krishnamurti, OSHO Rajneesh and so on through meeting and reading books. He had been going on a sincere spiritual quest at that time.

MARTH became the youngest ever executive of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd at the age of mere 27, while he also travelled all over Japan to give a lecture, insisting that “the future corporations should not get listed with 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange unless they do some essential businesses for humanity.”

In fact, he had acquired one listed company after another and tried to transform them into essential businesses in his early twenties already. He said, “There are three absolutely essential things for a corporation. First of all, it is the contents of a business operation. It should be pure and essential. Secondly, there should be pure and essential managers and employees. And thirdly, pure and essential stock holders. If these three are available, it will be an awesome business, and it will be loved by gods…” MARTH kept on talking this same concept at lectures then. Some executives reacted against him and some others loved him. His lectures gave immense repellence and influences among the audiences including presidents and executives of listed companies then.

Mr. Misawa, the president of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd., who is a friend of MARTH and his boss, wrote in his book, “My mentor is a 20-year-old president”, appreciated the talent of the young entrepreneur and trusted him profoundly.

Here is an interesting episode about the young MARTH;
Every time Mr. Misawa spoke some opinion based on a sense of separation, conflicts and competition during a meeting, MARTH kept on passing him notes to tell him, “You are fighting again” and other similar warnings. However, Mr. Misawa never hated nor reprimanded, MARTH at the time…

However, young MARTH abandoned all his status, fame and funds which he built over the years one day after a painful inner conflict. It had been too difficult for him to pursue the true self in the society of separation where even the people who have lost his true self and have values of separation and fear based on competitions and fights can succeed, even if it temporarily. And he set off on a new and essential path instead…

It may have been a path of an artist who has brought the healing music; a new musical genre to the world and who released books of the cosmic law which promise humanity the true peace, true happiness and true prosperity. He has treasured such absolute awareness that everyone is love in reality and strived to convey it to the world.

With a vision of our return to the true nature both spiritually and physically, MARTH also started a career of owner and producer of HEALING. Co., Ltd. and developed various kinds of projects. With his outstanding talent as an entrepreneur, he has produced safe and healing products such as “Ganban Stone Spa” and so on made of various selected materials from nature.

And now MARTH is working on a project of the last resort for humanity, “Lastra Mu” as a final work in his life on the Natural Heritage island of Yakushima, Japan. (scheduled to open later 2022) He is trying to create a place where the true leaders of the world get together, heal themselves spiritually and physically, connect with each other, allow them to grow together for a creation of the beautiful future of our planet earth. It will be a beautiful sanctuary and a resort where people can study a path for a wonderful new world, help each other, associate with each other.

MARTH has always been conveying to us that all the people of the world should realize a world that everything is connected as one, so that we can regain true happiness, peace and prosperity, and deepen our awareness to the world of oneness.

And now a journey to find the new truth has just begun… His messages have started catching attentions of the good people of the world, increasing its force. From the land of the East where the descendants of the ancient people of love are said to live, to the world where the awakened people of love are expecting to create a beautiful new world with hand in hand…