Hi, the time for the silly talk by MARTH has come tonight. Lili is asleep now.

Let me read the letter. The question from the person is:

Dear MARTH, I am very interested in plasma, elementary particles, and immortality. Please talk about it.

It’s about the elementary particle. The elementary particle is a thought, in reality. Oh! In this world, is the elementary particles made up of thoughts? Yes, indeed.

Everything is made of thoughts. That is what it is. Well, this is my silly talk….everything is made of elementary particles. That is the world of thought. It is the world of reality movies.

What should the people of quantum mechanics 100 years ago who encountered it say to humanity? Can they say you are not realty!?  It is where we are facing now.

The place where science ended up was the unreal world.

I could say that they reached the world of reality movies, can’t I?

The molecular world doesn’t look like a reality movie as such.

With a sense of reality … Also, humanity has words and names them to one.

Also, rules. I wonder if it’s a made-up thing or not. Humanity is making rules.

As far as we know, human activities have been naming, giving meanings, and creating molecules from separation for 10,000 years. It is a materialization phenomenon.

Among them, the matter is made up of thoughts, so the more you believe it, the stronger it becomes. It is the way it is.

Then, I believe, naturally, immortality means not to die. Naturally, immorality becomes possible has two ways scientifically. Let me tell you one. It is not reality. The second is that this world is connected as one and one being. The ego is a delusion.

In other words, you are not born nor living. All things exist. At those two times come together, the immorality becomes real.

If this world is a reality and the parts are real, and ego is real, that part will decay indeed. Because it is a star that corrodes and oxidizes …

A star with no extreme corrosive oxidation will have a long lifespan and in the direction of immortality … but I wonder it will be immortal for 10 billion years …

But, if there are no corrosive oxidation and various conditions, it may be possible.

In any case, if you are not released from the ego or parts, and the point is that you cannot escape from it without realizing selflessness or oneness.

On the other hand, if you are to escape, humanity cannot escape from the unreality. In other words, because the elementary particles are thoughts. It is science.

Is it a feeling ?… Then, whose feeling is it?

In that sense, it can be said that human beings play a part in creation, assuming that human beings can cause materialization phenomena in the thought system in parts, of parts, and all things.

However, that’s the body. The power to create the natural world. It is called the “subject of creation” and “creator.”

It is also called “God,” “Creator,” and is often referred to as “self,” “oneness,” and “one person.” as you call it.

It is not the God of the parts. It is the God of the whole. It makes the entire universe. It makes the thoughts. Who is it? That what it is.

Unfortunately, it is not real but reality movies. At that moment, immorality exist. On the other hand, if unreality is the real science, no one can escape from there.

Then, oneness is love. Therefore you cannot escape from love. everyone within love and oneness.

We are in a mystery. We are in the world of thought and reality movies. We cannot escape from there. It is eternity.

With this perspective, I continued conveying various things. For the past forty years, I have been conveying such things, make music, make poet, and story.

The plasma, conceptually speaking, is the world of Sidi.

Materialization phenomenon. Since it is a world of thought, it is a phenomenon that molecular sizes it.

Therefore, with over 3000 degrees lava, the lava eruption of the volcano and nuclear fusion explosions also produce plasma.

The unreality appears at this time.

Then, time slip, time travel, wall-breaking, teleportation, antigravity, various realities, and things can happen in the unreal world that we believe cannot happen.

It is Sidi and plasma.

Therefore, plasma is a materialization phenomenon that appears in the world of molecules from the world of thoughts that are elementary particles.

Also, it makes the unknown possible. Sidi is a materialization phenomenon that becomes possible when a person profoundly loses his senses and deeply meditated.

In this sense, the plasma and Side share a common point.

However, I feel that the suffering of the quantum mechanics, Dr. Bohm, 100 years ago. That is, they encounter the scientific fact that this world is not real.

How should I explain it to humanity? This looks like a molecule; if there are eyes that see elementary particles, they are all connected.

Not separated. This world, in reality, is not separated. Everything is connected as one, all are one, and all are love is what it is.

I think that human beings will enter such an area scientifically from now on.

I have been conveying it. You may think of it as my silly talk.

However, unfortunately, I know that future science will go in this direction. Yet, you may think it is my silly talk. Yes, indeed.

I should end the session for the day. I will see you soon.

Your guest speaker, MARTH.

We interviewed Marth about the animation project, “A Promised Place – I want to see you there”

How we live our lives, how we lived, how they were, are more important than anything now…

They have nothing to do with the junk of separation, such as the victory of ego, status, fame, and as such. Whether we lived happily in beautiful justice and love (oneness) is most important in a man’s value.

If you join take side with conflict of ego, hypocrisy, un-justice, and trick with bad people, because of your weakness under an illusion of a sense of separation, it is obvious that beautiful true essence of self, in other words, a part of the subject of the creation of the universe which that we call elementary particles will punish ourselves.

So, a man’s true quality is made of love and purity. There is no one who can escape from such love. Therefore, what is most important for everybody to live a life is most important. Whether he lives in separation or in love (oneness) is an extremely big choice. It is a law to live in true happiness, which decides his life.

And people who always embrace love and justice, and live in oneness connected with everything, such as selflessness, nothingness will be given a wonderful gift of eternity.

Ego (sense of separation) is to live in the world only with molecules. It is to live bound in the world of decay and oxidization. On the other hand, life in oneness, which is the world of elementary particle-like love, will become a life to live with everything.

We will live in eternity only when we embrace love and justice, together with the universe as a part of a subject of creation.

We will live an electric life, a life of love (one with everything) eternally; even molecules decay.

On the other hand, when we live with a belief of separation within the world of oneness, everything will ruin, lose our important eternal spirit, lose energy to live in eternity within the most important mystery.

I am extremely happy that this story is born out of such a theme, written with such quality of oneness. I hope it will encourage us to return to true bliss and happiness with love, which is all people’s true essence, and create the future of love from the bottom of my heart.


MARTH:Hi. MARTH’s silly talk session has come tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q:Dear MARTH. The world is facing troubles. I am extremely concerned as to who will win the U.S. Presidency Election. I want Mr. Trump to win.What do you think about it, MARTH?

Win or Lose is the story of the world of separation. What is important is to live in oneness. Live in love. It is a joy of life if we can live with the true essence.

In this sense, what I felt about the U.S. election is about Amish people.Amish people don’t leave their area. Their lives are different from general societies. They live a natural life. But I was moved to see them go for a vote in line.

How can I tell? He is loved. He is respected. I think that is how wonderful Mr. Trump is. He is loved by people because of justice and love, and that is enough.

He is loved. He is one being. He has a beauty of justice. I think this is enough.

Status, fame, money, power, just being ugly. It is nothing but ugly if we gain anything from them. I think, as a silly talk, humanity hasn’t understood what is important is love.

I think what is most important in this world is the quality of oneness, love, to live with the universe, heaven, and gods.

I think it is valuable and our joy to live in justice, love, and true essence. Whether we could live as such is important.

American people became joyful, supported him in earnest. I think it is satisfying and wonderful.There is nothing good even if you get power, status, fame.In other words, to live in separation itself is pain. Whether it is a small life or a big one, to live in separation is painful.

Humanity is a child of God, love, a manifestation of love, and its other-half. It is hell and pain that they cannot live as such.

Not to be able to live in love is great despair and sadness. Unless we don’t live as such, we will definitely punish ourselves, destroy us, make us realize it.

There may be “apoptosis” or “Reizan”. If Alexander the Great and Nobunaga rules the world, they will end up becoming as such.

Because everybody is a manifestation of God or His other-half.

Because we are a manifestation of love and its other-half, we will punish ourselves unless we live as such. What is most important is to live in love.
About the election, whoever wins, people of love, people of justice are happy and can live in beauty. And the same kind of people will resonate with them. People who treasure status, fame, self-preservation, self-boost in the world of separation suffer most and feel most painful.

Because there is no one who is not a manifestation of love. There are no aliens, either. All people are a manifestation of love. Just like gravity, all of us cannot escape from it. We cannot escape from love.

We have no meaning of living without it. There is not worth it to live a life. No joy to live. Everybody will feel pain when there is no justice. And to join it is painful and suffering, as well.

So, not to achieve something, but to life itself, is painful and suffering. They will punish themselves.

It is a joy to live without it. Alexander the Great believed he cannot become great or somebody unless he controls the worldHowever, Rodriguez ate fruits in the sun, drank beautiful water, and enjoyed the beautiful wind and beautiful air.

Alexander the Great came by and said, “Hey, begger! What you’re doing here?But Rodriguez said to Alexander the Great, “My heart is a king”. And he went to his house, it was a wonderful farm of natural farming. He had a wonderful olive field and lived in a beautiful house.

Wealth is born out of love. True wealth, true joy, true success, true prosperity come from love, from the quality of oneness. True trust. True love.They are more important than anything. The Amish people said they found a word, “Trump” in the bible two times.

So, they went out to support Trump because they thought he was a messiah. That’s enough. That is happy, loving, and good.

I think he lives a good life and is loved by people of justice.I don’t belong to any religion. I don’t want to belong to any organization, any country, or anything.
I live my life with the thought that I’m always a part of the universe and of heaven.From such a neutral standpoint, what is most important is to live a life in love and the true essence. Without winning over others, becoming good, great, or somebody, it is a joy to live in love. It is wonderful to live in comfort and healing. This is how I feel.

So, not becoming somebody or great, whatever you are now, practice to lose, practice to get embarrassed, practice to be scolded, practice to be laughed at. And you accept all of them OK and live in comfort.Live in happiness. Never to try to become somebody. It’s a joy not trying to win with nature.
I think it is a joy to live with true love. It’s just silly talk.
From now on, I’ll see you in the inner session.
MARTH was your guest speaker.

Hi. The talk-time session has come tonight. This is silly talk time. I’d like to read the message, the question now.

Q: Let me ask you a question. Thanks to you, I am extremely concerned about the quality of separation within me recently. Resentment, anger, competition, and my desire of hating to lose. I feel I have a very strong desire for boosting the self and of self-assertion, as you mentioned. I want to let go of such desires.

You said we are influenced by the society of separation. You said you felt as such according to your long-time experience as a trainer. I wish to end the separation. Please give me a suggestion.

I received such a question. As he says, this society is that of separation, and we are based on it. On the other hand, if a foundation of the society of separation is destroyed, men’s desire of ego will be destroyed.

It is a very wonderful thing. If it happens, humanity will achieve true peace, bliss and love. Not only human, all lives in the universe, all minerals, but all things in the world of elementary particles will also regain the quality of oneness and love.

The value of separation that everything is divided covers the world. Why don’ you look at it from the opposite point of view? That is, not to watch things from the point of molecules or separation, but to observe them from the point of elementary particles, atoms, and plasmas.

Then, everything looks connected and blurred. And you won’t know the range of yourself. You will have neither five senses, nor words, nor knowledge. Why don’t you observe everything from this melted state of view?

In other words, you cannot confirm yourself. You cannot know the range of yourself. You don’t exist.

“I” win. “I” become better. “I” am great. “I” am somebody. Everything will be destroyed. These are what you can think of when you have such an ego. Without the ego, you cannot think of it. What else can you think of?

With the ego, you think that you will win, you become great, you become somebody, you feel resentful, and you feel pain. And who feels as such? “I” do.

In other words, because of the ego, we resent, we get angry, we feel pain, we boost the ego, we assert it, we uplift it. All these are possible because of the ego. If there is no ego, you are not born. You are not alive. You don’t exist.

Then, what is this thing that we have called “I”? It is nothing but a part of the universe. It is a part of the unknown and mystical universe. It is nothing but its manifestation.

What I mean that “I” don’t exist is as such. It is selflessness, No-Mind, Shinga, one source, one being, and so on.

“I” don’t exist. That is, just like our beloved cells, they live in earnest and contribute to the body. But who are the cells? They are the person himself. And all lives are a part of the universe, just like our cells.

When we live as such, the universe takes all care of us. We could call it God, of the existence itself, or the great nature, we are its public servant, its manifestation, its part, and its other-self.

I thoroughly feel we will feel joy, love, and peace, and receive true wealth, true happiness, and the true joy of living when we live as such because we are the other-selves of the subject of creation.

Now we’re playing the transformed version of “L’amore e” as the background music that will be recorded this month. We made it possible to present this as the official recording by the orchestra that consists of one hundred and forty musicians, soon.

I’ll see you again. This is a silly talk by MARTH.

Hi. This is the talk session time tonight. We play MARTH music as the background music, and today’s music, “L’amore e” will be recorded anew in the Czech this month. It is MIDI demonstration music, in other words, created artificially by a machine.

This is just temporary, and we play the music that Derek sent to MARTH what the arrangement is like.

I composed the introduction, the intermediate, and the ending part all by myself, and I did a complete work. I hope this will be a beautiful piece of orchestral music.

Q: Today’s question seems to be a question to what I recently talked about. MARTH says something like Sidi, like quanta or plasma, is the same thing. I’m extremely interested in it. Would you please tell me more about it?

This something like Sidi is a thought. This world is made of thoughts and a dream of the subject of creation. And we are a part of it, or a manifestation, or the other-self. I told you that we are entrusted with a certain range. We will realize it through meditation. We will realize our thoughts.

And about quanta, the world of molecules looks like a firm reality.

From the viewpoint of elementary particles, everything is connected as one, and it looks all is dark or all is pale in color. It is a state of not being materialized. It is the world of elementary particles.

If you look at elementary particles closely, they are made of thoughts. They are made of the thoughts of the subject of creation, in a religious term, they are made of thoughts of the creator. They are a dream of one being. They are thoughts. This is the truth of quantum mechanics of quanta.

And Sidi is about the unrealistic world, and we can materialize thoughts in Sidi. So, it is the same thing. I could say the truth of plasma is that it is a scientific and technical method to realize Sidi. Therefore, these three are the same.

This is a land of the subject of creation. It is a world of a dream of the subject of creation, of a dream of one being.

And unless we, the children and the other-selves live as such, we may receive something to awaken ourselves, make us realize, and punish us when we are bad.

I hope scientists, religious people, people of the New Age, and ordinary people will pursue the scientific fact and reveal it.

What is this world made of? Because the world is connected as one, our elementary particles will make us suffer and realize when we believe in separation.

Elementary particles that compose us will make ourselves realize. In other words, we need to live with the subject of creation, which follows the true essence. We need to live with divinity, in love, and one being.

And if we act more concretely, “I” don’t exist. It is the world of selflessness. We live a life, ending the ego. The end of separation means “I” don’t exist.

And if “I” exist, I win, I compete, I fight, I fight, I feel resentful, and I feel pain. Everything happens when “I” exist. On the other hand, if you realize “I” don’t realize what I said just now cannot exist.

You want to boost the ego, but you cannot because you have no self. Without the self, you won’t become great. Without the ego, you won’t become good. You won’t become somebody. You won’t be able to win. There is no self. It is a state of selflessness.

Therefore, you can neither resent, nor feel pain, nor suffer. You can’t do anything. The awareness that “I” don’t exist is the one to return to Shinga, and the awareness to return to one being and to love.

Talking about the world of ego or the society of separation, the world is revolving within the value that the ego exists. Then, all problems which I just mentioned will be born from there. I can say that fight, conflict, and every suffering will be born from there.

It is certain that the society of separation is what it is now in a sense. If humanity wishes for the world of love, happiness, and peace, we need to learn the scientific truth, the truth of the world, and awaken to it.

And we need to return to such a beautiful world. It is our true mission to create a beautiful and wonderful world as children of the universe, as the children of the subject of creation, and as its manifestation, as the other-self of love.

I’ll see you again. This is MARTH’s silly talk. Good night.


Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the question now. I’m with Lili today. She may be making some noise. Lili is my beloved dog, blond hair Golden Lili. Now I’ll read it.

Q: Dear MARTH. I look forward to your concert in the Czech this month. Please let me ask you a question. I have been involved in the New Age for many years. I realized many things by listening to your messages.

I’m specifically interested in the subjects of quantum mechanics and Sidi. I feel this spiritual thing and material thing are related and become one. Please talk about it so that I can understand it more deeply.

I received such a question. Well, I’m not sure how far I can talk in the open session. I may talk about something for the inner session.

First, in ancient times, there was definitely quantum mechanics. In other words, the world is like quantum mechanics or Sidi. That is, the world made of half-spiritual and half-material. They often use this word, half-spiritual and half-material in the world of New Age. What it means, in fact, is that it is not real in the world.

It means that people understood this world is not real. In fact, the world of elementary particles is that of photons, or that of plasma.

Therefore, it is not real. The world of elementary particles is not real. In the world of Sidi, we can go wherever we like, to the past, to the future. And because of half-gravity, we can move immediately to the farthest end of the universe. Or we are connected with everything as one, and we can feel everything with each other.

Humanity believes that this world is real, now. I could say it is the left-brain-like understanding. According to wisdom in ancient times, this world is not real. It is a dream of the subject of creation. Unless we have this understanding as a base, it will be extremely intelligent and the left-brain-like understanding. It is a world of separation.

In the beginning, there was the word, and then they ate fruits of knowledge. We have five senses. These are definite factors for us to separate.

Animals don’t have words. They haven’t eaten the fruits of knowledge. Therefore, they stay as children of God. Dogs stay as children of God. They only have five senses.

On the other hand, men have values of separation in the world of ego. We have ideas of the world of conflict and attack. We have languages, we believe in knowledge, we eat the fruits of knowledge. Thus, we lose the quality of innocence, of oneness and love.

In this sense, people had neither words nor knowledge in ancient times, and they simply existed in the unknown and mystical. They had no ego. They were connected with everything as one.

When we have an ago, we resent, we suffer, we feel pain, we say, “Damn!”, we hate. Without the ego, we don’t feel as such. Because there is no self. The angry self, the resentful self, the painful self, all selves don’t exist.

When you are angry, or you feel resentment, if you meditate on “I” don’t exist, separation will be over.

The separation will be over, that is, if there is no self, the society of separation will be over. The end of the ego is the end of separation. The end of separation is the end of the ego.

And it corresponds to the scientific fact of the universe that the world is a dream of one being. It is a dream of one being, one being of the subject of creation. According to various documents, it seems people had such an understanding in ancient times.

This world is that of love. On the other hand, to live in love, to live as one being, to live in selflessness, is an absolute requirement for us. To become happy, to become blissful, to make a true success, to continue to prosper, to live in happiness, and every possible thing is the end of the self.

It is the end of separation. To live in one being, in the unknown, to live in the world, which is not this world, to live in the world which is not real. That is the scientific truth. This world is neither real, nor this world, nor separate.

In other words, it is like a manifestation of God, of love, and it is an immeasurable world.

Then, we have various sufferings at a level of molecules. There are problems with poisons and various components. We have various diseases such as cancer and so on.

This is about the world of molecules. They return to atoms, to the original state; in other words, molecules return to atoms, and atoms return to elementary particles. They return to thoughts. They return to love. They are made of love. They become electrons, and electrons circulate in order. Then, entropy decreases, materialized, and they become molecules.

People often say “healing”, and this is called “Iya-Shiro”. The opposite is “Kegare” in ancient times. “Kegare” and “Iya-Shiro”. “Iya-Shiro” is a stage that atoms circulate in order. Electrons circulate in order. Some people call it π; in other words, this is something that happens when there are love and oneness.

Just like in Sidi, if you have requests, desires, wishes of the ego, and ambitions, desires of the separation of the ego, you will receive a feedback. If you return to the love of oneness, however, you will create a virtual reality movie.

Well, please listen to what I say as a silly talk. Let me talk about it in the inner session. We may have various troubles.

And this world of plasma, the world of quanta. There are waters and lights filled with those substances. It is about the world of elementary particles, and they can solve every problem in the world of molecules.

Humanity will go for that direction. In plasma, we go beyond time and space, or I’d better talk about it in the inner session. Every possible Sidi phenomenon, including teleportation, happens in the plasma. It is possible to make it happen in thoughts, and in meditation.

Because this world is not real, in fact. And it is the world of love. It is the world of one being. Unless we live in goodness, we will be in trouble, in fact. Unless we live in love, in one being, we will experience separation, fight, conflict, deceiving, and hatred. Ten commandments are what it is all about.

Unless you live in love, you will never forgive yourself. You will never love yourself. You will receive a message. This is the same in your body. I think humanity will realize many things and definitely create the millenarianism of love.

You will make a true success and a true prosperity. I feel you will create a wonderful world and I believe in it.

I will add a bit more later in the inner session. Then, I’ll see you again. This was the silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.

[ADVANCE NOTICE – 08.22 ON AIR!] For the Opening of the World of Love

and Voice Message #50 – The day when all people start a beautiful life as a manifestation of God (love)

We are going to make a recording soon in Prague, Czech in the coming week.
We’re pleased to announce that we will post a new movie of MARTH’s performance with the orchestra and choir as soon as it is ready. On Air at YouTube Worldwide on AUGUST 22, 2020!


“I hope to convey it from the bottom of my heart”

 “for the land (world) of promise where we can live in love”

All people in the whole world and the children of God, a manifestation of God, will live with true justice and create a paradise of love that lasts hundreds of thousands of years as the other-selves of God (love).

Everybody is one being and a manifestation of Shinga (love), they will flower beautifully.

I heartily hope this event will be the beginning of the creation of a beautiful world.

With such a deep wish in my heart, I created the music. We will do a recording in August 2020.

74 musicians and 48 singers of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra will play music under the baton of Adam Klemens.
We will do a live hall recording of the 2 songs, “Still, we are one” and “L’amore e – I will love you even after I’m gone – Requiem for the beloved” and at Dvorak Hall in Prague, the Czech.

Unfortunately, MARTH will not join them at the Czech, but he will sing along with CNSO musicians in Japan, together with the arranger and pianist, Celena. The daughters of Celena and MARTH are scheduled to appear, as well.

I hope all people in the world will realize who they really are and live in love and in true essence.    MARTH

#50 – The day when all people start a beautiful life as a manifestation of God (love)

Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. I heard you will have a recording for DVD at Dvorak Hall in the middle of August. I’d like to know more about it.

And the current confusing society, everybody is suffering from difficult problems, losing his friends, jobs, and so on. Please give me good advice.

I received such a message.

First, we will do a recording of 2 songs; the rearranged version of “L’ammore e – I will love you even after I lose my body” and the new song, “Still, we are one” at Dvorak hall in the Czech.

It’s a recording and filming for DVD, and over one hundred musicians will perform on the stage of Rudolfinum, and recording and filming crews will attend, but MARTH will not be there. He will stay in Japan and sing along with the orchestra.

I composed the introductory, intermediate, and ending parts of these two songs, so I created all by myself from the beginning to the end of the music. I did all at this time because they always blame me that I do careless work.

And Celena is currently arranging “Still, we are one” and Derek is re-arranging “L’amore e” in Los Angeles. I changed a little part of the lyrics of “L’amore e”. I changed it to reflect the present era.

And the song, “Still, we are one” has a theme that we are connected as one even if we hate people, if we fight, whether we like or not, the universe is connected as one, one being, still, it is one in the present era. 

And “L’amore e” has the lyrics that express, I will pursue love, live in love if the world is about to end, and if I lose my body.

Why do we live in love? Why are we connected as one still?

Because everybody is a manifestation of God, a manifestation of the universe, of Shinga in the world of one being, one source.

We are such a manifestation, other-self, and I want to convey it to the world. You are a manifestation of God, of love, of one being. You are made of elementary particles in the world of oneness. You should live as such, in fact. I’d like to convey it to everybody.

And as he asked me the question, we see various breakdowns in the entire world.

Well, as a manifestation of God and the other-self of It, if we don’t realize such things, if we don’t know it and cannot live as such, we will try to awaken us, make us realize it. I feel that’s what is happening now.

In other words, because you are beautiful and love, because you are a manifestation of the universe, in fact, a manifestation of Shinga, of the subject of creation, and Its child, I feel you will make you realize it, punish yourself, or make you awaken if you don’t live as such if you fight and live in separation.

Please make sure this is only a silly talk by MARTH.

On the other hand, if everybody lives in love, lives as one being, lives in the justice as Its child, love people who look other, respect them, dedicate yourself to love and peace in the world, dispel fighting, competition, and every possible negative thing, and makes an effort for all people to live together and live in love, you will really shine, truly succeed, truly become happy, and truly become wonderful.

You are originally born to become magnificent. You are born for the good of beautiful love. You are originally being as such. You receive a message to realize it.

You are born to create a world filled with beautiful love which continues hundreds of thousands of years. That is who you really are. That is your true essence. Everything will be wonderful if you live as such. Everything will become successful. You will be able to live a beautiful life. MARTH feels this is what such message is telling you.

I’ll see you again. It was a silly talk by MARTH. Good night.

Hi. The talk-time session has come tonight. I’ll start it with Lili accompanying, today.

She is enjoying the wind from a fan because it is a bit hot. She says, “Hah, hah, hah, hah”. Someone asks me who Lili is. She is a blond beauty. Yes, our beloved dog, a Golden Retriever. I’ll send today’s session with her. Here’s the question.

Q: I have thoroughly understood the problems of separation. Please tell me a concrete way to stop separation. Thank you very much.

I have such a message.

I may have to talk about this subject in today’s inner session, as well. I need to talk about the details. In other words, I think he means he wants to know a concrete way of ending the ego, ending separation.

First of all, what is important is you have to live in justice and in love. it is a law, and the universe made as such.

In the society of separation, there are people from the upper class or the lower class, and so on. Everybody is love on his own responsibility. Everybody has to act as a savior, or a manifestation of God, of love.   

Otherwise, he will receive a message. He will punish himself. He may destroy himself. I feel it is the law of the universe.

Therefore, in the world of conflict, it is natural that we feel resentment, feel like saying, “Shit! You bastard!” However, we need to realize it and end the ego. In other words, “I” didn’t exist. “I” was not existent. Because “I” didn’t exist, there is no “I” who was angry. You will realize that there is no self who becomes somebody, great or good.

That is a simple way to end the ego. Ah! When you realize “I” didn’t exist, there is no self who is angry, who is sad, who feels regretful, and who are disgusted. And who is it? It is always “I”. Without the self, we cannot feel disgusted. Unless we are alive, unless we exist in the world, we can neither become angry, nor laugh, nor resent.  

All our desires and ambitions will be gone. This is what the ending of the ego means. And this is a state of selflessness. I have always conveyed that the universe exists for the people who are selfless.

Gods, the universe, the subject of creation, a dream of one being, one source, in Japan, we say, return to the source. As soldiers said in a different way, we return to one being, return to one source.

This is what has been conveyed since the era of Mu, far before the Jomon era. Therefore, the world is a dream of one being. It is a dream of the subject of creation. It is a dream of God, a manifestation of love.

Therefore, ego is an illusion. The world being a dream of one being means there is only one. And who is the only one? There is no other than God. No other than the subject of creation. It is connected as one.

People felt as such in the ancient times in Japan and said that they will return to one source, return to one being, and return to Shinga.

As it is a dream of Shinga, it is natural to be love and one being. It is natural to be one. It is natural that “I” don’t exist. In other words, there is nothing but love. There is nothing but God.

On the other hand, each part of one being, if there are many selves like those in the story of “Monkey King”, I could say, other self, we are a manifestation of God, children of God, and other-self.

Other selves are all Messiah and saviors. All people have such responsibilities, in fact. Because they are a manifestation of God. They are the subject of creation, a manifestation of the creator. There is only one being, and the rest are other-selves. And each of them bears only a part of it.

I could say that we are responsible for creating our range of five hundred meters or three hundred meters. That is, if I become egotistical and say, “Shit! Damn it! You bastard”, I will affect the range of five-hundred-meter diameter. Because I am the subject of creation.

If I go deeper with Sidi and realize my thought, I will materialize with more tremendous force.

This is just a silly talk by MARTH.

You need to understand such a Sidi phenomenon. In this virtual reality world, in other words, in the world like a dream of the subject of creation, in the world made of thoughts of the creator and its other-selves, they are entrusted with each range.

Some people believe it will be realized by meditating collectively, but it is very difficult from the view of Sidi. In other words, white magic, black magic, well, I’m not sure I can say this.

I will talk more about it in the inner session. But it won’t be realized. If there is an ego, it is very difficult. Because we are a manifestation of the subject of creation, and its other self, we are entrusted materialization.

Therefore, if we use it for the ego, for ourselves, and for something egoistic, we will get feedback. We should use it for love, for people, for something beautiful, for ending a war, and for ending conflict. I think this is what the Sidi technique is for.

And I will say it again, all people are other-selves of the subject of creation, children of God, a manifestation of God, saviors, Messiah, or you can call it in any way, they are entrusted each part of the creation.

If you become egotistical, and if you act on behalf of the ego, separation, conflict, competition, comparison, and as such, or if you say some big guy said so or my boss said so and blame them, you will receive feedback. You will not forgive yourself. You will punish yourself.

We are other-selves of the subject of creation, we are other-selves of love, other-selves of God, all of us. And if it is not good from the religious point of view that we call it Messiah or the children of God, what about expressing that we are other-selves of God, of love, and the subject of creation?

Because we are other-selves, we will pursue justice and love, and we live for them. We will do our best for the entire universe, for all people,

for all lives, and for all things. Then, we will find happiness, bliss, true success, and Millenarianism.

On the other hand, people will definitely destroy themselves within fighting, conflict, separation, and the ego. MARTH thinks it is certain that we punish ourselves, we make us realize or awaken when we are wrong, as the subject of creation, as its manifestation, and as entrusted other-selves. 

Well, this is just silly talk. But it’s OK that each of us has his own belief.

I cannot but feel the confusion and troubles of the world come from separation. I feel it is more important to live a life that complies with the universe, gods, heaven, one being of creation, one source, and Shinga than anything if we want to make a great success and to become happy.

I will continue talking about this in the inner session. I’ll see you again. Silly talk time by MARTH. Good night.

Here’s some additional message. Well, I don’t have much knowledge about it, but the bible says, “In the beginning, there was the word” or “they eat fruits of the knowledge”. And Sidi has something quite common. They dispel knowledge by using mantras, and words, they are naming, so they release words and naming by sutras, and they release five senses and go deeper within.

In either way, “I” don’t exist means to return to selflessness. “I” am not existent. And the universe will be glad. The universe is one being, to begin with. It is one being. It is one source. Return to the source, return to one source, return to Shinga. This is what has been conveyed since the time of ancient Japan, not so, from a long,long time ago, since the time of a civilization called Mu.

Return to one source, one being, and we are a manifestation of one being, of love, of God, and other selves of God, of love, all of us. Therefore, it is natural that we live with justice. It is natural to live in love. Otherwise, we will receive a message. Humanity should examine it from now on. We should examine whether it is scientifically true.

The world of oneness has been referred since ancient times. It is a dream of one being. It is unknown and mystical, like a dream of the creator. Therefore, elementary particles are dream-like substances and made of thoughts. They are affected by thoughts. Science should reveal it now.

We are made of love. We are a manifestation of love, of God. We are other-selves of love. Therefore, we should live in justice. We cannot blame others. We ourselves live in love. We live in justice. We live in sincerity.

All doctors should be like “*Akahige”. All businesspeople should be those like “Akahige”. All public servants should live with love, with courage, and with purity.

All politicians should be loving. All religious people should love other religions. All people should love other people, other ethnic groups. Because we are connected as one, we should live as such. We have such responsibility.

Unless we bear the responsibility, we will try to awaken ourselves, punish ourselves, destroy ourselves, and make us turn to love, to the essence, to the true essence of reality. This is how I feel. All of them are silly talks by MARTH. Good night.

*Akahige (Read Beard)

A name of the doctor in a movie titled the same name, “Akahige”. Being filled with love and justice, he was loved by everybody.

Hi. I’ll send you a talk session with Lili today. I was asked who Lili was by some people who are not familiar with her yet. Lili is a blond beauty and running around here now. Ah! Lili is running nearby. Such a passionate run! Can you hear her? Lili is our dog, a Golden Retriever.

She gasps and says, “Hah, hah, hah, hah”. She is a golden retriever blond beauty. Yes. She’s holding something in her mouth and running around and around. Well, she is running around with a roll of kitchen paper in her mouth and playing with her tail wagging.

Now let me read today’s question.

Q: Dear MARTH. The world is in an extremely bad situation. We will be purged and killed (MARTH: Well, I wonder if the current social conditions are as such.) and the world has become a terrible place. I am engaged in some medical work, and I feel afraid these days.

I am extremely concerned that the world has rapidly become compulsory, as well. I’d like to ask you for advice. How will the world become from now on?

So, I received a question from a man who is concerned about the current situation of the world. I’m not sure about such things, but one thing that I understand is that elementary particles are connected as one. The world of molecules looks separate, but a level of elementary particles, in other words, a level of the thoughts of the creator is one and love. I’m sure about it.

And there is a law that one punishes oneself when one is stray from it. I’m sure about it, I know it, or rather, I feel it. It has been conveyed to us since ancient times. Both in the world of politics and of business, only the people who treasure others, customers, people in general, people from other countries, and all people will succeed, prosper, and become happy. This is a cosmic law.

On the other hand, I could say that we will punish ourselves when we ruin others, harm them, or work under them, follow them, and join such a bad event.

We will definitely destroy ourselves. Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Nobunaga and all ruined themselves whether they had power or not, or they had much money or not.

They punished themselves as they were children of God and a manifestation of love, in fact. The law of the universe conveys that we will destroy ourselves if we believe in fighting, conflict, comparison, and as such.

I can tell you this much for certain, but I’m not so familiar with other matters and cannot talk about it.

In either way, when you realize it, when we reveal that a small level of substances such as scientifically elementary particles, the universe, quanta, in other words, not molecules, are one being, unknown, mystical and made of thoughts,

When everybody knows that we have to live in love, we won’t become happy unless we live in love and punish ourselves, it is certain we will have a wonderful and loving world, and everybody will become happy. I’m quite certain about it.

I don’t know if I answered your question, but I hope the day will come when everybody realizes it, becomes happy, and live such a happy life. It will be really wonderful if we have such a day. This is only MARTH’s silly talk. Good night.

Here is some additional message.

I thought of another thing, that is, when we live in justice and in love, treasure others, humanity, people, animals, and the world, and we contribute to the world, positively do good things, and live in love, all of us will become happy and make a success. 

I cannot but feel that we will make true prosperity and create a wonderful world where we have such business, such politics, such lifestyle, such family, such community, and such a country.

I’ll see you again!

Hi. The time for the talk session has come tonight. This is a silly talk by MARTH. Let me read the question first.

Q: Hello, MARTH. I manage a hotel, or I should say an inn. I succeeded it from my father. We play your music (CD) in our inn. I feel you have led our industry to the world of healing.

And now, we are extremely suffering because of the pandemic. Please answer to my selfish question regarding the business management.

I received such a polite message from him.

We have been greatly indebted to people of ryokans (Japanese-style inn), hotels, and pharmacies for a long time.

We have a vision that we will make our country that of healing, and to make the world that of healing.

I am currently retired from management, but I developed Ganban Stone Spa, Shigaraki Ceramic Bath, and many others. And you ask me how I think of the current situation of the world as a businessperson.

I am with Lili now.

Frankly speaking, our home should be safe and sanitary from the point of view that I was involved in the travel industry.

Now, societies are unsafe and dangerous. It’s not about the problem of locking down the cities by the government. We’re not sure what people will do with secondhand things, poisons, and various other bad things in this world. This is a world where we doubt as such; in other words, it is the world of separation, fighting, resentment, hatred, inferiority complex, and every possible negative thing. It is the world where people say things like, “Just you wait! Don’t discriminate against me! You bastard! Damn!” and so on.

Businesspeople should consider such a situation as the utmost separation first. Within the society of utmost separation, people cannot trust others at all. It is a world filled with suspicious minds where we doubt if there is something poisonous close to us, or if there are some problems, and so on. I think you need to realize that our current situation may cause various problems first.

Well, this is only my silly opinion.

If you place it as a premise for your business, you will see what you need to do for it. I feel people think their homes are the safest places, and that they don’t want to associate with others in these days. They can rarely think of going for a travel or staying at a hotel or a ryokan.

However, you have your staff, buildings, and facilities. I think I will consider them as they belong to my company and start a new business.

When I managed a resort on Yoron Island, I employed about three hundred people. I had such numbers of staff and such large land as fifty thousand tsubos then. I would think of developing some products or services to sell as a company.

And what do people seek now in society? I think they seek for natural products, something made of natural farming, safe food, safe medicine, healthy and healing products.

People want to have them at home. They want their home as a space of “Iyashiro”. Talking about HEALING.’s products, they want such healing products as Ganban stone spa, healing stone couch, private Ganban for feet, healing bed and beddings, healing stone sofa, and as such. They want to have all their houses and buildings with healing items, if possible. Certainly, they tend to doubt if there is something pre-used by others when they go out.

I think it would be difficult to survive in the hospitality industry without solving such problems.

Whether it is an aircraft, a ship, or a car, you need to think about the quality of privacy and security.

The clean air, perfect security to avoid viruses, and bacteria are inevitable. Safe food, as well. Besides being safe, the food should be organic, or more than that, natural food, food is grown by natural farming and wild-grown food. We are in an era when we treasure such foods.

People from the primary industry, farmers, fishermen, and everyone need to cooperate with each other and produce everything natural. We need to return to nature in the whole world, to return to “Iyashiro”.

The whole world becomes that of healing where electrons circulate in order, and all of us can live in happiness and beauty. I always lived my life with such a premise to be an entrepreneur.

We need to create a world where people can live with true health, true healing, and true splendor. I hope there will be doctors, practitioners, farmers, fishermen, and people who have such wisdom of healing.

There are extremely wonderful things which follow the order of nature, good for our health, and many wonderful things filled with such energy of nature, of herbs, of biotechnology. I think it is inevitable for us to spread such things to the whole world.

Now is the time when all businesspeople head for such direction. I think it will be most important for us to do our best to create a world where people can live safely, happily, and blissfully both in their body and mind.

I think it is very important to sell such good products. In fact, we try to create such things and to sell them.

If you want to sell your fish and vegetables, please contact HEALING. They can buy your products.

We have asked people who can create such products for the production, and sold them to those who needed them. We have done as such to make the world a place of healing and Japan, a country of healing. We’re not sure how much we have achieved so far, but we have worked with people of the hospitality industry and of pharmacies.

Cars, aircrafts, houses, and of course, hotels and resorts need to be made as “Iyashiro”, healing, love, one being, and “Wa-Suru (harmonize)” from now on. Atoms, elementary particles, love, Shinga, the subject of creation, the world of its thoughts, the world of a dream, of one being, of one source, is our beautiful world, and its manifestation. I think we are in the era when we love each other, help each other, respect others and other countries to create a happy world.

Natural and sustainable food, fresh and healthy herbs, beautiful furniture, fantastic trains, wonderful cars, and magnificent aircrafts. They need to be filled with the love of oneness, electronically circulate in order, and fantastic at a level of elementary particles. I think we should operate a kind of business to make people healthy and happy with neither lies nor with fakes.

I think it inevitable for us to develop, create, produce, and sell such things as truly wonderful, genuine, pure, really natural, really made by natural farming, something truly in tune with nature, futons, and furniture made with natural materials, and as such.

I think such people should cooperate and create beautiful earth from now on, and I believe business people should do it now.

You don’t have to stick to the existing business. You can start anew at any moment. I have lived my life with such a thought.

Many businesspeople never think of monopolizing their products and services. We, the business people, will do our best to create a world where the whole world becomes happy, wealthy, and all people become wonderful, peaceful, healthy, and happy.

I wonder if we are in such an era. I wonder if heaven expects us to create such a world. I feel gods, Shinga, and the subject of creation expects us to create such products.

I don’t know if I answered your question, but MARTH and Lili sent you a silly talk together. Good night!

Here’s an additional message. If you have any management problems, or if you want to sell good products or to create such things, please contact HEALING.

I’m over sixty now and retired. Please contact not me, but our staff, Ms. Taniguchi, of HEALING. if you’re interested in becoming our dealer.

HEALING. has a lot of dealers in the hospitality industry. Please consult them if you are willing to start a new healing business. I’m not much of a businessperson. I’m retired and sing songs instead. I cannot help you directly, but I wanted to tell you to contact our company as an additional message. Good night.

Hi. Here is the time for a silly talk again tonight. Please let me read the questions and messages first.

Q: I resigned from a major company where I worked as an executive about two years ago. I am not doing anything right now. I know what you did in your youth.

(MARTH: That’s right. He must be the same age as me.)

You founded the Pricia resort and the Misawa Resort when you were young. And the Misawa Resort became RESOL HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. now.

(MARTH: He knows me very well just as I thought.)

I understand you dreamed of a paradise as a project in those days. I felt you dreamed of a pie water resort where you fully utilize the wisdom of quantum mechanics. I thought you wanted to make Yoron Island a paradise. How do you consider paradise these days? I’d like you to talk about it. This is from a man, unemployed, and sixty-two years old. Thank you very much.

Maybe he was in the same grade. He used to be an executive of a major company.

I did the same things as he did before, but after realizing the corruption of society and various other things, I couldn’t continue at that time. However, I have a thought for a paradise still now.

I thought of setting up a rule which asks people to exchange greetings with each other on Yoron Island. I dreamed of a world where everybody can live in love and become happy together. I have the same wish now.

I dream of a paradise city or a resort still now, and I’m trying to create it though it is small in scale.

I could invest and borrow an extremely large amount of money when I was young.

I am currently developing resorts without such loans at all. They are small in size but being built at various locations.

I tried to have no electric cables exposed and burried the electric cables under the ground, and I was very particular about such things and the beauty of the resort in my dream. But it hasn’t changed at all now.

Other than that, I am particular about its materials. I like healing, something like “*Iyashiro” materials. We try to provide everything “Iyashiro” and natural. Natural food, natural meals, natural farming good for our health.

And we also need medical people who can really support our health. They need to be the ones who have the heart, love, and the quality of oneness and awaken. We need such people to be working there.

I hope such a world will spread where we can express health, both physical and spiritual, the quality of oneness, beauty of elementary particles, and love.

And I hope we will create such a beautiful world where everybody feels safe and become healthy with its good medicine. I hope the world will be a place where everybody, including dogs, other animals, flowers, and trees, can live in happiness.

Now Lili is here. Can you hear her voice, her breath?

I hope everybody in the same grade, in the same schools, and in the same generation will do their best to create such a wonderful world, which you want to leave your children, earnestly together.

I need your support, and I want to create a wonderful paradise and make this planet earth beautiful together.

I have been wishing for a creation of a wonderful area, a beautiful paradise, which is good and healing for our body, and all people can live happily, lively, and safely for a long time. I have been trying to create it for a long time. I’ll continue to create it from now on though I am not much of a resort developer, together with you.

I’ll see you again. This was a silly talk by your guest speaker, MARTH. Good night.

Hi. The talk session time has come tonight. Let me read the message and the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. I major in quantum mechanics at my university. I am very interested in your opinion about quanta. I’m extremely interested in the quality of oneness. Would you please talk more about it?

This is his question. Well, elementary particles, quanta, or photons, electrons, and as such are made of consciousness or thoughts. And such scientists as David Bohm, Niels Bohr, and many others already knew it one hundred years ago.
The problem is related to the quality of oneness. Scientists and all people have lost the quality of oneness and love within the society of separation. I think Dr. Bohm went to Krishnamurti to learn it.
This quality of oneness is quite natural in the land of “Wa (harmony)”, Japan. There is an expression, “to return to the one source” in Japan. Soldiers often said they would return to the one source during their final moments. If I put it into religious words, that is to return to the subject of creation, to return to Shinga, to love, and to one being.
And the elementary particles are thoughts. Whose? God’s, the thoughts are of the creator, of the subject of creation. It was written in ancient documents since the era of Mu. That means science in Mu era was quantum mechanics, and it is wonderful.
The civilization understood the value of oneness, and that this world is eternally unknown and mystical. So, it was a half-spiritualized and half-materialized world. Human thoughts and ideas are within the unknown and mystical. I think people had a strong value that this world is not reality.

Therefore, the density of the substances was very low. We can find it in ancient documents. And it seems they had some kind of vehicle as UFO in ancient times, in super-ancient times.
From the viewpoint of Sidi, however, there is no need for such vehicles. For example, teleportation, time travel, or going through the wall, or half-gravity, and as such are still possible in the world of Yoga. From the viewpoint of Sidi, the various beautiful phenomenon is possible in the society where a sense of reality is weak, and where people regained the quality of oneness.
Please study quantum mechanics from such a viewpoint. Then, you will see the subject of creation, the world, which is a dream of Shinga, thoughts of the subject of creation, everything made of consciousness, and everything that we call substance.
All molecules are made of elementary particles. They are made of dream of God, and of love, and it is one being.
When you find it is one being, and a dream of one, think of our body, which I often talk about.
If cells of the lungs and those of the kidney fight, or if cells of the liver fight with other cells, you yourself don’t like it. You want all of them to get along well and stay as one. You want them to support each other. If they are too separate and egoistical, T cells or white blood cells will attack them.
I always try to say I hope you will live in love with the quality of oneness to avoid such troubles.
You may punish yourself. Elementary particles, love, and one being will destroy yourself if you believe in separation.
I have a friend whose name is Edward Suzuki and a great architect. He graduated from Harvard University and worked part-time at Mr. Buckminster Fuller’s office when he was young. We got along very well, and he always told me that two of us are connected by love.

He thoroughly studied quantum mechanics and created structure skeletons of quanta, of atoms, and various other things.
He continued to convey that the world is one being and love for a long time until he deceased.
He was an architect and, at the same time, a man of love. He was a very wonderful friend of mine.
Humanity will awaken to the value of oneness. We will find that it is a dream of one being, elementary particles are the subject of creation, a dream of God, and thoughts of God. And people will realize that everything is made of love. I cannot but feel that the world with such awareness will be incredibly beautiful.

If now, you believe in separation, fighting, and that you will destroy others and ruin them, you will destroy yourself.
To avoid it, I hope people will return to love, to the true essence, to the true self, and that you will treasure people, love other countries, love neighbors, and everyone.
I hope people will create wonderful earth, where they respect all life, all manifestations of love called substances, and a manifestation of God, thoroughly realize that it is science, discover, awaken, and have wonderful experiences from the bottom of my heart.
This is all for now today. It was a silly talk by MARTH. I will continue on to the inner session a little bit. Good night!

Here’s an additional talk. I received a question from a student who studies quantum mechanics. What is most important is that Sidi, which is called “white magic” in the world of New Age and various other names, is something like quanta. It is the ocean of elementary particles, the ocean of love, of the subject of creation, and of one being.
What you need to be concerned is that it is connected as one and love. Desires, expectations, and hopes of the ego don’t please the universe. In a sense, elementary particles hate separation and fighting.

And hopes, ambitions, and expectations of the ego will become real. The materialization of the thoughts may punish ourselves, judge ourselves, or become a message for awakening.
They are quite dangerous. Unless humanity lives in love, with the quality of oneness, we will never do well. I’d like to say that is the biggest reason for our failure. And this is just silly talk.

Hi. This is the inner corner.
A man is born to a world of love. He is born to the world of God, of love, and of one being, as a manifestation of love, and of God.

What if he learns separation to fight with something there? What if he believes in it in such a society, at such a family, and himself?
Fighting with something will bring us an ego. That means we are separated from the universe, from one being, from love, from one source, and we are egoistical and separated. And what do you mean by fighting with others? It is fear.

When we believe in someone who is connected as one, as other, and fight with it, it will bring us tremendous fear. Children will be afraid to live a life. They always have to fight with others. They always have to be separate. Then, a kind of substance doesn’t excrete in the brain naturally.
Various hormones and liquids don’t come out, which can bring us love, peace, happiness, and bliss and ease pain in our body. We will not feel peacefulness and love.

And people will be dependent on drugs. They will need alcohol, tobacco, and various other things. They need something that releases stress.
Tremendous energy caused by suppression, oppression, and endurance is accumulated within them. And they will push them to other people.

And what will be born out from there? The separation causes certain damage to us. We will fight with others, harm them, and destroy the self, which looks the other. We will attack enemies. We may try to win, become somebody, and great. Then, what will happen? We will punish ourselves.

This is the mechanism of the universe.

I’d like to start with an open talk session tonight. Let me read the question first.

Q: Dear MARTH. People talk about aliens, something of plasma which you talk about and every other thing of quanta now in the world.
You don’t talk much about them. What do you think of the spiritual world, esoteric matters, and aliens? Please talk about it.
This is his question. I’m not sure how far I can talk about them. I think I will tell you a bit more later in the inner session.

What I think about them is that my family, both sides of my families managed temples and shrines for generations, and maybe they have a strong spiritual quality.
I have had an extremely strong sense of inspiration since I was a child. I got sleep paralysis every night. The inspiration was so strong that I needed to be driven out spirits by a so-called medium.
If I am asked whether I believe in it or not, rather than saying I believe in it, I had such spiritual experiences for a long time.
But I think some people tell a lie about it, and others don’t believe in it. That’s why I don’t talk about something spiritual.

And there are many stories about aliens, about extraterrestrial beings.
I think science was very well developed in ancient times according to my various experiences, in the era of Mu and as such, about ten thousand years or two thousand years ago. Frankly speaking, I think they had a civilization that everything is not real, based on the fact that I was not a reality.

Therefore, they didn’t have a sense of reality. They had such value that this world is unknown, mystical, and not this world. And their science was something of plasma, or like quantum mechanics. They believed that everything is made of thoughts. Therefore, it was a Sidi-like world. If I put it into a word of the New Age, it was a half-spiritual and half-materialistic world.

The science came from such technology. Pyramids, anti-gravity, teleportation, timeslip, and so on.
I think ancient people considered that this world is a dream of the entire universe, and of the subject of creation.
Such things had been revealed in Veda for the past eight thousand years. I was familiar with Sidi and I associated with Maharishi very deeply and with various other people.
I think people could bring out spiritual phenomena because collective human consciousness was unknown and mystical until about three hundred years before. We are realists, or we have an extremely strong sense and value of reality. Then, we will lose the quality of eternity and believe in the world of molecules than that of elementary particle.
From now on, humanity will discover and invent various things in such a field of elementary particles and ultimately reach a level of science in ancient times.
People in ancient times produced only the products that fit nature because they avoided separation. And they knew it is the world of oneness.
I don’t mind whether ancient people are aliens or the people of Mu. I think our belief will create physical matters because we live in a world of Sidi, that of a dream of the subject of creation and of a virtual reality movie.
There was a world where people had a less sense of reality, half-spiritual and half-materialistic, and like quantum mechanics. I think they had more advanced technology to achieve various things.

I think we will reveal it when we are more familiar with quantum mechanics and realize that thoughts are made of elementary particles.
I shouldn’t have said such things, and I didn’t talk about spiritual matters very much. The current society has a strong sense of reality still, and it has the value of separation. I didn’t know how much I could talk about them.

As you may know, an older sister of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka married into my mother’s side of the family, a temple in the Takada area, Niigata.
His older sister married an older brother of my grandfather. So, Etsuzan-kai was founded by a cousin of my mother.
So, it was something like a spiritual army of a Zen temple. I will talk more about it in the inner session. It was a spiritually, very powerful family group, apart from the problem, whether it is good or bad.
And it had an extremely strong atmosphere of ancient Judea.
I had many real spiritual experiences since I was a child and I was surrounded by such spiritual people like a medium since then. My father’s side managed a temple in Jindai.
Both sides of my family are spiritual. If I am asked how you feel about it, rather than saying I believed in it, I continued to have such spiritual experiences.
My father worked for the Tokyo district prosecutor’s office and for the Ministry of Justice. I was the only child in a very strict family, but I had such spiritual experiences, in fact, and my father had seen them. But I think I had stronger spiritual circumstances compared to those of my cousins.

So, my grandfather of mother’s side was the head of Mr. Kakuei Tanaka’s supporters’ association. The nephew of Kakuei-san is a cousin of my mother and a child of my grandfather’s older brother.
So, the whole family, or Ohtaki family, my mother’s side family is something spiritual.
When he was the Minister of Finance, he bought hundreds of my records to support me, and I had various other experiences with him. I have felt that it was an extremely spiritual family since my childhood.

In the world of the unknown and the mystical, in the ocean of elementary particles, elementary particles are made of creation and thoughts. As far as men are made of elementary particles, there is eternity. There is such a world of electricity, of electric body, or photons, or plasma, or electric, or some kind of science that the planets and electrons make a circle. I understand such a world is reality.

I believe UFO and other extraterrestrial beings definitely exist. People could fly satellites and something like UFO ten thousand and twenty thousand years ago. Without such vehicles, people could do various teleportation, and some technology related to half-gravity because they knew Sidi. I think they had a higher level of knowledge than any aliens in ancient times.
What we call a man was more flexible then because they were in the world of non-reality. If MARTH is asked what to say about this topic, I will answer as such.

I think humanity needs to realize that we are connected as one, and in the unknown and mystical now. Fighting is extremely foolish. Unless we are connected as one, we will try to punish ourselves and severely awaken ourselves.
Unless we live with an awareness that the world is one, unknown and mystical, and made of love, our businesses, our organizations, and our groups will definitely be ruined. Humanity needs to realize such scientific matters to live in happiness, bliss, love, and joy. I think we will suffer within the society of separation.

I’ll talk the rest in the inner session. Otherwise, I cannot talk about it anymore. This is just a silly talk by MARTH. Please forget it.
I know very well that you want to know such things very much as I received many requests. But this is all for now. Good night. It was a silly talk by MARTH.

This is an additional message. I talked about various things too much today. Please forget them as they are only a silly talk. But what is important is that everything is connected as one, one being, and this world is made of everything of the quality of oneness.
Humanity will find it soon. We will find that the world is made of elementary particles, in other words, it is made of thoughts of God, of one being, and of love.
We will neither become happy nor become blissful unless we follow it. I just want to convey that we won’t be able to create true success, true prosperity, and Millenarianism without the quality of oneness.
Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants to make a success. Everybody wants to become great. Nobody wants to be attacked. Nobody wants to be killed. I’m sure you don’t want to experience such things anymore. For this, however, you have to create a world of oneness. It is the world that follows the scientific truth.

In other words, thoughts influence everything very quickly in this world. It is most important to realize that we are living in a world of one being.
And there are many fellows which family has lasted since ancient Judea in the entire world. I hope they and many fellows of Isaiah will make a true success, become happy, and flourish forever.
You need to stop separation and fighting, realizing the scientific truth of oneness. You have to stop destroying others, or attacking them. You need to return to one being if you want to become happy. Otherwise, you will ruin yourself. You will punish yourself. I heartily wish that you will realize it.

This was a silly talk by MARTH. I’ll see you again.

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Recently, it seems our staff calls it “MARTH’s silly talk corner”. So, let me start today’s silly talk and read the question.

Q: Dear MARTH. I feel you said when A and B fight, the base where they fight itself in the field of God, the field of love, and of elementary particles.
And we normally see things something between A and B, and we don’t include the third consciousness in our consideration. I feel you say that it is a big problem. Please talk about it.

I received such a profound message, and he is right.

For example, think of the inside of your body, the kidney fight with the liver, or cells of the lungs and those of the heart fight and as such. The existing society of separation is that of conflict.

The whole world is in conflict. Everybody is fighting, comparing, and competing in the world of separation of the ego.

Then, where do you fight? “Well, excuse me! You are fighting in my body”. says God, heaven, the universe, the subject of creation. This is the viewpoint of God that It says you are fighting in my body, on my earth, and all of you are a part of myself.

I definitely feel we don’t take this into account.

So, heaven or the universe, talking about the body, everything is you, your cells, and you want all of them to be friendly.

Because of the severity of the problem, you might have to exclude the diseased part by surgery or to attack or kill cancer cells with an anticancer drug. You may not be able to avoid it.
However, it is preferable for you that the diseased cells are healed, or the part in trouble realizes the cause of a problem.
And you mentioned the third consciousness, in other words, your consciousness. It’s not one of cells but of yourself, of love, God, the true essence, and so on.
All of us are fighting in the world of competition, of comparison and of the ego. And I myself had such experience in my youth.
I attended a self-help seminar in the first half of my twenties for the first time. My trainer said he threw firebombs when he was involved in an activist movement,

maybe something like a students’ self-government organization, in his college days to fight with the society when he was young.
He said he threw the firebombs with his girlfriend, and she lost her eyesight because of an accident.

When he confessed that he was silly enough to fight, I saw myself in him. I’m not from the same generation as he, but I was a leader of “*Crystal zoku (tribe)”.

I thought I should not have been involved in such fighting and conflict. I was foolish. I would never join such fighting and conflict.
We haven’t realized that we are involved in the fight, conflict, competition, comparison, and so on in the society of separation.

Our thought that we really want to stop them, and that we feel they are really disgusting makes us return to the true essence. And feeling sad and crying hard about it will heal us.

I accepted and realized myself that I had been fighting in my life, I didn’t want to lose, and I always competed with others in my twenties.
And I think it is extremely good and healing that we cry for such reasons and broke a shell of the ego.

The world of gods, the world of love, made of elementary particles, the world of oneness, and the whole universe, or Shinga, the world of the subject of creation, the world of a dream of creation, a dream of one being, we can call it with various words,

the true essence, love, or the true self deep within you, I think it is the third consciousness which you just mentioned.
It is very important. The third consciousness makes us awaken, makes us realize, punishes us, and sends us a message. It will bring us a breakdown and various other things for awakening.
It will soothe us extremely that we realize our own desires, ambitions, expectations, pains caused by separation, how you suffer, and how much you have pain because of separation.

It is inevitable that we have become such as the society is separated, and it may not be our fault. But we realize, cry hard and return to the true self, and to the true essence. Indeed, it is wonderful.
I thoroughly think that it is an inevitable stage for us to heal the world and create a wonderful and healing world of love.

I have an idea right now in this sense. Many people send messages to MARTH now.

I’m thinking of a sharing corner on my website where you can share how you were hurt by fighting in the society of separation, how you suffered and how much pain you had while fighting, what you lost in the fighting, what you destroyed in it,

how sad and painful you were in the society of separation, and how you tried to survive in it. I somehow think you can read such sharing and grow together.

If there is such a corner and everybody posts his sharing story, you may sympathize, realize you had a similar experience, that you fought, you didn’t want to lose, you suffered,

you resented, and you may be able to accept yourself, to let you cry, to heal,

and to reflect on yourself, what shall I say, you may be able to cry hard, you think of living a new life, and regain the true self and true order. I hope there will be such a corner. I hope our staff will set up such a corner.

This is all for now today. This was your guest speaker, MARTH, from his silly talk corner. Good night!

Here’s some additional talk. I am currently creating an introduction, the intermediate part, and the ending of the music for recording, and I’m also reviewing the lyrics. This is a project to hold a recording concert of “L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” at Dvorak Hall in Prague.
We can do it remotely from the hall, and I don’t have to be there, but at the same time, we are planning to play with the orchestra. And there is a phrase of the lyrics, “I’m going to live with you” which is a high point of the song.
And I unknowingly thought that the thought to live with all people in the entire world regardless of an enemy or of an ally can heal us.

We have fought with each other in the world of separation, continued control, management, and fear, and suffered from them. Both the people who control and who are controlled suffered from them. Instead, we start living together with each other.

And I’m reviewing a high point of the lyrics, ““L’amore è – I Will Love You Even After I’m Gone” and trying to correct it. It says, “I’m going to live with you, forever with you, I’ll live to do as much as I can for a beautiful planet.”
It is a kind of feeling that I’m going to live with you forever, I’m going to live with the people in the whole world beyond any boundary, beyond any separation.
If we can think as such, all of us will surely become happy, we will feel healing, we will release the quality of separation from us, and we will lose the enemy within us. I added this little additional message as I thought as such.

Therefore, you will live with the people who you couldn’t forgive most, who you felt most hostile against, who you separated most from, and who you fought most with.

And you are the love itself to say that you will live with them forever. It may be forgiveness. That will soothe you most. You forgive something or love which you reacted against most and live with them together. Thinking of the future when you live with them together, I feel it will feel everybody.

When you accept to live together with the things you had been against most and the people you had been hostile most, I think you will regain love.

This was MARTH’s silly talk. I’ll see you again.

Hi. The time for the open talk session has come. I’d like to read the question, the message first.

Q: Dear MARTH. You insist on a problem of separation. I realize that it is a problem of value that doesn’t fit elementary particles, God, or the quality of oneness.

Recently, I somehow feel it is wonderful to maintain the quality of oneness or to live with it. I’d like you to talk about goodness and the benefit of oneness. Thank you.
I received such a message. Simply speaking, the simplest way to convey it is to compare it to our body. The heart, the lungs, the kidneys, and the liver fight. Or cells in each organ make a group and fight with other cells, though they are connected as one.
This is what’s happening in the world. On the other hand, we don’t believe in the world of oneness.
Here’s another example. Cells of the liver and those of the kidneys fight with each other. For the body itself, it is unpleasant because there is a war going inside it.
Other than those, white blood cells, T cells, and various other substances to prevent fighting and inflammation are released in the body.
If the cells continue to fight, they will be punished. They will be attacked. They will get into trouble. I’m just telling you that the universe works as such.
Humanity has believed that it is a matter of fight between A and B until now. However, the fight between them is unpleasant for God of oneness, or the subject of creation. Because all is God, and everything is It. He hates a fight within him because both of them are He.
Rather than discussing which is good or bad, we need to realize that it is not good for parts of God to fight on the platform of God, not so, in the world of God, and for the parts of God to fight there.
And if you want to be awakened to it well, if you want to learn it, think of the third being. Think of God, or heaven, the universe, the subject of creation, elementary particles, and electrons.
If you are constantly aware of the enormous being with which we are connected, you will find the fight between A and B is extremely partial.
We tend to think with the left brain that we will be attacked unless we this, or we will be attacked by B unless we have this weapon. But why don’t we wonder if we are attacked by heaven? Why don’t we wonder if we are reprimanded by the universe or God? You may get into great trouble. You may receive an extremely bad message.
Besides, you, yourself, are made of elementary particles. Your molecules are made of elementary particles, and you are a manifestation of God, and of love. The fact that you are made of elementary particles and electrons means that you will be disliked by yourself and punished by yourself.
So, it’s not about whether someone is watching you or not. It’s not about God is watching you or not, but you yourself are a manifestation of God, of love, and of elementary particles. Without such awareness, you won’t receive any benefit.
Always try to aware if it is beneficial for the universe, for heaven, and for God.
Therefore, people of ancient Judea, including Isaiah, always treasured “Wa-Suru”. They treasured being loved from the viewpoint of heaven or God.
In other words, why can we make a success without any support from God? Why can we prosper without His help?
What if your body, your health, your life, your family and friends, your country, your business, and everything are not supported by heaven, by elementary particles, or by love? I feel it is extremely un-scientific not to consider the support of living in such a world.
It is not only a fight between A and B. A and B are connected with each other as one.
What is most important is to love others, to respect people who look others, and to love each other. If you have any organization, love other organizations. Respect other businesses first. Treasure other people first.
People with such a heart will make a true success, truly shine, truly love themselves. Because the universe, God, heaven, elementary particles, and electrons will love them and take sides with them. I feel such an understanding is great.
But then, you don’t have to believe in what MARTH said blindly. This is just his silly talk.
This was your guest speaker, MARTH. I’ll see you again. Good night.

Hi. The open talk session time has come tonight. Today Lili is here, and please excuse her if she is noisy. She seems to be sleeping now.
Then, I’ll start reading the letter, no, it is not a letter, but a message or a mail.

Recently, I profoundly think of “Wa-Suru” conveyed since ancient times to Japan. I thoroughly feel that you want to convey that various people who came back from overseas, Isaiah and everybody realized the value of oneness since the era of Mu and of Jomon. I’m extremely interested in it. Please talk about it!
I received such a question. You’re right. I started creating healing music since I was young. And to my concerts, many people of the spiritual world, or the people in the self-help seminar industry, and essential people in the world came to a small live concert, which I held weekly. I heard various stories from extremely famous people who came to the concert when I was young.

And I developed a resort with a teacher who I learned such things as quantum mechanics from. In this sense, I was familiar with various information since I was young.
This is my personal view, there was an ancient civilization, whether it is called Mu or not, the super-ancient civilization was magnificent, in harmony with nature, where people understood science not at a level of molecules, but above the level of elementary particles.
And it influenced Vedha and appears in various ancient documents in Japan. I can catch a glimpse that wise men, who became well-known later, enlightened people, and everyone in the world came to Japan to learn it.
It may neither have been named Japan nor Mu at that time, but now it is called as such, or Jomon, an unknown civilization, had an extremely high level of science.
This universe is connected as one, and it hates separation. I think their investigation of science at a level of elementary particles, of electrons, and of photons was incredibly profound. Naturally, every study, including astronomy, was extremely advanced.
You can find legends or documents left that such wise men of the spiritual world or highly conscious people in the world came here to learn it. And I had many chances to see actual documents when I was young.

And I also experienced much about Vedha, about Sidhi. I learned that our collective consciousness has become that of separation and fighting.
That means the value of the unknown and mystical, the value like the teaching of Socrates is weakened.

Everybody has a sense of reality, a sense of separation, and the sense of separation is the sense of reality. Then, it will bring us a problem of death as a reality. Certainly, we will see a problem of death, and of the end of molecules.
However, ancient people have a view at a level of elementary particles, of electrons. Their value and thoughts for life are far advanced than those of the current science.

I think they had values and thoughts of quantum mechanics in the current science. It seems they understood the world is like a subject of creation, this dream-like world is a virtual reality movie, a movie made of thoughts in ancient times.
On the other hand, we human beings are entrusted with creation to a certain extent as children and a part of the universe. And if everybody is involved in the separation, fighting, competition, and comparison, the universe will consider them disgusting as elementary particles, and one being of creation. It is as if the organs fight with each other, or cells compete with other cells with the ego, fight, deceive, and as such.

Therefore, the very person, the owner of the body, or the subject of creation immediately will hate it. It will send out messages. White blood cells will come. T cells will come, and various things will influence the destiny of the person. It will send him a message. It will give him something like a punishment. And ancient people seem to have understood it as a scientific fact.
The current quantum mechanics scientists should study how much electrons hate a negative value of separation, how much photons hate it, and why electrons get out of order. In other words, they circulate, and some scientists call it π, electrons get out of order. In other words, entropy increases. Within the world of one being, it will definitely make trouble if ego is born in a body or if a cell, which is a part of the body, becomes egoistical, fight with other cells, and consider them as other.

I personally think scientists will reveal the universe works in the same way.
And talking about the bible, I talked about it yesterday, and I understand that those ancient people of Judea are related to Mu, or I could say, to the Jomon civilization. Their standpoint is the quality of oneness, of selflessness.

And like the cells in a body, they are connected as one even if each cell has a different role. They function with such value.

And what shall I say, and they produced several things with such value. And I’m not so familiar with them, but, for example, it says, “Love your enemies” in the story of Jona. When God or the subject of creation, told him to go to the enemies to notify, he rejected it. Jona, as a prophet, could see through the future and knew that they will be destroyed by them. And he refused to bear the role, saying, “I don’t want to help them! They are enemies!”

Well, I don’t know the entire bible. I know only a part of it, but I think it is a book to bring up such issues of hostility, rivalry, a sense of separation, and fear.
And ancient people of Judea respected “Wa (harmony)”. They considered love and the quality of oneness as the law of success. They hated boost, uplift, and preservation of the ego. They were in harmony with the law of the universe.
I personally consider they had the same value as the one in extremely good and advanced civilization in ancient times, which we call Mu.

And I think the bible has a lot of stories about how we will become if we stray from oneness.
Various religious groups were born later, and what is most important and fundamental about the book (the bible) is to love others, to love other organizations, to love other groups and respect them, and neither fight nor conflict.
So, the universe hates that we deceive others, attack them, and destroy them. The universe loves that everybody will cooperate and live in love, treasure other’s belonging more than theirs, and they will not harm others even if hurt by them.
In other words, people can manage well as they neither compete nor fight. And they will prosper. They will succeed. They will have true prosperity and true wealth. They will prosper for generations.

So, I think it is made of stories that prevent us from boosting the ego, from doubt, resentment, hatred, and as such. I understand they are in tune with a level of elementary particles and give us immeasurably important teachings with the viewpoint of this world, which is a dream of the subject of creation.

And we Japanese people and the people of Yamato come from such background, and our basic value is to “Wa-Suru (to harmonize)”. I think we have such a national character that hates separation since ancient times.
We are connected as one. We are one being, and each of us has a different talent. Everybody is different. Each group has different ability and different talent. All of us cooperate to create a wonderful world which the universe wishes for, God wishes for, and the subject of creation wishes for.

I think such a basic belief that we should love each group, respect, and treasure other people more than our own family, and we will be happy, is the treasure of our country.
It will be sad if it is lost, and I think “Wa-Suru” is what the people in the world want to know.
Then, what is the treasure of Japan? Probably our culture is, which understands this world is unknown, mystical, one being, and a dream of one being.
People of ancient Judea came to Japan, including Isaiah, and they hoped to create such a wonderful land, but the ten tribes came here after the painful experience in the captivity in Babylon.

I feel there will be messages, pains, problems, and troubles when the quality of the unknown and mystical and of oneness decreases within the value of pains, fighting, and conflict.
I think we need to overcome death by realizing the quality of the unknown and mystical, and of oneness for true prosperity of the world, and for our true success and prosperity. We need to enter into eternity. The world of elementary particles is eternal. I consider we have come to an era when we need to be awakened to the real world beyond the world where molecules decay.
I don’t mind if you think this is a silly talk by MARTH. This is all for today. Good night!

Here’s an additional message. I forgot to tell you something. People often say “guilt” or “punishment” in their conversation. Guilt may come from the bible, and if there is one, I think it is a separation.
Or it is to lose the quality of eternity, of oneness, and beauty from the viewpoint of molecules, though we are in the unknown and mystical.
It is the world where we are not made to fight with others and as such.
In other words, the world not made of molecules but made of elementary particles are connected as one, unknown and mystical. It lasts forever. It is an immeasurable world of one being, and the world made of thoughts. If we consider the world as such, it will be guilt not to consider it as such. In other words, it is not a scientific truth.

And to discourage such acts as separating, fighting, resenting, hating, killing, deceiving, and as such is the teaching of the ancient Judea, in other words, that of Mu or of Jomon. And I wonder wise people in the world came to Japan to learn it.
I think conveying it to the world is a mission of the people of Yamato and the people of ancient Judea and a mission of the people who have succeeded scientific understanding of Jomon and Mu. This is MARTH’s silly understanding about it. I’ll see you again.