All lives and things called elementary particles are divine and united with the existence when they are born to this beautiful and mystical world. I think its real quality is divine love of oneness. Therefore, the present world made of the egos and separations cause them great pains as it doesn’t fit their original qualities.

To be born into this world means to love the self who seems the other.
All the things in this world are a part of something beautiful that we call God or Creator and its child.
For this reason, it is very hard for us to live in the world of the small self and of separation.
Not to mention of fights, scrambles, cheating and killing each other, robberies, competitions, comparisons, all these things of separation don’t fit the true nature of the people who are connected as one. Their real nature of gentleness and love doesn’t fit it in the least.

I think such quality of oneness is a precious awareness shared in the holy book and the reason why people suffer in the world of oneness…
Therefore, we suffer from all the valued acts of separation such as winning, excelling, defeating, fighting, killing and deceiving each other. All of us may end up punishing ourselves by hurting, spoiling and torturing ourselves as we don’t fit our own true nature… That is the most important secret of the universal plan.

When we deeply realize it, we shall be able to overcome the separation, become tired of self-boost and self-improvement and naturally release all of them…
As a result we shall be able to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed, return to love and live in such loving place…
You will find true prosperity, sustainable happiness and peace, true success as a child of the whole universe there.
I cannot but feel such happiness is quite different from the one of the ego, which is a far greater joy beyond the ego.

From this point of view, MARTH sings, “Children of the whole universe, you don’t have to win. You don’t have to excel other people.
You are O.K. to come home to oneness.
You don’t have to harm others even though hurt. You neither have to become great nor to be superior”.
He continues to tell us everyone is a treasure of love of the whole universe and something divine…