Q: I have a question for you, MARTH. I saw a poster about so-called power spot of love at the station the other day. It said that we will be overwhelmed by natural power; we will receive love vibrations and so on. I felt something egoistically wrong with is, but I was not sure what the problem is. What do you think of it, MARTH?
I feel the sadness of the world where people mistakenly believe that every problem is caused by other people or some external factors whether it is something good or bad in this world. If this world is made of a transmitter and a receiver, the receiver (the self) is more important than anything in fact. To change ourselves is most wonderful. Everybody dares to be born to a family (life) where he can improve himself. It is the purpose of life for him. Such a way of being is valuable, and it is a way to better the self. In the present world, however, we never think as such, nor have we become as such…

Everything is a problem of the self. If we change ourselves, we attract different things. In other words, we can change everything positively through a change of the self. We are able to enhance our energies easily. Indeed, the goodness of the external vibrations will help us grow. Unless we change, however, a receptor will not become wonderful nor improve, even if the transmitted sound is good. Humanity needs to realize it now…

There is nothing beautiful and positive than a transformation of the self in life. Returning and melting into the whole universe, to Shinga, to God through deep awareness will be a true purpose of our lives. And it will bring us true happiness, true wealth and eternal bliss, sustainable success and prosperity…

Q : Let me ask you a question, MARTH. You seem to avoid making an organization or a group. What is the reason for it?

MARTH: I have been an entrepreneur and a businessman. I am also an artist. I own my recording company and affiliate companies. I was involved in various resort projects in the past, and I still manage a resort development company. In fact, I have had corporate organizations.
However, when “I”, “my group” or “my fellows” makes a separation, or when it comes from fear of protecting the self, it may make a separation as “the other” or eliminate others. I have told you that to be separate from others and fight with them will cause us troubles.

I feel it is wonderful that there are differences in characters, cultures, civilization, corporations, countries and so on. It is quite wonderful that everyone takes very different role just like our thumbs and the index fingers do. However, a disparity caused by a sense of separation will not bring us any good conclusion. Such differences may not allow us to prosper within the world of oneness. Creation of the beautiful new world may be difficult, and even bring discriminations or obstacles.
It would be wonderful if each of us with beautiful civilizations and cultures could have a value to love neighboring countries and neighbors, love other groups and feel for them…

It has not started recently. What has caused us problems for a long time is a disparity and a conflict caused by a sense of separation between the self and the other. Unfortunately, we have fought and killed each other because of a sense of separation between “my group” and “other group”, and the self and the other. We may have been unable to live to love each other although we have a beautiful quality of God.

What most important is such cultures, civilizations, and characteristics created by each responsible group which has a value of oneness of reality, and such awareness that we are connected as one although we take each different role just like the thumb and the index finger do. I have conveyed that it will bring us a wonderful world and feel it is still true.
Therefore, we can protect our country only when we love neighbors and neighboring countries within the beautiful world of oneness. People who love themselves will love others and protect them as if the thumb protected the little finger and the little finger loved the thumb. Then, we will find the world peaceful for the first time.

Then, true prosperity and success will come for the first time to the people who love others. And those who still believe in value of separation and never love others will receive a certain message from the universe… Such messages are called “Bachi (punishment)” on this planet and in this country. It is nothing but a message to remind you to realize something. I feel it is only a message to tell you, “Hey! Wake up! You are part of the universe, of God, part of love. Wake up!” I wholeheartedly wish that humanity will overcome a separation between the self and the other and that we will be able to succeed in making our cultures, civilization, countries, companies, families and ourselves incredibly flourish forever and protect ourselves…

Only such people who can feel for others and respect them will be able to truly flourish and protect themselves accordingly, whether those who seem “other”, or other groups, organizations and other countries are big or small, powerful or not, talented or not. The world will never be the one of love unless corporation leaders, country leaders, politicians, kings and so on love and respect others.

Separation causes humanity a great pain. It is inevitable for us to love various cultures and differences. We are connected as one, but we need to treasure each individual cultures, civilizations, countries and ethnic groups as if the thumb loved the little finger, the little finger loved the pointing finger. At the same time, however, there should be a common rule that every group of people should feel for others, love them and their families. I think it is a great parental responsibility to be strict to their own family, to raise children soundly so that they will not receive any message or any punishment from heaven.

Being a parent myself, I cannot exaggerate, but I am seriously concerned about it. We should convey it to our children. I strongly feel that I would be ashamed to show my face to my parents, grandparents, and ancestors who conveyed the heart to feel for others for generations. It is my great wish to be a model of the world that we will love others, respect people who seem others in neighboring countries, families and communities, and treasure people of other countries, corporations, families who are connected as one in reality…

Q: I feel you are a leader of the New Age and the healing industry, MARTH. So, I dare to ask you this question. I often hear some New Age people say that they are a reincarnation of such and such or they are chosen by God. Why do they say so? I feel religious problems come from the same source. What do you say about it?

MARTH: You’re right. Unfortunately, every problem comes from our value of separation. Everybody wants to win, become better, excel others, become somebody, and he doesn’t want to lose… Not only leaders but the ordinary people have such fear coming from desires, wants and a value of separation, which makes us have such tendency. They meant no harm, but because of a belief in the self and the other, we want to improve the self and to win, never want to be looked down within the separated society of the ego. That is one of the big problems.

And another important thing is, everybody returns to Shinga (the true self) when we enter into a deep meditative state. As I mentioned before, you will experience such values like “return to the Source” “Return to the one being” “this world is nothing but a dream”. Then, there will be neither separation between God and the self, nor separation between the self and some other, nor a sense of reality. You will be gone and return to the ocean of oneness. You will have no value of separation at that time.

We often hear someone says “I am a reincarnation of Cleopatra or Princess Yang Kwei-Fei “. If you look closely at her, she looks very much alike her counterpart. She may feel that she is a reincarnation of a certain person with similar consciousness. However, all human beings, including those who believe in a devil, are connected as one. We are one being. If we lose the ego through a deep meditation and return to love, we will return to the one being. In such an experience, we will feel, “Alas! All things in this world are being manifested as One Being.“ Everything is the self, or there is no self, we could say. We will feel we are included in One Being.

Therefore, rather than you are a reincarnation of someone in the ancient times, this ancient person reached such consciousness. This is nothing but my personal feeling. I feel this way through my past experiences of repeatedly coming back to Shinga or the space of oneness. It is neither that someone is superior or inferior to others, nor he is better or worse. All human beings, insects, birds, flowers and everything will return there.

Everything is connected as one. In spite of a difference of the time, we are connected as one with the people in the Jomon era and have the same consciousness. The true meaning of a consciousness level in the New Age is shown within a range of the higher level of selflessness and the lower level of the ego. If there is someone who has reached the same conscious level as you, he can be a reincarnation of you. As everything is connected as one, there is only a difference of a consciousness level.

What is most important for us to create the millennium more than anything is to return to Shinga, to the higher self, to God consciousness and to love which a child of God has… Just like the divine people in the ancient time were called a certain name of God, and like I.naghid was called God… I wonder if it is our task to return to a beautiful person. I wonder if we need to return to a beautiful person like Ra Mu, Buddha, Socrates, OSHO Rajnessh, J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharish.

I think all of us have to return to Shinga, which is the true quality of humanity, to love, to oneness, to the one source. Isn’t it a mission for all human beings? I feel that way.

If I answer your question with a personal viewpoint, I think something uncertain that you are concerned about will be gone when we return to Shinga or the oneness, and we are able to regain loving consciousness. And no people will try to win over others, excel them, not to lose, become somebody because of fear. I personally feel that human beings will experience the world of oneness, of love for the first time.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. We talk about “the right brain” and “the left brain” in our society. I often feel a person who thinks himself as right-brain-like is quite left-brain-like. Would you tell me what it really means?

The New Age (the spiritual world) is said to deal with the right brain and the altered consciousness. If I interpret “the right brain” and “the left brain” from the viewpoint of the New Age, there are the altered states of consciousness or the consciousness in the ego and those in the selfless consciousness in reality.

Therefore, there is consciousness with the quality of oneness, and even there is sub-consciousness which is egoistic and without the quality of oneness. It is natural that we will be involved in conflicts and fights because of a quality of separation when the ego becomes stronger. Some spirits are born to our planet, which is a virtual movie, to learn to end the ego. It will be one of the great themes of our quest…

What is the greatest problem of the spiritual world may be that people enter into the altered state of consciousness (meditation) with the ego. Then, a sense of separation will remain. People may have an out-of-body experience or dream a dream with a sense of separation when they enter into a reality of death…

Therefore, we will see that it is very essential for us to live with a value of selflessness and oneness in consciousness. That is what return to Shinga (the true self) is. In a meditative state, I wish to enter into the whole universe, lose the ego, and return to love, which is the true self. All people must have a desire to return to the true essence, to Shinga, to the true self, to the true self in reality beyond unknown gate called death. It is written in the spiritual book of Mu passed down as important thing since ancient times.

In the beautiful legendary story, we are connected as one, living in the land of love, of one being, unknown, mystical and not this world. I think it is important for us to experience it. It must be a truly beautiful and spiritual world. I feel we may make a mistake and become quite ugly if we are involved in the spiritual world, keeping a strong self consciousness (consciousness made of comparison and competition). We should be very cautious about it.

The more humanity realizes the divinity and love of their true self and return to Shinga, more people who can recognize the quality of Shinga will be born. Their mission will be more important than anything. Or you could be able to enjoy a life on the planet earth and to overcome anything you wish to as part of the whole universe.

This world may not be an actual reality just like a virtual movie. Some people will try to execute trainings, others will overcome their problems, and some others are excellent enough to transform them in the world.

If we are embraced by Shinga forever, we will simply continue being Shinga. We will not be able to grow, improve, enjoy and do other things as a part of it. The joy of learning has been considered quite valuable.
I feel I always want to stay in the unknown and the mystical. Thus, I have tried to live in the mystical space at every moment and will stay there forever, knowing that it is not this world, there is no self, it is neither a tree, nor mountains, nor the river, they are only names given by us, we are in the unknown, embraced by love and everything is its manifestation.
It has become quite natural for me to stay in such space of consciousness without reminding me so. It is also natural that many people feel that I say something strange or I am an strange person. I feel it can’t be helped, and it is not their fault.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. Talking about the luxurious and healing suite, Lastra Mu, which you produce, does “tra” of “Lastra” mean “Torah”?

Yes, it may be so… You have noticed it well. I felt Italian “Lastra”, meaning a stone tablet originates from it. If a stone tablet means torah, where does it come from? Maybe we can trace back to Aron’s cane, Moses’ tablet, or Abraham, Sumer, moreover, the ancient Mu and all are connected, so I wondered and the story expanded…

The stone tablet of Mu is actually the spiritual book of Mu, and the text said to be on the tablet is that this world is unknown and mystical, neither this world nor a reality, and everything is connected as one. It is a story like what Socrates said or Kukai’s “form is emptiness; the matter is void; all is vanity” I believe Ra Mu understood as such, therefore, he felt everything is connected as one, and the world is love in reality. He thought that loving neighbors and neighboring countries is a law for happiness as he knew everything that seem other is the self in fact. I feel he realized that they could maintain peace and safety of themselves, their families and country, succeed and prosper according to the cosmic law if all of them deepen awareness of oneness…

It is most important to realize that we can protect our families, our countries and ourselves only when we help each other and love neighbors and neighboring countries with a beautiful, loving heart of oneness. It’s a pity that people who didn’t believe in it though their leader, Ra Mu thought so as a leader, may have offended gods and been destroyed… In other words, I feel the law of love coming from such oneness has prevailed in this universe, although it may not be done by gods.

And such things happened in Mu, to all people, in Sumer, India, Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and Asia… Such cosmic law may have existed because evil rulers ruined themselves immediately and subordinators were obliged to live in pain. What if everything in the world is connected as one, unknown, mystical, love and not this world? What if everything exists as one being in the ocean of elementary particles, and people in the altered consciousness go into deep meditation at that time? I imagine they had such blissful experiences that they lost awareness of the self and others, and that everything had gone (returned) back into oneness in the ancient times.

I imagine, in the ancient days, people easily could go into the consciousness of unity because the mystical quality of reality was more intense than now. Under such situations, many people may have been able to realize the truth. However, some people were unable to awaken and continued believing in separation, conflicts and struggles. They may have ruined themselves in spite of the cosmic law of oneness (love). They may have had to suffer as they didn’t fit the cosmic law. Their doubt caused by existence may have tortured them.

I have come to understand that people who live a life according to their beliefs of conflicts and separations, that is, against what is written on the stone tablet of Mu (Lastra Mu), they will suffer and be destroyed by the whole universe. They will have a hard time and become painful and heart-broken even though they become materially wealthy. I wonder why… When we see it closely, we will understand it as the cosmic law. Some people see it as the will of gods, others feel it the law of the universe, of love. As our old children story, “Hanasaka Jiisan” indicated it.

And those who suffered from hardships caused by unfitting way of life (to the cosmic law), may have made a group to protect themselves, spread values of separation such as conflicts, robbing and deceiving each other, to the world and boosted it more than before. They may have strived to rule the world and human beings with a strong desire to protect themselves. Lastra (the stone tablet) or Ten Commandments was there to warn them…

I could say that such fearful people who had such protected status, fame, power, arms and others didn’t fit the law of gods and were not loved by the whole universe (God). Unfortunately, they may have ruined as they didn’t meet the law of the universe. Sorry to say, but they have to suffer deeply. Their heart may be broken and in a great agony. On the other hand, however, such people as Jesus Christ, OSHO Rajneesh, J. Krishnamurti who were loved by God, awakened people and those of a beautiful heart must have been segregated and bashed by the people who believed in separation. That means, few people have been able to become happy and prosper in its true sense successively for thousands of years on our planet.

People who believe in separation will be ruined by the cosmic law (or God) …Wonderful people who followed the cosmic law had lived a life with love in their heart, never harmed others even though hurt by them. However, they had to be bullied, attacked, envied and destroyed by those who believed in a value of separation until now… I could say that this world has been dark because of it.

However, the world will change from now on. I think it is because what rules the world, in reality, is the law of the universe, of love and oneness. We could call it God. The world is where everything is connected as one, mystical, not this world, and that it is the world of love where everything is one being (one person). And everything is itself… I think anything that doesn’t fit the law will start breaking down drastically from now on. I feel that the heaven is determined to create the world of the true peace, joy of love and goodness which will last infinitely. I could say that it will happen quickly as the nature, the universe and gods are strongly determined to do so, being fed up with the corrupted world. I feel it will happen drastically to the world as if tsunami waves were rushing on.
Accordingly, the world is decisive to change drastically and move on. I cannot but feel that people who live beautifully according to God’s will prosper and that we will make a better world. What do you say about it?


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I think it good to pursue happiness for myself since I am given a life. What do you say about it?

Does happiness for yourself mean happiness for the ego? If happiness continues for the ego, in fact, it will never continue, you may lose a chance to return to the no-self, to the true self. If it is true, I don’t think it good. To desperately seek for something beneficial for the ego is to boost the ego for its protection, for safety of the ego.

That is, you may not forgive everything dangerous for the ego. Even more, unless you forgive, love and embrace your surroundings in your childhood, which you deliberately have chosen as you cannot forgive it, you will not be able to return to the true self. You will lose your eternal being and suffer from pains unless you return to the true self.

I could say it is the worst treatment for yourself. We have deliberately chosen to be born to certain surrounding which we fear most, which we hate most. The most important thing for us is to love it with a generous heart, forgive it as part of God, of love, embrace it, and understand it deeply. Then, you will return to the true essence, which is the no-self, oneness. It is the shortest way to return to love. And you will regain your Buddha nature. You will regain love. Is there anything more wonderful than that? There is a great gap between something wonderful for the ego and something wonderful for the true self.

It will be a great gift for your eternal self, for your true self. You will not lose your eternal being. If you live in favor of the ego, however, you will lose your eternity and even your eternal life. I feel living a life in favor of the ego is the worst thing to do, and it will give us a great damage. Don’t you agree?

Now that you know secrets of the ego and the selflessness and the true essence in this world, you should understand it well. People engage themselves in boosting the ego and protecting it everyday without such knowledge. And that is the worst thing for the true essence. The true self, the higher-self, the existence of a person will bring him every possible trouble to awaken him desperately. I feel that is the worst thing we can think of on the earth.

What is the reason why people deliberately choose to be born to the most unforgivable and wonderful (unpleasant) surroundings? Isn’t it because they will be enlightened as a Buddha, if only they embrace and forgive the worst in their lives?

If it is so, nothing is more foolish than to reject such chance. I could even say we should look forward to such problem. We may be able to awaken ourselves when we see everything as connected as one through eyes of the no-self and of love. We may be able to transform ourselves when we see people who seem others but ourselves, as suffering fellows, whether they are our parents or friends. Is it beneficial for us to lose such chance?

We will be egoistical and boost the ego if we continue escaping, lying, attacking to protect the ego, fight, kill. I feel that will ruin ourselves.
You don’t have to listen to my opinion. Nor you have to live by following what I say. What it matters is how you feel, and whether you need to awaken. And if you want to awaken, all you need to do is just work at it. Otherwise, you will just do whatever you want to do.

MARTH is currently creating music for the coming album, “MAJOR LINE – The Road to the East”,
subsequently to “MINOR LINE – The Road to the East” recorded in Prague on Nov. 11, 2018 (11.11.11).

「The Road to the East – to make a land of love, to be a model world」
The main theme song for the current “The Road to the East” ,
“The Road to the East – to make a land of love, to be a model world” is born now.

The following lyrics are based on a legend of I.naghit.
It is born after MARTH deeply accessed to the beautiful and sincere heart of I.naghit.
This is to be sent to our dear descendants after 2,600 years from now…

The song conveys a sincere wish to create a land of love
beyond time, even if deceased…

『I headed for the east to make a land of love
Father (God) led me to the land of promise
to the land where the beautiful ancient civilization
once flourished…
I will promise, we will realize a country
Where we love our neighbors,
and keep a peaceful relation with neighboring countries.
Never to fail again,
we will create a country where we love
even though hurt by others…
I will give a name, “Land of Yona”
to the land which greeted us first,
never to fail again…

「The Road to the East – to make a land of love, to be a model world」
               Lyrics & Music MARTH
For the children of a distant future,
we will trust this song for a world of love
I headed for the east
to make it a planet of love
to create a land of beautiful heart
We will be a model of the world
when we love people
when our loving friends live in a smile
Love your neighboring countries, love your neighbors
love your father, love your mother
support your friends, make the world loving
together with all people
create a beautiful world
Then, you will surely feel true freedom
Then, you will surely feel true love
Create a beautiful land
Make your friends happy
This time now you can love your neighboring countries
to realize true peace
This time now you will love everything
to create eternal peace
to love your neighbors is a great pride
We wished our country will be a model of the world
We loved our enemies and wished for peace
We wished for smiles of people of the world
Respect your neighboring countries,
Embrace other countries,
Embrace your father,
Carry your mother on your back,
Let your friends win,
Support your brothers and sisters,
Love your sister,
and embrace your brother.
Then, you will surely realize your true dream
Then, you will live forever beyond life
Create a beautiful country,
Make your people happy.
That is what your great father wished for,
Now I embrace his wish within
Now I know that is love within all people’s heart
For the children of a distant future,
we will trust this song for a world of love
dedicated to dearest I.naghit

My ancestors from my father’s side lived in Jindai on Awajishima Island for generations. My father raised me, giving me intent guidance according to legendary teachings of I.naghit. He was a man of sincerity and justice. He looked like a samurai who dared to risk his life for happiness of the people. My father was an officer at Ministry of Justice. In the later years, he was transferred to Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office.
After he resigned his position, he said he would be a fisherman in Izu. Instead he immediately retired from the world. He had been a man of justice and beauty all through his life. He told me every day not to win over others, not to become better or great, not to boost the ego, not to think ill of others even if hurt by them, hope for friends, love them, contribute to our country and live a life, pursuing justice.
Dedicated to my deceased father

This is a song dedicated to the deceased father of our staff,
who was a good friend of MARTH. He passed away due to scirrhous carcinoma (cancer).
His children support MARTH as his staff now.


I wish to see you grow
but I know I cannot fulfill my dream
I had so many good memories,
but your birth was my happiest one
I will watch over you from above
I will watch over you any time
Please don’t worry
I will always be there with you
I’m not good looking. Are you?
But I know you are gentler than anybody else
But I know your forgiving heart is bigger than anybody else’s

Nothing made me happier when you were born
You were so bright, I was happy,
dreaming of your future
You always forgave such stupid daddy
Let me send you my gratitude from my heart
Stay happy forever
Remember me in your hard time
Remember I’m embracing you still now
I’m watching over you from above still now
I can’t live well, you must be the same
But I guess you work harder than anybody else
But I guess your forgiving heart is bigger than anybody else’s

“To The Memory of Your Beloved Father (Single)”MARTH New Single is on sale on Bandcamp!

Q: I know your old song titled “Way Back to Love – You cannot love while winning”. I didn’t understand a meaning of the lyrics that we cannot be happy if we try to love while winning before. Now I understand it deeply after reading your recent messages. It is because that is not something out of the true essence… If it is true, we New Age people, people who are involved in self-help seminars may have taken a wrong path. I am concerned whether we have brought such social ideas as “victory or defeat” and the ego (a sense of separation) even in New Age or religious activities. Please talk more about it, MARTH.



That’s correct. I appreciate your opinion. I have conveyed it since youth. To love while winning is to love while keeping the ego. This is completely opposite with each other. I always felt seriously about something while I was meditating. My fellow meditators who meditate with a belief of the ego all had out-of-body experiences, keeping the ego as it is. And those who have the quality of oneness, of the selflessness return to Shinga (Atman) during a meditation. I wondered what on the earth it is. I used to feel deeply as such when I was young.

My fellows who attended seminars became involved in New Age movement as well. I realized that people who went into New Age and religions have had difficulties in improving themselves and suffered while having a value based on victory or defeat, conflict, struggle, such consciousness of a sense of separation, belief in a sense and a mechanism of the separated societies.

That’s because everything is connected as one. In other words, there is no difference between each other. Even if there seems to be some difference, the difference is to work as a whole. There are people with different characteristics, and they help each other and support each other. I believe it is the true world and the truth of the universe. However, to hold such separated value as competition, comparison and so on is not something essential or holistic. Having something opposite to the true essence (a sense of separation) is quite unsuitable for being involved in healing, New Age, therapies and so on. I could not help but say to them that such fear or desire to boost the ego doesn’t fit the world of truth.


If you go into such world with a sense of separation, you may have difficulties in growing and will suffer. People who have no sense of separation, whose ego is over, who feel fed up with winning, and for this reason, who try to recover the quality of oneness will have luck. If they have a sense of separation, of competition, and desire to win over others, they will find the world painful. Certainly, they may feel painful in the egoistic society, or feel more difficult in such spiritual world. Feeling everything as a fake themselves, they may punish themselves more. This proves that we are love itself and sincerity itself.

I was extremely concerned about it. That’s why I kept telling my fellows that having a value based on victory or defeat is wrong, it is an act of the ego, of the separation since long ago, although they hated me to say so. As you have just mentioned, the quality of oneness is most important whether you are involved in the world of meditation, in the world of religion, in the spiritual world or New Age.

If leaders who lead humanity to the true being want to become great, to become somebody or to stand out believing in a value based on victory or defeat, it will be quite tragic. And people who follow and join the leaders will find them in a tragedy. They will never grow and suffer instead. They will only increase knowledges and ideas for fighting. That is because such things of beauty will be found only in the quality of oneness, and in love for losing as thoughts of the ego diminish.

Therefore, we need to deepen our awareness of illusions made of separations first of all. Moreover, we need to have deeper awareness of our surroundings, environments and our parents which we had decided to forgive. It will be a precious support for you that you embrace and accept your own hatred, love it, put an end to the source of conflict, and try to live with your mission accordingly. It will be hard for you to live in the world of New Age, religion and healing unless you stop struggling with your ideas and beliefs coming from your parents and surroundings. You will have extremely hard and painful time if you choose to fight with them out of fear and chagrin, of the ego.


As you suggest, we need to overcome it. If we think of New Age, healing, spirituality and religiousness, everything should come from the quality of oneness, that everything is connected as one, and accep to lose. Unfortunately, it is not something related to knowledge or theory. If each of us has various characteristic, it is nothing but characteristics of each part within a whole. When we realize it, we will see beautiful flowers blossom in the spiritual world, and the same thing will be true in the world of the ego, in our conventional societies.

We need to overcome a sense of separation so that we will feel deeply that it is O.K. to lose. Otherwise, true success, true and sustainable prosperity, joy and happiness will never be realized. In other words, only then, true you, the true essence, and the beautiful world which gods truly wanted will be fulfilled. The song, “You cannot love while trying to win” is really true. To win is to separate. To love is to be connected as one. They are opposite from each other. If you truly want to win together, you should be connected as one in reality. You should be trying to stop illusions of the ego. You should begin to realize there is no self. Unfortunately, only within deep awareness that everything is connected as one, you will find real happiness. That is what love is. Therefore, it is impossible that we love while trying to win.

When you wish to love and feel like you want to lose on behalf of your daughters, sons, friends, brothers, sisters, teachers, fellows, fathers, mothers, grand-mothers, grand-fathers, and the world, when you have such heartfelt wish, you all will find yourself filled with love…                MARTH

Q:Dear MARTH, isn’t it good that we strengthen the ego, get enlightened, and become great?

When we boost the ego or strengthen it, do we really get better? And or, how about that we reflect on us or feel sorry for others, saying, “I hurt my mom and dad’s feeling. I’m sorry I didn’t take much care of them.” “I feel sorry I didn’t love my children enough. ““I am sorry I had been defiant to my friends, to my boss, to my teacher, to everyone”? In other words, this is when we have a small ego (sense of separation). Which is happier and comforting for us, that is, when our ego is destroyed, or when we boost the ego and strengthen it?

Let us call it a way to live life. Which way to live life will bring us a beautiful future? Is it when we praise ourselves, saying, “I am strong. I am great. I will not lose. I will win.” Or, is it when we reflect on us, “I ruined everything. I am very sorry. I want to apologize to my father and mother. I am sorry for my friends and comrades. “Which way to live a life is consciousness of God, of love, of the whole universe and of purity? Which is able to bring us a beautiful future?

In a self-help seminar where we witness the self, we say, “What it is in the state of beginning will be there in the future.” If we keep the primary consciousness, we will realize such being exist in future. In other words, if we act out of fear or of bad intention, we will see a bad result in future. In this sense, is a state of our consciousness better when we boost the ego, feel uplifted, become self-conceited, and get irritated? Or, is our energy better when we end the ego (a sense of separation), return to the original small self or to the one source, get grounded, reflect on ourselves, ask ourselves, “I am sorry. I should have helped them. I should have supported them. I should have done this or that”, reflect inwardly and feel sorry for our mistakes and so on?

And I dare to tell you that we are love, consciousness of a child of God, and the whole universe, which is the true quality of humanity only when we reflect on ourselves without boosting the ego, or uplifting it. And when we live with such awareness, we will see the present world beautiful. We return to love, the true essence, when we end the ego.

We can see the world as darkness. At that time, we boost the ego; feel excited, thus we are fearful. As the ego is strengthened, fear will be bigger. A sense of separation is a sense of fear. When we reflect on ourselves, feel sorry, and our ego is diminished, we will see everyone is loving in fact whether we ride on a train or walking on the street. It is what comfort really means.

There are pains and sadness when we, children of love, of God, of the whole universe neither can live in love, nor live as the whole being, nor love and be loved, and we live pretending to be tough, pretending to be all right, walking the street with chest out. We, the children of God, cannot live as such…

hen we see our sadness with such standpoint of view, when we are pure enough to reflect on ourselves, “I haven’t been able to live in love, I fought with my friends again, I tried not to lose pretending to be tough again, I felt defiant to my rival as always today”, we will be able to return to bliss in fact.

That is love and consciousness of a child of God. That is in reality the true essence of humanity. When we are there, we are happy. We will see the world beautiful. Therefore, uplifting the ego, boosting it and protecting it will not be good for the beautiful world, for the world of love and comfort.

I mean to say the true essence of this world is oneness. It is connected as one, love, selflessness. It is also that we are not part but the whole. We are incredibly unknown and mystical. This is the true quality of the world. If you boost the ego, assert yourself and protect yourself in the world of oneness, your happiness, as part of the existence, will be damaged. Humanity doesn’t know it very well.

If you say; “No, I won’t be a loser. I, I, I will win! I’ll be good! I’ll be great!”, you will put yourself into darkness, to an obstacle race. It is because that is against your quality of love. If you boost the ego, you will lose the quality of oneness. Love means being connected as one. And you will find peace, happiness, success, prosperity and everything in love. If you lose love, and if you boost the ego, assert yourself, protect the ego and do everything to strengthen the ego, you, as a cell, are not it, but strangely and drastically stand out. It means you have become a cancer cell or a tumor.

Humanity must sincerely realize it and learn about it. It is not important to boost the ego or to make a cell bigger. It will eventually become a cancer or a bad cell. Therefore, the reason why you don’t see the world loving and beautiful is because you have identified yourself with the ego. It is not because of outer factors. It is nothing but that you have been able to see sadness not to live in love.

When you, as a cell, bear the entire being yourself, or return to part of the whole, when you reflect yourself that you haven’t done so, feel sad and sorry about it, when the ego is finished, you will return to love for the first time. We need to know its secret. Then, we will find true prosperity, true joy and true success waiting for us…


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I think the world is in a great turmoil… It seems we human beings have reached limits in the existing way of life. How can we make the world better? How can we realize peace in the world?

First of all, we need to change our values by knowing what is profitable and what is not for ourselves (part of the existence) in reality. Certainly, the best way is that we will live together with love and joy by diminishing our value of separation of the ego, increasing peacefulness in a sense of oneness and gradually losing a sense of interests of the ego, which is an illusion.
However, we human beings are made to believe in a value of separation seriously. Simply speaking, separation means the ego (boosting the ego).
Human beings and animals have come to understand a limited range as the self because of five senses given by God for our conveniences. And giving everything a name has brought us a sense of separation.

In fact, everything in the entire universe is us. We, part of the existence, are given five senses to bear different part. Eventually we feel a certain range is the self. We manage to live in the universe, considering we bear a certain range, role, and responsibility of the self. It is not bad in itself. It is also true, however, that we will strengthen a sense of separation because of this understanding.

Therefore, we are likely to forget the real truth, which is different from our five senses and a sense of separation, that we are connected as one, unknown and mystical. We may lose such scientific truth of the world completely. Unless we remember the truth of oneness, nor we try to learn it, it may be lost…

It’s amazing how things work out in the universe. It will not work as we think. The universe created our five senses with which we are likely to separate and even let us separate. However, as soon as we (part of the universe) act or move separately, it will give us a hard time to awaken us. Such built-in mechanism of the universe will not give us a verbal message. It is quite troublesome.

We need to be always aware of Atman, being one and connected, unknown and mystical to protect us, which is part of the existence. If we seriously believe in the ego and act according to it, have a value of competition, comparison and conflict, we will fall into a hard time because of an awakening message from the universe. It has been happening to us since the ancient times… We have engaged ourselves in believing in the ego, protecting it, preserving it and boosting it without knowing such mechanism of the universe.

However, the universe doesn’t care at all. It doesn’t mind whether we humans believe in the ego and become worse. It doesn’t mind whether someone tries to boost the ego, protect it, has various ambitions, desires and aspirations. The universe will just give us a hard time when it happens. Then, we, part of the whole universe, will be stunned, say, “Wow! No, this doesn’t work! I was wrong. It’s painful. I’m not happy at all. Oh, no! This is not a good idea. Please forgive me” and return to the selflessness. This is a mechanism to make the ego to diminish, and dejected.

Therefore, we will have a hard time if we don’t realize the mechanism of the universe. “Why doesn’t everything work out? I should have succeeded. I should have won.” However, everything will not work out as expected as ambitions of the ego don’t fit the whole universe. The ego is a separation. It doesn’t fit the principle of oneness of the universe. The universe will give us a hard time. And, we are the universe ourselves. “If God doesn’t find me, if the universe doesn’t find me, it will be no problem. I can deceive them…” However, we are the universe (love). We are part of God. We are part of the whole universe. That is, we as God will find us deceive them. Everybody is the same without partiality.

In other words, people who realize oneness of the universe, its unknown and mystical quality, love themselves who seem others, neither fight with themselves who seem others, nor boost the ego, nor protect the ego, nor deceive people, nor trap them, nor attack them, will be quickly happy. And people of the pure heart who work for the whole universe will be beautiful and feel true prosperity and happiness… This is how the cosmic law works. However, most of human beings haven’t realized it yet. They don’t know it deeply. This is the reason why they will have a hard time.

What if humanity will know the law itself? At present, humanity doesn’t know it very well. They believe in the ego, become highly ambitious, try to get a fame, honor, boost the ego, protect it, deceive others, attack them, and take from them. Believing it works in the egoistical society, people praise themselves, “I have become so great… I am so awesome!!” At that time, however, the universe will start working. He is the universe himself… He is part of God… If he says, “Nobody is watching me!” You are watching yourself, however. You are God himself.

And the universe is meant only to work that way. It is satisfied with it. We are given five senses to fix us (part of the existence) by ourselves (part of the existence), to bear us by ourselves. However, if we believe in the separation seriously and consider the part as the self, we will have a hard time. They (five senses) are given to us for our mere convenience. They are only functions. It is only that each part bears each different part.

nd we have each different characteristic as children of the universe. Everybody has magnificent abilities given from gods, the universe and love. However, if we use it not for the universe, nor the whole, but for the ego, and if we try to excel others, deceive them, attack them with a sense of separation, we will end our days in unhappiness.

Even if you say, “I’ve got a position and honor! I am great!”, you may ruin yourself in pain. Or if you live for the ego, saying, “I will rebel those in power! I will abandon my job, seclude myself in the riverbed or home, and live freely!”, your wonderful ability given from the universe will be wasted and definitely destroyed as its retaliation.

We have had rulers such as Shin Huang-ti, Attila, Alexander the Great, Nobunaga Oda and many others in our history. Maybe kings only will count thousands. There will be more people who live as a hermit on the riverbed than them. All the kings and people wasted their treasures given from the universe without using them for the entire being, and they had the same hard experience. However, most of human beings haven’t realized its mechanism yet. The ancient people called it a divine punishment or twinge of conscience, but nobody cares about it. I cannot but feel humanity will be able to realize a truly peaceful, loving and beautiful world for the first time when we realize the mechanism deeply and learn about it without giving it up…

I have a question, MARTH.
There is a story about Jesus Christ that he said, “Please forgive them as they don’t know anything.” when he was about to be crucified. I wonder if the people became happy by being forgiven.
That’s an interesting question. I think only Jesus became happy. He knew the true self and lived a life of love until he died. And he prayed for happiness and safety of the people who were there. He may have known the reason why they behaved as such. He may have known they were suffering from insecurity and their pains.

I think Jesus accepted the people who ruin true self. Therefore, he may have accepted that they did wrong. He may have prayed for their happiness, success, victory and improvement.
However, selflessness, in other words, the true essence is necessary to achieve them. They themselves should have returned to love for it. We human beings haven’t realized it. I feel very sorry. Jesus must have understood it very well. I think he may have prayed for them so that they would not be punished by God or their own universe. Unfortunately, however, they needed to return to the true self to be happy and safe… However, they fought, lied, cheated, killed, and followed the strong or corrupted people because of pains and sufferings caused by emotional damages in childhood.

I’m certain Jesus tried to forgive and love the people who would kill him as he understood their pains very well. Otherwise, Jesus himself would have been ruined. He was the only person who became beautiful and happy. I imagine other people must have fell into even more painful life…

Unfortunately, the ego cannot be beneficial in the universe. The people who killed Jesus in those days may continue suffering for generations after generation for thousands of years. It is because they will transmit and succeed a sense of separation, which comes from the strong ego for generations. The reason why we continue having pains and bad luck is that we have been living a life of the ego, conflicts, fear and separation, which is against our true nature. Even in the modern days, princes and nobles are suffering for this reason…

If you commit murder, kill someone who is connected with the universe, cheat, attack, torment and revenge yourself on him, you will receive a terrible punishment. And you will surely transmit values of the ego, separation and suspicion for generation after generation. If you teach your children a value of separation, or of conflict, and tell them of the consequences, all of them will strengthen their doubts. And they will make a very painful life and world.

Then, what should we do? We need to realize profoundly that we are wrong as our value of separation and ideas of the ego don’t fit the universe and the true essence. We need to be free from our illusion of separation. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a meditation or a self-witnessing. It is no use in knowing many names unless you practice it. It is such wrong idea of separation and a completely wrong illusion if we see ourselves as God, love, the true self and the whole universe.

You need to realize that you should return to the true self, to the whole universe to create a life of peace, comfort, love and bliss. It is the only reality. The ego is nothing but a preconception of humanity and a wrong belief. When we realize it sincerely, every trouble, pain and suffering will be gone. And your original beauty will start shining…

You may be listening to “The Earth Song” while reading this article. It says that children of love, which is the true quality of humanity, cannot be rotten to the core. They cannot follow someone strong and corrupted, someone great and superior seriously. If they become corrupted, they may not be able to live because of pain. They cannot follow the evil at the bottom of their heart though it seems favorable for them. Children of God can only live honestly even if they sleep in freezing night, or if they abandon a status, fame and everything. The children of love, of the true self may not be able to live well. They can live only in purity…
Everyone knows profoundly it is the only way he can shine out. The world needs such awareness now. Many people are suffering in the ego system. They are wondering what is wrong. They are wondering why they suffer in spite of all their fine judgment of the ego.

You will see everything if you take such viewpoint. The universe is powerful. The whole universe, Atman has such strong force. Therefore, we can trust the world. It is an obvious and abiding scientific fact that you are its child, a child of God. If it is true, you will punish yourself when you don’t live as such. That will be true even if Jesus returns and says he will forgive you… No other person can forgive you. Only you can make you happy when you realize the true self and return to the universe…

The other day my record company told me,
“We will release a Christmas gift music. Please write something special for the release. “
I said, “What! Do you want me to write a Christmas message?”
“That’s right!”
So, here I am…

When I think of Christmas, I immediately remember beauty of warm yellow or orange lights on the trees… There were only such colors in the past, so my memory is as such…
Recently I had a chance to do a recording in Prague. I was fascinated by beauty of the light in the town.

In my childhood, my family lived in a placed called Azabu in Tokyo. My father was a public servant. Mothers on both my father’s and my mother’s sides, in other words, my grandmothers had lived in Azabu for generations. I went to the same elementary school which my grandmothers learned. After my father died, when I was studying Awajishima Island where my grandfather of my father’s side was rooted, I found a group of people just next to Onokoro Shrine near Jindai moved to Azabu.

According to a historical writing found at an Awajishima shrine, a group of seamstresses who presented hemp kimono to the imperial family moved to Edo (Tokyo). Ieyasu Tokugawa, the shogun, ordered them to sew hemp kimonos for samurais. Then I came to realize how my grandparents met for the first time. They were from the same area.
I felt invisible wish of the ancient Jewish leaders who never harmed others even if hurt at the shrine. I think Christmas day must be a day when we think of the beautiful man who never kills others even if killed.

My family has had roots in Motoazabu (in Tokyo) for generations since then. It was very close to an area which the movie“Always Sunset on Third Street” took place. The people of my generation were brought up watching the similar scenes of the movie.

And there was a church on the way from Moto-azabu down to Azabu-juban. I think it was a church of the salvation army… The yellow lights during Christmas season were very beautiful. I remember I felt religious when I was a child. It was not because of the lights, but because Jesus was absolute love, he was killed by the corrupted society in spite of his innocence, and that he was allowed to enter into the heaven forgiving everything with love. I think this is my understanding at that time. Such memory in my childhood is still in my mind when Christmas season comes.

I still like the old color of light, which I know as champagne gold, during Christmas season. I noticed especially the lights in the old town of Prague were very beautiful when I travelled Europe some time ago. Maybe there was only such color of lights in Japan in those days.

And there was a Christmas tree at a church, probably of the salvation army. I remember clearly even now that I felt so divine. It becomes very cold in Japan when Christmas comes every year, yet very serene; lights are beautiful, crowded with people, become cheerful, yet full of divine atmosphere. I’m not familiar with any religion, but I feel religious. This is my most outstanding memory during Christmas time. I wished I wanted to be like a man of the beautiful heart who never harm others even if hurt by them if possible.

Talking about my family, both my father’s and mother’s sides are Buddhists of Kukai’s Shingon sect and Zen Buddhism. They also managed a shrine. I think my family has had Japanese ancient religiousness. However, I neither wanted to become a public servant, nor wanted to belong to any corporation, to any religion, to any organization for unknown reason.

It is because I am a servant of the whole universe and its member. I just wanted to be with my fellows in the nature. And it hasn’t changed yet. My profile goes like this, “I don’t belong to anything within. Neither do I belong to any country, any religion, any political groups, any psychological associations, and any philosophical organizations. If I have to say who I am, I am nothing but a part of the whole being.” Tokyo, Azabu, names of the places I just mentioned are only what we call them as such, and in reality, it is unknown and mystical in my understanding.

However, I love Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with any group or any organization. He didn’t belong to any group or organization. He was killed by the corrupted world as he lived a pure life. However, he loved the people and forgave them. I imagine he must have been happy when he returned to Atman, God, love or whatever you call it. He was happy to return home because he was blissful as he had kept his purity, love and justice.

Mere child as I was, I thought a beautiful man had returned home just as he was when I saw the Christmas tree. I feel the same still now. I cannot but feel it is wonderful that a man of the beautiful heart, a child of the whole universe, of God and children of love live a pure life without belonging to and part of the corrupted. He must have felt joyous that he could pursue a life of purity and justice even if he had to be killed. And I feel he may have felt he could return home, he was loved and embraced by the beloved Source, Love, God, Atman, dear universe and dear Atman.

I think it important for us to let his wishes bloom in our heart during Christmas season. He who pursued his life with the beautiful heart, not affected by any organization or society.
For this reason, I will send you this chorus music as a Christmas gift for you.


Q: I lost my beloved partner just recently.
I can hardly eat because of grief.
What would you say about loss, and about death, MARTH?

Death and loss of the beloved, and our own death. The loss of self… I feel there are only two possibilities to overcome them. One thing is, to realize this world is not real… This world is not a reality. It is some kind of manifestation of Atman. We can call it God. We will get rid of death if we find this world is unknown and mystical place, neither a reality nor this world is certain, definite in a scientific way.

If it is not this world, there is the other world. To die or to lose somewhere like the other world… Are we really able to die in the other world? Or, do we dream of something like a dream? Do we see an illusion as if we were dead or have lost a beloved? I feel we cannot die in the other world if this world is not this world but the other world. And we will allow us to change eternally with such awareness…

Another possibility we need to realize is that everything is connected as one. Is there any death if everything is connected as one? A man lives in an illusion of the ego. It is not the true self. The true self is no self. It is one being. However, we live our lives believing in the ego. And we started to believe in languages and naming during our childhood. Everything on the earth has a name.

It separates us from the truth; everything is connected as one. We are obliged to feel separated because of names although everything is connected as one in reality. It is neither true nor essential, but it is a belief of the ego. It is an idea of the ego. The reality is that everything is unknown, connected as one. This world is not real, but unknown and mystical. We are forever connected as one…
What does it mean that some part dies within the whole existence? Or are we really separate from it? Some part of the existence is dead, it is gone. However, it is eternally changing one being… And this world may not be a reality, either… When we realize it profoundly, we will enter into the eternity beyond death. The ego will not remain after death. It is an illusion from the beginning. That’s the reason why we suffer when we live in an illusion of the ego. It is because only the ego knows death. And when we live with the ego, our heart will be broken. This is the reason why successful people who live with the ego will all lose in the end…

We need to live with the true self if we want to really succeed, to really prosper and to really become wealthy within this unknown and mystical world. That is, we are in the world of oneness, unknown and mystical place.
When we realize that everything is connected as one, we are in incredibly mystical space, and that it is not this world but the other world, we will be able to overcome death and separation…
There is no separation between the self and the other, and the beloved. We are eternally one connected being. We need to realize we are connected with everything (love) to overcome death. And we will be truly healed when we realize that it is not this world but unknown and mystical. Such awareness is more necessary than anything…


Q: I have a question to you. I think we have a value it is good to follow the strong among us… I don’t like to think it better to take sides with the strong and beneficial rather than treasuring whether it is right or wrong… What is your opinion about it, MARTH?

The answer is quite clear… All the people have the true quality of love, Atman and are part of God… And this is the answer… Follow your true self, but someone else or someone stronger…
Otherwise, there will be no challenges in your life… We are born into the world as a child of the whole universe, of love and of God…
And to live with your true quality will be a great love and a challenge for everyone. You just live with love of your true self (of oneness) wherever you are born to. It doesn’t matter whether it is filled with the evil or it is corrupted. And to see the true quality of all the beings and to live with it will be a challenge, a joy and a pride for all the people. To live with your true self will be a real gift to yourself as a child of the whole universe and a great pride for you…

Our ego is made of separation. However, it is not the true self… Separation is an illusion. Our true quality is love, oneness and divinity. That is Atman, the true self. Then, how we live will decide itself naturally… The best way to live, and how we can be great and brilliant are common to all… Everybody can be brilliant when he lives with the true self and in love…

If we stay as the ego mind and our consciousness deteriorates, we become fearful… Then, we will decide things out of fear. Therefore, we are too ambitious to take sides with the strong and beneficial… However, it won’t work well as we expect. We will definitely ruin ourselves… The best choice for everyone is to be the true self. We will feel magnificent joy when we live with the true self. You just live in justice even if the whole world is evil, even if they sold their souls to the evil. To live with the true self must be a real charm of your life, beautiful life of your truth and a big challenge for love…


When we try to excel others, beat them, become strong, great or famous, have high education and acquire qualifications, our ambitions of separation (the ego) will be enhanced… Our conflicts, fights and fear will be enhanced, too. And some women try to be liked and loved by such great man, bear his child and gain a status, fame and money…
However, did these men and women become truly happy? Napoleon, Nobunaga, Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, Marie Antoinette and so on? All of them were tragic. Let’s find the successful people with such ambitions and sense of separation if there were any.
After all, the true quality of humanity is love. It is oneness. Any trial to stand out from the existence, to become superior to others or our inferiority complex are negative illusions.
If you take it seriously, fight with others to become somebody, your life will be filled with pains, fights and fear because you create psychological time then. Your original bliss and happiness coming from the true self will be lost at that time…
You may become a deceiver, a sly person, a fighter.
You may ruin your beautiful life, which should originally be wonderful. People believe they can be happy if they stand out from others. However, it is not true as it doesn’t fit your true self.

The truth is that we don’t have to become somebody, and we are God, love and Atman as we are, as part of the whole universe.
I wonder if humanity will be able to live a truly magnificent life when we live as such.


Q: Let me ask you a question, MARTH. I feel there is a common opinion in the world that wealthy people, or affluent people do something evil. Is it true? And I wonder if everyone will be a good person but become poor soon in the world…

Ha, ha, ha… It’s a very interesting question. Please excuse me for laughing!
First of all, all the awakened people who lived a life of oneness such as J. Krishnamurti, OSHO Rajneesh, Werner Erhard, Maharish Mahesh Yogi and many others are all beautiful and wealthy… OSHO had many jets and Rolls-Royce, too…
The problem is not about wealth. It may be a lack of oneness… What will happen to a person who lost his true quality of oneness, to a child of the whole universe who lost love? Everyone is naturally a child of God and an embodiment of love. Our true quality is as such. However, the people brought up in such environment where those premises are missing, when they seek after a fame, honor and money, they will naturally get funds and power with a value of separation…
As a result, they will lose true happiness and wonder why they are suffering… They will feel no bliss. They will cause troubles and problems to awaken themselves. Eventually, all their acts will be egoistic. They will ruin themselves because their acts don’t fit the universe and their true selves… Unfortunately, there is no doubt about it in the world of the divine loving essence…

Therefore, if you say, “All the wealthy people are evil”, there will be no people who want to be wealthy, nor will beautiful leaders be gone from the earth. Within such unfavorable criticisms, the people who want to succeed even still and try to become wealthy out of fear of the ego, will suffer with a sense of separation… As you mentioned, all the people of the pure and essential quality will neither want to become wealthy nor try to start a good business, when they are told “Wealth is bad”. I think this is the biggest tragedy for humanity…
We need to start ending the ego, return to the true self of oneness and love and live such a life. And they, who are of the New Age and of the spiritual and healing world, and who have trained themselves thoroughly should be deeply aware of the true self, act accordingly and become wealthy… Those people should launch a wonderful business, produce such products as to contribute to the true quality of human beings, become a manufacturer of incredible products, and become amazing doctors or civil servants, and become a businessman, a farmer and various other things of the incredible love and the quality of oneness…
The people who are awakening to the quality of oneness of love should create a beautiful world of oneness. If they work hard for it, true peace will be born to our planet. They should be wealthy for this reason… Having wealthy people around us should mean all the good things for us are created for our planet earth… Otherwise, the people who desperately seek for a status, fame, money and everything out of desires of the ego, by the self without a sense of oneness, without the true essence, will be mentally ill. And they will beat themselves and suffer because their true self is also love…
They insist to awaken them up as they are also children of God. And they will ruin themselves as they wish to return to the true self, to love… They will send them messages for waking themselves up, like Nobunaga did… as Alexander the Great did… However well you deceive you, you will ruin yourself if you act out of a value based on victory or defeat, fight and separation. You will be ruined by your own true self and love…

I found someone who claimed, “I’m O.K. because I am a devil” the other day. It’s not true, and he is not O.K. He just happened to learn it. In reality, however, there are only beings of quality of love on this planet… There is no devil but love (a child of God) that is not able to realize his true nature… Everyone is part of God, love and incredibly talented in reality. And we are born here with important mission of the whole universe. However, we are not aware of it.
Therefore, we live a life based on fights, competitions, separation and various other egoistic matters… This is the reason why we hate and eventually beat ourselves. I think the time will come when we finish it… when all the people awaken to their own love and divinity, return to their original self, thoroughly realize their true nature is love and create a beautiful world together. I think now must be such time for us. I believe a wonderful world will be realized… and incredibly beautiful lives and societies will surely be born to this planet…
And then, for the first time, we will discover wonderful artistic talents in us, which are unique to humanity, who has a different role from other animals… Our music will be quite different… It will be music to regain a sense of oneness for humanity, to take us back to love and to let us stay pure at heart… The same will be true to our architecture… It will be transformed to let us be connected as one… It will not be something out of a sense of separation of the ego that makes us win others, excel them, ruin them, attack them and so on.
Things to make all the people happy will be created. That is, the wealthier people are those who are wonderful and working hardest of all… The people who are not so wealthy may be those who haven’t developed their beautiful talents and powers given from God yet… Wonderful people will naturally become wealthy… And the wealth owned by the people who make them suffer with egoistic things within separation will eventually be replaced by something wonderful created by the beautiful people…

As my father was a public servant, I am a servant of the whole universe. And all the public servants of the world will create an incredibly good country, incredibly peaceful and safe country, an honest, fair country filled with beautiful hearts, where everything they do will be rewarded.
Artistic people of the beautiful heart, and the people of a country of the similar talent will engage themselves in art of oneness (of the true essence and love). The functionally good people like us Japanese will offer excellent functional beauty and functional quality to the world. I cannot but feel that incredibly healthy foods, wonderful medicine, something wonderful and healthy will be born so that we can live a truly happy life…

The people who are true to their original self, loving and regain a sense of oneness will create everything wonderful; develop every beautiful project including national ones. And we should even appreciate, support and encourage such incredible leaders of the world. Yes, we are about to see such a wonderful world open to us… Humanity will surely enter into a new era, and you are one of them. It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t lived as such in the past.
When you live with your true self, the heaven, God, the whole universe, nature or whatever you call it, everything beautiful will rejoice and support you…

Q: We have learned that we will perish if we lose in this world, we will be useless and attacked if we lose. However, your talk sounds opposite to me. Would you talk in details?

You are right. I am talking about the opposite… Desires of the ego such as the ego wins, the ego improves, the ego benefits, the ego, the partial self are all against love, which is the true nature of humanity. To be in harmony with the existence… we call it “Wa-suru (to harmonize)” in Japan…
It is not about the self, which is part of the existence, not to stand out itself. When we let the self become smaller, so that it doesn’t benefit, it doesn’t win, it doesn’t excel. In other words, when we treasure others and stop things such as we take from them, rob them, attack them, destroy them, kill them, we will finally return to our innate original self… It is said we will truly flourish, and the self; part of the existence will truly win, benefit and improve, and that everything will be wonderful then… We call it “wa-suru (to harmonize)” in Japan.
When we are in harmony, when we don’t boost the self or the ego, the whole universe will support us and everything goes smoothly. This is the benefit of “Wa-suru (to harmonize)” and its value. I feel the ancient Isaiahnagit, the people of the Jomon-era and those of Mu had the same value…
And I think our country had such culture and civilization in the ancient times. Japanese are considered to be peculiar by the people who value competitions and separation. And it seems they may not to be aware that they are descedants who have such values at all… I also didn’t know it until just recently. On the contrary, I was not interested in it at all.
Now, I understand many things, including the secrets of this country… And why have we lost important things? I wonder if it is because of the values based on competition, comparison and separation such as the self, which is part of the whole existence, benefit, the self wins, and so on. It is called individualism which came from the civilization of the separated self. Then, we will be attacked by Atman, the true self, the gods, the divine, which are the whole existence, and everything to “awaken”… Our hope for the prosperity of the self (part of the existence) will be interrupted, and our ambitions of the ego, desires, expectations and everything will be destroyed…
This value has been conveyed as a folklore in Japan… I wonder if such values can be found in many places in the world. That’s because the self is an illusion, and so is a separation. They don’t exist in reality. The victory of the self, which is part of the existence, is an illusion… The victory is always for the whole universe… Love always exists in the whole universe. When we live as the part of the whole universe, in other words, when we live with non-self, the self, which is truly part of the existence and each part of the existence will become wealthy, prosper, and make a sustainable success… That is the law of the universe. However, it has become difficult for us to realize it as we human beings are conditioned with a sense of separation.
Our societies made of such value that the self, part of the whole existence, should win ought to be as such. Unless we see through it, our happiness, joy, development and success of the self, which is part of the whole existence, may be impossible.. This is how I feel.

If we, the self, which is part of the existence, have such desires as we want to win, become a great person and so on, everything will be completely opposite… We have such a proverb in Japan; “Never expect (the ego) to win. You will lose if you expect.” We need to add the words, such as, “the ego” or “the self (as part of the existence)” to it. Without such value of separation, people will become incredibly amazing, and they will be great leaders within true love and sense of safety…
On the other hand, if you become a leader based on the illusion of the separated and boosted ego, you may create a destructive society and destroy yourself… I think you’d better not be as such… There is true happiness in this world. Therefore, if we tell juvenile delinquents and problem children that they don’t have to win, they don’t have to benefit and it is all right to “harmonize”, they will return to their original beautiful quality…

I am fortunate enough to have been brought up under such upbringing and in such environment since childhood. I came to know such self-help training in my youth, and have been familiar with them ever since. I also have examined scientifically. I cannot but feel there will be a great future for this planet earth. That is because I profoundly realize that we have only chosen a wrong path due to our illusions of the separated ego… I think humanity will bring themselves the great experiences if the world goes for the direction of the true quality…
Unfortunately, we are living in the societies where we believe in separation… Everybody is trying to win over others who is truly the self, beat them, excel them, fight with them, and improve the self, try to become a great person. This is so sad.
I’m sorry that the people of the world are believing in it and suffering within cultures of separation, in the societies where the mass media value the separation…
In the ancient times in Japan, in the time called Jomon, people treasured “wa-suru (to harmonize)”, the quality of oneness and that everything in this world is divine. Such era has continued for tens of thousands of years in peace… The civilization may have been called Mu, or it may have been named Jomon by the modern men. In either way, it was a civilization of “wa-suru (to harmonize)”.
We may look separated as each individual. However, the ancient people considered the world that every substance is connected as one, everything is made of the same things, everything is connected as one, in other words, everything in this world is children of God like cells in our body, and like every cell is ourselves.
However, it is truly a scientific fact. Humanity will discover it through science soon. Or, there may be many people who have found it already. They may have not been able to reveal it because of their fear for the societies.
It is often the case that athletes, scholars and students feel fruitless, painful or think something is wrong with them when they win. The people who appreciate them are only the ones who had been suffering from the inability to win or their fans. I think this is a proof that they are the children of the whole universe, the children of love, and the children of Atman…
The whole universe never accepts that the ego, the self (as part of the existence) wins, excels others. Love never accepts it. Maybe this is the answer to it. The reason why you feel fruitless when you win or excel others is because you are God, love and something beautiful. I wonder if your love, which is your true nature, warns you by making you useless when you destroy or harm others… I think humanity will go into a completely new realm when we prove it scientifically.
In other words, we will not be able to create beautiful and incredible societies and civilizations, nor be able to live in an inspiring world without it… I cannot but feel the lesson for all of us is whether we can regain our innate quality, return to live with the true essence for these several years.

And you don’t have to believe in such value as MARTH tells you… There may be some people who try to examine it. I am only dreaming a dream of the beautiful and peaceful world realized on this planet earth in the future.